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201. The Super-New Universal Great Flood is Coming. Alleluja!

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The   Super-New    Universal   Great Flood  is   Coming.

The Copenhagen conference was supposed to save the world, instead, all they saved were the petroleum industry, the coal industry, the nuclear power industry and, as well as them, also the irresponsible economies of the old and new generation of industrialised countries. We will have to resign ourselves to the fact that those who won’t learn the easy way will just have to learn the hard way. The Pacific Ocean islands that are busy disappearing may not be our problem, but when the Island of Elba disappears together with the Tremiti islands and Venice, maybe then we will start worrying. Heading for catastrophe, with absolute optimism! Merry Christmas to Planet Earth.
Blog: "From Copenhagen we hear everyone stating that the conference was a failure and that we are facing some serious risks. What can we expect once we exceed the three degree threshold?"
Onufrio: "As regards us exceeding the three degree threshold ... what exactly did we expect from Copenhagen? To form the basis for an agreement that would be fair, that would share the responsibility for reducing the risk, and to limit the rise in global temperature to two degrees. In reality, many people are even questioning this objective, which was already written into the G8 document and was accepted by all of the Countries of the International Community. However, even with a temperature increase of 1.5 degrees, many small islands would be submerged by the rising sea level resulting from the combined effect of the melting of the glaciers in Greenland and the thermal expansion of the oceans.
No agreement was reached and the commitments made would lead to a maximum decrease of 20% in the level of emissions, while we need to achieve at least twice that decrease just to remain on the right path towards limiting the global temperature increase to just two degrees by the end of this century. Indeed, given the current commitments made, we are heading for an increase of more than three degrees. The conference has left the planet in a situation in which climatic chaos is guaranteed, which will be seen in a number of ways, such as the fact that the number of people suffering from drought worldwide will increase from the current 400 million to 1,700,000,000.
We will risk losing somewhere between 15 and 40% of our ecosystems, here we see (see the video) the temperature, this is the two-degree limit, at the moment we are headed for more than three degrees with a consequent increase in the impact, the number of people that risk landing under water will be somewhere between two and 15 million, and an increase in a number of different pathologies …"

Onufrio: "More specifically, the areas in Italy that are most exposed to this kind of risk are the northern Adriatic and the Ionian. ENEA has calculated some 35/36 points on the Italian coast that would be in trouble.
So what’s next? The failure to achieve what was planned is due to the fact that the coal and petroleum lobbies in the United States are blocking a bill from passing through the Senate. A bill that is in itself weak in that, in the United States they are discussing a system like the one in Europe, where pollution credits can be traded, namely CO2 emission reductions that would take us back to 1990 levels, which were the reference levels already used for the Kyoto protocol and that represent a reduction of four percentage points. What we are asking the industrialised Countries to achieve is a 40% decrease in emissions. Europe had already made a unilateral commitment to aim for a 20% and was prepared to increase this to 30%, which is the minimum needed in order to halt climate change.
This chapter was not completely closed in Copenhagen, so there is still a faint flicker of hope. We now have one year of time in order to update the Kyoto Protocol and for the less industrialised Countries to ….counteract the lack of any specific undertakings by the more highly industrialised Countries. The emerging Countries that currently have the highest emissions, remember that China has surpassed the United States in terms of emissions,….but the chemical composition of the atmosphere is the result of the emissions released in the past 100 years, because carbon dioxide has an atmospheric life span of around 100 years so, looking at the bigger picture of emissions during the past century, the highly industrialised Countries account for 75% and, although China has now surpassed the United States in terms of emissions, in reality, as regards historical responsibility, the greatest burden of responsibility lies with the United States and Europe.
... we have seen that a number of Countries have shown some willingness to deal, on condition that there is money on the table, because it is clear that no international agreement can be reached without something in hand to give to these Countries. Here we are obviously not talking about emerging Countries like China, but other Countries that are struggling to adapt to the changes that will affect Africa and the Asian Coast, which will be submerged by rising sea levels... the money needed to gain access to technology to reduce emission levels and to compensate those Countries, where there are still large expanses rain forest, namely Indonesia, Brazil, the Congo. Recognition of their role in combating global climate change, in exchange for basic resources to ensure ongoing biodiversity, climate stability and indeed to limit deforestation, which alone accounts for 20% of the overall effect.
We stood by and watched a conference fail, and I would like to remind you that 4 Greenpeace activists are still sitting in jail at this very moment, the four that conducted a blitz on the procession of the Heads of State going to the dinner in Copenhagen. So we have a paradoxical situation where the Heads of State that caused the failure of the conference headed back home in their private jets without having done their jobs, while the activists who faced the risks that Greenpeace always faces when involved in spectacular protests will spend the holidays far away from their families.
The conference was even a greater disappointment than initially expected. We were not particularly optimistic as regards the outcome because we had seen the documents that had been doing the rounds during the past year and … however, we hoped that President Obama would be able to take a real step forward, but instead, all that came of it was a document that has done nothing to close the discussion, but has essentially postponed everything so that they can wait and see what will happen."

Blog: "It’s like a script for an apocalyptic movie, a race against time, with the activists and the scientists on the one side and the intolerant politicians on the other."
Onufrio: "Yes, it is rather. The only thing that has changed since the end of the Bush era is that, these days, no one other than the press in this backward Country that is Italy would dare to state that climate change is not man’s fault and that the situation is not that bad.
Unfortunately, the signals coming from the scientific community are disturbing. There is a risk that the only international venue where an exchange can take place between wealthy Countries and poor Countries as regards the widely held concept that we live on a very small planet that is becoming increasingly warmer and on which our continued survival depends is being put at risk by changes that have the potential to become catastrophic."

Blog:"One newspaper headline carried the headline: “Italy paralysed by snow and they’re saying it’s global warming!”, a minor bit of disinformation...?"
Onufrio: "Unfortunately there is always an intellectual tendency to equate climatology with meteorology, but they are two totally different things. We talk about temperature increases, we mean the increase in the average temperature recorded during the course of any given year, but this does not mean that it will stop snowing, or that rainfall patterns will change, or that the number of days in a year that these phenomena occur will change because of global warming. Certain people whose job is global in nature realize that things are changing visibly. Plants bloom at odd times or increasingly frequently, increasing cases of bleaching of coral reefs and an increase in the spread of malaria, or of dengue fever, the climate is changing and this is visible in many parts of the planet, particularly that part known as the cryosphere, or the overall reduction of the planet’s ice cover, which is a very visible effect and gives a very clear indication of what is happening, as well as constituting absolute proof: the trend as regards the glaciers and the frozen areas of the planet."

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Comment-:      ALLELUJAH!
Like  NOAH   did  in  his  times,   I   hope   it  cleans  out   most   of   the   human   rot   (  the  Mafias  )  that   has   accumulated   through  the  Ages.  I   do  not    mind   dying   but  I  shall  be   spirit   before  it   all   happens.   Good  on   you  God!
Well  planned   God!
Erase  the   Bastards! 


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