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Post 213. Italian Grim Everyday Realities.


It’s morning. You go downstairs. You take the refuse out to the differentiated refuse bins. In each of the bins you find all sorts of different refuse. You go out into the streets. The pedestrian crossings are blocked by SUVs. You walk around them and cross the road. The bus stop. Cars parked in the no parking area meant for public transport vehicles. You go 15 metres to the right to find a gap and climb aboard. A waiting smoker drops an empty box on the pavement. In the bus, someone steals a lady’s purse. You watch and say nothing (what if he has a knife on him?). You cut across a square. Dogs crapping on a lawn reserved for children. Red robot, there’s a pothole in the middle of the road. A motorcyclist could kill himself here. Oh well, surely someone will advise the traffic cops. Into the Bar. Comments fill the air: "Berlusconi and the clockwork justice system", "Di Pietro the terrorist". Why bother to argue? You cough, the air is unbreathable. Someone will see to it. You open an envelope from the bank. The interest rate on your savings has gone down to 0,1%. The interest rate on your mortgage for the apartment however has remained unchanged at 9%. At the office they have not renewed the employment contracts of twenty of your temporary colleagues. The managers are all still there though. The Senate has approved the expedited trial legislation. Napolitano has written a letter to the widow Craxi: "He paid an unprecedented price ". A fugitive who never spent a single day in jail and stole billions from the Italians: is that paying an unprecedented price? Someone you know has been killed in the workplace, he slipped off a roof. No one bothers to commemorate his passing even though he was a good person. The Post Office, half-hour queues. You make a 35 Euro payment to the Receiver of Revenue for a query on your income tax calculation dating back to three years ago. Through the window of the post office you spot a Ferrari. A pensioner explains to someone else that, thanks to the Tax Shield, he has been able to bring his money back into Italy. He praises Tremonti. You are well aware that the money did not simply come back and that it is capital belonging to members of the Mafia, criminals and tax evaders that has been laundered by simply paying over 5% to the State. You look straight ahead of you. You pay. The Underground. A child, perhaps five years of age, plays the violin. Begging for handouts. The people don’t even look his way. Tomorrow there will be yet another child slave in his place and no authorities about. You head home. You skirt around the river on foot. Fruit boxes and plastic bags littering the riverbank. The water is brownish black in colour. Who could be causing the pollution? Oh well, someone will intervene. A ramp meant for the handicapped is blocked, as are all the others as far as the eye can see. There are some cranes on the lawns opposite your house. A twenty-storey building is being built. The light will no longer flood in through your windows. You will just have to switch on the lights. Now you switch off the light, it’s late. Another normal day of silent assent is over.
VENETO: all the towns and stand locations are to be found on the website: http://www.beppegrillo.it/listeciviche/liste/veneto/calendario-banchetti-racolta-firme.html

: MoVimento 5 Stelle Emilia Romagna Saturday 23rd: signatures will be gathered in Bologna, Modena, Parma, Reggio Emilia, Guastalla, Piacenza, Cesena, Rimini, Forli, Ferrara and Faenza. Sunday 24th: signatures will be gathered in Bologna, Rimini, Forli, Cattolica, Cesenatico, Cesena and Modena. (Remember to bring along your identity document).
Click here to find out the times and venues for the weekend: http://www.emiliaromagna5stelle.it/

Friday 22nd: Milan – No.2, Piazza Piemonte, in front of Feltrinelli. Marco Travaglio will also be there from 17h00 to 20h00; Varese - c/o the Travaglio Show - Piazza della Repubblica - from 20h00
Saturday 23rd: Bergamo - Via Pizzo della Presolana, in front of the PalaCreberg – 20h00 to 24h00
Cremona – No.42, Via Massarotti, c/o Autobar –Presentation of Civic List and gathering of signatures for Desio – No.6, Via Garibaldi – 14h00 to 19h00; Gussago (BS) - Piazza Vittorio Veneto Market – 09h00 to 12h30; Milan - piazza Cordusio/ Via dei Mercanti – 14h00 to 18h30; Milan - piazza Lima – 10h00 to 18h30; Pavia - Viale Matteotti (Piazza Petrarca) – 10h00 to 17h00; Vimercate – No.1, via Cavour – 14h00 to 19h00; Rozzano (MI) - Red Point Café Yamaha Rozzano – No.55, Via Valleambrosia – Meeting with Marco Travaglio in Rozzano – 17h30

MoVimento 5 Stelle Piedmont - Saturday 23 and Sunday 24 January: Alba, Alessandria, Asti, Biella, Borgo Ticino, Borgomanero, Bra, Canale d'Alba, Cuneo, Grugliasco, Ivrea, Livorno Ferraris, Mondovì, Novara, Saluzzo, Susa, Verbania and Vercelli. Details reflected on the Calendar (bring along your Identity Document). Click here to find out when and where to go and sign.

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