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Post 221. Russian Roulette, PIGS' Style?

Blogger's  comment-:   Ma...........  it  isse  olle   fantastico!   Bravo!

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Russian  Roulette,  PIGS' Style?

An article published on 13 February in "The New York Times" has been hardly noticed in Italy. And yet it is the bell that indicates the end of recreation for the Italian economy. The headline "Wall St. helped to mask debt fueling Europe's crisis" summarises the hypothesis of the three authors: L. Story, L. Thomas, and N. Schwartz. The American banks and above all Goldman Sachs have allowed certain European countries to hide their deficit from the EU. The one with most exposure is Greece, that in 2000 and 2001 had at least two contracts of “swaps” with Goldman Sachs with names drawn from Greek mythology: Ariadne and Aeolus, to get immediate cash in exchange for a deal on future earnings from airport taxes and lotteries. The Greek government classified the contracts as sales and not as (risky) long-term loans. No one knows how many of these contracts have been drawn up and for what value.
Angela Merkel has declared that it would be a scandal if Greece had hidden its debt. According to the agency Bloomberg, there are at least 15 banks that have granted loans in the form of “swaps” in which the risk of the other party is down to Greece. Basically with the “swaps”, the banks provide sums of money in advance according to an event that may or may not happen and (usually) it doesn’t happen. Thus the client then finds they have to repay the loan with hefty interest rates as is happening for many Italian towns that have got into debt in recent years. The “swap” is used to move a debt further into the future but sooner or later it has to be paid. It’s like a credit card. The problem gets more serious when the debt is not declared as such and it suddenly pops up on the States’ balance sheet. The same that happened with the sub-prime for the banks can happen with the swap derivatives for the States.
The banks are always searching for great business opportunities and the States that are about to go under have always been just that. Last November, with Greece in a full crisis, Goldman Sachs went back to Athens to the scene of the crime to put forward the suggestion of using the umpteenth financial instrument to push the Health Service debt into the future. Greece did not accept, or perhaps it was not able to accept.
The article also mentions Italy … “Instruments developed by Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase and a wide range of other banks enabled politicians to mask additional borrowing in Greece, Italy and possibly elsewhere.” …. “countries like Italy and Greece entered the monetary union with bigger deficits than the ones permitted under the treaty that created the currency. Rather than raise taxes or reduce spending, however, these governments artificially reduced their deficits with derivatives.” At the end of 2009, Greece’s public debt was 298.5 billion euro. If Greece were to default, it would drag down with it many large banks. However, the Greek economy is only worth 3% of the European GDP. An intervention plan is possible. The true threat to European economic stability is Italy, according to Robert Mundell Nobel prize-winner for economics. Italy has about 1,800 billion euro in debt, six times that of Greece, a quarter of the whole European debt and it could be the target of speculative attacks. How many derivatives has the Treasury contracted to? And with whom? And with what conditions? On the public debt, State secrecy should not operate. Tremorti, if you are there, knock once!

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Comment  by   Blogger ( see also  Post   218 ) -:  
Italians,   even   those   who   are  aware  of   their  sad   political   and   ethical  plight  are  the   most   confused,  intellectually   brutalised    lot  in  the  West!  
One  needs  the   detachment,  isolation,  distancing,   revelations   I  have  acquired   in   30  years   of  existence  as   an  educated,    still   studying,    North- Italian  in  Australia,    observing  the  majority   of   fellow   South  Italian  majorities  in  this  country.
It is   wrong  and  misleading   to  talk   to-day  of   the present    Governing  Powers   ruling Italy   as  being  Fascist.
The  time   comes  in   every  Nation   when   a  healthy,  honest  uncorrupt    form  of   Fascism   may  be    necessary   to    set  matters    right   and    eliminate   corruption.
It   all  depends    from   the  leader (s)   Fate  has   made   available   and   from  God's-Will   regarding   that  Nation.  
Personally   I   do  not  believe  Italians   deserve  God's   consideration  as  the   stink  of  Italian   corruption   has  reached    even  God-the-Creator's  limits  of  toleration,  scripturally-  speaking   as   if   in  relation   to  Sodom  and  Gomorra.
Beppe-Grillo  The    Enlightened   or   Marco Travaglio   the   Journalist,   who   should   know  better,  but   is   another   mediocre    South  Italian,   halas,   should  not   commit   the  error  of    calling  out   against  Fascism  as  I  believe   Italy  is  being   ruled   by   MAFIAISM.  
And   the  only   form of  Government   probably  capable,   with  in   the   above  mentioned    caveats,    of    combating    MAFIAISM    is,   I  am  afraid,   a  brutal    Brand  of   FASCISM    or    GHEDDAFISM.
But   were  are  the  leader (s)?
Where in   Italy  can   one   find  a  leader  of  the  calibre  of   FRANCO  the  Spanish    Aristocrat?
It   is  a    genetical/intellectual  impossility  as   all   the  potential    possibilities  have  left  Italy  decades   ago  in   revulsion.
A  suitable   character,   albeit  somehow   ruined,    is   Vittorio   Emmanuele   IV   but  he  is  getting   old   and   tends   by   indoctrination   to  crawl-up   the   Southern   arse-holes     following  the   myth   of    an  Italian  Unity.  
Italy  should  begin  at  the  Alps   and   end   at  the  Romagna   and    Emilia   borders,   until   and  if   the  MAFIA   is   totally  and   brutally  eradicated.
Democracy    cannot    do   it!
Too  late!
The  cancer  requires   the    AMPUTATION  of   members.
Hi.......hi  yes  it   is   painful. 
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   by  Marco  Travaglio  on  behalf  of   Beppe-Grillo-:
Good day to you all. There would be a temptation to talk about the “clean lists”, because you have seen that Berlusconi has discovered the “clean lists” and he has said “now I’ll show you”. Up until a few months ago, to talk about “clean lists”, about not putting up as candidates, people who’ve been convicted, or sent for trial for crimes against the public administration or for serious crimes, was considered to be “justicialism”. All the newspapers, even the independent ones were writing “but no, you can make laws that hand over to the Public prosecutors or the Judges for the preliminary investigations, the selection of the political class”. After that, it was Berlusconi who said it. Then everyone is complementing each other saying: “A correct signal was needed, of course, how could it be otherwise?” It depends on who says the things in Italy. It’s interesting that it was us that started to say this, then before they arrest the whole gang even Berlusconi has got there. The PD has not yet got there. This is the interesting point.

