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Post 157. Italian Confessions go on for EVER.

Comments by Attilio Louis Ferreri to the following Article by Travaglio on behalf of Beppe er Grillo with my thanks for not censoring ( this time), a loud-mouthed Italo/Australian larrikin!



It is rather obvious to me from body- language on what I see on the News that Berlusconi finds Gheddafi adorable! A vitellone like Berlusconi can be espected to become attracted by goatish looking individuals and the South of Italy and Parliament must be full of these trogloditic, goatish characters.
Now, these Laws aimed at allowing the facilitation of money-laundering of Arms, technology (nuclear/strategic), drug and prostitution-related,traffikings, all dangerous, obscene and treacherous to the West, should be the last straw in the fornication-haystack of corrupt and treacherous European politicians, when Europe should intervene for the sake and in the name of the European ( and western) identity/image, security and safety.

Posted by: Attilio Louis Ferreri | September 30, 2009 03:59 AM

Every comment that is going to be cowardly censored is going to go on my globally reaching BLOGS, you mongrels!

Posted by: Attilio Louis Ferreri | September 30, 2009 01:38 AM

Italians are revealing everyday the truth that they ARE NOT, even to-day, in 2009, and WERE NOT so in 1848, ready and mature for independence, self-rule, and Democracy! The Savojas wasted their resources on Italy! Given an equaniminous reliable honourable leader(s) which Mafiosa Italy cannot produce, the only Regime Italy is worth of, should be one according to the Spanish Franco's one ( Spanish Civil War in 1938 ). Wake up Italians! Stop living off the glories of the Past. Ask Europe to give you some decent Government.

Posted by: Attilio Louis Ferreri | September 30, 2009 01:35 AM

by Marco Tavaglio, for Beppe er Grillo.
see beppegrillo.com

”Good day to you all! There’s so much hot news that it’s difficult to choose a topic for today’s “Passaparola”, because there’s something to say about a bit of everything: about the incredible attack on the freedom of information, to the attack on the rule of law that is to be perpetrated with the so-called “fiscal shield”, that in reality is a gigantic tax amnesty and as we will see, an amnesty not just in relation to taxes.

Annozero under attack
I don’t think that I am the best person to talk about the government’s latest attack on the Annozero programme because even though I was just a guest not welcome to the RAI top brass, I am a litigant .
I just wanted to point out one thing: when the Minister Scajola and the Undersecretary Romani announce that they will call the RAI Board of Directors and the top directors of the company to verify that the service contract has been respected, they are saying something that goes well beyond everything that has happened in the last 15 years: censorship, cleansing, the “Bulgarian edicts”, the edicts that came before the “Bulgarian edicts”, the edicts that came after the “Bulgarian edicts” (Grillo knows something about those!), because here it’s not a top politician of the Majority or of the Government that is hoping never again to see in TV, personalities or programmes that are not welcome; that was the “Bulgarian edict”, Berlusconi said “I never again want to see, if they change their register, Biagi, Luttazzi and Santoro” and then there were those in the RAI who were obedient and subservient who executed his orders. Here we are faced with something different: here they want to have it in writing, as a contract that the Government is the one controlling the TV. You will say: “but that’s the case already today”. Careful! It’s not like that! Today it’s an abomination! and it is Parliament that is controlling the TV and in parliament at least all the represented parties have seats, there is even this custom of “bon ton”, by which the President of the Overseeing Committee who on behalf of parliament, has to oversee that the rules are respected in the RAI programmes, that is the President of the Overseeing Committee, is a leading figure in the Opposition: in our case it is Zavoli, after they prevented Leoluca Orlando from having that position.

The amnesty favours organised crime

”It is true that the new law has the possibility, for the banks and the other intermediaries, not to have to respect the anti-money-laundering indications only in relation to tax crimes and false accounting” for the others it should give the indication, “but, signor Presidente, who is going to explain to the banks that the capital that is re-entering from abroad is the fruit of arms trafficking, rather than of tax evasion or of false accounting? How can they tell the difference? How can they tell the difference between the fruit of tax evasion from savage and violent crimes? They cannot, Presidente! This law will guarantee the worst delinquents a prosperous and safe virginity. Signor Presidente” writes Tinti in ‘Il Fatto Quotidiano’, “ this law is a banner of illegality: where it has no concrete effects on a personal level, it will send a message of opportunism, it will make it obvious to everyone that to fulfil your duty in relation to taxes, to respect the ethical principles that cannot be renounced in the management of the companies, is uneconomic, it is a crime-inducing law, because it favours future tax dodging, by convincing everyone that it is stupid to pay taxes. And where, however, it will unfortunately have solid consequences, it will be a matter of a formidable aiding and abetting in relation to the most serious of organised crime. The Police, the Carabinieri, the Finance Police and the magistracy will not even be able to find the evidence for these crimes, even if they have discovered them by other means, given that the evidence of the crime will have disappeared by law. Signor President, do not sign this law and thus make sure our country is not pushed even further down the steep cliff of illegality: worse, of immorality, that is separating us from the rest of the civilised countries”. For anyone who wants to sign this appeal, we have already collected 30,000 signatures in two days; you can do so on the website antefatto.it. The day before yesterday, the Milan Procurator, Francesco Greco defined Italy as an off-shore country: he says that by now we are like the Cayman Islands in Central America, all after a year and a half of financial crises, during which we have heard it said that we must wage war on the tax havens and we have to wage war on ourselves, just for a start! Read ‘Il Fatto Quotidiano’ and spread the word!”

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Post 156. Of Bodies Souls and Minds. ( repeat ).

Of Human Bodies and Souls.

Last night my Angel Guardian came to chat to me in my sleep.
To me he said-: " " My waif, it's time.
To thee I have some truths of human bodies, hearts, minds and souls to tell.
When of opposite genders thou shall think of,
remember oh waif of mine, beloved of God,
that of the gender that is like your own
the body thou must not seek to hold.
Their souls you may seek to hold with great love though,
as David did of Saul's son Jonathan the bold.
Of your opposite gender only,
the body you are allowed to seek to hold,
only if it is free and no other has a claim to it.
Remember further oh friend of God and mine
that humans are not allowed to claim both bodies and souls to hold
even of the opposite gender.
If body thy shall choose, the soul shall not be yours
if soul you choose on the other hand
it is not wise to claim the body too.
Trying both body and soul to mix and hold together with human love
is matter for drama and tragedy,
as even Cleopatra and poor Antony did show.
It is miscegenation.
If thou renounce the bodies
then all souls thou can hope to hold
if in accord with God's Laws,
without miscegenation or guilt for sin.
The renunciation is hard
but think about the freedom for Love
that it thus gives thee.
Even god-like thou shall feel and actually be free
from the constraints that Nature us plagues with.
The two, body and soul are in a struggle bound
that death alone shall unbind and free.
But, anyway, remember too
that while the body temporary is and vanity on earth
the soul eternally thou shalt benefit with.
The soul my friend who God seek
belongs to God eternally
and you are only allowed to borrow it
never can it belong to thee
as a possession
but only as a loan from God
Who is jealous, and rightly so, of it.
Body and soul are in a struggle bound
if thou remember what above I said.
There is a competition for the soul that to God belongs,
from God to steal that Creation that imperfect is
has unwisely entered in,
since the Beginnings when God,
without origination or generation involved,
----as the case was for the Eternal Word----
made humans to exist with body and soul,
in a Creation
that is of God but divine is not.
The struggle is between Nature and God
and is said by some wise moderns,
by Juan Luis Segundo led,
who was of Ignatius Loyola's the faithful,
to be caused by entropy, scarcity and necessity,
that results from a Creation,
that divine cannot be yet,
the ancients claiming an unlawful possession by humanity
of the Knowledge-Tree
the cause of the struggle to be,
God still possessing the Life-Tree.
A consolation in all this being
that divinisation of the whole Creation,
of the struggle the Purpose and Goal is.
There are further good news though
even in this scenario of Doom and Strife.
These are that Grace, Love and Hope
which are from the good Good the gifts,
can conquer all.
But you should pray for these.
The struggle my friend who art in love with God
is worth it all!
God Who understands the scenario God made
which God did not ORIGINATE or GENERATE( Baraah),
but just MADE ( Asaah),
is still at work to facilitate
that all immortalised may be and divine be made
so that both glorified-bodies and souls
of all beloved, whom on earth we meet and love,
we shall be able mutually to hold in Eternity.
Remember though that then,
no gender shall divide the bodies from the souls
floating as these shall be
in of God's love the ethereal ocean
that infinite bliss shall give,
all bathing in God's light
that all mysteries shall reveal.
But more I am not allowed to tell Thee,
for the Life-Tree does
not yet belong to Thee.
Sleep well my waif, with God! " "
Allelujah, Maranatha et Amen!

