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Post 229. Support Bill Gate and Window as they made us.

And  in  our  beginning  there   was   the   e-word   and  
the  e-word    was  of   the  speed  and  the   visible  brightness   of   that  invisible,   asensual,  immaterial,    sensible,  intellectual  LIGHT   that  still  and  only  dwells  with   the   WORD   eternal;    and  the   e-word  gave   rise  to  the  Bloggers    who    utter    all    sort  of   truths  and  untruths  at   their  own  risk,   riding   onto  the  waves  of   the  Internet   that   reaches-up    even  onto   SPIRIT  ( GOD )   Who   made   Bill  Gate,   maker  of  the   e-word;   
and   this   e-word   opened    the  Window   that  like   onto  the  seeing   eye  of   humankind    longingly,   hopefully,  expectantly   gazes   to   the   infinity  and   bounty   of  the   Cosmos!
And  SPIRIT ( GOD )   says:  
" Blessed  be  Bill  Gate! 
It  is  good.............let  the  e-word   be,   and  Jesus  my  beloved  Son,   the  eternal   WORD,    even  He   shall   use  it!"   
Amen  and  Ahem!

Windows  as  they   made  the  e-word  and  us
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Post 228. Confusion among the Tersites of the West!

    Confusion  among   the  Tersites  of   the  West.
 Tersite  is  the  icon   of    a   cowardly   camp-follower   of   the   Greek  Alliance camped   along   the  beach  outside  Troy,  complaining  about conditions  and  the  War !    
He  was  immortalised  by  Homer   in  the  " ILIAD "  by  having  him   kicked  up   his   arse   by    Ulisses.    
Life  is  a  temporary  and  passing   phase   of   human    existence  and   death   an  inevitable   common   denominator.   To  die  of    dagger,  bayonet,   bullet,   or   nuclear  is   still   dying,   nothing   more  nothing  less!    
Dying  is  better  than   slavery   under    Communism   or   Islam    or   whatever  else   may  be   brewing  out  there   among   some  fuckumitic-tribes   of   present-days   Barbarians.   
If  our  opponents   are   dealing    with   Nuclear   so   must  we  too,  oh    Tersites   of  the  West!   
Why   don't  you,   cowardly   bastards,    go  to  Iran,  or   demonstrate   in  the  safety  of  your  streets,   and  tell   the  Iranian   and  Islamists   to   first  stop   their   efforts   at   Nuclear    Bombs   instead  of   weakening  our  western   resolve   to   stand    against  our  opponents,   by   abusing   your   freedoms    without   duties   of   our   western   democratic    system? 
What?  Afraid  of   Jihads    and   Fatwahs  as   much   and   in  the   same   cowardly    ways   you   are   afraid  of   your  ruling  Mafias?
Look,    go  and    fucky-fucky  like  the   rabbits   you  are   but, please,    use   condoms   since  there   are  too  many  of  your  useless   kind,   a    voting   fucking,  sabotaging   majority.

Follow the link to read the post:

If the nuclear “picciotto” {rank and file mafioso} in Italy is Berlusconi, its instigator is Sarkozy. The greatest pusher of nuclear power stations in the world. And thus it is with joy that I read the news of the electoral collapse of the “Transalpine Carlànano”. One dwarf attracts another…. Sarkozy could lose in the whole of France at the second round. In the first round the socialist party (PS) won in absolute terms over the governing coalition (UMP), 29.5% to 26.5%. In the different regions it’s leading nearly everywhere, with a few exceptions: the regions that have a border with Italy “Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur” and “Rhône-Alpes” where the closeness to our borders must be contagious and in French Guyana, well known for the forced labour on Devil’s Island (a good omen). The Greens are gaining in France and this is another bit of good news for the planet. What’s also growing is Le Pen and his National Front that has such an impressive similarity with the Lega of Borghezio and Calderoli. The true winners are those who abstained, 54.6%. It’s the signal that the politics based on carte blanche delegation to the politicians is at its sunset. The citizen who does not participate, who is excluded, is abstaining.
Sarkozy is nuclear. France is a nuclear power. France exports military nuclear, as happened in Israel (*) and civil nuclear. Nuclear is uneconomic, dangerous, based on a non-renewable energy like uranium. No one has yet resolved the problem of the nuclear waste. The safe and economic French nuclear, the stuff that we will import into Italy, does not exist. “In France, if “Électricité de France (EDF)” had to insure for the full cost of a meltdown, the price of nuclear electricity would increase by about 300%. In France, in August 2003 there was a heat wave so strong that it killed 14,000 people. The flow of cold water was reduced … the company was allowed to pour secondary cooling water into the nearby rivers, and to do that at temperatures that were so high as to kill the aquatic life.” (*). French civil nuclear power would not be possible without the military nuclear and both of them are kept alive using the taxes of the French. But these are trifles. The safe French nuclear is a Government joke. Try and put the words France “nuclear accidents” into Google. You get about 28,000 results. Nuclear accidents in France are no longer news.
Nuclear is a business for the ones exporting it. For the French lobbies, and for the Confindustria companies that will receive financing from the Italian State. An enormous waste of resources. In Italy, tens of billions of euro are destined for the power stations instead of for the development of renewable energy. Italians voted against nuclear in a referendum. No Italian region wants nuclear, unlike Berlusconi and his court of miracles (with external support from Caltagirone’s son-in-law, Azzurro Pierferdinando). France has shown the way. One dwarf attracts another …

(*) From Nuclear Power Is Not the Answer to Global Warming Or Anything Else by Helen Caldicott