Berlusconi’s clean lists
Thus it was Di Pietro that has been saying this for centuries, Grillo for centuries, we have been saying this in our books for centuries, now it’s Berlusconi that’s saying it. I’m told that those of the PD are not just saying it but they are getting ready to make a law to prevent the candidacy of magistrates in the place where they are working, that is the true number one emergency. Are we in Finland, in Denmark? Thus there’s a political environment that is so clean that we need to worry about where a magistrate should be putting himself forward as a candidate? Why’s that?
Because Di Pietro has put forward a magistrate as a candidate in the top position in the list in Apulia. Instead of worrying about what is happening in Campania where they have put forward a candidate who is a defendant in three trials and where unfortunately even Di Pietro has accepted for “coalition obedience” the indecency of the candidacy of one like De Luca who is a defendant in numerous trials, they are worrying about the candidacy of Italia dei Valori in Apulia because there, there’s a magistrate with a clean record who has been conducting investigations in relation to Fitto and in relation to people of the Centre Left and so thus he must not be a candidate there, naturally. Anyway, there, the one who is mayor of Bari is a former magistrate, Michele Emiliano, for the PD and he is also doing a good job, among other things, and no one of the PD has ever made any objection. There, there are candidates that are elected including the magistrate and writer Carofiglio who is a great person, naturally in the PD, and so all is well. Maritati, a former Public Prosecutor, the one who investigated in relation to the kickbacks with the “king of the clinics” Cavallari to D’Alema and then the kickback got ended by the Statute of Limitations and thus Maritati became a parliamentarian, still in Bari, but given that he is in the PD there’s no problem. Now that Di Pietro is putting forward a magistrate as a candidate, they need to do a law to stop him from doing that, or perhaps they even need to make a law in such a way that someone who is a candidate for the regional council in Apulia and who is from Apulia, has to be a candidate in the Aosta Valley, well away from the region that he knows and where he has worked. Naturally, that’s a great move that is a demonstration of what I was saying earlier, that it’s not the principles that count. What counts is simply who at that moment you are trying to eliminate or create damage for.


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Post 219. Confessions Catholic, Mafia, Bolshevick, and Italian Style.

Mafia,   Bolshevick   and   Italian   Style.

