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Post 244. Is Telstra-Australia going the same way as Telecom-Italy?

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Is  Telstra-Australia  going  the  same  way  as  Telecom-Italy?

Here are a few extracts from my address:
I am here today to attend the funeral of Telecom Italia. I am wearing a black armband on my arm. This Country’s former top technology company is finished. For the past 10 years, the company has been shrinking and becoming ever more marginalized in the international context. In the period from 2008 to 2012, between the staffing cuts already made and those still to come, the Company will have fired another 13,000 employees. On 31.12.2009, Telecom Italia had 54,236 employees, while in 1999, when Massimo D’Alema handed over the company to captains courageous Gnutti, Colaninno and Consorte, the company had twice as many employees.
Telecom is busy dying. When a company outsources its best IT experts and engineers in the interests of efficiency, then the company has no future. 3000 of the Country’s best were outsourced to a great mixed bag called SSC, which was then “empowered” and then sold off at leisure. What kind of future does any country have that fires its engineers and imports low-cost labour? Telecom must be sold off as soon as possible to Telefonica or to some other major international Group, before the current shareholders can suck all the meat off its bones. Telecom may be dead, but at least we can still transplant its organs so as to save the few remaining jobs.
Telecom Chairman, Galateri, said that: “there is debt that has to be reduced and we will do so”, but how does he propose to do this if he continues to pay out dividends to the shareholders every year, this year included? The house is burning and these guys are using all the remaining available water to take a shower. In the past ten years, the debt has remained the same while the shareholders and managers have become wealthy and Telecom has “reduced its waistline”, as Galatieri so elegantly put it. Instead, the shareholders’ waistline has ballooned, while Telecom shares that were worth about 8 Euro each in 2003, are now worth little more than one Euro each. In 2009, Telecom’s revenues amounted to 27.1 billion Euro and the company’s debt was 34 billion Euro. In other words, its debt exceeded its revenues by 7 billion Euro.
Revenues have declined by 6.3% when compared to 2008 and are expected to decline by another 3% in 2010. And now, after having sold off almost everything in the past ten years, from shareholdings abroad, to real estate, through to its innovative companies such as Telespazio, Italtel and Sirti, it has now been announced that the next asset up for sale is Telecom Italia’s 50% stake in Telecom Argentina.
They talk about making investments in the coming years, but the Network is like a sieve and Italy is bottom of the list in Europe in terms of widespread access to broadband services.
As a Chartered Accountant by trade, I would like to do a simple accounting exercise. Given that over the past ten years, Telecom has sold off almost all of its shareholdings, its buildings and even its telephone exchanges, reduced its staff by almost 50%, reduced its revenues, reduced its investments, almost zeroed the value of its shares and, notwithstanding all of this, its debt has remained unchanged at 34 billion Euro, then it raises an interesting question, namely, precisely what happened to all the money? Who is it that has destroyed this Country’s top company in the field of innovation, which was built up using the taxes of entire generations of Italians?
The money landed up in million-Euro stock options and in dividend payments to well-heeled shareholders that have eaten Telecom alive, that’s where! We need to investigate the financial background of the managers that have run Telecom over the past few years in order to see what their assets were before and after their entry into Telecom. To check whether or not they benefited personally, directly or indirectly, from the operations they carried out in these past few years, selling off Telecom assets. This destruction of Telecom Italia’s value has been the worst damage ever done to this Country, both in terms of the economy and in terms of innovation. The shareholders and workers, as well as the future generations, have paid and will continue to pay the price. Those responsible for this catastrophe, whether they are politicians or businessmen, must be prosecuted.
Bernabè is someone that I greatly admire as a manager, but he has failed to do what any honest person ought to do, namely, call the previous management to account, including everyone from Colaninno to Tronchetti and from Buora to Ruggiero, for their involvement in the Telecom Sparkle fake invoicing scandal, their shares, their huge earnings and, in some cases, for their use of the company for personal gain. The spying activity carried out by Telecom employees on tens of thousands of people has seriously tarnished the company’s image. Who is going to pay for this? Who is going to compensate the minority shareholders for the fact that the shares they hold have been turned into trash? Colaninno and Gnutti pocketed capital gains amounting to 1.5 billion Euro when they sold their shares to Tronchetti who was backed by the banks, but why? Why did the minority shareholders get nothing?
It was immoral for million-Euro stock options to be handed out for years while tens of thousands of people were losing their jobs.
We need some sort of law to prevent the payment of dividends by companies whose debt is equivalent to anything more than 50% of turnover. Any small to medium size business whose debt is anything more than 30% of its turnover would shut down immediately. Telecom is dead and, in order to save the remaining jobs, the company should be sold to Telefonica as soon as possible and this backbone of the economy must once again become a public company, thereby giving every operator an equal chance instead of just one.
In Italy, our broadband is somewhat narrow, the narrowest in all of Europe. This is also thanks to this government, which is holding back some 800 million Euro of incentives for the reduction of the digital divide and introducing absurd taxes, such as that on fair compensation for memories.
According to data released by the European Commission, access to broadband services in private homes in Lombardy, the most advanced of the Italian Regions, is still limited to only 36 families out of every hundred, precisely the same level as in some Europe’s poorest regions, such as la Mancha in Spain, and lower than in Poland.
The only countries that are still falling behind Italy are Rumania, Bulgaria and Greece. Without infrastructure, Italia has no future and, for that matter, not even a here and now. My dear Bernabè and Galateri, please sell what remains to Telefonica, hand this backbone back to the State and then go home, together with the rest of the members of the Board of Directors, before we face total collapse.
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Comment-:    I  have  very  modestly   invested    in   Telstra   as    a    sign    of   Patriotism although    the  organisation   is  fast   becoming   one   of  the  Australian   jokes   like  the  Australian  cult   and   worship  of   criminals   and   gangsters   and   Mafia  in  general.
Can  anyone    imagine   Australia  as   a  Republic?
One  of  the   latest   representatives  of   the   criminal    golden    Australian   aristocracy,   Charles   Williams,    nicknamed   " Baby  Face ",    a  known  and  convicted   killer,    was  murdered  in  prison  and  buried    with    full    honours   in   a   gold-plated    Funereal   Casket   worth   over    30,000  dollars   with   full    Roman-Apostolic-Catholic-Church's    blessings!
Ma   che  cazzo  fate  oh   Catholics?
Another   Australian   joke  is  the  Australian  Police  Force,   both  at  State  and   Federal  levels..............just   think  of    Milat  the   Yougoslav    son   of   migrants    who    killed    seven  backpackers,    KNOWN  IN  HIS   SMALL   TOWN  AS    HAVING  HAD   A CRIMINAL   RECORD,   yet   being  allowed   to   retain   a  licensed    arsenal  of   weapons   including    revolvers,    automatic  pistols   etc.
He  was  allowed  to  drive  a    four   wheel-drive   and    must  have obviously   remained    un-observed/unchecked.   Had  it  not  been   for  the    fortuitous  escape  of  his   last  intended   victim,  a   British   young   tourist,    he   would  have   continued    his  serial   killings   unsuspected.
I  believe   Australians   have  as  a   majority,  a   quasi-genetic    love   for    criminals  and   crime.
It   has  nothing  to  do   with   FAIR-GO!
There  is  a  general  tendency   to  put  the  blame    for   the   crimes   of   the  First-Fleet  convicts  on    European  society.    The   world  was   all   like  that  then,   with  even  less  opportunities   for   everyone   as  there  are   to-day!
Islam    cut   off    the   foot  and  hand  of  the    thief!   We   sent  the   bastards    to  the   Colonies    for  rehabilitation. 
Modern  Democracies   are  pushing   the    bastards   to   the   top,   even   into  Governments.
Eliminate   the    advisory  influence  of  the   few    people   in  the  Aristocracies,  moulded   in   the  traditions  of  the   origins   of  the  Westminster  System  of  Government,  and   you  get   the  present   Banana   Republics.
What we  need  is  not  the   revival  of  the   ancient    National  Monarchies   which    have  been   divisive    and    damaging  to  the  Western   Civilisation,   having   directly  or  indirectly  caused  all    European  Wars,  including  the  Religious   Ones,   but   a   Western    Monarchic   Legislative    Assembly    dialoguing   with   Parliaments   and   Senates. 
If   European   convicts  had  been  totally  the   fault  of  European  society   in  the   days  of     Colonisation,     then  how  is  it  that Australia   and  America   still    shine    to-day   for  a   High   Crime   Level,    in   spite  of  their    undeniable    wealth   and   highly-sung  opportunities?
If  the  opportunities   are   chimeric    why   not   stop,    even  if  temporarily,   from    having   migratory  invasions   stressing   the    system?
As   Honouable   Bailieu (  Vic.  Parliament)   well    said,   we   must   cease   from    using/abusing     migrants    to    stimulate   the  economy   as   this   has  become  a   vicious  dependence   in   Australians,   like  a   substance-abuse,    but  rather  develop   the   economy.
The   two   Villa  Units    after   mine    are   lived  in    by  three   times   the    number of   people    normally  allowed   by  Health   Regulations.     In  one    there   are  even  two   children    and   three   adult    couples,   a  total  of   eight  people.
They  have  no   choice  but    overcrowd  as   the   rent  is   exhorbitant,  charged  by a   Maltese   ex-migrant   turned   wealthy,    a  Mr.  Cavalieri,   who   also   happens   to  be    an  electrician.
Yet   no-one   does  or  says   anything!
I  spit  on   Thee   you  damned   democratic   hypocrits!