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Post154. Vatican, Priests and Donations.

Vatican, Priets and Donations.
In relation to the content of Beppe er Grillo's Article, discussed at Post 154, i.e.,

fuck the Italian Catholics' 8/thousand contribution to the Church.
Churches should somehow become independent of donations. For example, I am writing, totally without financial gifts from anybody, for the pure love of truth and self-respect.
Italy and Italians have hosted the Church Headquarters for millennia now and what have so called or self-named Italians and Italy learned? Nothing, as Italy is to-day at a worse stage of morality and wisdom as it has been in the days of the Barbaric Invasions.
The difference is that unbridled Democracy USA style, courtesy of the primadonna-like, thickle, French people and their French Enlightenment and of the Revolution of 1789, has empowered all the descendents of the ancient Barbarians who settled in Europe and Italy, in addition to those who had been brought in as slaves by the Romans, to take over the chains of command.
Io MENEFREGO ( I do not give a hoot as Mussolini used to say) whether these idiots are going to do anything to redress the damage done, by seeking out the few GENTLEMEN, probably in hiding somewhere, as they are at the end cutting their own throats.
I'll be probably dead in 5-10 years from now and shall spiritually laugh
at them from the heavens above, spiritually kicking them in their asses as a spirit.
If I were the Italians I would re-establish the SAVOJA MONARCHY who knows who the GENTLEMEN are as these come from the ancient families with the correct DNA.
Vittorio Emmanuele and Son is a man with balls although, like Berlusconi and all Italians, Barbarians included, he might have a liking for the fair sex.
So do I, after all.
Better than to be a CULATONE!
C'est La Vie!

Post 154a. Severity and Illegal Immigration

Severity and Illegal Immigration.

I am not totally familiar with all the aspects of the "Immigrants"-scenarios in relation to Europe and in particular Italy. However, I intuitively know and my intuition is a formidably educated one, that Italy cannot afford illegal immigration at all. Italy is POOR and this is a REALITY. Even continental-sized Australia, the Lucky Country is groaning under the load of its legal and illegal immigrants sucking-up the always insufficient resources and causing alienation/hatred between the missing- out lower strata of Australian Society and the aggressive New Immigrants lured-in by fantastic promises of unlimited opportunities.......................A LIE. Catholic Priests are priviledged persons no matter how poor their enviroment may be, and have no family to support. They are full of wind! Immigration must be fully controllable, and those who insist with the connivance of the Islamic Nations in North Africa, saboteurs par excellence, to illegally seek entry to Italy, should be sent back to North Africa or to wherever they came from. If in the operations, their leaking boats sink, this is just too bad! I would actually sink them as a matter of POLICY. And don't call me a NAZI you mongrels whoever you may be as I would call you TRAITORS: SELLERS OF OUR BIRTHRIGHT and ask you what is your personal angle or advantage. Yes indeed, rents, the cost of living goes up as the number of Immigrants soar and wages can fall due to oversupply. Do you get my DRIFT oh innocent, naive reader? There is no difference between someone seeking illegal entrance to Italy or to anywhere else and an intruder seeking to get inside one's home by stealth as a robber. I'd shoot anyone coming into my home without permission. Vatican and the multitude of Priests should begin preaching to the Third World Nations and to Islam in particular which is making of demographic escalations one of its de-stabilising strategies, responsible PROCREATION and that this is no HUMAN RIGHT if without the human DUTY to be responsible. This applies in direct proportion to one's lack of resources. So, Don Farinelli stop your maudlings and wafflings and support Berlusconi and your Cardinal that rare time when they have found the ' balls' to act seriously and forcefully. O.K.? What makes you so sure that you and your Democratic faithful behind you with the divided thousands, uninformed, illogical opinions are right? Numbers? Bullshit! God is not Democratic at all, but rather Autochratic! O.K............Berlusconi tends to be orgiastic but I am sure he does it with his own money and between you and I, he is the typical result of the Catholic sexual repression that affects negatively all Italian children. Show me an Italian who has no tendency to sexual excesses! Italians have the top reputation in the world, together with the Germans ( Epoca) as child-abusers and the sexual exploitation, abuse of immigrant-females, legal or otherwise. Let us also not forget the trade in human organs preceded by the murder of the immigrants. The Prostitution in the Italian streets and the distortions of, deviations in the sexual practices performed, is an obscenity, an open, festering wound, an insult to sacred womanhood, the womanhood of our mothers, daughters and sisters. This is the result of Proletarian, Democratic, Revolutionary, Libertarian Historical-Civilisational Developments since the French Revolution, when the Masses decided they also needed to embrace the corruption of the few. If it was good for Louis XIVth it is good for the Masses. Not all Aristocrats were corrupt! Do not give me this bulshit as a plausibility! Unless the Republican, Democratic Masses can be better than the Aristocracies they replaced, the Masses must reform or incurr God's Justice for their Revolutionary Crimes. Perhaps you wish this state of affairs, a reality you must be aware of, to be fuelled by more illegal immigration? So Italians can abuse cheap sex in the streets? Or the landlords to charge higher rents and the shopkeepers higher prices, etc. etc. for greater demands while sex cost less as the result of oversupply, while the resistance and opposition to evil sexual practices gets lowered by the competition? If you do not do it, dear, another shall and you starve?
Is all this whitewashed by
the Holy Sacrament of Communion?
What about Excommunication?
What about effective and serious Preaching?
The Clergy is failing in doing its Mission!

How convenient and cheap! Come on, let us stop the nonsense and take some unpopular, disciplined, sanitising action. Let us use the legislative equivalent of the surgeon's scalpel and knife. Stop the fake complaints, maudlings and endless irrational plausibilities. Good on you Berlusconi oh you leader of the sinners! Redeem yourself with some severity and cleansing. Who knows that you might even reform yourself at the end!. Who else is there in Italy as an alternative to Berlusconi? Beppe Grillo, de Magistris, the Mafiosis?. They are all stained by the Original Sin of their religious beliefs, from childhood. Anyone living in crazy Italy with ALL-FUCKUMAZING, DEMOCRACY-CRAZY Italians would need to be orgiastic to let steam go or at the very least occasionally watch xhamster.com which is free, compliments of Uncle Sam and the Mafia. However, as with all good things, including the Tree of Knowledge, in moderation without becoming dependent on it and for the purpose of learning to discriminate between good and bad, the purpose of the eating out of the Tree of Knowledge. Let us not confuse the MEANS with the ENDS as good old Macchiavelly and il Valentino ( il Borja) used to say.
Italy needs severity and a FRANCO's REGIME,

Beppe er Grillo Article follows.