In  this  post  I  wish   to   make  readers    aware   of   the   most   ancient   cunning,   psychological,  political   art   of   cleverly   uttered  (  Uttering  these  confessions   in  the  media   is  one  of  the  most   difficult,  damning,   consummate   branch  of   Lying/Sophistry  )   or   written   self-confessions   by   criminals  or    Criminal  Organisations   or/and  their    Political   Collusions,    aiming   at   reassuring    the  mass   of    victims    or   bystanders    to   the   crimes   that   the   crimes   were   not   such,   but   normal,   statistically   unavoidable,    temporary   occurrences  or  events    which   are  being   tackled/addressed  by  the  experts/officials   and   corrected   to   avoid    their   repetition,    a   total  LYE.
The  trick  of   virtual   credibility,    acceptability   and   possibility of  toleration   and   adjustment,     is  achieved   simply   by    mixing   truth   and  lyes.
Mafiosis/terrorists   are   COWARDS   who   kill   treacherously,  terroristically-like,  and   by   surprise,   without    immediate   warning   un-armed,     physically   untrained   or   inferior    human   beings    who  are   not   given   any   chance   to   fight  back.
For   example,   the  only  correct   way   to   oppose  me  and   object/counter  to   what  I  say    would  be    in   writing    in  the   form  of  a   Comment (s)   to  this  Post   or  in   one's  own   Blog.
My  Post  is  in  fact  left  open   to  Comments   and
this  is  the    measure  of   my    fair-play   and   accountability,   my   nobility/chivalry.
If  my opponents  are   unable   for  fear,   or  pride  or  shame  or   implicitly-admitted   guilt,  or  just  because  they   cannot    write......................that   is   not   my   fault.
  Any  other  way  is   COWARDISH,  if  it  does   not   allow  me   awareness/presence   and   reciprocation. 
Shooting/blowing   me    up   or    hitting  me  in  the back,   by   socially  isolating,   ostracising  or   slandering   me   is  also 
plain     COWARDRY.
But   again   Catholic/Bolshevic-type   confessions   through   films,  utterings    and  writings    have    generated  in  the  masses    a  measure  of  insensitivity,   acceptability and  toleration  of  MAFIA  and  generally   terroristic COWARDICE.
Anathema!   May  God  forbid  it!        
Italians   and  Catholics   in  general   have   been   conditioned    for  2000  years  now   by   the  practice   of    Sacramental   Catholic   Confession   that  probably   worked    with   the  predominanly    conscientious,   responsible,     accountable,   accountabiliy-seeking    Knights  of  the  Middle  Ages (Templars),   but   cannot   work   to-day   with  the   peasants/Mafia   ruling   us  through  the   abuse  of   Democratic   freedom   that   by  passes   the    higher   priority   Justice.
The  founding  Fathers  of  the  American  (  French  )   Constitution   made  a    terrible FATAL   ERROR   then!
In  fact,   as  I  am   dutifully  reporting  as  a  free-lay-independent   Catholic  Theologian.......................
Confession  has  been,   is  being  misused   to    brain-wash  the   masses.
 The  Mafia   has  been   doing   this  in  Italy  for    decades   now,   through   the  Film   Industry,   its    Parlamentarians,   Political  Parties,  and   Repubblican  Officials    who   are   to-day  as  highly   positioned  as  the   Prime  Minister  or  even  the   President   of   the  Italian  Republic,     in   its  pay.
The  paradox  about  this   type  of  mass   brain-washing,   psychological  technique  is  that  the   more  graphically    true  and   brutal  in   detail,     never   though   showing  or   referring   to   anything    about  the  structures    of    corruption,    infiltration   and    control,  or  those    who  are   benefiting   from   the   status   quo,    the  more    credible   the   confession    becomes.    
 Examples  of  these  obscene    events  and  crimes   are-:  The  American   Bubble,      the   murder  in  the  street   of  a   village  in  Sicily,  with   witnesses,  of  a  Priest  who   was   attempting  to  liberate   his   congregation   from  the    controls  of  the  Mafia   (  the  Mafia   financed   a  film   about  it  designed   to   normalise   and  minimise   the   crime,    the   bottom  level   message  of  it   being    that  the  Mafia  cannot  be   touched   by  the  Law),    by  the  Mafia,    the    terroristic   events  which  led   to   the    murders   by   explosives   of    Public  Prosecutors   Falcone,   Borsellino,    the    Carabinieri-General   Della   Chiesa,   and   many  others   I  am  not   remembering.   
This  is  resorted   to  every  time  something   obscenely   unacceptable   has  been   perpetrated  that  has   made  public  opinion   and  a  few  self-driven,  self-motivated  leaders   break   the  bonds  of   silence   and    toleration,    causing   some   mass-activity,  like     for  example   to-day,   NOW,    the   Beppe-Grillo-Movement   (  Beppe   Grillo  is   one  of  the  few  exceptions   from  the  Centre of  Italy    being   from  Abruzzo-Molise )   that   is    canvassing   in   North Italy,    the  Centre/South  being   always    bound    by   the   sin/crime  of confessional   silence,    OMERTA' (silence ),   that   characterises   the   cowardish/ugly   peasant    southern    souls   of   those   in  the    Centre/South   who  are   descendants   from  imported   slaves.
I     publicly   spit   in   your   faces    you    mongrels,    devoted to   HELL!  

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Post 218. The Sinking of United Europe!

