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post 206. Invitation to the Mafias to Convert & Donate their Funds.

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 Invitation  to   the  Mafias   
to   Convert  &   to   Donate  their   Funds  
to  ''gensferreria".
Opus Dei is an organisation that can influence the choices of the State. Its language is like that of the “Smurfs”. It’s not easy to understand its members when they speak. Instead of using the verb "to smurf" they use the word "pitare". There are the "numerari" and the "sopranumerari" and the "piani inclinati" and a President instead of "Papa Smurf ". In the interview, Emanuela Provera, the author of "Dentro l'Opus Dei" {Inside Opus Dei} describes a secret organisation that keeps its own documents secret. And she explains that: “Almost half of all legally recognised university colleges report to Opus Dei … Everything that relates to the introduction in our country of consumer credit in a certain way is labelled Opus Dei.” Stalin wondered: “How many divisions has the Pope got?” I’m wondering how many Ministers, bankers, military undersecretaries, presidents of public associations are in Opus Dei? And to whom are they responsible: to Opus Dei or to the State?
And how do they intervene in public life in our country?

Interview with Emanuela Provera, author of the book: "Dentro l'Opus Dei"

“I am Emanuela Provera and I have written “Dentro l’Opus Dei" published by Chiarelettere, after having participated in writing the book called “Opus Dei Segreta {Secret Opus Dei} three years ago with Ferruccio Pianotti. The book “Opus Dei Segreta” was born from an online forum with the participation of men and women, like myself who have had an experience inside Opus Dei for a number of years. Within the forum, there are people who have been in the “Prelature” for a short time and others who have lived inside Opus Dei for ten, twenty or more years. The forum has been an experience of comparing our situations and thus it was created above all with the objective of letting us talk to each other, because the experience of leaving Opus Dei is an experience of isolation. Most of the people that leave this institution think that they are the only ones, so it is difficult to create a situation of making comparisons, of debate and of discussion. The second objective has been to make known the reflections and the outcomes of our discussions, the most appropriate tool, the one that could get to the greatest possible number of people has been that of writing a book.
Why was it me and not other people in the forum to write the book? Because, generally, up until now, most of the people who leave Opus Dei prefer not to put themselves in the public eye in such a strong and transparent way. There’s a lot of fear, probably even because we are in Italy. We are in a country where there are a lot of intrigues between the ecclesiastical world, the world of politics and the world of the institutions.

... "

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