Paolo Farinella is a Priest that is living “on the brink of the precipice”. He wrote a letter to Cardinal Bertone, Prime Minister of the Vatican and potential future Pope. He informed him that many Catholics are no longer donating their 8/1000 to the Church because of its attitude towards Berlusconi. He explains that many of the Bishops disapprove and that this may signal the birth of a new movement of believers. Perhaps even a split, such as occurred at the time of Martin Luther . The psychodwarf has so far managed to destroy everything that he has laid his hands on. He is the shit that hit the fan. If I were Bertone, I would light a solar powered candle.
"Dear Cardinal Bertone,
I read in the press that on 7 October 2009, the day of commemoration for the Madonna of the Rosary, you intend to inaugurate the exhibition, with the symbolic title of "Power and Grace", alongside Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, whom I can in no way describe as "honourable" because there is absolutely nothing "honourable" about his public or his private life, his politics or his systematic lies. Were this report to be true, you would certainly be viewed as an accomplice by the vast majority of the members of the Church both in Italy and worldwide and you would be responsible for many people “leaving” the Church, believers who have had enough of seeing the politics of diplomacy taking precedence and overshadowing the clear testimony of the Gospel. Surely you, of all people, are aware, as is every parish Priest that is living on the brink of the precipice, that this year there has been an absolute haemorrhage as regards the 8/thousand donations that many, many believers, even practicing ones, have chosen to withhold from the Catholic Church because of its interference and connivance with a government that, while it may be legitimate, has nevertheless continued to display extreme levels of illegality and immorality. I believe that this matter concerns you, both as a representative of the Vatican and as a member of the Italian Episcopal Conference.
After all that has happened, including the testimonies, the reports, the investigations, the public perjury on television sworn on the lives of his children, the immigrants that died at sea and that are now on the Government’s conscience, and after the infamous law that turns an individual’s “personal situation” into a “crime”, in other words changing "immigrant" status to "illegal immigrant" status on the basis of the Bossi/Fini Law; after all of this, surely you cannot make as if nothing has happened and allow yourself to be seen in public with Berlusconi or, for that matter, with one of his cutthroats.
If you wish to talk about public morality and political ethics, then your actions must be consistent with the very principles that you yourself demand of others who don’t have the obscene power of Silvio Berlusconi, who clearly believes that he is the Messiah and "solutus omnibus legibus", given that he views himself as the sultan and Italy as his own personal sultanate. He thinks that he can buy anything and anyone: the Courts, Court decisions, the desire to please of the pimps and panderers that supply him with ladies of easy virtue in return for payment to amuse him with orgies (and even drugs perhaps) about which he continues to boast unashamedly, to the point of claiming that: "the Italian people wish they could be like him". He thinks that he can even buy the Vatican by offering laws and favours on demand. You decide whether the potential benefit is worth the cost to the Church.
One thing you should be aware of is that there is a schism growing within the Church that is no longer simply an undercurrent but is growing day by day and we must beware of watching it become a movement, or worse still a split, also because many Bishops prefer to say nothing while in their heart of hearts they meditate and curse in private. Please don’t make the mistake of taking what I am telling you too lightly. Both you and my Bishop, Cardinal Angelo Bagnasco
For once, as Secretary of State, act like a Priest, nothing more than a Priest and purely as a priest and cancel all your appointments with that unscrupulous and undignified trafficker who is simply using you so as to suggest that his relations with the Vatican and the Pope “are excellent”.
I attach a copy of the "Letter of repudiation" that I have sent to Silvio Berlusconi and that is garnering much support, both from believers and non-believers. If you insist on rehabilitating Berlusconi, as has already been done by Gian Maria Vian, Editor of the “Osservatore Romano” in his interview with the “Corriere della Sera”, then you will no longer have any right to speak about the Gospel, ethics and morals in God's Church.
Even if Berlusconi manages to buy even the Vatican in exchange for some laws, favours and money, he should know that he will never be able to buy our consciences as believers that pray to God every day to save our “poor Italy” and to overthrow the ecclesiastical hierarchies whose behaviour is so often scandalous and who certainly don’t serve as an example to the baptised population.
Concerned and embittered, I send my sincere regards." Paolo Farinella, Priest
who know me well, know that I don’t tell lies and that I don’t spread mere rumours, and also that I always publicly take full responsibility for anything I say.
Complete text of Don Farinella’s letter to Cardinale Bertone

Posted by Beppe Grillo

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Post 153. The Sung Q'uran, at Last!

A choice of six different singers!
A fantastic piece of work!
( I am far from being sarcastic!)
  1. Holy Quran Portal online

    Read & listen to Holy Quran online
    Arabic, English, & Urdu text/audio

Post 152. The Truth about Moses' Identity.

The Truth about Moses' Identity.
(mouse-click to enlarge please;
Ctrl + or - to change enlargement.)

( including Jacob, Joseph, Moses, Miryam, Aaaron
within the Genealogical Chart of
the 18th Pharaonic Dynasty ).
from pages 346, 347 of
Sir Laurence Gardner’s
“ Genesis of the Grail Kings ”,
with comments and evaluations
by Attilio Louis Ferreri,
Bachelor of Theology (UFT-Melbourne).

Notes-: Comments and Evaluations.

Note 1-: Mahalath ( or Nefru-sobek ), an egyptian princess of Royal blood, married Ishmael, the son of Hagar the egyptian slave of Abraham. Ishmael was the half-brother of Esau and Jacob, and as a widow of Ishmael, Mahalath married Esau, giving birth to Igrath, also of Royal blood, who became the second wife of Pharao Amenehmet IV (1797-1786 BC ), of the 17th dynasty, giving birth to daughters, including Zelekha and her sister the Dragon Queen, Sobeknefru or Sobekhkare, the latter becoming the wife of the last Pharao of the Sobek Dynasty, Amenehmet IV, son of the first wife Aat of Amenehmet III (1841-1797 BC ).
Note 2-: Aye (ca. 1352-1348 BC), the son of Yuya (Joseph ), became the first Am-ram ( see page 147, ‘ The Fire-Stone Project.’ in Sir Laurence Gardner’s “Lost Secrets of the Sacred Ark. ”). ‘Am-ram’ was a designation or title probably inherited by Aye from his father Joseph, as another name fo this designation became ‘ Joseph ha-Rama-Theo ’, phonetically corrupted to ‘ Joseph of Arimathea ’.
Note 3-: Smenkhare, the scriptural Aaron, married a second wife Elisheba, daughter of Aminadab or Amenhotep, son of Rama ( the Aram ) and of the latter’s marriage to Kiya-tasherit, daughter of MIRIAM, sister of Tutankhamun and had a son Eleazar who married the daughter of Nashon/Putiel, son of Aminadab. Hezrom was son of Pharez, who was illegitimately born from Judah and Tamar, however legitimated through his marriage to Barayah, a legitimate daughter of Judah.
David descends from Jesse, Obed, Boaz , who through Salmon, via Nashon/Putiel, originated from Aminadab, related through Elisheba, sister of Nashon/Putiel, to Aaaron back to the lines of Hezrom and Shelah, both sons of Judah, however intermarried with the lines of Moses ( through the marriage between Aminadab and Kiya-tasherit, daughter of Miriam ), related to the first Judge of Canaan, Othniel, from the line of Hezrom, to Bezaleel, the Master Craftsman ( who made the Sacred Ark), from the line of Caleb. Since Eleazar, born from the second marriage of Aaron to Elisheba married a daughter of Nashon/Putiel, and fathered Ahimaaz who was the first Zadok High Priest created by David, the Aaronic Priesthood of levitic origins and the Zadok one coincide.
So, both the Davidic Kingship, the Zadok High Priesthood and the Aram Craftsmanship
converge into the line of Jesus and James through the death without issue of John the Baptist.
Note 4-: The oppositions between Cain and Seth, between Esau and Jacob, between the precedence of Aten the Holy Spirit and Yehwah the Creator, are all resolved in Jesus of Nazareth.
However this coincidence has not been seen, understood and accepted by the Nations in the present world and various opposing alignments still linger on in opposition to the Holy Spirit which requires Peace and Good-Will between the members of human kind and between the latter and Creation.