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Post 243. Unity or Disunity in Italy?

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 Unity  or  Disunity   in   Italy?
 The book entitled "Terroni" (Southeners) by Pino Aprile should be specified as a school setwork book. For the past 150 years they have been telling us the joke about the South being liberated by the Savoias in order to bring the southerners liberty, justice and progress. "Terroni" tells a different story, backed up by detailed documentation and careful research of the available sources. The story of an occupied Country, stripped of its enterprises, with hundreds of thousands of dead civilians. A Country "without fathers", where the people were obliged to resort to mass emigration (something that was almost unheard of) in order to survive after the arrival of the Savoias, who began by plundering the wealth of the area, starting with the Treasury of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies. "Terroni" tells of the destruction of entire towns, the deportations, the birth of the Mafia groups allied to the new masters. The united Italy was also partly built on the blood of Italians.
Interview with Pino Aprile:
Blog: "Now, what has been done to ensure that the Southerners become southern Italians, what has been done in these past 150 years?
Pino Aprile:
"All sorts. They have made use of arms, politics and the economy in order to create inequality between two different parts of the Country, something that didn’t exist at the time of Unity. This has never been taken into consideration, notwithstanding the fact that the best academics have maintained that this was the case for a century and a half.
A million victims
Lately, and by lately I mean now, the National Research Council, more specifically the Naples section headed up by Prof. Malanima, has been studying the economy, the products and the production of the various Italian Regions from 1861 to beyond 2000. What has indisputably emerged from this research is that, at the time of Unity, there was no difference whatsoever between the north and the south of the Country, so the difference must have arisen after Unity rather than being a left over in spite of Unity. Indeed the contrary is true, namely that this difference was imposed using arms and murder. The actual death toll has never been established, but the official death toll ranges from just a few thousand or tens of thousands of victims through to a number of counts claiming 100/200-thousand, as well as a few estimates, which we have to accept as true, such as the claim made by “Civiltà Cattolica” at that time that one million people died. Now, irrespective of the extent of the damage or the pile of corpses, it nevertheless means that unification was opposed, but what was being opposed was the manner in which it was handled because, at the time, there was widespread discussion regarding how Italy should be unified, with different views on how it should be achieved.
It was eventually achieved in the worst possible way, by shedding the Southerners’ blood and using their own money. If the Southerners fought for years and were then branded as bandits - while entire sections of the Army and the Bourbon forces took to the bush to battle against what was, to all intents and purposes, an invader that was fighting an undeclared war – if they fought for years, at the very least this should reflect a desire to resist, and if someone resists, surely it’s because he/she believes that he/she would not be better off, but rather worse off! The truth was, and even the Unity guru Giustino Fortunato was eventually forced to admit that: we were far better off under the Bourbons.
Does the South really have an industrial culture?
"Industrial establishments, metallurgy, iron and steel, major textile hubs. Industry that the North did not yet have at the time of Unity but was flourishing in the South, so what happened then?"
Pino Aprile:
"In reality, both the north and the south of Italy were taking their first steps in this field, equally important steps in the north and the south, so much so that the available data reveals that the industrial workers in the north and the south were equal, perhaps a few more in the south although the data is slightly skewed by the fact that many of the textile workers actually worked from home, so let’s say that they were more or less equal even though this is continuously being denied, but why? Because the classic example given is that the south had very few roads and very few kilometres of railway track and that this was proof of the fact that the south was backward, ignoring the fact that the comparison is being made between Lombardy and Piedmont, which are inland Regions without any sea frontage, and the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies, which had thousands of kilometres of coastline, so the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies had made an intelligent policy decision to rely on maritime transportation, so much so that, within little more than a decade, the Southern commercial shipping fleet of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies had become the second largest in Europe and its navy fleet the third largest in Europe because they chose to rely on maritime transport, just as the European Union is doing today with its maritime highway project. As regards the iron and steel industry, Italy’s largest iron and steel establishment was situated in Calabria and alone had almost as many employees and technicians as the entire iron and steel industry in the north. The largest engineering factory in Italy, and perhaps even in Europe, was situated in the Naples area, namely Pietrarsa and was copied by foreign countries. The legendary factories of Kronstadt and Kalingrad were nothing other than brick by brick copies of Pietrarsa, and they were the largest ever built. The same goes for the naval shipyards. The largest naval shipyards were located in the south. With the arrival of the new “Masters”, or rather the new bosses, in essence the locals found themselves in the minority and all of these companies were downgraded or even shut down. The new masters demanded the keys to the iron and steel establishments of Mongiana, which employed 1500 people, and then proceeded to shut them down and sell them as scrap iron. The official reason given for the move was that the time had gone for iron and steel establishments located in the mountains and far from the sea, but having shut down at Mongiana, the began to rebuild at Terni, even higher up and even further from the sea!”
“When comparing the numbers, it is said that all the money invested is lost, but your book tells a different story, namely that there has always been more investment in the north than in the south.
Pino Aprile:
“It may seem petty, but consider the fact that the Treasury of the South spent up to 0.5% of the GDP, but on what? Actually, on extraordinary works, but what were these so-called extraordinary works? Well, I list these in my book, kilometre by kilometre of roads, school by school, etc, total numbers. But what is so extraordinary about a country using public funds to build roads, sewerage lines and schools? Why should this be classified as extraordinary works in the south? What funds were used to build the roads, the schools and the sewerage lines up in the north? Why is it that the 0.5% of GDP spent on extraordinary works in the south deemed to be a rip-off while nothing is said about the remaining 99.5%? Why is nothing said about the fact that the north has 30 to 60% more infrastructure than the south, without ever having had a Treasury of the North? Why is nothing said about the fact that one kilometre of the high-speed railway track between Turin and Milan, running between rice paddies and thus with no mountains to tunnel through, costs 52 million Euro? More than 100 billion Italian Lire, while 25 million Euro was spent on the far more complicated stretches of the Naples-Rome line, including tunnels, etc, and in France they spend 10 million Euro, and in Spain 9 million Euro per kilometre. So why the big difference?
I have no doubt whatsoever that Italy has a sense of being, but also I think that they didn’t have any at the time.
The sense of a united Italy
The question is not whether Italy should be united, because I believe that there are no doubts about this. We all feel like Italians and we are even proud of the stupendous and marvellous differences that enrich us as a people, different cultures, different languages, I say languages because a number of the dialects are not really dialects but individual languages with their own literature, etc, yet all of this has not weakened us, indeed it has strengthened the Italian-ness that makes us so different yet so much alike.
There is no argument about the fact that Italy exists, but the fact remains that it was not really wanted because, if the truth be told, Italy was never united, but was simply taken over from north to south, keeping the south downtrodden. For example, Italy was unified and a communal treasury created. A communal Treasury because the south was the most solvent state at the time and 2/3 of the money in circulation in Italy was in the south. Piedmont was the most indebted state at the time, so the treasuries were combined into one and the gold from the south was brought up to the north, as I am wont to joke.
"Using the Fas funds (Funds for Underdeveloped Areas) to fund the Milan Expo, but what does this mean? "
Pino Aprile:
"The Milan Expo, Parmesan Cheese, the shipping companies of Lake Maggiore and Lake Garda, what it means is that the south is Italy’s ATM machine, while the victim continues to be labelled as the robber. We have to face facts. I had an analysis done by a psycho-sociology researcher on the united Italy, and what emerged was the existence of this minority state in part of the Country, which indicates the duality of this Country, but this duality is what drives the economy of the north. They think they are scoring, but in reality they are scoring very little and then blaming the disability pensions with which they buy votes in the south. This is stupid, because if the Country were truly united, the north would do far better, the south would do far better and we could become the best Country in the world. The alternative, however, is we continue to have one part of the Country subjugated by another part, then the feeling that it is better to be alone than badly treated begins to gain ground and this feeling is indeed gaining ground in the south, to the point of boiling over, while the north chooses to ignore it! "
PS: On Saturday 24 April, starting at 21h00 at the PalaCep at No.14, via Benedicta, Genoa, (Circolo Arci Pianacci), the Genoa Province and Anpi will be holding the Liberation Day Festival. We will also be there, gathering signatures for a referendum against the privatisation of our water resources and collecting foodstuffs on behalf of the Music For Peace projects.