COMMENT  by  blogger-:   





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The  Sinking  of  United  Europe!
by   Benetazzo.
The “Pompiere della Sera”, as Travaglio is wont to call the newspaper in question, never contradicts itself. For those of you with strong stomachs, the newspaper’s best articles are undoubtedly those to do with the economy. They drool so uncontrollably over Power that they must be read while wearing rubber gloves. Yesterday, Francesco Giavazzi was talking about the crisis in Greece and debating the possibility of the crisis spreading to Italy. He soon found just the right knight on a white steed that will rush to this Country’s aid. That’s right, none other than the man himself, Berlusconi, the economist "who immediately understands such things" and who has plunged this Country into debt. "But if what makes the level of debt unsustainable is the lack of growth, I cannot see where Italy’s strength lies: we are not growing either and our debt to GDP ratio is still the highest in the Euro zone. At last week’s European summit, Silvio Berlusconi — who immediately understands such things and has a healthy scepticism for the vanity of Brussels — asked that the management of the crisis in southern Europe be delegated to the International Monetary Fund...Berlusconi must insist at all costs, because his intervention could be crucial in terms of saving the Euro." Can a two-track Europe (or even three-track) continue to support a one-track Euro? Or to have a single currency for that matter? I have some very serious reservations. Now over to Eugenio Benetazzo.
Text of the interview.
"Today I’m going to try to shed some light on what is one of the most strongly denied monetary policies out there, namely the establishment of a so-called Euro 2, of a monetary split within the European currency zone that would result in the introduction of a second currency unit, providing for the circulation of two currencies within certain Countries.
Those of you who read my 2006 economic essay entitled “Tough and pure, awaiting the new 1929” will remember that, on the cover, there was a picture of a Euro coin breaking in two. Many readers asked me at the time: "But why didn’t you use the Dollar instead of the Euro, wouldn’t it have been more justified considering what happened thereafter?"
No it wouldn’t, because the original idea was precisely that a Euro 2 could be created within the Euro zone, a second, so-called baby currency that could be used in certain Countries. But which Countries are these precisely? They are the so-called PIGS (Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece and Spain), to which I would add Malta and Cyprus. But why have a Euro 2? Because, 10 years after the birth of the Euro, we are beginning to realise that the European Union was born as a result of extreme pressures and forces that were senseless and bordering on criminal because a number of Countries, ours amongst them, are forced to deal with structural deficits that will be difficult to overcome even in the long term.
The famous Maastricht parameters have now been relegated to history because, in the past two years, almost everyone, from Germany through to Greece, has exceeded them. What use is a Europe in which the economic harmonisation process that should have demanded standardisation in terms of the ratio of public debt to GDP and then resorting to budget deficits in order to keep the Countries afloat, when we are faced with a huge question mark with regard to Greece, namely, "Will Greece manage to save itself by re-defining its tax system or will the Country be saved by Germany acting in concert with other Countries?" This is a real worry for the financial markets, but there is more. If Greece was to be bailed out, it would create a precedent. Down the line, Spain would also have to be bailed out and perhaps Ireland too, and don’t forget about Italy? Except that from an economic point of view, Greece is a relatively minor problem. The biggest question mark hangs over Italy and Spain because there simply aren’t sufficient available resources to bail them out too. That is why the financial markets are particularly nervous, both about trading in Government bonds and about the trend in the Euro-Dollar exchange rate, which has become the real driving force behind the financial engines and the reason for the so-called “mini-recovery” that we witnessed until a month ago, which was precisely due to the Euro-Dollar exchange trend. After all that has happened (to Greece, Ed.), the Euro – Dollar exchange rate narrowed significantly and, from a high of 1.50, it is expected that it could drop as low as 1.30 or even 1.25. The financial markets are anxiously looking at the future of Europe compared to that of the United States of America because of the structural differences as regards the deficits, the growth and the credibility of European Countries.
The Euro is a disguised currency, a currency that the Germans wanted and indeed demanded because Germany was a Country with great potential for exports, particularly to other European Countries, and therefore needed a currency that was strong and a fixed exchange rate that would ensure commercial stability.
The potential of Countries such as Italy, Spain and Greece, however, is very different to that of Germany. For example, Italy exports far more product outside of the European Union than Germany does and would need a competitive currency, which is precisely what is happening in China at the moment, where the Yuan is kept devalued in order to make Chinese exports more attractive.
In these terms, we have to rethink our monetary policy for a number of European Countries and that is why the idea of a so-called Euro 2 is beginning to emerge, in other words to split the current Euro, thus creating a new currency unit. However, we must keep in mind that, for this very reason, one of the first Countries that would oppose such a move would be Germany, which would find itself faced with partners whose potential and appeal would make life difficult for Germany. The introduction of the Euro created many additional benefits for certain Countries, but it also put incredible strain on the account books of other Countries and that is why the markets are now rather dubious about the future of Europe and the Euro. Greece with its 0.3 trillion Euro debt is a joke. The Country could easily be bailed out by means of a joint intervention by the other European Countries, but what about a Country such as Spain? Or Italy for that matter. Who will bail them out?"
Ps. Today I am in the Lombardy Region to support the candidates of the “MoVimento Cinque Stelle” that will be standing in the upcoming regional elections:
- Friday 19 February, 16h15: in “Piazza Stradivari” in Cremona
- Friday 19 February, 18h15: in “Piazza della Vittoria” in Lodi
Now available: "A riveder le Stelle" How to bury the parties and drag Italy out of the mire" Buy your copy now
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Post 217. Real genuine Italy!