Note 5-: Miriam is a very important biblical character mentioned in Exodus and Numbers, however diminished and obscured by the Hebrew Priesthood ( Yahwists ) of the post-Babylonian captivity, in ca. 538 BC. She is mentioned as the nameless sister of Moses in Exodus 2:7, as the sister of Aaron in Exodus 15:20 and in Numbers 26:59 as the sister of both Aaron and Moses. There is clearly something missing in the whole scriptural account of the origins of Moses, considering the magnitude, importance and influence of the biblical personality of Moses, which gives an impression and feeling someone is hiding something without an outright use of lies, uttering half-truths which can be excused as errors or ignorance, a practice similar to the later talmudic approach and attitude to morality and ethics, an attitude later on adopted by the Roman Catholic Canon Lawyers in support of Constantinianism, an attitude of expediency and plausability. The obscuration of the truth about Moses and Miriam has also been the result of the eradication of all records and inscriptions referring to all members of the 18th Dynasty by the last ruler of this Dynasty, an Egyptian general called Horemheb who became Pharao through marriage and one suspects, usurpation and intrigue, after the death of young Tutankhamun, whose existence was discovered through the accidental finding of his tomb. Please note that Akhenaten's tomb has never been found as he, if indeed Moses, was buried by the Israelites in the wilderness. Horemheb’s motivation was both a hatred of ATEN ( the Holy Spirit ), the God of All Unity and Oneness, and a seeking of popularity with the Egyptian, idolatrous, well-to-do classes. There is a much respected Book of Jasher known to biblical circles, which tells the truth and let me quote from “Genesis of the Grail Kings “ by Sir Laurence Gardner, who, although confused, unable to synthetise what he knows for our times, is an excellent guardian and narrator of the truth. I am quoting from pages 290-291-:
..................Outside the Bible, however, Miriam’s story is told at some length----particularly in the book of Jasher, a work not selected in the canonical Old Testament. It was not until after some time after the death of Jesus that the separate scriptures of the Jews were collated into a single volume and it was then that certain books were excluded because they were at variance with the compositional strategy. One of these was the book of Jasher-----a book so important to the earlier Hebrews tha it is still mentioned twice in the canonical Bible. The very fact that these references are to be found in Joshua 10:13 and 2 Samuel 1:18, indicates that Jasher was around before these books were written-----and they each claim that it was a repository of essential knowledge. But although not promoted by the mainstream establishment, Jasher has not been as historically secret as one might imagine. The 9-foot ( ca. 3 m) Hebrew scroll was a prize of the Court of Emperor Charlemagne ( AD 800-814 ), having been discovered in Persia [Iran] by the monk Alcuin, who later founded the University of Paris. As a reward for his discovery, Alcuin was awarded three abbeys and became England’s Archbishop of Canterbury.
In the fourteenth century, the British Reformer and Bible-translator John Wyckliffe(1320-1384 ) wrote “ I have read the book of Jasher twice over, and I much approve of it as a work of great antiquity ” . It is generally reckoned that Jasher’s position in the Bible should be between the books of Deuteronomy and Joshua, but it was
sidestepped because it sheds a very different light on the sequence of events at Mount Horeb. In person, Jasher was the Egyptian-born son of Caleb; he was brother-in-law to the first israelite judge Othneil( Judges 1:13 ) and was the appointed royal staffbearer to Moses.............................
The Israelites/Hebrews knew the truth but became obsessed with their racial hubris about their exclusive position in Creation as the physical Chosen People of Jahweh.
There is a further question a discerning, thinking reader of the Scriptures should ask as to why Moses or his sons Gershom and Eliezer were excluded from the Priesthood in favour of Aaron, if Moses had indeed been a natural/uterine brother of Aaron, rather than a baby ( a half-Egyptian cousin ) nursed and fed by Aaaron’s natural mother Tey, who was a Jewish woman of Levite descent. Moses was not a descendant of Levi, although rightly called, according to custom, a son of Tey, in virtue of her having been his feeding-mother, and his only Jewishness was second-hand, from his own mother Tiye, Aaron's paternal aunt, the daughter of a Jewish father, Joseph the son of Jacob who had married the Egyptian daughter of Potifarre the Priest of Ra’, his original master when a slave in Egypt.
Note 6-: AMRAM, RAMA, ARAM, RAMTHA, IMRAN, HA-RAMA-THEO, ARIMATHEA and Jochebed or Tey, Mose’ feeding-mother ( to be written later).
CONCLUSION-: The manipulations and obscurations present in the Scriptures are inevitable owing to the number and diversity of writers and redactors, each seing scriptural events from different angles, at different times in history, with different theological understandings, interpretations of the past, without a complete knowledge of the events, with different goals and world-views, an inadequate, defective understanding of physical categories, like power, force, work, energy and the relations of these to time, requiring modern Physics to clarify. Most contributors meant well and what we have received is still a miracle of God’s Communication and Revelation achieved with such biased and flawed tools.
As I observed above, in spite of all the obscurations and manipulations tending to minimise all influences other than those of the Hebrews of Canaan, it is clear Jesus’ anscestors included all participants, among whom even sinners were included, to the scriptural events in Mesopotamia and the Middle East, which shows the Holy Spirit DOES NOT DISCRIMINATE and loves to rehabilitate sinners, as in the end, there is no one innocent in relation to God ( see St. Paul’s Romans ). In spite of the efforts of Judaism to maintain the worship of Yahweh strictly an Hebraic Monopoly, Christianity became a universal Religion. It is time for Christianity to set some order in the Scriptures’ Interpretations, further honouring the wisdom of, say, Galatians 3:28, achieving and presenting a united Religious Belief to all other religious people in the World, this not to dominate but so as to act as an example of the praxis of Christian Ideals.
I, by nature a synthetiser,
cannot personally understand the malice of Jews and Moslems in rejecting Jesus as the Ultimate teacher when/once it can be shown how he descends from Juda through David, and that Jesus’ ancestors have also intermarried with most representatives of the ancestors of the Arabic people, and all Mesopotamic people in general.
A plausible explanation may be that Mohammed, while aiming at the eradication of animism and politheism among his people, chose a path of separation from and rebellion against both the Jews and the Christians, as a form of Protest, as a representative of the Arabic grievances against the monopolising attitudes of the Hebrews/Israelites who had made themselves into the Chosen People of Jahweh as a Race of the Human Species,
to the exclusion of all other mesopotamic religious and cultural contributions, rather than as the Ideal of a Spiritual Race, membership of which all human beings can aspire to, in accordance to Galatians 3:28. If this is true, it is time now for Moslems and Jews to join the Christians whose Reformations have clarified and somehow exposed the Hebrews’ misunderstandings.
This is why, although the ancient obscurations and manipulations have not damaged our present understanding of the Holy Trinity, having only obscured the essentiality and independence of the Spirit, and of the fact that the WORD is the Spirit operative in time and creation, perhaps both in Jahweh
*and Jesus, it is nevertheless important to correct these faults, perhaps by adding a few more Books to the present Canonical Scriptures together with the re-evaluation and, if needs be, the shelving of Dogmas.
This might require another Global Ecumenical Council to be convened.

* This would require theological research and evaluation as it is a totally novel insight of mine.
I mean that there is in my mind a possibility, that Jahweh may also, like Jesus, have been an homeostatic presence of the Word, as Spirit in Creating and Making, in a human being who may have been a human anscestor of both David and Jesus.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Post 136. Berlusconi the European Judah.