One need only read travelogues of foreigners travelling through Italy before unification, and the descriptions of the poverty of the south, to confirm that this work represents an attempt to assign blame for southern Italy's inability to progress on others.
Southern Italy's problems are caused by southern Italians, no one else. Notwithstanding the billions sent to the south through la Cassa del Mezzogiorno, southern Italy has not developed. Where this money has gone is open to speculation, however, it has not served to develop Southern Italy.
By the way, does this author believe that the treasury of the Gran Ducato di Toscana, for example, was not tranferred to the north. Please spare us.
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Post 242. To Duena Almudegna Adznar!

 To   Duena   Almudegna  Adznar!
 Oh Almudegna, of my heart the Queen,
of thy fiery and proud gaze I dream,
that of noble, daring matadors,
flamenco dancers and guardia civil remind me,
who the heart of Spain make pound with strong and noble beat,
that like the castanets and quick-stepped beats of
flamenco-dancers and their long lament
in the still and warm nights of Andalusia
express the anguish and longings of human hearts
by love-wounded for fiery women such as Thee.
Surely Thou must be a scion of some ancient knight who the Reconquesta from the Moors possible made it be!
Were I again young and sprite to be,
I would surely gallopping be at a fast beat
on my destrier to Thee reach there in Andalusia
where the skies are bleu and the sea meet
in a perpetual embrace that separation cannot feel
and one are such as I long to be..............with Thee!
On my destrier I would take Thee up to the vales in the Pyrenees,
were springs clean waters give
and the
thin  air  is   thin  and clean
to make matadors, flamenco-dancers and guardia civil
together with Thee

Post 241. To a Han Princess!

To  Yolanda  Liu,  
lost  on  the   mountains  of   
The  Montserrat   
north  of   Barcelona:
Un miraggio incantator tu sei oh Yolanda,
piccola degli Han la Fata che'.........
virtuale solo rimaner tu devi
per poter 'essere dell'eternita' d'un sogno,  
che'   solo,
soltanto come un sogno
possibil realta' rimaner puote.
( translation):
An enchanting mirage 
Thou are oh Yolanda, 
oh petite HAN-Fairy...  
who of the virtuality of dreams 
Thou should remain, 
as only thus, only as a dream, 
as only in a dream possible reality 
Thou can eternally be.

Post 240. Oh.......Tose Cumasche!

E poi, 
i Talibani,    se  importati  la'   a   combatterli, 
dopo   avere   eliminato   i   Mafiosi   o  come  piu'  probabile,  
essersi  alleati  con  loro  in  Calabria,  Puglie  et   Sicilia,
sedurrebbero tutte le nostre donzellete Sudiste 
con i loro grandi,   brutali  apparati circoncisi
per poi emigrare tutti al Nord  
a ripetere la storia 
e    allora
addio...........oh tose Cumasche
dalle  rugiadose,   fresche,  longilinee

rosee   membra,
ed   affusolate    fusoliere
ornate da tali femminil grazie che',
mente maschile dell' umana  natura
--------che non-homostaticamente
essendo unita alla divin natura
in  noi  comun   mortali,  
seppur   del    quasi-divin   amor  ripieni,
contemplar et rimirar non puote
senza di peso diminuir,

deglutendo, salivando e  anche sbavando alquanto,   

cose   che  i  Talibani 
qual   feroci   et  ancor   trogloditici
poter   patir   non  posson,
dato  che  come   ei   vedon   tal  delizie   
toccar  e   assaporar 
immediatamnte   ei   soglion,   
che'   Maometto   di   cio'   per  lor    
un  comandamento  e  anzi  dover   ha   fatto,
specie  se   con  non-Moamettane  donne,  
contrariamente  a   quanto   Madre   Chiesa   nostra    ha   detto,  
che'  il  Papa   ha  al   rinnovarsi   di   ogni  generazion   riconferma  fatto,  
che'  non  e'  lecito   gustar   di  tali    cose  
se  non   dopo   avere   matrimonio  contratto.
Solo   che'   i  furbi,  gli  astuti,
in  tal   guisa  essi   credon  eccellere  tra  noi,      
dalle   meretrici   povere,  sfruttate  et  abusate  donne,  
a  infranger  et  a  assaporar  ei  vanno,
per  poscia   accettar   
con  falsa innocenza   e   purezza simulata ,  
il   Sacro  Sacramento,   
che   ei   credon   giustificarli   suole. 
Hai  oh  massa  perditionis,  
hai  oh  umana sorte et fato gramo
che requiem giammai non gode
se non in mortem!