Yesterday, I clicked on "La vita in diretta" (the only show of any interest that RAI's management and "little Mussolini" allows us to watch) during the segment in which host and guests were comparing the situation of young people in Italy with the situation of American youth. Interesting discussion, to be sure, and I thought the correspondent from New York made, more or less, a good comparison, slightly favoring the American youth situation. However, it's no longer true that young Americans free themselves from their parents before Italian youth: that custom stopped ten to fifteen years ago. Before that it was not unusual for a working class kid to drop out of high school, get a good- paying job in an auto plant or steel mill and find an apartment for himself. Today, young people still drop out of high school only to find minimum-wage jobs in the service sectors, rarely finding good-paying jobs allowing them to be free of their parents. Whereas at one time a working class kid could make true the dream of becoming a lawyer, doctor, teacher or dream about other lucre professions, today - generally speaking- rarely, if at all, do such dreams become true for working class kids: colleges and universities are way beyond their economic reaches: the military is more within their grasp. Or, if they ever do make it to college or university, they learn to be in debt, probably, for the rest of their lives, as most of them take out loans to pay the expensive university tuition fees. After four years the graduates find themselves $40 to $50,000 in a hole. In years gone by school loans were no problem since employers hired new grads even before convocation day. Today, employers are scarce and it's not unusual for a new grad to work at minumum-wage jobs for three or four years. And when that's the case even university educated people can't afford to leave home. And more often than one can think today's economic conditions are also forcing thirty and forty year-olds, laid off from their jobs, to be stuck with mommy and daddy. The big problem (among others) in Italy is the 32% youth unemployment rate. It's the second highest rate among thirteen industrialized countries, only Spain's youth unemployment is highest at 40%. But, as long as Silvio is there, so what!
Posted by: Louis Pacella | March 17, 2010 07:23 PM

Grazie per aver registrato il mio commento,ma perchè è risultato così scorretto ed incompleto riguardo all'originale? Vi prego di darmene cortesemente spiegazione.
Posted by: Aldo Cannavò | March 17, 2010 12:32 PM

Inutile fare commenti sul nucleare ed altro,finchè il mondo è governato dalle lobbies multinazionali.Esse non hanno nè patria,nè Dio, nè famiglia,contrariamente a quello che dichiarano,ma solo interessi, per i quali manovrano gli stati ed i ministri.Quelle sono i veri extracomunitari,che impoveriscono gli stati,economicamente e moralmente.Ma chi è in grado di combatterle e fare bonifica?
Posted by: Aldo Cannavò | March 17, 2010 12:28 PM

@Paul Scaglia
sorry, may be you have not yet read all his post but I can assure you Mr Grillo do also rail about American forces and nuclear bombs in Italy !
He is right when he says that nuclear energy is economically efficient only when coupled with the atomic bomb and this hasn't prevent France to do a nasty business in Birmany (see the company "Total")
In Belgium also we do have American nuclear bomb
but we didn't go to war in Iraq !
Posted by: bar fernand | March 16, 2010 09:16 PM

Instead of railing against nuclear energy, perhaps Mr. Grillo should turn his attention to the 45 American bases inside of his country, some with nuclear weapons, before attacking another European country.
Due to the fact that France told all American forces to leave its country at the height of the Cold War, it has not been forced to support the failed American foreign policy of invading countries to secure their petroleum supplies like it has done in Iraq. The Italian people should follow the French example and expel American forces out of their country, in order for Italy to become more integrated in Europe and have more control over their own country.
Nearly 20 years after the Cold War ended and over 30 years since Also Moro was killed for standing up to the powers in Washington, Italy has continued to enjoy the economic benefits of American bases located in their country, which contributes to the continuing aggressive use of American military forces.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Post 227. Cecil Filmers-Ferrers of Taplow-Court-Buckinghamshire.

    Cecil  Filmers-Ferrers  
of  Taplow-Court----
Notes   from  his    work     
"The   History  of  the    Ferrers  Family " .

I  have  been   going    again  through  the   "History  of  the  Ferrers  Family "  by   C. Filmers-Ferrers.  

Page  71..........
The  heir  male  od   such a  house  as   this   [ as  the  one  of  the   Ferrers   of  Derby],    would  be   worthy  indeed    to  take   his  seat   among   the  ancient   barons   of  the  realm. And  yet   the  existence   of   such  a   line  outside   the  House  of  Lords  serves    to  remind  us   that   in  England   a   simple   country   gentleman   can  still    look   down    in   calm   disdain,  from  the  heights  of  immemorial   Noblesse,   on  the   scramble  of   the  newest    of   peerage   dignities    or   for  these  baronetcies    which    are   fast  becoming    the  peculiar   prerequisite   of   the   nouveau  riche  [ i.e.    the  Pizza,   Souvlaki  and  Massage-Parlour  Barons]. 

According   to   C.F.F,   see  page  74   of  "  Armorial  Bearings...............",  it  appears  that  he   was  in  1899   the   senior  representative   of  the  Ferrers   Line   de  Derby,   through   Willam  Ferrers   of  Taplow   Court,   County  Buckinghamshire   (   tempore   Henry  VII  ),   heir  male  of  Edmund,   brother   and   heir  male  of   William  Ferrers,   6th   Lord  Ferrers   de  Chartley,    last   Baron  of  the  name,   prior  to  the    take-over   by  the  Devereux  through   their  marriage   to  an  only  heiress.
    It    appears  to  me  that   the   Law  allowing  a   surname   and  resources   to   pass  onto    another  family    through   the  marriage  of  an  only   heiress,    while   some    living  close  relative   of  the  surname   still   existed   was  a  despicable,   unjust,    English   Law    that   arbitrarily   favoured    the  Monarchy's   control,   through  Parliament,   of    who    held    whatever   in   the  Kingdom.
I  know   everyone  benefited    from   such   a  Law,   even  the  Ferrers   did,   but    the    ruling   criterion   should  be    whether   there  is  any   living   close  relation.