Berlusconi and his ex goat-herding/shepperding followers at Montecitorio/Rome, more numerous and by far more expensive and resource-wasteful than the participants in the pre-Republican
Government of the Savoja-Monarchy that had at least given genuine freedom, honour and prestige to Italy, yes, Berlusconi, Archetype of all Banana-Repubblics' Pimps, Mafia-Collaborators, the Archetype of the Italian Machiavellian, Political Wheelers-and-Dealers of the Renaissance, the soft rear-end-hole of Europe courted by all anti-Christian, anti-Western, anti-European Political Sodomites, the modern political Icon of the Giuda, the betrayer of Jesus the Nazarene, the betrayer of the possibility of a Reformation of South Italy by a Federation of Italy and by other measures including the assignment to and expectation of more responsibility, transparency and collaboration from South Italy with a total elimination of Omerta', Corruption, Criminality and Mafia infiltrations and manipulations.
'Methinks' Berlusconi may have been affected by Gheddafi's charisma in the same way Caporale Mussolini to whom he so much resembles in profile view, had been affected by the glorious Hitler, Father of all Corporals, including Saddam Hussein, who could barely write his 'X' as a signature.
If anyone is to be be blamed in these contrived, planned, de-stabilising, illegal, migrations occurring in the Mediterranean, similar to the ones occurring in the Australian waters, having Australian Liberals and Labour idiots, idiotic as Berlusconi is, being all ex-sheep-shearers with some University Degree, at one's another throats while Islam is laughing and salivating, Berlusconi should indite and warn off,
terroristic Islam and, specifically, in the Mediterranean, GHEDDAFI who has been in 1961, the Ruffian Usurper, of the legitimate Islamic Monarchy of the Senoussi , the latter having been the true descendent of Mohammed the Prophet of all Islam, this is if, if, if, if, if........ if he had the balls, and was not an effeminate, fearful, cowardish, peasant/storekeeping Repubblican parvenue. Also, Africans and Asians should be educated about the necessity to reduce IRRESPONSIBLE PROCREATION, which cannot be a human right any longer in view of the present demographic explosion. And, frankly, it has never been one, if responsible procreation is taken into consideration. Fuck by all mans to your heart's contentment but reproduce only if you can afford it, mate! Western Aid, including EMIGRATION, which should eventually totally stop, would only go to those who demonstrate genuine and effective efforts at Population Control. Geneva Conventions, Human Rights Conventions, all Humanitarian Conventions, including the Medical Ones, should become dependent on this top-priority, essential requirement of a responsible Demographic Control. Islam is in fact exploiting even planned Irresponsible Demographic Explosion as another mean to de-stabilise the West. But it shall eventually fire back onto Islam itself as we in the West, God-Willing ( Inshallah) become aware of this satanic malice. Berlusconi should demonstrate greater intelligence, become aware of these forces and agencies and make his hits in the right directions without compromising his, our, all western birth-rights and civilisational-cultural-rights, in such a manner as the Members of the old, ancient, honourable Aristocracies who made Europe, would be doing if empowered and allowed to do so, oh you vast mass of democratic MONGRELS!
Islamic Nations in North Africa should be clearly told to stop the criminal departure from their shores of all illegal traffic, else strong measures would be taken, regardless of principles of humanity, the blame to be ascribed to them as the provocators. That oil supply have to continue for a market set price and that blackmail would be met with military retaliation. Etc., etc.,
Here is   Beppe  er  Grillo's   Article.
Luigi De Magistris is the Deputy elected to the European Parliament with the highest number of preferential votes, namely around half a million. More votes than those received by any other representative of any European Country. He is a man that was born of the Internet. He is highly qualified to speak about Europe, indeed more so than anyone else, irrespective of whether his or her names are Frattini or Gasparri.
The psychodwarf is busy implementing the age-old strategy of the dictator. In order to justify his failures he continuously finds new external enemies. Firstly it was the communists, then the illegal immigrants, the world’s media and the Church, and now it’s the turn of the European Union, which he would like to paralyse unless it shuts up.
Interview with Luigi de Magistris
blog: Luigi de Magistris: After having attacked the press, now Berlusconi goes on to attack the European Union, making all sorts of crazy claims.
L.d.M.: We are finally seeing the extent of our Prime Minister’s insanity. He no longer knows who to have a go at after having attacked the judges, the prosecutors and the free press, so now he tries to conceal the government’s failure by attacking the European Union. This latest escalation began with the immigration issue, in other words the absolute failure of the Bossi-Fini Law. Immigration has increased and human rights were trampled with these latest tragedies that have occurred in the seas around the Italian coast. In order to conceal this Government’s failure, the Prime Minister has chosen to attempt to blame the European Union. He did the very same thing with the issue of the prisons. In response to the drama surrounding security in our Country, the privatisation of security by means of citizen patrols and the attacks on the magistrates, he has seen fit to lay the responsibility for justice and the overpopulation of our prisons at the door of the European Union.
The latest is his raving attack on the European Union in general, the European Commission and the European Union spokespersons. But why? Because Berlusconi’s failure has by now become clearly evident, even to the European centre-right, namely the European Popular Party. Since the Prime Minister’s image abroad has been very badly tarnished, by the “papi” affair of course, due to his privatsation of a public matter and his utilisation, as end-user, of the female body, and now the Prime Minister’s image is totally blown, he has done nothing but vent his spleen against the European Commission in an attempt to also conceal the total failure of the government’s economic and employment policies. This is a very serious situation. It is very serious situation because the European Parliament, instead, is currently busy addressing a number of extremely serious matters, beginning with topical issues such as climate change and immigration. Berlusconi would do well to resign.
blog: What are the implications and the seriousness of Berlusconi’s threat? I will paralyse the European Commission? Perhaps the Italian media have not adequately reflected this, but Europe has interpreted his words as a major scandal.
L.d.M.: Yes, this kind of thing is unheard of. Never before has a democratic Country threatened to paralyse an institution simply because this institution has perhaps said something that is unacceptable to the Prime Minister, who has of late been behaving like a little Peronist in Italy or like a dictator who wants to consolidate his P2-ist plan by eliminating the independence of the magistrature, destroying the freedom of the press, turning power into the personal asset of the leadership, reducing Parliament to nothing more than an organ to rubber-stamping the Prime Minister’s dictates, privatising security by the introduction of citizen patrols, and filling the Country with soldiers in order to manage the inevitable social conflict that will result from this government’s totally failed economic and employment policies.
Posted by Beppe Grillo

Friday, September 11, 2009

Post 135. To Mira a Deprived Migrant Gifted Child.

A Mira che da Slovacchia Venne
ed Una Difficil Gioventu’
in Terra Australis Ebbe.