Sancte   Spirite   libera   nos  a  omne   malo.

Post 239. Message to l'Alternativa Monarchica.

A   Message   to  the   Alternativa   Monarchica.

Mattheo  Sullivanio   carissime,   
a   parte   la  mia  opinione   circa   la  precedenza   della   creazione   di  una   Assemblea   Legislativa  Monarchica  Europea,  su   qualsiasi  altra   ulteriore   iniziativa    monarchica  in  Europa,    io  sono   daccordo   che   l' articolo   139  della  Costituzione   della  Repubblica   Italiana   e'   illegale   a   riguardo   della  ostracizzazione    di   un  Partito  Politico  Monarchico   Italiano,   tanto  piu'   che    questa  alternativa   e'    in  esistenza   ancora   in   Europa    e   funziona   meglio,    con  migliori    risultati    di   quelli   dimostrati   dallo   svergognato   modello   Camorrista    repubblicano   italiano.   
La  seconda   opinione   e'   che,    qualora   si   dovesse  arrivare  a   una   restaurazione   effettiva  della   Monarchia  in  Italia,   che  rimarrebbe   sempre   pro-forma,   virtuale,    dato  l'esistenza   dell'Unione  Europea   che  deve  trascendere   l'ideale  Monarchico,   tanto  varrebbe    averne   una   nel   Nord    con   i  Savoija   e   una   nel   Sud    con    i   Bourbons.     Ma   cosa   credono   i  Savoija   di    arrivare   a  fare    anche   se    dovessero    diventare  i  Monarchi   di   una  Italia   dal   Piemonte  alla   Sicilia?     Stanno   forse   pensando  con  la  loro    tendenza  a    compromessi   disastrosi,   che  alla   fine    non   sono  altro  che  tradimenti,   di   fare  diplomazia   con  le  Mafie? Ma  ancora   non   hanno   imparato   le   lezioni  della  Storia?   Secondo   me'   l'Unita'   dell'Italia   e'   una  grande   illusione   e  favorisce   la    Mafia   locale  e  oggi,    entro   lo   scenario   Europeo,   non  necessita   anche   se   fosse   possibile   e  benefica,   il   che non  lo   e'   affatto,   anzi...........    Cosa   sta'   succedendo   oggi   e'    il   rimpiazzamernto   di   onesti   Nordici   che  non  hanno   l'astuzia   da   iene  e   i   denti  anche   in   gola   dei   Meridionali,   da  parte  di   quest'ultimi,   il    che    e'   cosa   alquanto   negativa   et  maligna.       Cosa   ci   vuole   al  Sud   e'  una  Polizia  di   Sudisti,   tipo   Guardia  Civile  Spagnuola   che  spara  prima   e   fa'   domande   dopo.    Nonche'   la  pena  capitale  e  la  Legge   Marziale   applicata   ai    terroristi (  le   Mafie ).     L'idea   di    avere    Carabinieri    Nordici   al  Sud  e  vice-versa    e'   un   grave  errore   dato   che  al  momento   che   Nordici   dovessero   fare   mano   dura   nel  Sud,    l'accusa   diventerebbe   una    di   razzismo.
Questo   messaggio   va'  pure    sul  mio   Blog.  

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Post 237. Let us cease from believing in Old-Wives' Tales!

Note-:   A  message  sent   to   the  
"La  Alternativa  Monarchica ",   
care  of   the   'Reggente ',  
Matteo  Sullivan, 
(   an  Italo-Australian  by   the   way ),   
dell'Alternativa  Monarchica---Italy.

Reggente,   con  tutto il   rispetto  dovuto  ai  nostri   ex-Monarchi,..........  noblesse  obblige..........,   ma   e'  l'ora  di   finirla   con  tutti   questi    sogni   principeschi  et   fiabeschi  delle  loro  nobildonne   buonanime   che   sognano   un   ritorno   allo  status   quo    pre-Rivoluzione  Francese.
La   Storia    ben  ed  onestamente  interpretata   dimostra   che  l'Europa    fu'   rovinata   dalle   Invasioni  Barbariche,   si  risollevo'   e   ritorno'  ad  un  penoso   disastroso   lentissimo  processo   di    decadenza   che   ha  oggi    prodotto   l'Era  della   Merda ( Cacca ) o    Concime,    che  tocca   anche  le  loro    Maesta'   tutte,   eccetto   coloro  come  me   che  ne   sono   coscienti  e   ci   auto-coscentizziamo  in   perpetuita' (  come   predico'    Papa  Woijtila   in  una   sua   Enciclica  ).  

Questo  processo  di     decadenza    risulto'   dalla   stupida   e  criminale    competizione  tra  Papato  (  Chiesa )   e  Impero,  negli   anni    MILLE  circa,  che    permise  il   sorgere   di   tutte   le  Monarchie,   alcune  delle    quali    furono   fondate   da    pecorai  o   briganti    che   ebbero,  o   fortuna  oppure   furono    capaci   di   etiche    tipo  Mafia   odierna.   
Noi  della "gensferreria/ferraria/farria/shirleia/etc. "   abbiamo   collettivamente   piu'  sangue   reale   che    alcuni   di   questi    monarchi,   e   abbbiamo  il   diritto   di   parlare   come   faccio  io  ora.    
Ma   abbiamo  sempre   servito   umilmente  e   con   una   speranza    di    cose  migliori.   
Le   100  e  piu'   Armi/Blasoni,   non  una   sola,    in  tutta   l'Europa  lo   attestano!
Cio'  che  occorre  oggi  in  Europa    e   per   l'Occidente   non  e'  la  restaurazione    pedissequa  dell  varie   Monarchie   che    riprodurrebbero  inevitabilmente    divisioni  e    le  antiche    gelosie  ispirate   dalle   loro   stupide   e   rapaci   donne,   ma    l'adunanza    di   coloro   tra   i   discendenti   di   queste  case,    organizzati  secondo  preparazione,    qualita'  e   merito,   in  una   Assemblea   Legislativa   Europea    Monarchica   alla   pari,    allo  stesso  livello  ed   in    comunicazione    con   i  Parlamenti  e  Senati  Europei    nei   quali    si   sa'   esservi   elementi   infiltrati    da  varie    organizzazioni   criminali  ( vedi   Italia   come  esempio  classico ).    

