Monday, February 22, 2010

Post 219. Confessions Catholic, Mafia, Bolshevick, and Italian Style.

Mafia,   Bolshevick   and   Italian   Style.

In  this  post  I  wish   to   make  readers    aware   of   the   most   ancient   cunning,   psychological,  political   art   of   cleverly   uttered  (  Uttering  these  confessions   in  the  media   is  one  of  the  most   difficult,  damning,   consummate   branch  of   Lying/Sophistry  )   or   written   self-confessions   by   criminals  or    Criminal  Organisations   or/and  their    Political   Collusions,    aiming   at   reassuring    the  mass   of    victims    or   bystanders    to   the   crimes   that   the   crimes   were   not   such,   but   normal,   statistically   unavoidable,    temporary   occurrences  or  events    which   are  being   tackled/addressed  by  the  experts/officials   and   corrected   to   avoid    their   repetition,    a   total  LYE.
The  trick  of   virtual   credibility,    acceptability   and   possibility of  toleration   and   adjustment,     is  achieved   simply   by    mixing   truth   and  lyes.
Mafiosis/terrorists   are   COWARDS   who   kill   treacherously,  terroristically-like,  and   by   surprise,   without    immediate   warning   un-armed,     physically   untrained   or   inferior    human   beings    who  are   not   given   any   chance   to   fight  back.
For   example,   the  only  correct   way   to   oppose  me  and   object/counter  to   what  I  say    would  be    in   writing    in  the   form  of  a   Comment (s)   to  this  Post   or  in   one's  own   Blog.
My  Post  is  in  fact  left  open   to  Comments   and
this  is  the    measure  of   my    fair-play   and   accountability,   my   nobility/chivalry.
If  my opponents  are   unable   for  fear,   or  pride  or  shame  or   implicitly-admitted   guilt,  or  just  because  they   cannot    write......................that   is   not   my   fault.
  Any  other  way  is   COWARDISH,  if  it  does   not   allow  me   awareness/presence   and   reciprocation. 
Shooting/blowing   me    up   or    hitting  me  in  the back,   by   socially  isolating,   ostracising  or   slandering   me   is  also 
plain     COWARDRY.
But   again   Catholic/Bolshevic-type   confessions   through   films,  utterings    and  writings    have    generated  in  the  masses    a  measure  of  insensitivity,   acceptability and  toleration  of  MAFIA  and  generally   terroristic COWARDICE.
Anathema!   May  God  forbid  it!        
Italians   and  Catholics   in  general   have   been   conditioned    for  2000  years  now   by   the  practice   of    Sacramental   Catholic   Confession   that  probably   worked    with   the  predominanly    conscientious,   responsible,     accountable,   accountabiliy-seeking    Knights  of  the  Middle  Ages (Templars),   but   cannot   work   to-day   with  the   peasants/Mafia   ruling   us  through  the   abuse  of   Democratic   freedom   that   by  passes   the    higher   priority   Justice.
The  founding  Fathers  of  the  American  (  French  )   Constitution   made  a    terrible FATAL   ERROR   then!
In  fact,   as  I  am   dutifully  reporting  as  a  free-lay-independent   Catholic  Theologian.......................
Confession  has  been,   is  being  misused   to    brain-wash  the   masses.
 The  Mafia   has  been   doing   this  in  Italy  for    decades   now,   through   the  Film   Industry,   its    Parlamentarians,   Political  Parties,  and   Repubblican  Officials    who   are   to-day  as  highly   positioned  as  the   Prime  Minister  or  even  the   President   of   the  Italian  Republic,     in   its  pay.
The  paradox  about  this   type  of  mass   brain-washing,   psychological  technique  is  that  the   more  graphically    true  and   brutal  in   detail,     never   though   showing  or   referring   to   anything    about  the  structures    of    corruption,    infiltration   and    control,  or  those    who  are   benefiting   from   the   status   quo,    the  more    credible   the   confession    becomes.    
 Examples  of  these  obscene    events  and  crimes   are-:  The  American   Bubble,      the   murder  in  the  street   of  a   village  in  Sicily,  with   witnesses,  of  a  Priest  who   was   attempting  to  liberate   his   congregation   from  the    controls  of  the  Mafia   (  the  Mafia   financed   a  film   about  it  designed   to   normalise   and  minimise   the   crime,    the   bottom  level   message  of  it   being    that  the  Mafia  cannot  be   touched   by  the  Law),    by  the  Mafia,    the    terroristic   events  which  led   to   the    murders   by   explosives   of    Public  Prosecutors   Falcone,   Borsellino,    the    Carabinieri-General   Della   Chiesa,   and   many  others   I  am  not   remembering.   
This  is  resorted   to  every  time  something   obscenely   unacceptable   has  been   perpetrated  that  has   made  public  opinion   and  a  few  self-driven,  self-motivated  leaders   break   the  bonds  of   silence   and    toleration,    causing   some   mass-activity,  like     for  example   to-day,   NOW,    the   Beppe-Grillo-Movement   (  Beppe   Grillo  is   one  of  the  few  exceptions   from  the  Centre of  Italy    being   from  Abruzzo-Molise )   that   is    canvassing   in   North Italy,    the  Centre/South  being   always    bound    by   the   sin/crime  of confessional   silence,    OMERTA' (silence ),   that   characterises   the   cowardish/ugly   peasant    southern    souls   of   those   in  the    Centre/South   who  are   descendants   from  imported   slaves.
I     publicly   spit   in   your   faces    you    mongrels,    devoted to   HELL!  


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