Nel dolce stil nuovo, Io vo' cantar a Mira e di Mira pure, che alla Australis Terra, dalla fiabesca Slovenia venne, fatata ed altresi’ incantata, che chiese, la cui cima della cipolla mostrano la forma, ed assai castella pur mostra, che di gran nobilta' la Slovenia fiera fu' a tempo suo lontano, si’, della Slovenia cantar pure vagheggio, che sulla del Trovatore che da Provenza vien, la via sta’, tutta collinosa, come fatati spesso son i luoghi che collinosi sono.
Infatti, egli e' deciso ad attraversar di Mira i luoghi, al Catay lontano diretto, che al termine della Serica Strada sta’, dalla Islamica malizia sbarrata ma dal Kublai Khan che come il Gran Buddha Sidharta, dal quale l’etica il Khan ed ispirazione trae, gran nobilta’ avendo, seppur severo essendo, la Serica Strada che piu’ al Nord della antica, sbarrata, aperta il Khan mantiene.
Il Trovator per amor di avventura e’ mosso, ch’egl’e’ ad incontrar teso, di vaghe donzelle et damigelle lo sguardo, che sorridendo e rispondendo ai di lui amorosi lamenti, vagheggiando, il cor suo gia’ largo, vieppiu’ espandendo vanno, da Eros salendo su’, su’ sino a Messer Dio salendo, che pur ama ascoltar delle creature sue gli amorosi affanni che'..............l'Amor di Dio emerger puote anche dall’umil’Eros, quando Sua Grazia adjutar conviene, alla Sua Divina Volonta’ corrispondendo, da quell'umano amor che le umane ruote mover soler fa', in una corrispondenza di amorosi sensi, che est le fondamenta del dolce stil nuovo con il qual il Trovator lamenta d’amor carenza, che del buon Jesu’ e’ invero inconscia aspirazion, vieppiu’ tuttor nascosta, che’........similmemte, il nostro Fraticello che Francesco fu’ detto, che’ la sua madre dalla Provenza a maritar il padre suo ad Assisi venne. Fu’ lui pure Cavaliere, Trovatore, poi Fraticello per l’Amor di Domine Dio che anche di Santa Chiara, da Francesco sublimata, il nobil cuore vulnero’ in divina et eternal conquista.
Nobil di Provenza e Cavalier Templare, seppur, forse solo un ‘barbuto’, il Trovatore e’, di Messer Iddio un favorito, un scelto, qual Davide novello, che del Signor Jesu nostro, un antenato fu’, amato egli e’.
L’amor che il Trovatore va’ cercando e aspirando, inesperto ancor e’ di quell’Amor per Messer Dio che e’ piu’ in alto, in alto, “ mas alto, mas alto” cosi’ come Juan de La Crux anche, amorosamnte, passionatamente, in Castellano, piu’ tardi, cantando, con lo Spirito Sacro la sua anima qual mormorante, amorevole colomba amoreggiando, disse..........codesto amor, e’ su quella Scala delle Realta’ che fondamenta ha in Eros, ma che sale sino all’Agape’ che dai Platonici e’ vagheggiato, che le donzelle e damigelle tutte, solo a far la calza vorrebbero assegnate, per non disturbar le loro platoniche, impossibili aspirazioni che fondamenta non hanno, ma che soltanto quell’amor che le virtuose donne provveder e poter sanno, quei Platonici, ripeter voglio, che l’acuto e razionale Aristotel corresse.
La Scala delle Realta’ pur menzionata e’ in quella storia che la Bibbia narra di Jacobbe, quando questo si trovo’ a sognar dormendo a Beth-El, che l’Ebreo intende Casa-di-Dio, mentre viaggiando mosse ad inconrar quella donzella che suo padre e il grande Iddio anche, per lui prescrisse.
Questa Scala che dominata e’ dall’Analogia richiede molta ratio da color che sanno ed intender e discerner
razionalmente posson, e che non soltanto a rota memorizzando qual pappagalli soglion, recitando vanno anche talvolta mirevolmene e amorevolmente cantando,
i sacri testi, cosi’ come i Meuzzin, i Mullah, gli Ayatollah, i Mufti, gli Sheikh, i Khalif et cetera soler fanno con il Sacro Q’uran che complemento solo esser puote del Vecchio e Nuovo Contratto, che sostituir non puote, incompleto essendo, senza di questi piu’ antichi testi, che’ di Dio, il Q’uran solo lo Spirto e quello non-Creatore per giunta, che Sabbatico appellar si potrebbe, solo menziono’, non la Parola che, Spirito Creatore e Agente, eternamente e’ mossa e tutto l’Universo muove, non il Padre Yahweh, che Abramo conobbe, ne’ il Figlio Cristo Jesu’ che ‘il Nazareno fu’ anche detto , che come essenziale Mediatore o Avvocato l’Umanita’ ed il Creato intero umilmente serve, che il Nuovo Contratto estese e che il buon Tommaso Aquinate canto’ nell’Ergo Sacramentum.
Iddio infatti aspiro’ quando a Mohammed parlo’,
600 anni circa dopo che Jesu Cristo al cielo ando’,
che i tre popoli dei Libri, uno sol, unito,
dovessero con i tre Libri per comune testo.
Oh dolce stil nuovo, che al Petrarca, Boccaccio e Dante strumento fu’ quando cantar volsero delle virtuose lor donne la belta', che celeste fu', non come l'obbrobio e le oscenita' che color che pur angeliche apparendo, oggi in Xhamster che dalle ubiquite Internet le onde trasmesso e', qual satanico messaggio e testo, a soddisfar solgon delle Democratiche Mafie le sataniche voglie, l’orror e la rabbia che a Messer Dio facendo, che da su la',
il tutto ribollendo osserva, catastrofica preparandosi sta' a ricader su delle Mafie le teste ed i cazzi, cosi' come a Sodoma e Gomorra tocco' patir, che'......... di sale essi tutti divennnero, che sino ad ora al biblico orizzonte d’ornamento fanno qual immobil di sale statue, ivi inclusa essendo di Lot la moglie che da vana curiosita’, da Dio vietata, tentata e distrutta fu’, che’ Dio non-invano parla e obbedienza a noi impone, cio’ serva quindi alle Democratiche Masse da lezione,
che’ sia il Padre che il Figlio credon in Monarchia e non in Banana Repubblica o Democrazia.
Oh dolce stil nuovo, che il cor a cavalleresche imprese et angelici amori dolcemente muove, da ella sol mosso, che a me sol, donna appare. Haa, fresche e dolci acque che le sue membra scorrono et toccano voluttuando, come in fontana, che l'acqueo zampillo orna sussurrando et mormorando, sempre movente e che secondo che la luce dell'astro, che il Sole e' da noi chiamato, agli Egizii che con Akhenaten discernenti furon, per i quali il sol solo simboleggiando ATEN, lo Spirto di Colui che tutto cio' che vivo e', eternamente muove, se' stesso immoto, eppur movente nella Parola che tutto crea et ricrea di Dio il Padre et il Figlio eternamente parlando, si', si' come dicevo io, pria che dalle analogie potessi esser mosso, quale zampillo che da fontana emerge, e che dal quale Messer Sole, come se in omaggio, un multicolore arcobaleno estrarre puote , secondo come l'inclinazion del solar raggio incontra lo zampillo, raggiando qual luce che dal diamante lo stesso Sol estrae, che sul banco superbamente sta', qual'Imperator raggiando, dello studioso, che luce analizando va', che' luce, come se da due soli, non da un sol astro, anche dalle pupille raggia della mia donna, quando sorriso sulle sue turgide, aperte labbra appare e che il mio core eternamente schiavo mantener, suole.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Post 133. The Fatihah or Introductory Prayer to the Q'uran.

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The Great Mohammedan Introductory Prayer.
Faatihah: Sura I : Section 1 : Verses 7.
Sura I.
Faatihah I.
Verses: 7. Section: 1.

"’Al-Hamdu lillaahi Rabbil-’Aalamiin:
Maaliki Yawmid-Diin!
’Iyyaaka na’-budu
’iyyaka nasta-’iin
Siraatal-laziina ‘an-amta alay-him----
‘Gayril-magzuubi alay-him

Sura I.
Faatihah I.
Verses: 7. Section : 1.
In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.
Praise be to Allah,
The Cherisher and Sustainer
of the Worlds :
Most Gracious, Most Merciful;
Master of the Day of Judgment!
Thee do we worship,
Thine aid we seek,
Show us the straight way,
The way of those on whom
Thou hast bestowed the Grace,
Those whose (portion)
Is not wrath,
And who go not astray."

Extracted from-:
" Roman Transliteration of the Holy Quran "
with Full Arabic Text
an English Translation.
Abdullah Yusuf Ali
SH. Muhammad Ashraf
Publishers & Booksellers
7, Aibak road ( New Anarkali)

Post 134. Poverty and Donations to the Third World.