Filmers-Ferrers,   pages  79-86    of    "  Armorial  Bearings........",    what  does   the    phrase  '  THE  KEYS  OF  THE  STAR   CHAMBER '     signify   in   relation   to   Cromwell's   times?
Is  it  possible  that the  Devereux   were    against  the  Stewart   Dynasty,   probably  having  been   stounch   supporters  of  the   Plantagenets  prior  to   the  Lancastrian   take-over?
Is  it   possible  that    the   Stewarts   and  their   closely   allied    dynasts,    created   and  invested   the  new   Earldom   of  Ferrers   on    the  Shirleys    in  spite   of  the  existence  of   the   represenatives  in  the  male   line  of   the    original    Ferrers   of  Derby    who   should  have    been   the  recipients  of  such  an  Honour? 
Should   this   injustice  not   be    rectified   to-day   in  the   climate  of   increasing    concern   for   the    rights   of  justice   above   dutyless-freedoms   and   in  view    of  the   increasing  realisation   that  the   polluting   influence  on   politics    and  culture   by   the   new  classes   of  unethical,    honourless,    irresponsible  and  unaccountable   leaders   from   the  Mafias,    should  be  balanced   by   parallel     governing   legislative  bodies   such  as  a  reformed,   independent,    free,     English  House  of  Lords?
The   representatives  of  the  ancient  European,   Noble   Houses    should  be  called   to    staff   these   Governing  Body   in   parallel   with    democratic   Parliaments   and  Senates,  irrespective  of  their    wealth,   just on  the  basis   and  merit  of  their   qualifications   and   descent.
If/as   needed,    they   should   have  any  required   study  and /or  training    for  the  purpose  of   habilitating   these   descendants of    the  ancient  Nobility,   to   perform   their   duties  in   this   Houses,    financed   at   public   expenses.   
Interesting  note   at  page   63-:............
The  Ferrers  of  Baddesley-Clinton----Warwickshire,   have  always   remained   stounch   followers   of  the   Church of   Rome,    so much  so  that   they   used   to  hide   Jesuit-  Priests  in   cavities  behind    false   walls,   still   shown   to-day   to   visitors   of   the   Manor.
C.F.F. mentions  at  page   68,   a  Ferrers    monument  located  at  the   Circuit-walk,  St.  Leonards,  Bromley,    London,  an   unusual  Ferrers    COA,   re.   the  Ferrers  of    Cookham,  Lollabrooks  (Lowerbrooks  or   Lowabrooks ),  County  of  Berkshire,  Esq.
I   wonder    as  to  whether  this  still   exists. 
At  page   71,  see  note + below,..........  
The  family   Ferrers  of  Baddesley  Clinton,    though   heirs   male  through   the  family  Ferrers   of  Tamworth,  of  the   Barons  Ferrers   of  Groby,   and  by  the  marriage   of   Major   Edward  Ferrers   of  Baddelsey Clinton,   with   the  Lady   Harriet,  sister   and  coheiress   of  George   Marques   Townshend,  of  Raynham,   17th   Baron   Ferrers   of  Chartley,   and   by  the  male  line   direct  descendants   of  the  Ferrers   Earls  of  Derby,   are  not  the   senior  heirs  male   of  the  House  of  Ferrers.   
The  male  Line   of    the  Barons   Ferrers   of  Chartley,   who   descend   from  Robert   Ferrers,  the last  Earl  of  Derby   of    that  family,    are  still  living.   
This  Earl  Robert    was  the   eldest   brother   of   the   1st   Baron   Ferrers   of   Groby,   from   whom   in  the  male  line   come   the    family    Ferrers   of   Baddesley  Clinton. 
This  error   is  easy   to  trace   from   the  fact   that  the  family   heirs  male   of  the  house   of  Ferrers   of  Chartley  parted   with   their  last   landed-property    some   eighty  years   ago,   before  the  publication   of  the  Volumes   styled   "  County  Families"  "  Landed  Gentry "  &c.   and  also   to  Mr.  Shirley's   work. 
[ " The  Noble  and   Gentle  Men  of  England,  or   notes   touching   the  Arms  and  Descents   of  the   ancient   Knightly  and  Gentle  Houses   of  England,  arranged   in  their  respective   counties".   Attempted   by   E. P. Shirley,  M.P. F.S.A.,  1859,  1860  and   1868 ]. 
Thus   being   no  longer   before  the  public   their  claims   are    known  to  none,   and   their  very   existence   to  but    few.

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Post 226. More about Tutankamun.

   More   about   Tutankamun.