Questa  Assemblea  Legislativa   Europea  Monarchica,   sotto   controllo  e   supervisione   continua,    non   dovrebbe   permettere  infiltrazioni   da   oppositori   e    elementi   criminali,   locali   o   stranieri   e   dovrebbe    funzionare    democraticamente   secondo  il   ben    collaudato   sistema   governativo    di  Westminster,   basato    sugli   ideali   dei  Baroni  Normanni,    tra  i   quali   anche    alcuni   della   "genferreria",  i   famosi    Earls   di  Derby.     
L'Arabia  Saudita  ( ?),    la  Casa  Regnante  Inglese,   forse   quella    Spagnuola  dei  Borboni,   funziona   piu'  o  meno   a  tale   modo,      perche '   non   noi    tutti   in   Europa   ad   un   livello   Europeo?
Quindi,    Reggente   carissime   fai  il   tuo   dovere  e   trasmetti   questo  mio  messaggio   da   parte  della   "gensferreria"   e   fammi  sapere   cosa   ne   pensano    le   zucchette    monarchiche  e   i  loro  consiglieri.
Credo   che  l'Europa,   il  mondo  intiero   e  la  Storia   necessitino   prove    circa   la   idoneita',    genuinita',  capacita',   onesta',   serieta'   di   tutti   questi   lavoro  che  occorre  per   migliorare   l'Europa  e  per  liberarla    dalle   forze   criminali  rapaci   e  maligne (   direi   quasi   diaboliche )  che  la  assediano  e  inquinano,  entro   lo   scenario   di   una   tale  proposta    'Assemblea    Legislativa   Europea    Monarchica  '   prima   che   si   possa   accettatre  un   loro   qualsiasi   ritorno  alle  redini   delle   risorte   Monarchie  del   passato.

Post 237. Australian Railways pay attention!

Follow the link to read the post:

 Australian Railways   and   
tourists   using   Italian  Railways   pay  attention!

The Ferrovie italiane {Italian Railways} have performed miracles. The 2009 accounts bear witness to that. In 4 years, the “rationalization of operating costs” have brought about a reduction of 1.1 billion euro. The net profits have grown by 175% and have arrived at 44 million euro. The people of Viareggio who died, would be happy if they knew that. The blog is publishing the denunciation made by a former technical verifier that should be taken into account by the relevant magistrates. Up until now, as far as I know, no one has been charged with the Viareggio disaster.

”I am a former worker and technical verifier of the railways. This witness statement is in support of the victims and the families of the
Viareggio disaster that took place on 29.06.09. The goods wagon that caused the disaster, was derailed on 22.06.09 at Vaiano on the Florence-Bologna route. If that wagon had been checked on the spot or sent to the nearest “squadra rialzo” (workshop) by means of ultrasound laser, (a technology that was already in existence 40 years ago), they would have discovered that the axle had been damaged and it would have been substituted, involving 30 minutes’ work.
This was the procedure 40 years ago, today technology has taken giant steps forward, with high speed trains (Rome-Milan) in 3 hours. That is right for modern needs, even the reduction of the work force can be accepted, however not at the expense of railway safety; in fact the goods sector has almost been forgotten: obsolete wagons that are more than 40, 50 or 60 years old, not undergoing preventative checks, moreover, there are tanker wagons transporting really dangerous liquids that can explode. 32 people died at Viareggio, dozens of people with 60%, 70%, 80% and 95% burns all over their bodies. I started with the railways on 15.06.1970 as a skilled worker in the locomotive depot at Leghorn. Even at that time, an engineer from Florence came to check the axles. Every 1-2 years these planned checks were carried out, or if the locomotive or the wagon had been subject to even a tiny derailment, perhaps in the goods yard. Then I became a verifier, and if anything like that happened, I stopped the wagon and if there was no danger, I sent it to the nearest “squadra rialzo” (FS workshop) for a general check. My task was to check the trains that were arriving and above all those that were departing and to check the brakes, then I issued a document called a TV40 that I got the engine driver to sign in duplicate, one for me and one for him, then the station master gave the “permission to go”.
In the station, there was a station operations team, today called “formatore”, that together with the manoeuvres team, made up the train in accordance with the weight, length and destination, etc.; then the controller made a note of all the wagon identification numbers that are written on the sides of the wagons and in other places, then he issued an M18 document in duplicate that he got the engine driver or the train operator to sign. One copy stayed in the files of the departure station and one for the arrival station or the marshalling yard. Thus even if the wagon catches fire there’s a paper document or a computer document of the number of the wagons. When a train derails, at times, it takes kilometres before the train stops, thus especially if the wagon is loaded it is very very stressed and the axles are the first ones to suffer because the wheels hit on the cement sleepers. Some witnesses saw the train of the disaster giving out sparks at a distance of about 20 Km from Viareggio. Doubtless the wagon was braking and the overheating for so many kilometres, by induction acted in such a way that the axle which had already deteriorated from the torsion then broke (you can see this clearly in the photo). The almost certainty that the wagon of the disaster is the same one that was derailed in Vaiano and that in Viareggio it was the first one at the head of the train, while at Vaiano it was the last one at the tail. These types of trains have blocked composition. When they arrive at the arrival station they go to the unloading or loading point, then the locomotive goes to the depot and when it next departs, the head becomes the tail and vice versa.
I have personally many times seen wagons with braking in operation that were stopped in the station after the one where the anomaly was noted; today, unfortunately, the stations are deserted because of the reduction of staffing levels. It would have been enough to place heat detectors or video cameras connected to the ‘Dco’ {Central Operations Manager} and the train would have been stopped in time thus averting the disaster. I am making this denunciation now because just 15 days ago, photos of the derailed wagon at Vaiano came into my possession.” Menchini Marco
Posted by Beppe Grillo at 09:00 PM in

Post 236. Salviamo l'Italia!

Note   from   uploader-:  This  is  part  of   correspondence   via  Facebook   to  a   Leghista   Nord (   Lega  Nord,   Lega  Padana)  I   contacted,    hoping   to  generate    a   dialogue.
I  might   sound   brutal   but    the   situation  in   Italy   has   deteriorated   to  such   a   point   as  the  result  of    the    abuses/manipulations   of   democratic  liberties   by    a  shameful  Government    which   is   controlled   by  the  Mafias,    that   drastic  measures   are   needed,   short   of   a   Civil  War.   Please  refrain   from   labelling   me  as  a   Racist or  a  Nazi  as  different  scenarios   require   certain   unavoidable   measures/solutions.    Martial  Law  and  Temporary  Dictatorship   are    not   new   ideas.   
People   like   the  Terrorists  and  one  of  their   branch:   the  Mafiosis    capitalise   and   thrive   on   our    squimishness   weacknesses   and    sensitivities.
Oh,  can  bet   they  love   Democracy  
and   the  Geneva  Conventions   and    
scruples  of    humane   people!
Salviamo  l'Italia!
 Ma perche' non ottenete attraverso un Referendum nel Nord una separazione in due Stati Federali il Nord governato da Milano, Torino o Trieste, il Sud da Napoli, Roma usata solo per raduni a livello Federale. La meta piu' importante dovrebbe essere obbligare il Sud a svilupparsi e percio' la Mafia sarebbe obbligata a smettere i suoi ladrocinii per creare una atmosfera di fiducia Internazionale che oggi non puo' esistere, dato le estorsioni, corruzione e omerta' generale, fiducia che permetterebbe l'importazione di capitali nel Sud e lo sviluppo la' ove la popolazione cresce continuamente e dilaga al Nord inquinandolo e rovinandolo. Brunate montagna  che   ripiega   su  Como,   visibilissima   dalla  Cattedrale,    quasi  luogo   sacro,    e' diventata   tutta  una montagna di cemento armato e ville.......etc. Seconda meta e' di imporre un controllo demografico di una creatura per donna, seguita da sterilizzazione permanente. Dite a HER Benedictus di andare a crescere cavoli per gli orfanelli. Terza meta e' di eventualmente rispedire buona parte degli immigrati del Sud indietro la' da dove sono venuti al Nord. Con compensazione finanziara anche magari a spese dello Stato. Nessuna immigrazione permessa senza previo permesso residenziale. Quarta meta sarebbe di arrivare ad una tale distensione dello scenario da permettere e incoraggiare onesti lavoratori nordici da  tutta   l'Europa   a emigrare ne Sud cosi' da aiutare a debebellare la maledetta Piovra della Mafia  e  la  mentalita'  e   cultura  dei  favori,   non  dei   doveri  come  una  sana  cultura   richiede,......... Mafiosa.   Quinta meta e' di condannare alla Pena capitale Mafiosi e terrorirsti catturati a mano armata o con esplosivi o provati ad avere compiuto omicidii di civili o tra le forze dello Stato.   In certi casi evidenti, esecuzione sommaria ovunque essi vengano catturati. Le prigioni sono gia' troppo piene, essi costano proppo da mantenere e sono degli irrecuperabili.    Le famiglie trasferite ad un confino cosi' da tagliare i legami e le radici mafiose. Queste sono cose di vita o di morte. Sesta  meta, Terroristi politici, ideologici, se non-nostrani/di politica o ideologia culturalmente Italiana, Mafia/Zinghari e' di origini Saraceniche e non Italiane o Europe, ma stranieri/importati   dagli  anni   Mille,  che agiscono secondo piani e con premeditazione, il che involge il Tradimento della Nazione Italiana e   della   Civilta' Europa,  specialmente i Mafiosi da essere trattati secondo Leggi Marziali e non secondo Leggi   applicabili   ai   Criminali Civili.   
Sopratutto negare la oscenita' dell'Indulto.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Post 233. Australia, the new haven of MAFIA & Gangsters', American-style?