Poverty and Donations to the Third World
( through the "Grameen Foundation" .
An e-mail sent to this Organisation ).
The prerequisite for help is self-help and in my opinion birth-/demographic control is the essential prerequisite to giving any aid to anyone claiming to be poor to-day, particularly in relation to the Third World. In fact, Poverty can be a historically self-inflicted evil in many parts of the World, to-day. One hundred of years ago before WWII this was a world-wide recognised issue that now does not appear to have supporters. I am not advocating a ceasing from sexual intercourse as lust is uncontrollable for many of these genetically lusty people, all I am asking is birth-control to two children per couple, procreation outside marriage being made illegal and prosecutable by Law.
Unpopular, un-Godly? Who says?
Tutu of South Africa? My mate, Benedictus XVI? Cardinal Pell and his cute, macho-looking, cricket and aussie-rule-playing paedophiles and sarcophiles?
I have only had one daughter and I remember my mother in law, a cruel, nasty English woman from Manchester-England and her Irish brainwashed husband from County Cork, sabotaging my marriage with the connivance and blessing of North-Balwin/Monee-Ponds' Irish/Aussie Prelates, because I, a migrant of the North-Italian culture, could not afford buying a house across the River Yarrah, where the well-to-do lived in Melbourne at the time. I was then a Public Servant with a secure if lowly paid job, studying Part-Time for a Diploma in Engineering I eventually achieved in spite of all the sabotage and social deprivations I had to endure. i experienced a strange version of Christian Love from all these barbaric mongrels with a rather thin, extremely thin indeed, veneer of civilisation, that has greatly improved my undserstanding and interpretation of Theology. Paradoxically enough it may be called Grace and I paradoxicxally enough am supposed to be gratefull to these mongrels, which I paradoxically enough am, but without being able to forget my pain. That one cannot ever forget. Forgive but do not forget. My daughter does not know the truth I am writing about here before I kick the bucket. Ah, yes, I was also guilty then of inquiring into the beliefs of the Jehovah Witnesses, something considered criminal by an Irish/Aussie Catholic, some of those fanatical Priests who need a kick up their priestly asses, where they hold their Irish IRA brains, the mongrels. Catholicism is to the Irish IRA, I am sorry to say, an excuse in the same way Islam is to pan-arabic nationalists, I stress, not true Islamists but just arab nationalists/imperialists. Well, I am a European Apostolic, Roman Catholic, not an Irish/Aussie IRA sympathiser, O.K. ? And I have had a bellyfull of Aussie Protestant Christians also. I proved my interest in Theology later on in life when I studied for a Bachelor Degree in Theology for nine years and earned it the hard way, without favoritisms, or through my crawling up anyone's ars. I am 70 now, and am grateful my mother-in-law did sabotage me, as
I can now achieve better things intellectually, thanks to the sufferings which made me stronger, theoretivally damning though the Irish bastards and their Mafia colleagues in the Irish-Australian Catholic Church of Paedophiles and Sarcophiliacs ! As I said, I consider myself a European Catholic now and when I get into one of the local Churches I feel like puking at the memories. I can still smile but I cannot forget. She was wrong though as I should have been allowed to have a second child, God-willing, to replace myself and my wife, her daughter. But I married my wife when she had had a daughter by a Calabrian bastard ( potentially a third-world goat-herder as Calabrians and Sicilians are Arabs-Saracens-Curds anyway imported into Italy as slaves by the stupid Romans. His marriage also broke down, the shitsky goat-herder, the ruffian. I am glad about it and salivate at the thought of his bruised stupid Sicilian/Arab ego. Ha, ha, ha.) who refused to marry her and give his name to his daughter Anna. How callous and cruel, with rare exceptions, can these Italian/'Arabs be, who call themselves Italians, insulting the great, noble Nation they have been polluting since WWI !!!! I was sabotaged for thanks. IRA's ethics? Yet my son-in-law, with an Irish surname, although unemployed ( he has been retrenched twice) has been allowed to father four children, my daughter being a gifted earner and supporter, a real Princess, although having been alienated by her virago mother. What can one expect from an Anglo/Irish? These are the vagaries and inconsistencies of our stupid democratic Anglo-Saxon world that includes Organisations such as yours, i.e., "The Grameen Foundation ". If you have some /imperialistic guilt motivating your need to donate money to the irresponsible fornicators of the Third or even of the Firsrt World, this is not my own. No, tell the Third World to fucky-fucky by all means, to their heart content and untill the organ becomes blue, I am not jealous, but, for God's sake, to control PROCREATION and be RESPONSIBLE. O.K.? Grongos! Give them CONDOMS AND CONTRACEPTIVES, NOT MONEY! Let us stop manufacturing terrorists. And do not call me a RACIST.
In Australia, if anyone needs procreation and donations, it is our poor, neglected Aborigenes. No donations should technically be allowed Australians except if/when directed to fellow Australian Aborigenes. What is this gross hypocrisis that makes an Australian donate from Australian resources, abroad when his fellow Aborigenes have so great a need for an increase in their depleted numbers?
Africans, South Americans, Asians have been ruining their rich lands which were Paradises on Earth centuries ago, also extinguishing their animal and vegetable life-forms, a sure crime implicitly condemned by St. Paul in Romans, ( when he says the whole of Creation is groaning and crying out for salvation with humankind ), with their irresponsible demographic escalations.
So Benedictus XVI and Tutu, old boys, begin talking sense, please. Stop the Medieval bullshit.
In Afghanistan, as an example, there are rocky places with absolutely nothing, where even goats cannot survive, and one sees one of these Talibans with four wives and twenty children with no other future than becoming a suicide bomber or a terrorist for Islam and the War-Lords.
Short Historical Digression.
The Islamic War-Lords, may Allah crucify the bastards the Roman way, and upside down, like Peter and Andrew, all stuffed-up with their Poppy Buds even up their rear ends, have had things organised this way since 1,000 AD when Afghanistan became an Islamic Base for the conquest of the fuckumised, all-fuckumising Politheistic and Animistic Hindus, to whom they sold their Opium, in the name of Allah, after the conquest of the Zoroastrian Persian Iran, an indo-European Civilisation now totally brainwashed to believe they are Arabs, all records having been erased and surnames arabicised and islamised, the beautiful Farsi language being now written in the embroidery of the arab-alphabet created in 750 AD in order to not have to use the solid, efficient, beautiful, square, hebrew one, just in truly arabic spite. The Hindus were then too busy writing the "Kamasutra ", exploring all the possible fuckumising positions by which babies could be produced, smoking Afghani's Opium, sold to them in the name of Allah, to aid their fantasies. Islam almost conquered then the whole of India when it created the vast MOGUL EMPIRE, and had it not been for the Portuguese, French and British interventions, amply and historically justified by the fact Islam was aiming at totally and permanenty cutting off Europe from the essential trade with the Orient, Islam would have conquered even China with Indian resources.
Indians should be eternally grateful to us Europeans, but people have short historical memories. So far Islam has been succesful in Malaysia and is slowly fuckumising the Indonesians and the Philippinos. The main strategy has been so far and is still being "Demographic Escalation", with Poverty releaved for the Moslem reproducing studs by donations from Saudi Arabia and probably from the West, through organisations such as Grameen Foundation and stupid churches seeking converts, like Pastor Costello's Baptists, an ongoing demographic race to who procreates the largest number of voters faster and earlier and win the next elections :):):) ja,ja, ja,ja,ja,ja. ( sounding like the spanish ga,ga,ga,......etc.) No, no, no, no, I suggest to criminalise sexual planned irresponsibility, since Islam, for example does not give a shit about, natural selection, fitness and intelligence, just being concerned about stud-capacity for maximum impregnation/fertilisation. Same for the Catholics and all contenders. A sexual Paradise/Nirvana indeed if one is so inclined.
Do not look at I please. By all means..............fucky-fucky until you drop dead you bastards!
The cure should be-: Donations and poverty-relief only if/when/where control and responsibility in procreation has been demonstrated, ideally through permanent sterilisation.