Real  genuine  Italy!
When  I  landed in Australia   as  a  21  year old student  from  Italy  I   had   been  indoctrinated   by  Italian  Schools   Propaganda  about  the   Unity of  Italy  and  of   an   Italian  people.
Now  I have  reached  the   total  enlightenment of  the  sad  reality.   
The  sooner  the   genuine   Italians  (  a  matter  of    the  mind  and  culture    not  of  race)   separate  the  two  parts,   the    quicker  the real  Italy  shall   recover its   dignity  and  well   being.   
Leave  the rest,  the  MONGRELS,  to   GHEDDAFI  of  Libya.

Liberate   yourselves  and  your   children   
from  their   octopuses  
with   the   billion    exploiting  and  corrupting  temptacles!
They are  a  slimy   people.

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Post 216. Only North Italians prepared to fight corruption in Italy.

  Only  North Italians   prepared   
to   fight   corruption  in  Italy!

Comment-:  Italiani  del  Centro,   incluso  Roma  ed  il   Lazio,  probabilmente  anche  il   Vaticano,    il  Sud,   Isole  incluse,   siete  degli  imbelli,  codardi  Mafiosi,  indegni   dell'appellativo   'Italiano '.
Io,   della  " gensferreria/ferraria ",    salvo  poche  eccezioni,  vi  sputo in  faccia.
Which  was   to  be  expected   on  the  basis  of  participation  in  the  Risorgimento (   1848-1860  ) that   liberated   Italy.
Beppe  Grillo,   who   is  one of  the   few  exceptions   from   Central  Italy,  i.e.,   Abruzzo  et  Molise,   and   who   has  been   exposing  corruption  in  Italy,  has   adopted/choosen   a   non-violent,   democratic    system   of  political  action    by  requesting   the    collection   of   signatures    to  be   carried  out  by   gathering-centres,  an  example  of   which,   showing  the   addresses  of  the  said   gathering-centres,   I  have   copied   below   from  one  of  his   Posts.

There   are   nineteen (19  )  Provinces/Regions  in  Italy.

Please  note  that   only   four  have  responded,   all   neighbouring  and  northern-:  
The  VENETO ( comprised of  the three  Provinces  of   Venezia,   Venezia  Euganea,  Venezia  Tridentina ),    
LOMBARDY(   which is   sustaining  almost  alone  the   whole  economy  of  Italy ),
PIEDMONT (   probably  including  AOSTA),
the  ROMAGNA-EMILIA   ( probably    including  the   fuckumites in Ravenna  and  the  republic of  St. Marino ), have  been  responding   to   beppegrillo's   commendable,  initiative,   the  only   courageous  one  of  this   type  in   cowardish   Italy.

Example   taken  from  beppegrillo.com-:

Follow the link to read the post:

VENETO: all the towns and stand locations are to be found on the website: http://www.beppegrillo.it/listeciviche/liste/veneto/calendario-banchetti-racolta-firme.html

: MoVimento 5 Stelle Emilia Romagna Saturday 23rd: signatures will be gathered in Bologna, Modena, Parma, Reggio Emilia, Guastalla, Piacenza, Cesena, Rimini, Forli, Ferrara and Faenza. Sunday 24th: signatures will be gathered in Bologna, Rimini, Forli, Cattolica, Cesenatico, Cesena and Modena. (Remember to bring along your identity document).
Click here to find out the times and venues for the weekend: http://www.emiliaromagna5stelle.it/
Friday 22nd: Milan – No.2, Piazza Piemonte, in front of Feltrinelli. Marco Travaglio will also be there from 17h00 to 20h00; Varese - c/o the Travaglio Show - Piazza della Repubblica - from 20h00
Saturday 23rd: Bergamo - Via Pizzo della Presolana, in front of the PalaCreberg – 20h00 to 24h00
Cremona – No.42, Via Massarotti, c/o Autobar –Presentation of Civic List and gathering of signatures for Desio – No.6, Via Garibaldi – 14h00 to 19h00; Gussago (BS) - Piazza Vittorio Veneto Market – 09h00 to 12h30; Milan - piazza Cordusio/ Via dei Mercanti – 14h00 to 18h30; Milan - piazza Lima – 10h00 to 18h30; Pavia - Viale Matteotti (Piazza Petrarca) – 10h00 to 17h00; Vimercate – No.1, via Cavour – 14h00 to 19h00; Rozzano (MI) - Red Point Café Yamaha Rozzano – No.55, Via Valleambrosia – Meeting with Marco Travaglio in Rozzano – 17h30
MoVimento 5 Stelle Piedmont - Saturday 23 and Sunday 24 January: Alba, Alessandria, Asti, Biella, Borgo Ticino, Borgomanero, Bra, Canale d'Alba, Cuneo, Grugliasco, Ivrea, Livorno Ferraris, Mondovì, Novara, Saluzzo, Susa, Verbania and Vercelli. Details reflected on the Calendar (bring along your Identity Document). Click here to find out when and where to go and sign.