  A   future   
Republic   of   Fuckumitic   Australia,      
the  new   haven  
of  MAFIA   &  Gangsters',  

Judging  from  one  of  the  favourite  and  omni-present,   enduring
themes-:   Criminal    gangs...........the   convicts,   the  Irish  (  Ned  Australian  hero ),    the    South    Italians   now  made   obsolete   by  their    more  intelligent   anscestors..........
the   Islamic  criminals,     the    Vietnamese  and  Chinese   Triads,    now   the  Lebanese   Mafias,    on    Australian   Television   together   with   psychologically  correlated   themes,   i.e.,  fictional   stories   of   murder    from   half   a   dozen    European  Nations,    an   deadly,   morbid   interest  on   dissections,   coroners'/forensic   work,    crime-detection,     psychiatrically    deviated   serial-killers,   and  the  ubiquitous   panacea  of sport,       bugger   anything   cultural   at   a  higher  level,   except  the  praising   of   some    skilled    Australian   artist    worthy   of  mention   only   in   so   far   as  technical  skill    and  technique   are   concerned,   in  my   humble  opinion.
The  only  genteel  presence  in  Australian   culture    is    I    am   afraid   to   say,    the  fact   that   we    still   respect   within  a  narrow   majority,    our   European    links    to    our   monarchic   English  past,   which,    considering    nothing   made   by    human   beings    can  be   perfect  including  present  days-Australia,  is  a  really   outstanding,    inspiring,  humanising,  glorious   one.
There  are of   course   dark  corners  and   skeletons    but   which   Culture,  Civilisation   or  Age   has  not   got  these,  hey?
Come  on  Australians,   come  on........don't   give  me   the    s.....s   please.
At  least  we  still  have   in   Australia,    halas  becoming    progressively   and   erroneously  a    bit   too   theoretically    so,   a  supervisory  level   above  the  one  of   Ministers  and  President   which   could  eventually  be    bought   for  money    by   the  Mafia   or   some   foreign  infiltrator   as  it  continuously   happens  in  South   America   and   Italy,  etc.   
We  can  still  threaten  our   criminals   and  their   activities   and   our   powerful    magnates..........the  Barons  of   MONEY,    with   the   instigation  of   Royal  Commissions    led    and     supervised   by  the  few   great  gentlemen    still   bred   in  our   midst    in  our     Colleges   devoted   to  the    perpetuation  and  defence  of  the  noble   and  ancient   Westminster/Oxford  System of   British-Style-Governing  that  has   proved  itself   to   still   be  the   best  in  the   World,   and  had its   beginnings  in  Magna  Charta   at   Runnymede-England  in   ca.   1200  AD..
And  it  is  up   to  us   to   clobber  the   ' bastards ',   if  not  for  the  fact  that   we  appear  to  strangely   love  them,  not  for   the  love  of   Christ,  which  baffles  me,   with  all   the   clout   we    are  morally   and    legitimately  entitled   to   exert,   which  at    present   is   bugger   all,  as   we  reward   them   with   five  stars   accomodation   at  public   expenses  in   Prisons  fit  for  Royalty,  i.e.,    personal  Computers,    sexually-related-   visitations,    gymnasiums   to  build   up   their  muscles   so  they   can   compete    mentally   and   physically   with   our   Polic-Force,    sport-activities,    three   good   meals  a  day.......better  than  I  have  ever  had   with  my   way  of  living    trying  to  keep   my  nose   clean  !
This   System   was   not  the  product  of   any   Labour  or  Socialist   Party  at   all,  in  spite  of   what   Bob  Hawke  and   Keatings   would    like   you    to  believe,   oh   culturally-    deprived,     gullible   Australian   Pinocchios.
In  fact   I  doubt  the   majority  of  Australians   can  even  understand   the   profound   morale  in  the   story  of   Collodi's  Pinocchio   which  they  believe  to  be    a   fun-story  of    pure  fantasy.
In  our  modern  Democracies,  a  government   in   which   a   wrong-attitude  to  life,   i.e.,  one  of   demands   for   an  ever  increasing  consumerism   and   permittivity   in  the   sphere  of  morality  and  ethics,  is   considered    as    a  "good  "   Government,  is   contrasted   to  the   morally  and  ethically   concerned   leader's    attitude   to   government,   now   not   existing  any  longer,   or  the  one   that   fails  at    elections,   which    consists   of   a  promise  of  a   good    kick  in   the  ass  for  those   who,    being   materialistically-oriented    fail    to   focus    in   a  complementary    fashion   on   the   duties    demanded   by  the   enjoyment   of    democratic   liberties.
While  the   former  is   a    Pinocchio-like-attitude,  before  his  reformation   which  began   after   meeting  and  talking   to  the   wise   "Grillo"  or  "Grasshopper",   and    a   self-delusionary   practice  that  may   take  a   couple  of  centuries   to   destroy   the   achievements  of   a   couple  of  millennia,   the latter   alone   is   a   sound  one    based  on   the   well-  tested   and  accepted,  even   in  the  Scriptural   sayings   of  Solomon,     the   practice  of  the  loving  parent   chastising   his   erring   child.
Please  do  not   come   to  me   with  your   bullshit  of  being   adults   and  free   and   so    on........................The  fundamental,  relevant,   sophistical    fault   in   your  attitude,  in   you   all  is,  (   how   can  we  all   be  wrong   you  ask......but  you  are  so,  I  am   afraid..........),  that   you  and  the  puppet   politicians    you  elect    (   even  worse  when  these   are   Mafiosi   who  inevitably  and  assuredly   follow   after   the  puppet   ones    are   swamped  by  them in  the  general   climate  of   permissivity  and general    compromising  of   all    leading  non-Mafia  Individuals,    Organisations  and  Instittutions,  like   for  example   the   Roman   Apostolic  Church   which  has  first  been   infiltrated   by  Mafiosi,   diabolic    Priests,    compromised   and   reduced  in  its   authotity    and  credibility.   The  remedy  is  dear  Benedictus,    that  whenever  a   minimum   doubt  exists,   kick  the  bastards   out  in  the   coldness   and   exposure  of  the  streets!   Harsh  measures   are  required.    Start   with  the  top  echelons   downwards. Catholics   should  be  required   to  prove  themselves,   in  the way  they  live  and  act,    and  not   by  just the  easy   act  of   taking  the  Sacrament.  i  know   the   belief  is  that  the   abused   Sacrament    has  the   power  to   punish  the  abuser,   but   why   should  I,  as  a  Catholic,   take  risks   with   congenital   actors   who  prefer  the    chicken   to-day   than  the   eggs   tomorrow.    
Go   Thee  all   to  the   " buggery "   you   sow,   you   bloody  miscreants!
A  Priest  who  were  to  wank  himself  or   a   nun   who  were  to  masturbate   herself   is  less  guilty   in   my   book,    than   a  male  who  practiced   sodomy   on   corrupt   children,   corrupt  since,   as  it    takes  two  to  tango,     some   inducement  accepted   by  the   child   at  the  time  of  the  acts  must  have  been   traded,    or  a  lady   who    limited   her   failures   to   herself   without   falling  into  lesbian    practices.  
If   you  were  to   disagree   with   this  "Please   go  to  hell! ".   Wanking   may  moreover  be   good   at  times  for  an   old    failing   prostrate   gland,  for  it   may  be   enforced   protracted   chastity   that  may   sometimes   sicken   a   prostrate  gland   for  lack  of   natural   use,    or   vice-versa   its   abuse   by  too   often   indulged-in  sex,   especially  of   the   hard   one  required   by   sodomitic   penetrations.   So   consider  this,   you,   curious,  foolish,   salivating,   drooling,   gloating   critics!       Do   not  give  me   your  bullshit   of    a   solitary.........the  lone   sin,  or  a   charge  of   Onanism.
Shortly,  Onan   was   guilty   since   his  motivation   was    the   avoidance   of   the   Law   that    asked    him   to  procreate   on  behalf  of  his    dead   brothers,    so   that   his   brothers'   Estate  ( inalienable   land   in  those  times )  could   remain   in  his   brothers'   name,  by procreating    on  their   behalf   through  their    widows,   in   addition  to   the  fact  that  he   did   not  lack   sexual  gratification............on  the   contrary,  he  had    ended   with  more  than  one   wife,   the   bugger!
Had  he   to   succesfully  procreate  on  behalf  of   a    brother,  he  would  aslo   loose   access   to   his     brother's   widow.    Smart   hey?
Many,  a  multitude  there  are   who   cannot   just  afford   the  comforts  of  a  lady or  vice-versa,  for  various  reasons.    The  next   alternative  to  wanking   would   be   to  permit   or  accept   the   turning   of   a  blind   eye   for  Priests   who   go  to  a   prostitute   with   both   having   the  right  attitude   not  one   of   mutual   superiority  or   disdain).   are  Pinocchio-like   people    who   have  been  missing    the   basic   realisation,   an   historical  one,   that    our    Western   Democratic    Constitutions  are   founded   on  the   French  Revolutionaries'   bias    about   an    ideal  of  Liberty    that   is   bereaved  of    its   complementary   Duties.
Everyone  talks   to-day    about   Human  Rights   or  Liberties   without  ever   mentioning     the   Complementary   Duties   which   are   required  to   assure  that   the  Liberty  of  the  Individual   remains   balanced   by   that   of  the  Collectivity   and   vice-versa.           
The  Westminster  and Oxford   Ideal  of  Government  by  Parliament    was   the  achievement of  the   Celtic/Norman  English  Barons  in  the  days   when   Power  abuses  and   distortions   by   anyone,   including  the   Monarch   were  challenge d   by    individual   Barons    supported  by  the   internationally-applying    power  of  the    Templar   Order.