End of Historical Digression.
By what human right is this Taliban humangoat shown in the documentary on TV, allowed to irresponsibly procreate from totally subdued and enslaved poor women, in the name of a religious ideology, the result of a wrongly interpreted Q'uran for the benefit of he mafiosi-like War-Lords, the lords of the Opium Fields.
Why not DESTROY WITH SALT THEIR OPIUM FIELDS and remove their Satanic Income for terror, enslavement and religious conquests, planned as far back as 1000 AD? What about this Taliban's duty as the human being he claims to be but is not at all, to not procreate unless the procreated child has a future?
Is his selfish lust and irresponsibility LOVE? Shoot the bastard! Remove him from that Satanic wilderness that has been breeding terrorists for 1000 years and blow all existing structures of evil human habitation and occupation.! Stop financing the nonsense of living among the impossible rocky landscape, glorifying him for doing so, through imbecillic reporters and documentary-makers who pretend or refuse to see the sufferings of those desperate women locked-up like animals encased in their black robes. What about their human rights to express their doubts about their sexual exploitation by the War-Lords using the Q'uran for their filthy and lucrative well-being and unshared wealth? Both the Taliban and the Reporters are plain irresponsible criminals! The War-Lords are war-criminals! And you imbeciles with Degrees, I have one in Theology, so I am not inferior to you, have better return to your Universities, learn LOGIC and the facts of REALITY! How did you get your degrees? By contacts, knowing such and such, etc.? I had to sweat blood for mine. Stop your bullshit and peddling of irresponsibility!
How much percentage do you take from donations you hypocrits?

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Post 132. Violate (ancient saxon : fuck ) the Mafia!

Sometimes, lately, I have been asking myself-:
Why should Islam be attracted by Democratic Systems that include such shit as the one exemplified by the iniquitous and corrupt Italian one ( there are such others), controlled by dishonourable, dishonouring, all-corrupting ( especially and with mucho gusto your daughters and children)
controlled by money-worshipping ,
Mafiosi goat-herders and shepperds?
Anyone needing a job in the near future, shall increasingly have to satisfy Mafiosi's demands as they are slowly buying out all types of businesses with laundered billions made by exploiting all types of dependencies, vices, distortions by humankind.
They shall make and unmake bubbles galore,
of all types,
global warmings and freezings innumerable..................................
fill the whole West and the East too,
if they can........................with bullshit!
Reform yourselves, alcohol-guzzling, sex-worshipping Westerners, brain-dead-and-polluted in your fifties,
else abstemious Moslems and Hindus
shall inherit your fortunes/possessions,
enjoy your women,
and rightly so,
with God's blessing.
Substances-abuses are not anyone's human right,

but a total liability and a personal loss
of identity and civilisation.
Reform before it is too late.

In a latter-days Democracy
it is not HONOUR that rules but MONEY,
the ancient god MAMMON
of Assyria and Babylon the Great,
and the LAW
is by far too expensive and slow,
and as such ( slow, prevaricating, itches and technicalities-exploiting/invoking,
pseudo-human-rights invoking, human-duties and gross, premeditated criminality disregarding ),
even more unavailable
to the UN-MONEYED individual.
Reform yourselves you vote-seeking Politicians, Lawyers and public-arse-crawlers, else God's vengeance shall fall upon you, your progeny,
us and our Nations.
Many........mightier and more cunning than you,
have gone down the sewer before you.
Sports and the Olympic games shall not save us.
Sometimes I doubt whether the West deserves saving,
whether God is using Islam as God's sword.
Let Sharia Law prevail!
Welcome oh Islam!
Good on You, oh Talibans!
Good on you, oh Al Qaeda!
I am personally disciplined and uncorrupt enough
to be able to live under the rigours of Sharia Law, although I love freedom and duty.
( ancient saxon : fuck )
So speaks a Templar ( a barbuto free from the vows except self-imposed discipline,
by the Grace of GOD/ATEN/ALLAH !).

Post 131. Mafia and beppe er grillo

Verità di Stato e Verità di Mafia.

By Travaglio for beppe-grillo.com

Good day to you all. Welcome back after the holidays even though perhaps some of you are still away. Unfortunately, I’m not.
Straight away I want to talk about an issue that I feel will be the key to this season of politics, of information, of news reporting, of justice and that is probably the most important happening that is going on, even though the newspapers are hardly talking about it, between highs and lows, between flare-ups and icy showers. In fact, perhaps just because the newspapers are saying little about this, just for a change.
It’s the happening of these sudden “rips” that have opened up this summer on the issue of the negotiations between the State and the Mafia in 1992, that then was nothing more than the screen that veiled the external instigators, the secret “suggesters” of the 1992 slaughters, at least as regards the slaughter of Borsellino, and those that took place in 1993 in Rome, Florence and Milan.
There are a lot of new things that are difficult to note: and yet it’s enough to match up and compare what is appearing in the newspapers, without having to go and look at the transcripts of the judicial proceedings that are still secret and thus of which neither I nor you can know the contents. Already what you can read in the newspapers is pretty significant about what is coming out and I think that if there is a push from the ground level of civil society, if someone on the political front will finally take this seriously this affair and if the magistrates are allowed to do their job, above all those of Palermo, Caltanissetta and Florence, that are the ones with the jurisdiction as regards the subject matter and the territory relating to the negotiations on the “papello”, and Palermo on the instigators of the slaughters. It may be possible to manage to understand who are the founding fathers of the Second Republic who, as you have probably already heard said, was not born unlike the First one out of the Resistance but really from the slaughters, from the negotiations, from the bombs and from the blood of those who died.
It is always best to summarise to avoid taking anything for granted, so that anyone who takes on board “Passaparola” may know how the affair started and at what point it has arrived.
After that we will come back to it, if, as I hope, it has developments.
Massimo Ciancimino is starting to talk

The affair started simply with the interviews with this really interesting character, unique, definitely one who talks a lot, that is Massimo Ciancimino, the son of Vito, the former mafia mayor of Palermo, who was under investigation for years by the Palermo Prosecutors Office, who had the injustice of having to manage his father’s patrimony and who has been accused of “money laundering”. That is to be seen. We are not so interested in that. He has a first level conviction for “money laundering” and now he is fighting at the appeal stage. There are certain things that he hadn’t told the magistrates up until a year ago, even because he had the impression that the old Palermo Prosecutors Office was not very interested in raising their sights to the high levels of the institutions and politics that were frequented by his father; however he made it known to the new Palermo Prosecutors Office, the one directed for the last couple of years by Prosecutor Messineo – to be clear – that has the impression that they have more interest in touching certain “altarini” {mysterious secrets} and thus it has started to tackle topics that it had ignored earlier.
Even because he noted that when they raided his house, strangely, the Carabinieri didn’t even go and open the safe that was even visible to a child, but we are talking about affairs that keep repeating as you will remember, the Carabinieri of the ROS {Raggruppamento Operativo Speciale or Special Operational Group} never even entered Riina’s house: the motto of certain servants of the State, especially in Palermo, is “don’t open that door and don’t open that safe”, perhaps because they already know what they would find inside.
In any case, this is the reason for his impression about the old management of the Prosecutors Office, then later they found the letter from Provenzano to Berlusconi and instead of making use of it in the trials, the magistrates of the old Prosecutors Office left it to rot in a box and those of the new Prosecutors Office fished it out and made use of it “in extremis” to use it in the Dell'Utri trial, that among other things will start up again in less than three weeks.

Posted by Beppe Grillo.

Comment-: Why should Islam be attracted by Democratic Systems that include such shit as the one exemplified by the iniquitous and corrupt Italian one, ruled by dishonourable, dishonouring, all-corrupting ( your daughters and children) Mafiosi goat-herders and shepperds?

Sometimes I doubt whether the West deserves saving, whether God is using Islam as God's sword.

Let Sharia Law prevail!

I am personally disciplined and uncorrupt enough to be able to live under the rigours of Sharia Law.