Mr.   Maddi  is   probably  as  much   a   guru  of  haplogroups   as   you  yourself  are  Tim  and  is  an  R1.............too.     I   believe  he  lives  in  the  U.S.A.     I  believe   you  two   should  correspond.
If   you  remember  he  is  the  leader of  the  Sicily  Haplogroup  Project,   the  one   which  has  also   got   a   couple  of  genetic  ADAMs,     i.e.,   haplogroup   'A'     !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Of   course,   there  must  have   been  in   Pharaonic   times,  and  remember  Tutankamun   belonged   to  the   18th  Dynasty,    one   which  had   seen   lots  of    border  and  inter-borders   action,   and    how  capable    some   fellows   from  the  North   could   be,    a   great  deal   of   intermarriage    with   selectively   chosen,   rare,   gifted  individuals/specimen    from  the  peoples   from  the  North  as,  at  one   stage,  when  and  until   the    sheckels   kept  on  tingling  in  the  coffers,  to  pay   them,   as   the   gold   from  the  African  mines   eventually   petered/fizzed   out,    a  large    Division  of  the  Egyptian   Pharaonic  Army   included  mercenaries   from  the  North:        Dorians  (  Greek   barbarians   from   Central  Europe ),  Philistines,   Mitanni  (  Biblical   Myriam,   Moses=Akhenaten's   third   wife  was  a  Mitanni   Princess ),  Hittites,   the  ubiquitous  Shytians  (  some   authors   like  even   Gardner  himself   confuse   the  Celts  and  Goths    from   the   Caspian  sea   with  the   Scythians.................................Whenever   in   doubt   someone   became  a  Scythian.    Poor   Gibbon   also   tended    to   resort  to  this  method  as  his   knowledge   of  us  Barbarians   was   limited  ),    some   Celts,   some  Goths,   the    controversial   Hycksos.   
Some   scholars,    like  Emmanuel  Velakovsky,   an  Egyptologist   who   found   a   double  listing  of   Pharaonic  Lines    using   up    about    800   years  on  the  orthodox   Pharaonic   Chronological  Lists,    say   they  were  the   anscestors   of   modern  Arabs   as   even  David  (  or    those  leaders  in  Palestine   who  fought   for  Israel/Judah,    who  may have given  life  to  the All-Integrating-Myth  
of  David,   the Biblical-Propaganda-Construct  of  David  ),      is   said   in  the  Scriptures   to  have   desperately   fought  the   Hycksos   when   these  had  been   overthrown   by  the  revival/rebellion  of  the   Nubian-Egyptian   Pharaos.        Joseh  of  Jacob    was  related   to  the Hycksos  but   who   was  not  related   to   whom   then,   in  spite  of  the   spurious   purity-concerns  of  the   post-exhilic   racist  Jews  with their  purity  Laws?     Sir  Laurence  Gardner   brings  this  out   masterfully   and   calls   the  Hycksos   'The  Shepperd-Kings ' ,      and  as  recent  evidence   shows  orthodox   views    may  be   a  lot  of   'pure  crap ',   ethically   well-meaning  of   course,    I   would    therefore   not   dismiss  Gardner  lightly,  neither   would  I   scrap   the  Scriptures   which   represent  a   valuable    world-view.  
Others (   Romer   in   "The  Testament ",    Australian   Broadcasting  Corporation )  suggest   the   Hycksos   were  a   Northern   race   akin   to  the  Philistines,  etc.   etc.  etc.
They  were  masters  of  the   bow,  of   horses   and  of   chariot-riding,   this  pointing   to   their  not  being   ancient  Arabs,   but   Northern   warriors.   Of   course,  they   might  have   used   the   Arabian  tribes  of  the  desert    for  number   and  to  de-stabilise   Egypt   prior  to  their  methodical    invasion.
Let  us  remember  also,  in  relation  to  this   issue,   about  the   purity   of  Pharaonic  blood,    that   the   Egyptians,  like   the   Hebrews/Jews   even  do  to-day  in relation   to  the   issuing  of   citizenship/Passport,    many  ancient  Celtic,   Frankish (  Salian  or  Sicambrian  divisions   or   both.......I   do  not   remember )  tribes   believed   the   transmission of  the  blood  of  a  family   occurred    through  the   female,  not the  male  parent.    So,   all    the  Pharaons   had   to   do,   in  case   their  mother  had   been  a   foreigner,   i.e.,   not  of  the Egyptian-Royal-Line,  was   to  marry   a   half-sister   of  Royal   blood,    with  both    parents   of   pure  Egyptian   descent. 
The   question   is   wether   Nefertitis,   Amenhotep  IV=Akenaten=Moses's   half-sister   was   of  pure  blood  as  even   her  father   Amenhotep  III  had   been  born  from  a   foreign  mother,  or  was  the  purity  of  the  mother   sufficient   to    purify  the  offspring   of  a   mixed   father?
It  appears  in  fact   that  the  only   one   having   both   parents:   Egyptians  of   Royal   blood,  was  the   founder  of    the   18th    Dynasty.
I   might  stand  in  need  of   correction   though.
My  interest  in  this   Pharaonic  Dynasty  is   a  religious  one and   stems   from   the   possibility  that   Amenhotep IV  or   Akhenaten   may  have  been   the  scriptural  Moses,   the  believer  in  the  pure  spirituality  of   the   One  God.   

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Post 225. My Mini-KAMPF ( Testament).

My    Tiny   Little   Testament! )

Dear   Friend,   one   must  learn  to  synthetise  and   integrate,    recognising   and   avoiding   the  mistakes  of  the  past,   else   one   becomes   a   useless   fossil
I'd  hate  to   see   you   remain   a  fossil,  as  I   value   your  pedigree   and  ancestry,   although   not   being  fanatical   about  it   the   way   you  seem   to  be.
Ancestry,  the  right   DNA,  can  be  a  prerequisite   for    worthiness,   but    not   necessarily   and  unavoidably    so   as  many   NOBLES   are   MORONS  as  you   yourself   have  reason   to  know.
Take   the  issue  of    the Templars   for   example.   You     and  Sir Laurence  Gardner   and  I   and  someone  else   we   may  not   be   aware  of   (   you  had   to   discover   me   through  Eric'  web,   by    chance),    as   the   world  is  a  large  place,    even  in  the  times  of  the  Internet,   know   King    Zedekiah,   the    Babylonians   blinded,    Prophets   Jeremiah  and/or  Ezekiel  were    involved   with  the   Royal  Guards  of  the  Temple   of   Jerusalem.
King   Zedekiah (  ca. 586   B.C.)  himself    had   no   clue   whatsoever   about  the    future   development  of   his  Guards  and  their   use   as,   for   example,   later  on   in   1100  A.D.,    in  the  Crusades.     
I  suppose   you  are  against   the  Crusades   also,   in  addition  to  being  against  the   Church  of   Rome,   a  United  Europe,  and  anyone   who  tries   to  constructively  analise  and   rationalise   the   passage   from  Saxon   to   Norman  rule  in  England  rather  than   dreamely   harken  for  a  return   of  England   to   the   times  of  the   Celts,  Angles,  and  the   genocidal   Saxons  and  Danes.     Are  you?    
But    why  not   also  be  against    the  Ferrers  of   whom    you   claim   to  be  also   a  representative   by   blood-relations,   who   founded   Merevale  Abbey/Monastery  as  a  Cistercian   Institution  under   Rome,   which  was  then    acceptable    and    deny  the   Templars'   ties   with  Rome  and  Christendom? 
One  must  try  to  be   sequential,   all   comprehensive  and  rational,   as  there is  a  rationale  there   in  the   woods  of   History......................... We   all   have   anscestors   among   all   those   poor   bastards   we  are  criticising  to-day   with  great   compuction   and  presumption.
There  are  reasons/causes,  and  History  repeats   itself.
What......and   why  be  irrational  and  biased?.................Is  it  for  love of   someone  in  particular?     In  the  name  of   that  Celtic,   heavily   HYBRIDISED/bastardised ( in  the  absence  of  Galatians   3:28 )  anscestry  of   yours,   which  was   unable   to   withstand  the  Scandinavian  invasions   of   the  British   Islands,    the  Saxons   and   Danes   having  been   finally  devastated   by  Charlemagne's  Franks  in   ca.   800 A.D.  ?
You  do  not   appear  to  be  able   to   hold   all   these   events  in  a   juggling-game   such  as   a   circus  performer   does   with  balls........................but  you  must,  or  else  defer   to   someone   who  can,  such   as  I  am,  modestly.   
   Even  after   William's  landing,   Scotland  and  Ireland    were   in  fact,  still   unable   to   stop  the  Scandinavian  raiders.    Harold   Godwinson,   the   oath-breaker,    had  in  fact   to   first   fight   against   the  Scandinavians   in  Yorkshire,  before   meeting   William  at  Hastings  and  this  may  have  been  his   undoing.  
It   served  him  right.   
William   perfectly   understood   the  need   to  avoid  being    caught  between  the   hammer  of  the  Scandinavians   and  the   anvil  of  the local   Saxons./Danes/Celtic  riff-raff.      William   leading  England,   finally   stopped   them  by   developing   the  navy   the   Celtic/English  Kings  had  been  twarted   from   doing   by  the   sabotages  of  the  Saxons   and  the  Danes.  
I  am  not  dreaming  about  all  these   issues  as   the  unpopular,  maligned  Gibbon,  a  truly  earnest  earstwhile   British   person  and  author   extensively  researched  independently   from   the  present   BBC's  popularity-seeking  programs  and   shows  barely  good  enough   for   a   resurrected  "Readers'  Digest",   killed   by  the   ubiquitous,  infiltrating,  polluting  Internet. 

