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Post 194. Should Mafiosi be lynched?

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”Good day to you all! What are we talking about today? It seems obvious to me. We will try to have a cool look if that’s possible at the things that have happened and to separate the different levels. Things that have instead been intentionally woven together and mixed up: why have they been woven together and mixed up? Because we must not understand and we must not know, we must not concentrate, just for a change, on one thing: what happened yesterday? It’s not unimportant to repeat that yesterday there was an attack that could even be reduced to an incident, to one of the risks of the job, in as much as, the more famous they are, the more people are subject to the possibility of attracting the attention of an unbalanced person and in fact what happened yesterday is that an unbalanced person violently attacked the President of the Council, Berlusconi.

Berlusconi has to be defeated at the elections

It was an act of violence, the sight of a person with his face smashed and bloody. It’s a sight, as far as I’m concerned and I hope that goes for you too, disgusting and worrying. That has nothing to do with what you think of the President of the Council. That’s not the political end that someone of sanity hopes for, and someone who is sane obviously hopes that Berlusconi is defeated in the elections, that Berlusconi is put on trial, and if he has committed crimes, found guilty and if he is found guilty, that he serves his sentence. But that bloody and devastated face is not the starting point that someone has to look for. In fact whoever has brought about this scene is mad, is one who is psychologically unstable, who , unfortunately, has been having treatment in a centre for mental health or whatever the term is these days, at the “Policlinico di Milano”, for about 10 years. He’s not a stupid person, we have seen that he has done some art installations of a certain importance. He is one who is psychologically unstable and thus every so often he may explode. I think it’s fairly embarrassing and humiliating to have to repeat that it’s not OK to do attacks, that you don’t go round hitting people, that you don’t ruin anyone’s face, not even the face of your worst enemy, that violence is repugnant to anyone who has a head on their shoulders, that it’s not like that that you fight a political battle: these are the things that are so banal that obviously, they are common to all the people that have not completely lost their minds, but it is good to repeat this, that what happened yesterday has to be , obviously, condemned, and denounced as reprehensible.
Who was the aggressor? The aggressor is one who is psychologically unstable who like many others who are psychologically unstable, in the newspapers, in the history of the world have tried to attack, some even for an excess of fondness, it even happens like that for those who are psychologically unstable, the famous person that obsesses them. It happened to John Lennon, it happened to Gandhi, it happened to Reagan: I’m citing three examples in three countries where there’s no broadcast of Annozero, three countries where there are no editions of Il Fatto Quotidiano, La Repubblica, l’Unità, basically three attacks in which it is difficult to see the instigator as one like Santoro, Scalfari or myself, and I’m saying that not as a joke, I’m saying that because last night, for those who had the stomach to keep the TV on for that shit broadcast that is “Speciale Tg1” , was able to witness the lynching in their absence first of Scalfari and of Annozero by the P2-ist Cicchitto and then of the personal lynching of Santoro and of myself, pointed out as the moral instigators of the madman who had just hurled a souvenir at the face of the President of the Council, done by the deputy director of “Il Giornale” who, naturally, will have to answer for what he said in court, because I do not believe that it is legitimate to accuse someone of being instigators of an attempted murder when those persons are simply , unlike himself, journalists (and not servants) and not hired killers.