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Post 215. What about a good DILDO?

Ever  heard   about   DILDOS     georgeslabite@yahoo.fr   ?  

With   demographic   explosion/excalations,    venereal   deseases,  the necessity  to  wear  pleasure-reducing   condoms,   lack    of  general   hygiene  in  our   democratically   bred   throllops,   with    inbred  mercenary  characteristics,    who    wishes   to   put  one's  penis  at  risk?   

According  to   statistics    from  the  United  Church   U.S.A.,  30%  of  ladies,   even   from  the   so   called   well-to-do,  Fuckumites/Christian/Moslem/Shintoist/Confucian/Buddhist  families   have   STDs   as  the  result  of    widespread   sodomy.  Herpes,   for   example,   is   so  widespread,  that  there   is  even   a   supportive  Association   advertising  the  idiotic    " Anyone  can   get   Herpes.............. "  on  TV.      Since  medical   and  church  personnel   are  not  immune,   nothing  is  said   about  it,   everything   becoming   normalised  and   whitewashed.      

Let  the   DILDO  do    the  work.     The  penis  is   strictly   for   procreation   which   is  rapidly  becoming  a   luxury.
A  DILDO  can   in  fact  be   chosen  as   to   size  to   suit  the  lady's    specifications,   being   therefore  civilised,   is  safe,   clean,  can  be  cleaned   after  use,  is  not    subject   to    virus  and  bacteria,     is  permanently    and   efficiently   erected   to  any    lady's   satisfaction,   and  moreover  its  use   does   not    constitute     sin    since   there   is   no   inter-carnal    penetration,  and  can  be    justified   as  a  charitable  and   caring   act    toward   your   partner,     etc.    Would   you  refuse   your   best  friend  or  lover   a  scratch  on  the  back?   
Dildoing   can  be   actually  seen  as   a   form  of  scratching.
However,   it  becomes   sinful    when   used   sodomitically   against  NATURE,  as  it becomes  a  tool  of   insult  to  both  partner  and  God!
And it is   approved   by  the  Popes  of  the  Renaissance!
I   ignore  Pope  Benedict  XVI's   thought  about  it.
Ah,  ha, ah, ja, aj................  

Moreover,  if  one  has   erectile  problems    why   abuse   substances   like  VIAGRA   and  CELIA   which  may   go  counter    to    pressure-  controlling   drugs?
Another   consideration  is  that    those  gentlemen   who    indulge  in   penis'  performances   do  not  realise  that   a  man's blood-supply  being   a   given  datum,   part of  one's   bodily   specification,   excessive,   abusive    use  of  blood  pressure   in the  genitals  is  bound   to  deprive   the  brain  and  vice-versa.    So  it is  difficult   to  have    efficient   genitals   and  brain  all  the  time during  the   whole  of  one's  life.
Now,  I  believe  this  to  be   a  very  profound  insight  of  mine!
This  is  why   we  have  been   loosing   all  the  wars    since   WWII  as  our  Officers   concentrate  on   artificial    increases  of  their   penile   sizes,  in   mutual   competitions,   ending   with   huge  long  dicks   and   starved,    short  brains.
This  is   specially  a   problem   in the  U.S.A.   where   black  Officers   are    famous   for  their    donkey-dicks  requiring  three   hands   to   support  and  aim   to  the  ladies'   genitals.
The   envious  white  Officers    try  to   achieve   something   near  to  that   standard   with  dire   consequences   to  the    national   successes  in  wars.
This,  in   addition   to   the  belief  that   fighting  men/women  can  be  mass-produced   through   training,    drug-abuse  
( seven out  of  ten  American  soldiers  in Vietnam   abused  drugs and  sex )   which   denies   the  previous  belief,   is  making   of  our    soldiers  a  pathetic   lot.
One    would  like  to  ask  for  example,   what   would  happen  to  us  if  our  opponents  in  Afghanistan   had   access   to   armour,  artillery,    helicopters,   fighters   and  bombers   etc.  etc.
This is   why  I  dare   say  that  in   the   WWII   the  best   soldiers  and  heroes,   judged   by  purely   military  standards, and  the  penury  of   logistics  on  their   side,  were  the    German  and  the  Japanese   infantrymen. 
This is  perhaps    one  of  the   reasons   why   ancient   Israel   forbade  sexual  intercourse    during   the  duration  of  their  relatively   short  wars   to  its   Officers,  i.e.,   see   the  scriptural episode   of  Uriah   the   Hittite,     Bethsheba's    wife,    the    woman   loved  and   stolen  by  King  David   who  sent  Uriah   to  his  death   in  the  front  line.