Why  did   the  Scottish   Kings   since  the  times   of  Malcolm,  welcome  the  Norman   magnates,  which  included  the  de  Quincy  and  the  Ferrers  ( the  latters  through  inheritances  
only ),   who   migrated  to  their  lands    holding  lands  both  in  England  and  in  Scotland?  
Because  they  held   a   superior   ideal  and   feudalism   was  then  the  required    medicine   for  progress.  This  was  true   even    in   China   which    resorted   to   cycles    of  Empire  and  Feudalsim   as   the  means  of  Reform  and  Self -Renewal. 
The  Celts,   no  one   disputes   the  quality  of  their    civilisation,   were   jumping  around   all   divided   and   hating  one  another,  like  the   Jews  and  the  Moslems  love   to  do, already  using    religious   schism   as   justification,   like   we  are   to-day  in  the  West,   under   FREEDOM,   rather   than  JUSTICE/TRUTH   and   fucking-up   everything  they   touched  or  looked  onto.
God  bless  the   Saxon   four  letter-words  and  the  use  thereof  in  the  English language   as  these  convey   the point   more   directly  and   emphatically  than  the  more  verbose   Latin  languages   do!
I'll   quote  from  page   275  of   a   Paper   " The  Scottish  de  Quincy  of  Fawside   and  Leuchars"  by  a  Scot,  William  W.  Ireland,  M.D.,  F.S.A.Scot. -:
The  pitiless  spoliation  of  the  Saxons  after   the   Norman   Conquest  of  England  might  well  have   made  the  rulers  of  neighbouring   countries   wary  of   allowing  a   footing   to   those  encroaching   adventurers,  yet  we  find   the  Gaelic  kings  of  Scotland,   who  gave  a   refuge   to  the   fugitives  from  the   cruelty  of   William  the  Conqueror,  welcoming  Normans   amongst   the  Saxon  population  of  the   Border  counties.   That  the   nobility  of  England   was   Norman  was   the  result   of   conquest,  that   so  many  of  the   nobles  of  Scotland  were  of   Norman  origin  was    owing   to  the   election  of  the  Scottish  Kings........................................
Baliol,  Bruce,  Cumin, Soulis, Mowbray,  Saint Clair,  Hay,  Giffard,  Ramesay,   Laundel,   Somerville,  Bysey,   Berkeley  or  Barcley,  Alenge,   Boys,    Montgomery,    Vaulx,  Colevfille,    Fraser,  Seton,   Agnew,  Gurlay,   de  Quincy.............................................................................................................................        
Again,    regarding   this   biased,    onesided,  never-ending-bullshit  and  maudlings   about   William's   cruelty...................................................................   
The  bastardised  Celts (  Gal.3:28 )  seeking   revenge  for  centuries  of  genocide   by   the  Saxons   and  the  Danes,    the  latter   two   being    of   a  Germanic   origin,   were  an  unrelenting,   extremely  dangerous  and  treacherous    enemy,   one  could  not  leave   with   their  leaders   and   a  surplus  of  resources   by    which  to   continue   a   guerrilla    warfare,   not  in  the   volatile,   unstable   scenarios  of  the  Middle-Ages,   not   then  when   Scandinavian  raiders   were    landing    anywhere   on   the   coasts  of  England   at  will,   killing,  raping  and  kidnapping   people,  yet   unopposed,  and  I  would  have   done   exactly  the  same  as  William   did,   even  worse,  as   everyone  else   did  that  anyway,  then.       It   is  easy  to-day   to    criticise  the   great  leaders   of  the  past   when   our  present  leaders  are  failing   all   over  the   front   
(  Korea-Vietnam-Iraq-Afghanistan  etc.)  chosen   as  these  are   by   patrician-looking,    arm-chair-planners   and   thinkers,   pseudo-humanitarians  living   lavishly  and  luxuriously,  with  secure  jobs  and  incomes,  their   bars   and  freezers   full  of   drinks  and   food,   who  have  rated   themselves  by  unanimous  parlamentarian  and  senatorial   consensus,    too  special   and  precious   to   send   and   risk   to    real   front-line-fights,   but    who   write   idiotic   Engagement-Rules   for   those   who   are  sent   or  driven  there   by   duty  and  love  of  Country, or  just  because  they  are   not   good   at  anything  else,  tying-up  their  hands   behind  their  backs,    giving   their  opponents   the  chance   to   shoot    first,   when    automatic   weapons   to-day   fire   at  the  minimum   rate  of   750-800   rounds   a   minute  and  the essence  of   modern   tactics   is   to  be  able  to  shoot   first.    
Fuck   them  all,  the  idiots!  I  spit   on   your  faces  on  behalf  of   those  who  are  unwilling  to   do  so  or  are  dead!