Although political allies and supporters of Silvio Berlusconi are going to portray the recent attack on the Prime Minister as a result of the culture of hatred being spread by his political opponents or a left wing judicial system out to get him, the Prime Minister and most politicians in Italy are however the most responsible group liable for the poisonous political climate and the use of violence for political gain in Italy. Ironically, for Silvio Berlusconi, the date and location of his attack in Milan happened one day after the 40th anniversary of the fist terrorist attack by extreme right wing political parties in Italy, which killed 17 innocent people and injured an additional 100 people. Located in Milano in almost the exact same area as the Piazza Fontana terrorist bombing 40 years earlier, the personal attack on Silvio Berlusconi may be the Greek god Nemesis, visiting Silvio Berlusconi for his past involvement and support of political violence in Italy.
Anyone with a fundamental understanding of contemporary Italian history should remember that the political establishment in Italy has long used violence as a political tool. The most prominent example of the use of violence for political gain was the Strategy of Tension in the 1970s by the prominent political party in Italy the Christian Democratic Party and the former neo-fascist political party Movimento Sociale Italiano (MSI). While most political leaders of the Christian Democratic Party are no longer active,(with the exception of Guilio Andreotti) the former leader of the MSI, Gianfranco Fini, is a current member of the Berlusconi government, and will most likely be the next Prime Minister of Italy due to the political composition of Italian politics.
In the Strategy of Tension campaign, the extreme center right political parties supported by a secret Masonic lodge, known as P2, which contained several high-ranking government officials in the secret services, national police and wealthy members of society like Silvio Berlusconi, conducted three well-known terrorist operations in Italy. With the goal of blaming center left political dissidents for the terrorist attacks, the members of the secret Masonic lodge in addition to members of the extreme right wing political parties were worried that the communist party in Italy was gaining too much political power and that an over throw of the government would protect the interests of the status quo powers in Italy. In addition to members of the center right political parties benefiting from a coup d’etat wealthy individuals and owners of capital and industry such as Silvio Berlusconi would benefit from a right wing coup d’etat.
The Piazza Fontana bombing in Milano Italy at the Nationale dell’ Agricoltura (National Bank of Agriculture) just a short distance away from the site of the attack on Silvio Berlusconi on Sunday was the Italian extreme right wing’s and secret Masonic lodge P2 fist attempt at a coup d’etat in Italy. In addition to killing 17 people and wounding another 100 mainly farmers and tradesman in their weekly visit to the bank, an additional two other bombs went off in Rome wounding an additional 18 people. Although the President of Italy at the time President Saragat wanted to declare a state of public emergency, something that had never occurred before in the history of the Italian Republic, and would have led to future elections favoring the extreme right, Aldo Moro opposed the move. Showing the same moral courage and respect to a pluralistic democratic society for which he would later be killed for by his own friends in the government in 1978, Aldo Moro stood up to the proponents of violence and fear.
In addition to the Piazza Fontana bombing, the extreme right wing with the certain support of the secret Masonic lodge members conducted two additional terrorist attacks in the 1980s, killing an additional 98 innocent people. These attacks included the bombing of the main train station in the center left stronghold of Bologna, Italy killing over 82 innocent people, and later a bombing of a train in transit between Florence and Rome killing 16 innocent people. Demonstrating the utter contempt for protecting the very people they are responsible to protect and the depraved behavior of some members of the Italian right wing political parties, the train bombing in 1984, was conducted by the Neapolitan mafia clan the Camorra and supported by right wing political members of the government. The collusion between the mafia in Italy and Italian politics is well known and is perhaps the best well-known dirty little secret of a major European power.
With this addition information, the attack on Silvio Berlusconi will undoubtedly fuel the pages of behindologists, people seeking dark and intriguing explanations for public political events such as when a major mafia member is captured in Sicily or people who believe nothing happens in Italian politics by accident. Due to the decades long political collusion of the Sicilian mafia with several high ranking government officials such as seven time Prime Minister Giulio Andreotti, to the political assassination of Aldo Moro for his willingness to bring the Communist Party of Italy into a governing coalition, the history of Italy is littered with numerous examples of political violence. Most often, these political acts of violence were conducted with the support and instigation of politicians back in Rome.
Perhaps the attacker of Silvio Berlusconi has avoided watching the weapons of mass distraction media controlled by Silvio Berlusconi and the revisionist history offered up on the media channels he controls that does not discuss or plays down these very important historical events on political violence.

Comment   by   Google-blogger-:
 ENOUGH   IS  ENOUGH!        I  believe  that   extreme   measures   are  essential   to   deal   with   terrorists  and   Mafiosi  and  their   accomplices   or   supporters,   even    their   families,    who   are   guilty  of   silence,   who  use  automatic  weapons  and  high-explosives    to     terrorise   and   enslave  to  their    will,  in  a  para-military  fashion,  in    accurately  premeditated,   planned,   heavily-supported   acts  of  violence,    in  a  way   exceeding  the  States'  normal,   Civil   capacity  to   cope.
In  my  opinion   Martial  Law   should  be    invoked   and  applied   with a    severe   bias   against   these    anti-social,   criminal  elements,   and   I  mean,    outside   the  Geneva  Convention,   the    Cesare  Beccaria's    humanitarian,   anti-capital-punishment    Laws.     I  would   even  condone     spontaneous    pogroms   of  lynching    against   these   Mafia   members   whom   everyone   knows  in  Sicily,   Calabria   Puglie,  Campania,  etc.  etc.    The  flow  of   terror   must  be    reversed  onto  them  and  their  families.
Berlusconi  has  been  asking   for    the    act  of  that  desperate,  frustrated,  ashamed,  poor   devil  of   an    Italian,   with  the  continuous   evasions  of   Justice's   actions   in  his  favour  and   of   the  Mafiosi    supporters,      and   his   financial   manipulations   which  have  been  making   him   the  wealthiest  man in  Italy,   have  been  making   Italy   a  laughing   stock  among  Nations,    encouraging   and    perpetuating   the   Mafia's    mentality  of  a   corrupt  Italian  Republican  Nation   and  Italian  Society!
Just   mention  the  INDULTO  or  MORATORIUM,   favouring   the  Tangentialists  (  Bribes-   accepting  Politicians),  the  Mafia   bosses,   the  Politicians,    and  the   recent   allowance into   Italy   of   all   the   existing    criminal  Funds   waiting   abroad   for   LAUNDERING   ( i.e., Prostitution,   Arms-Sales,   Drug-Traffic,    Women-Flesh-Traffiking,    Human-Organ-Traffiking  that  includes  murdering   the  donor,     Illegal  Immigrations,   Immigrants-exploitation   etc. ).
Italy  is  not   any   longer  a   major    Nation   of   the  Western  World   but   with   the  Balkan States,   has  become   the   arse-hole  of  Europe,    a  sewer   and   militarily-wise,   the    soft  belly   of  Europe.   Gheddafi   could    walk  into  Italy  in  a  week!
Italy  has  been culturally   living   on  the    memories  of   its  great   aristocratic,    to-day   non-existent,   PAST.
Italty  is  to-day  a  Nation  of  Mafiosi,  peasants,   goat-herders  and  shepperds.   


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