Posted By Templar to Ferrarii Clan. / Sir Laurence Gardner#: A study. at 4/11/2010 07:32:00 PM

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Post 232. Beppegrillo is the ultimate pain in the ass!

Beppegrillo  can  be  at  times  the   ultimate  pain   in  the  'arse '!

He  and  his collective  of   worshippers  of  PANE,  AMORE   ET  FANTASIA,   are  getting  it   right   when   calling  us   to   fight  the    MAFIOSIS  in  our  midst,   however   I   doubt   that  they  shall   ever   get  anything    done   by   words,   papers    and   signatures,  except   a  very   short-lived    self-glorification  and   something  to  brag   about   with   yet  more   words   and   bullshit   when    meeting  together!
The  same   applies   to  their   counterpart,   the   ' fuckumitic '   Leghisti   del  Nord   o  della   Padana,  who   do   not   trust  beppegrillo  and   vice-versa............(   the  etenal   story  of  Italian  divisions   and    mutual  mistrust   is  perpetuated.    And  the  cretins   accuse  me   and  my   family  and  all   Italian  migrants   abroad,   of   having  defected   leaving  them  in  the  shits  (   la   cacca/mierda/merde  ) of  their   own   perpetual   doing   and   being.    
May   You  go  and  get   fucked    by  Mafiosis   en  el  de  drio   even  in  Hell!  ).   Sorry   noble   lady-readers,   if   any!
They  are   forgetting  all    this   democratic  paper-works   may   work  occasionally  in  the   USA    where  they  have   the  CIA   and  the  FBI   and  who  knows   whatever  else   to  do  the    necessary   dirty   work.
Yankwees,  please   tell   these  Italian   grongos   the  facts  of  life.....................will   you?
Good  on   Thee   Yanquees!
Yellow-bellies   dell'ostrega!
They   got  it  wrong   when  they    call   the   yellow-bellies  of  the  World   to   disarm   the  West.
Before  the  West  were  to   do  this    there   should  be  a   global   agreement  on  the   Population-control   in  places   such     such   as  Asia,  the   Middle-East  and   Africa,   etc.
The  everlasting   struggles  in  Sri-lanka,   Palestine   and  the    Zulu ( the   Ottentot  pigmies,    not  the   Zulu   are   the  original   dwellers  of   South  Africa )  versus   Boers,    as  an   example,   would   cease  were   the  people  involved    begin    to   stabilise   their  present   populations,   nay   even  reduce   these.
Send  their  religious   leaders   to   do   forced   labour  if   they  disagree!   So  help   us   GOd  the  Spirit!
Death  is    such   by   any    means  of   killing,  it  makes  little   difference, (  it   sounds   almost  Shakesperian)   and   from   what  I   can  percieve   around  me,   I   would  not   cry  over   a   wiping-out  of   a  majority  of   our   irresponsibly   globally  fornicating    masses,  and   give   the  human   species   another   try   at  a  better  Civilisation   maybe   with  a  few   hundred   years   delay  in    the  re-trial.     Some  mongrel  shall   surely   survive  and  start   all   over  again,   maybe,   hopefully   mutated   and   equipped   for  a   better  try.
Why    does   not  Grillo    and  his   waffling   journalists  and  reporters,     probably  all   enjoying  and   sampling   in  the   Italian   sun-downs  the    services   from  the    150,000   poor,  poor,  poor    abused    foreign  prostitutes  of   various   genders,  yes   there   are    males,  females    and    hybrids........sexually  servicing   for    a   cleaning   up  of   Italian  streets   and    consciences?
AAAhhhhh........but   it  would   be    unpopular   and   would   loose   them  readers   in  the  same   way   it    would  loose   votes   were   they  already   sitting   there  at  Montecitorio,   the     CLOACA (  sewer)  MASSIMA  (  large ),   the   everlasting   and  self-propagating,  perpetual   TRUE   glory  of  the  Romans,    waffling   in   lieu  of  the  ubiquitous   Mafiosi.
Better  it  is   to  live  a   split-personality-type   of   life,   with   absolutions  of  sins   magically   allowing  the   'status   quo'   to   endure  and   an  endless   chain  of    'confessions  all'italiana'   required  for  the   absolutions.  it   not? 
One  cannot   however   eradicate  the  Mafia   without  a   blood-bath   or   Serbian-like,  or  Franco-like  cleansing,   the  confiscation  of   all   their   resources,    the   sending  of  the  members   of   all   their  extended  families  to  the    exhile  of  the   borders  of  United   Europe   or   make   of  them  a   gift  to  Gheddafi,   to  work  in  his  oasis,  in  Lybia.
With  the   blessings  of   Don  Ciccio,  the   secular  Mafia   boss,   hopefully  in  HELL  or   the  religious   one,  of   course.......take   your,   no......take   both  as  they  are  mutually   compatible!
Why  does   not  ' er  Grillo '   concentrate  all   his  powers  on    trying   to  get   Palestinians  and    Israeli   to   cease   from  the   4,000  years  old   blood-feud?
Too   complex   for  his   hair-brained   journalists   to   cope   with,   full   as   they  are    with   Latin   and  Greek  Syntax,    enough  to   wipe   their   asses   with?
This  conflict   alone  is  equivalent   to   the   whole   arsenal   of    nuclear  heads   in  the West.
Why  does   Grillo   not    call   for  the   liberation  of  the  people  of  Iran   so  that   they   also   can   call   for   nuclear   disarmament?