St. Bernard  de  Clairveaux,  a   shion  of  the   Burgudian   very   volatile  and  inflammable    nobility,   yes  he  was  an  Apostolic   Roman  Catholic,  such  as  I  am,  a  Reformer   of  Monks,  not  necessarily    kissing   the  Pope's   ass,   came  forward   in  his  Age   and    found   the    heavily   hybridised/bastardised  Irish/Scottish  Templars  in   hiding (   they   just  love   hiding......No one  knows   where  Gardner is   for  example.)  a   job   to   do.    
Sir   Geoffrey de  Bouillon   from   an   equally   volatile   and   inflammable   nobility  from  Flanders,  led   them   then.   The  first  original   Crusading-Templars  may  not  have  been   flesh-and-bones-descendants  of  the    Jewish  ones,   heavily   hybridised(  bastardised )  by   the  Irish   and  the  Scottish  troglodites  and    you  and  I   know   what  hybridisation   can   do...........................................
Without  the   IDEAL,  RIGHTLY-INTERPRETED-KNOWLEDGE,    and   a  sense  of   MISSION/VOCATION,   blood  and  bones   mean   in  fact   nothing!   
I  have  been  repeating  this   truth  over  and   over  to   the    shions  of  the   European  Monarchies   seeking   Restauration  of  their   Kingdoms.
History  has  proved  it   over  and  over.  This   is    why,   although  I  assiduously   study    Heraldry  and  Pedigrees   I  am   not  fanatical  about  it.  
The  fact is  someone  (   no,  no   don't  look   at  me.   Look  at  our   Nobles   who  are  still  there)   must   come   forward  at  every   age   and  make  use  of  the  ideal   of  the  Templar    to   fight  the  evil  of   the  Age.
This  Evil   is   to-day   the  pseudo-democratic  Mafias   which include  all   types  of  terrorists   and  para-military  organisations,    except  the  Templars  who  should  be  like  a  sort  of   United  Nations  Police  Army.
Democracies   need   serious   Reformation,  more  so  han  any  other   type  of  Government-System.
In  the   times  of  St.  Bernard  Islam   was   the  Evil   and  had   to  be   fought.
We  are   still   fighting   against    Islam,  although  we  ourselves   being    EVIL.
Yet,  as  I  repeat  further   on,   the   Moslems   have    accepted    the  idea  of   Holy   SPIRIT  being   the  GOD/OTHEOS    better  than  both   us (  the  Christians )  and  the  Jews   who  have  missed  it   altogether,   although  being  mentioned   there   in Genesis..............ruah   Elohim  merahepheis   al  phenei  (ha   eres   wu )   ha   hammaym................................the   breath  of  the  Elohim (  plural )    went  back  and   forward    upon   the    expanse   of  ( the earth  and )  the  waters.........................
meaning   to  me  that  there   is  a   breath,   a life-spirit   that   makes  even   the  Elohim   alive.   So  the  Elohim,   whoever  they  may  be,    are   God  in   virtue   of   this    Spirit  that   is  in  them.
However,  only   Christianity   in  general,   recognises  this,   if   imperfectly    so,  by   praying  
"  In  the  name   of  the  Father (  Elohim ),  and  of  the   Son   (  Elohim )  and  of  the  Holy  Spirit (  ruah  Elohim ).   Ahem/Amen.  "