One  can  express  Love   with a   good  DILDO  and   an obsession  on  the  use  of  one's   generally,   either   inadequate  or  oversized    penis   is   pure   HUBRIS   and  FANTASY!
Pleasure   must  become    more  and  more   in  the   giving  than  in  the    receiving    and   it   must  increasingly    rise   with  one's   humanity,    to  the  psychological   rather   than  the  carnal  level  of   the   poor   animals   and   troglodites   with  Cro-Magnon   sized   penises.

Of   course,   as   with  all   tools,   a  Dildo   must    be  handled    with    skill,  respect    (  no  abuse )  and   understanding.    Considering  the  general  fragility of  ladies  also   with   reverence,   compassion,   care,   empathy.
Both   penis  and   dildo   necessitate   mutual  respect  and  trust.
The   Caveat is  that,   ladies   may  become  so  addicted   to  the  advantages  and  performances  of   dildos,  that  they  become   dissatisfied   with  penises.
I  have  never  used  a  dildo   but  I  am   seriously   thinking   of  getting   a  good   strap-on  one,   just   in  case   a  lady   were   to  ask   me   for   a   good   scratch.
I   might   even  become   a  professional   dildoer,   carrying  a    range   of    differently-sized   and   adequately-   corrugated  or   shaped  ones  and  offer   my  services    through  the  Internet.
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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Post 214. Bankrupt Italy has the largest class of ' the wealthy ( thieves)'.

Follow the link to read the post:

Bankrupt  Italy  has   the  largest  
class  of  ' the  wealthy ( thieves)' in  Europe.