Why  does  not   Grillo    call   for  a    global   move   to    demographic-growth   control,   i.e.   India,    the   Zulu  of  South Africa,   Islam   the  latter  using  it   as a   weapon   for   taking  over   their   original   hosts,  i.e.,   Malesia,    shortly  Indonesia   and  perhaps   Italy  the  way   things  are   going  on  in  Calabria?
What  are  these   unilateral   demonstrations  we   Democratic  idiots    allow   our   yellow-bellied,   hairy-brained   ex   goat-herders  and   'tratturi's (  a ' tratturo'  is   a  mountain   trek    travelled   by   sheep-herders  in  Abruzzo )    peripatetics   to   voice,   but   Treason,    Sabotage  in   a  repetition  of  History   in   relation   to   what   went  on  in    Ancient  Greece  and  Magna  Grecia  (  Italian   Greece ) after   the    end  of  the  Golden  Age  of  Pericles?
Italian  Journalists   appear   to   not  have   learnt   their  History 
(  Magna  Grecia....and  Pericles/Temistocles  )  in  the  Gymnasium/Lyceums    when    probably  more  interested  in   what  their  female  colleagues   wore   under  their  skirts   owing  to  the  repressive    sexual     preachings  of   Vatican    bent   on  cretinizing   them,   emasculating  them,   in   readiness for  Mafia   rule......................................and  the  wafflings  of   yellow-bellies.
Grillo,  concentrate   on  our  opponents   not  on   our   allies   Thou   miserable   ' meridionale '   grongo.
Why  did   you   marry   an  Iranian  lady   when   you  had   a  choice   to  marry  one  of  our   magnificent   females?
How  can  I  trust   you  in  not  being   biased,     even  receiving    financial   aid   from   al  Qaeda  or  Iran?
Sorry  but  it  begs  the   question!

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Article    from   Beppe  er  Grillo  
(   the   King  of   the   ' tratturi '  of   Abruzzo  et  Molise).   

Italy is a nuclear power in terms of franchising. After the end of the Second World War, we obtained a licence from United States. In our Country, there are American warheads that are ready to be loaded onto a bomber aircraft and dropped on any rogue Country of choice. Over the past five years, this blog has revealed all possible information regarding the nuclear depots at Aviano and Ghedi Torre, which house some 90 nuclear warheads, including aerial photographs of the bases, the type of weapons, services, interviews and documents.
A US Department of Defence report estimates that the destruction potential of these weapons is equivalent to 900 Hiroshima bombs. The report was drafted by Roger Brady, commander of the Air Force in Europa, after a B52 transport aircraft erroneously carrying six atomic warheads flew over the United States. The report highlights: "problems with support structures, the depots' perimiter fences, the lighting, the security systems and the fact that the bases are guarded by young men doing military service with only a few months of training behind them".
A number of years ago, at the Ghedi Torre base, a group of youngsters held an improvised picnic for half an hour before being identified. It was a test to check the security measures and was later documented by a Swiss-Italian television service. Our neighbours have always been concerned by the possibility of a nuclear incident so close to their home. It could happen. The impossible is always waiting to happen. An explosion due to human error or a terrorist attack would wipe Northern Italy and a number of neighbouring Countries off the map. Farewell Padania.
There has been no reaction in Italy, yet for the Pdl and the Pdwithoutanel, who on a weekly basis worry about Iran having nuclear weapons, hosting sufficient nuclear warheads in our Country to wipe out life in Europe should be an issue to be addressed urgently. It's a matter of life and death. Even Time magazine, in a recent article entitled "What to do about Europe's secret nukes" asked the question: "Is Italy capable of delivering a thermonuclear strike?" According to Time Magazine, in the event of war , Italy could gain control of the B61 thermonuclear bombs situated on its territory, this by virtue of an agreement signed during the Cold War Era, .
The presence of nuclear weapons on Italian soil is contrary to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), as well as being anti-history, given that twenty years have passed since the fall of the Berlin Wall. These “Made in the USA” bombs must be sent back to their Country of origin. They may never give up (is it in their interests?), but neither will we.
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Italy has the mafia and America has the military industrial complex. Both of these institutions rely on secrecy and intimidation to get their way. Due to the power of the military industrial complex or Iron Triangle in America, there appears to be little hope of a grass roots movement starting in America to rise up and challenge the vested interests allowing the military to be so powerful. Italians need to rise up and demand that the US military close its bases in Italy. This will difficult however with thousands of Italians relying on the easy money and easy jobs given to them by the US tax payer. Good to see at least some people benefit from the out of control military spending by the United States For every job in Italy for the US military is one less opportunity for an American worker. And Europeans wonder why America has no public health care. It has public health care for the americans living aboard in the constellation of military bases dotting the world. 827 at last count, costing over 100 billion dollars a year to maintain.