Unfortunately,   it   is  in  the  essence  of   Evil   to   reproduce  and  try   to   perpetuate  its  own    works   even   better  than  the   Good   does  and  to   appear  among  us   at  every   Age.    This is   even  more  so  with   Globality,    when   MONEY   has  become  the  only  credential   to   join   its   ranks.
Culturists   claiming    the  right  to  defend  their  own   cultures   from   the   invasions/encroachments  of   moneyed-materialists   from  everywhere  else,   in  spite  of   dwindling    resources,   are  called   racists.
The   ridiculously   small  however  powerful,   percentage  of  evil  leadership  in  the   World,   try   to  guess   how  few  of  them   altogether,    however  their   followers   perhaps  being   at   least    70%  of  the   world   population,  is  actually    hoping   for   continuing,  increased   demographic   escalations,   since  it  thrives  on   want,   helplessness,   ignorance,   queues  of   desperadoes,   competing   for   everything.
You  and  I   may  not  be  in  the  queues (  I  am  waiting  for  an   eye-cataract   while  having  an  unbalanced   eyesight,   but  it   is  not  a  matter  of  life  or  death  )  but    our   descendants  might    eventually  fall  in  their  human-made-hells.
May  God   forbid  it!
In   the  U.S.A.  the  land  of  the  FREE,   there  are   a  couple  million   roofless-people    50 %  of   whom   are   women,  free  to live   in  cars  or  on  the   curbs    over   steam  grills  under  cardboard   sheets,  in  alleys,  etc..
And  we  are   all   told,  nay  indoctrinated  from  early  childhood,   to   believe   we  are  all   born   equal,  except   that   some  among  us   are   born  wealthy  which  does  not  mean  a  thing.
But   Evil  remains  always  the  Eternal   Golden   TRAP,   the  great  illusion/delusion! 
Now,   Sir  Laurence   Gardner-the-Hidden,   does   not   appear   to   exist   except  in  his   writings   which  are  useful   only  in  so   far  as    they   spread   information  that   would  remain  otherwise    uknown,   wether  mythical  or  otherwise  it  does  not  really  matter,  as   what  works   is  what  is  true. 
What is  truth? 
He  talks   about   GOOD   GOVERNMENT  and  JUSTICE   as  being  one  of  the   aspects  of   the    HOLY  GRAIL.
This  is   spot  on  I  believe.
But  he  does  not  appear   to   have  a   working  plan   and  he  is  a  self-professed-ATHEIST.
Working  plans  are  useless  if   no  one  hears   about  these.   Sure   these  can  be  opposed   once   revealed   but  there  is  no  alternative   to   opposition   which   is   a   fact    of   Nature   and  Life.
Look   thou   at  my  TRANSPARENCY!
He   is  the one  who   suggests   Akhenaten  may   have  been  Moses  himself  and  this  may  be  a    KEY-ISSUE/Myth  but  he   does  not  capitalise  on  the   realisation  of   Akenaten=Moses   having  brought    ATEN=HOLY SPIRIT   to  the   fore.     
The   Jews (  in  contrast  to  Moses'  Israelites.   one  can  in  fact  historically    differentiate   between   Hebrews,   Israrelites  and  Jews,  but  please   do  not   tell   the  dissembling  Rabbi  )   missed   this  KEY-ISSUE   altogether   while  the  Moslems   stressed  it   beyond  the  REASONABLE   and  the  LOGICAL.    Which    makes   them  both  unreliable  and   destructive.  
We   the  CHRISTIANS  can   aim  at  the  right   balance   with  the   correct  interpretation   and   understanding,  if   we  were  to  stop   knifing   one-another   in  the  back.
I  have  no  time   to    carry   this  on  as   I   must   stick   to  my  Book.
I'd  hate   our   friendship   to  end.   
You  can  stick  to  your   unproductive  ideas    if   you like   though.    
I   refuse  to  be  a  fanatical   partisan  of   anyone  or  of   anything,   I  AM  FREE,  a  true   noble   and   am   wearing   the    psychological   scars  of  it   as  proof.
Moreover  I  exhaustively,     tiringly,  lovingly,  if   at   times, insultingly,  for   which  I  here apologise   to  the   ladies,   explain   my    beliefs,   and  am   transparent  down  to  my  underpants,  and  this  is    why  the   'girles '  all  love  me  to   perdition.

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Post 224. Was Tutankamun a Viking?

 Was Tutankamun  a   Viking?
( From  an   e-mail  sent  to  my  well-meaning   collaborator  
Tim,   from  Utah-U.S.A.  a   good-willing,   well-meaning   North-American )
I  reckon   Xuereb [  a member  of   Tim's   Y-DNA-haplogroup   group   with  a   couple  hundred   members.............and   growing,    of   R1b1b2s  with   Ferrers-links  who  is   sodden   with   Viking-lore  ]    must  have  been   there  in  that    Laboratory fucking  everything   up.......................
Tutankamoun   an  R1b1b2? 
Why  not  a  Viking?................

I   quote  from   a  Report  in  its   original  ink-colour, sent  me   by  Tim-: 

Here is the link to the video again should you need it.