Greece is about to be placed under administration because of its public debt and its ratio of debt to GDP. The level of debt is rising while production is dropping. In essence, Greece will be obliged to surrender part of its economic sovereignty to the EU in order to survive. Today’s newspapers are talking about the European Countries that are in trouble, without mentioning Italy (!?). PIGS, an acronym representing the four Countries at risk, namely P for Portugal, I for Italy, G for Greece and S for Spain has thus become an unpronounceable PGS. Italy has disappeared so it must have become virtuous. Portugal, which is widely believed to be the next Country to follow in Greece’s footsteps, has a public debt to GDP ratio of 76,6%. If only ours were that low! Italy is sitting with a debt to GDP ratio of 115% and 1,800 billion in public debt. The beauty of the economy is that it is so varied and everyone can continue to bullshit until the moment of default. As from today, the Blog has a new host, namely Eugenio Benetazzo, and a new appointment with "Chaos economy".
The public debt and the PIGS (expand | compress)
A friendly hello to all the readers of the Blog. My name is Eugenio Benetazzo and I am an independent Stock Exchange trader and an economics expert. We are going to attempt to provide a framework that is as exhaustive as possible on the economic and macroeconomic scenario facing our Country. We are all well aware of what has happened during the past 18 months, including the phenomenal interventions implemented by Western Governments, in order to bolster their economies. Now, with the benefit of hindsight, we realise that nothing has changed and the problems that existed 12/18 months ago, particularly the problems of debt, have merely been postponed. The debt has not disappeared, nor has it been covered, but it has simply been converted from banking system debt or debt accumulated by specific groups of companies to public debt, which has thus been placed at the door of the various communities, in other words the various Countries.
If we take a closer look at our Country, we realise that Italy’s public debt, which has now risen to a very serious level of more than 1,800 billion Euro and that, when compared to the Country’s falling GDP in 2009, gives a debt to GDP ratio of more than 120%, we find that this macroeconomic variable is beginning to become a particularly serious concern because if, as usual, we consider what is happening in Europe, such as the downgrading of Greece’s public debt less than one month ago, we begin to see a possible scenario that is anything but comforting. Greece itself is one of the smaller European Countries and the fact that such a relatively small Country can default on its debt is not particularly disturbing in itself. However, this changes if we begin to consider the so-called PIGS, or Countries with a macroeconomic scenario that is very similar to that of Greece. PIGS is an acronym that stands for Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain, all of which have shown a significant increase in their levels of public debt precisely in order to support their respective economies during the past year
Argentina (expand | compress)
We often hear talk of comparisons with what happened in the past, especially as regards the case of Argentina, which occurred some ten years ago now but is beginning to reveal a number of similarities with our current scenario and holds potentially negative consequences for our Country, as well as for Europe as a whole. When Argentina defaulted on its debt, the Country’s debt to GDP ratio stood at 138%. Ours is currently standing at more than 120%, so we are beginning to get uncomfortably close. In addition to the problem of the Argentinean debt, we must not overlook the concerns linked to the so-called southamericanisation of any given Country.
Southamericanisation is a term used to define the substantial, widespread and progressive impoverishment of the majority of the population while the wealth of a small number of people skyrockets. That is precisely what is happening to us Italians, with a systematic increase in our level of debt and, on the other hand, an absolute plunge in our ability to save.
The most important question we need to ask ourselves, as has emerged from the analysis in the Italian financial press, is how the deficit of some 37 billion Euro will be covered over the next three months. A deficit of 37 billion Euro is not unreasonable considering the reduction in company invoicing in the previous quarters, a drop in company invoicing that has resulted in reduced tax revenues. Tax revenues are therefore insufficient to cover the Country’s current running costs on an ongoing basis. But there is more, and certain independent analysts are beginning to raise the possibility of the Government implementing a mandatory tax levy, as was done by the Amato Government back in 1991 whereby, if any of you can remember, a tax of 6 per thousand was levied on positive bank balances in view. If we add up the amount of money that is currently in the hands of the Italians in the form of financial capital, we find that this is in excess of 2,500 billion Euro, we then calculate that 1% or 2% of that would cover the 40 or 50 billion Euro shortfall. These are not my words but those of recent statements made by the current Government
Imminent future default? (expand | compress)
From a financial perspective, the Country is currently burdened by 82 billion Euro of interest payments (per year, Ed.) and debt repayments, past debt that is made up of two parts, namely 2/3 medium – long term and 1/3 short term debt. If we take a look at who is holding this debt, we find that 50% of it is in the hands of Italians, namely the banks, pension funds, mutual investment funds, etc, while the remaining 50% is in the hands of foreign investors. This would lead one to assume that any form of default would be highly unlikely in the Italian situation because, if anyone were to compare it to the Argentinean situation, the fact is that the latter was a very different case as regards the holders of the public debt, whereby 90% of Argentina’s public debt was held by foreign investors, which enabled the Government to default on payments precisely in order to avert any repercussions within the Country.
The de-industrialisation of Italy (expand | compress)
What we are paying for now, in terms of the reduction in manufacturing activity, is none other than the collateral effects of absolutely criminal business decisions. In Italy, both the right wing and the left wing and including the centre, embraced the choice of progressive de-industrialisation, assisting entrepreneurs and major industrialists to shut down their manufacturing plants in Italy and to set up shop elsewhere, outside of the Country’s borders and even outside of the European Community by enabling the much-vaunted "commercial bridge", which everyone knows about and that creates economic inequality by enriching those that are able to exploit the so-called industrial transformation system and impoverishing those that instead bear the consequences. The has not been a single political force, not to mention political farce, that has come out in defence of the areas where our Country’s real strength lies, namely the “Made in Italy” brand, tourism and the manufacturing hubs for which Italy is renowned worldwide. We have recently witnessed an economic phenomenon whereby other Countries exploit the opportunity to clone or copy products, using vocal similarity to counterfeit certain Italian products to produce similar products outside of the “DOC” or “DOP” areas, for example Asiago cheese produced in the State of Wisconsin or Limonciello liqueur (with an i) manufactured in China. Unfortunately, anyone who truly believes that, anytime soon, we will be in a position to regain the level of competitivity enjoyed by most Italian manufacturers only ten years ago thanks to a favourable exchange rate is very sadly mistaken.
More specifically, we are facing a collapse in the industrial manufacturing sector that will take us back 20 years, meaning jobs that we will never be regained. Those who are thinking about copying the English model, which is based on the services and advanced tertiary sectors, has unfortunately entirely failed to grasp precisely what happened in England, a Country that, more than 20 years ago now, chose to follow the Thatcher route that entailed the selling-off of major State assets, or in other words privatising everything. Now, twenty years on, while England is still rueing those criminal political choices, these people that continuously talk about a recovery while in 2009 our GDP dropped by 6% and the forecasts for 2010 show an expected recovery of + 0.10% or 0.20%, in my opinion this is anything but a recovery and smacks of us being taken for a ride
Thanks to all of you, good luck and see you again soon!

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Comment-:  POVERA   ITALIA!