In my opinion, the evidence is incontrovertible 
that King Saul =Echnaton (Akhenaten),
King David = Sethos and 
King Solomon = Ramses II 
with Shishak = Ramses III.
(  sorry..............the  ink-colour   took  over)
What the  hell is   going  on?    I  feel   guilty  enough   about   Sir  Laurence  Gardner   saying    Akhenaton   was    also  Moses,   but  it  appears  there  are  theories  even  more    overboarding/wild  then   what  has  been  accepted   so   far  as  orthodox.  
I  am  reading   a  Book    titled  "Testament "  by  John  Romer  
(  an  archaeologist & egyptologist ), Collins  Dove,  Melbourne,   1989,   writing   for  the  Australian  Broadcasting  Corporation,   therefore   very  common-sensical   as  all  Aussies    are   reputed   to  be   so   here   in  the   DOWN-UNDER-UPSIDE-DOWNER,   which    is   even   doubting   wether   David  and  Solomon   ever  existed,  as  there is   not  a  shred   of   archaeological/written  evidence   of   them,   except  in   the  Scriptures,   and   suggests  the Old  Testament   was   a  literary  work   synthetising    the  Hebrews   world-view,    placing   Israel  and  Judah   at  the  center   and   integrating  into  the stories   we  accept   as   historical  facts,    the   events  that  occurred   all   over  Palestine.   A   sort  of   synthetic   sampling,  editing   and   redacting    into  an  idealised   framework,  every   bit  being  part  of   history  and  true  in   isolation  (  i.e.,  there  must  have  occurred  leaders   such  as  David  and  Solomon  in  Palestine   as the  later   Maccabees   who   really existed,   have  been  ),  but  the   whole  a   construct.  Some  sort  of   large   Propaganda   Tract,   the  which  makes   Mohammed  and  Islam   justified  in  their  mistrust   of  the   Jews   and  their  rejection  of   the  O.T.   beyond   the  Pentateuch (  the   first   five   books  of  the  O.T.) in  the   way   the    Israelites   of   Moses   and  the   Samaritans      had  been  ( in  opposition  to  Judah )!
Example   from  page   92  of   op.cit.-:
That  city  which,  the  Bible  tells us,   David   took   from  its  indigenous  population,  the  Jebusites,  must  be  the  Iron   Age   ruin   beneath   the  Temple  Mount  in  the  south-east  of  the  present   city,  excavated   in  large  measure,   during   the  past   fifty  years (  see  Plate  7  ).   But  here,  it  must  be  admitted,   there is    still   no  hard   evidence  that    this   is   really  David's   city.     Neither,  indeed,  is  there a   shred  of   contemporary    archaeological   evidence    to   show  that   David  or  Solomon   had  existence   outside  the    pages  of  the  Bible.   Once   again,   the   question  of  the  Bible's   accuracy    arises:     how   much  of  this  book    can  be taken as   historical   record   in  the  modern  sense  of  the   words?   Is  it   an   historical  document   in  the  same  sense    as  Eliashib's   [  my   comment:  The   Military   Governor  of   the   Negev-fortress  of  Arad   which  also  had   a  Temple   like  Jerusalem   against    Priestly    requirements  of    a   centralised     sacrifice-making  centre   for   the  sake  of   National  Unity ]   dispatches   at    Arad   or  the  thousand  of   cuneiform   tablets    that  are  straightforward   fragments  of     ancient  daily   life?    Any  scholar   will  say  that  the  Bible   is  not   at  all  like  that;  certainly   there is a  vast   amount   of  genuine   ancient   material   in  its   books,   but  this   has  been  collected,   collated   and  edited,   checked    time   and  time  again.   In  other  words,  it is  simply   not  a  history  book....................
The   City  of  David   takes  its  name   and  its  fame   from  the  Bible.   A  few  inscriptions   from  the  site,   odd  lines   inscribed   in  empty  tombs,   tiny  impressions  of   seals   that  once   fastened  papyri,   are   written   in  Hebrew  and  therefore  testify   to  a  genuine   Israelite  presence   in  the  Iron  Age   city;   but   these  are   all  from  ages    later   than  the  time   of  David  and  Solomon.
........................................................................................................................................................*    Certainly,  this   ancient   town  beneath   the  Temple   platform   was  a   part  of   an  ancient  Jerusalem;   David's   city   perhaps,  just   as  it  was   Jesus'   too.   But  long   before  Jesus'   day   it  had   grown   up  over   the  higher  hills   to the  north  overlooking   the  site of   Solomon  biblical   Temple  of   which,  like  the  king   who  made  it,   not  one trace  has   survived.
....* Such  a paucity of  of  inscriptions   and  monuments,  however,  is   quite  normal   and  should  not   excite   suspicions.   The   ancient   Israelites  were  not  given   to  memorials   that  would  last.
What  about  the   various   destructions  of  the  Temple......Assyrian,  Babylonian, Roman  and  a    quite  possible   Islamic  tamperings   with  evidence?
But  some   shred   of    evidence   would  have  remained.
All   these   new   findings   require   synthesis   and   normalisation   otherwise  we get  into   intellectual   and  ethical  CHAOS!
Perhaps  it is   already  too  late.
Why...............................................(  as   John  Wayne  used   to   utter  in   his   films  with  his  famous   foolish  Irish   grin  and  smirk   when  surrounded  by   the   bad   Injuns  ) ............................,  this  even  makes   Gardner,   my  hypothesis  about   the  semantic   origins  of  the   surname   
' Ferreri '  and  the derivation  of   all  "gensferreria/ferraria",   including    Tim's   R1b1b2s   and  Xuereb  the  Viking,    from  Lake  Geneva  since  100   B.C.    and  the   Hebrew/Irish  Genealogical  Charts,   from   the    Covenant  Publishing   CO.  LTD.,  including  the  Desposyniic (  in relation   to  a   link   to   David ) ones,  more   credible  than  the  Old  Testament's   Hebrews'   Propaganda! 
Even    better,   the  Mormon   theories   and  hypothesis    receive  an  increased  credibility,   which   suits  me,   
since    what is  TRUE   is  that  which   WORKS    ethically .   
However  all  this  does  not    have  to   affect   the  credibility of  the  ETHICAL/NORMATIVE/PARADIGMATIC   content  of  the   Old  Testament   which  makes  Mohammed  again   WRONG.    
Actually   both   Jews   and  Moslems   missed   the  incontrovertible  fact  that  God  cannot  be  limited   to,  respectively,   the  Creator (  the  plural  Elohim ) or   a  Pure  Spirit   (   the  ATEN  of   Akhenaten  ),   since   God  is   both  Spirit   and    God's  Spirit-in-Humanity-in-action  in  Evolution.

Genesis   reads:
..........ruah   elohim   merahepheis   al   phenei   hammayim.......
So,   Jews  and   Moslems,   you  misguided  idiots,  pull   your   act   together........will   you?...........and   stop    piss-farting   around   and   causing   all  the    murder   and    bloodshed   in  the  name  of   your   god (sic )   involving   us   also,   that   you   started   ca.  4000   years  ago?
Intermarry  with  your    cousins   the  Arabs,   your   religious    relations   the   Moslems,  and   vice-versa,   and    use  CONDOMS  please  as  there   are   already  too  many  of   you  and  of  us  or   anybody  else  on   Earth!
Eliminate   the    causes   of   your    fighting   for   water  and  land  and   unchecked   reproduction   and   stop  insulting    God-  the-Holy-Spirit   with   your   hypocritical   religious  claims. 
Try   to  learn   something   from    History.  
The   question  remains  always  valid   though,   wether  the   Jews   and  other   readers   of  the O.T.   and  the   Moslems   apply   the  ethical  lessons  from   their  sacred  texts  into a  daily   PRAXIS   considering  their  willingness  to  murder  one-another.  
For   what?   
In  order  to   acquire   control  of  the  resources   that  allow   them   to   reproduce   unchecked  in  contrast   to  the fact  that  the   world  is  overpopulated.
If   Romer  is    correct......."What  about  the   various   destructions  of  the  Temple......Assyrian,  Babylonian, Roman  and  possible   Islamic-tamperings   in  relation  to  the   archaeological   lack  of   evidence  about  the  existence  of  David  and   Solomon? ".
But  some   evidence   would  have  remained.
All   these   new   findings   require   synthesis   and   normalisation   otherwise  we get  into   intellectual   and  ethical  CHAOS!
Perhaps  it is   already  too  late.
Would  you  be  so  kind  as   to   let  me  know   about  Tutankamoun's   Haplogroup  as  soon as  certainty  is   acquired?