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Greenpeace Director, Giuseppe Onufrio, on nuclear power

Nuclear power will never be approved.

There are only two kinds of people that are in favour of nuclear power, namely those who are ill-informed and those that stand to profit from it. There is no such thing as a safe nuclear power station. Not a single insurance company anywhere in the world has ever been willing to insure any nuclear power station. No safe system has yet been discovered for disposing of radioactive waste. Nuclear power is not cheap and the costs involved in the construction, operation and decommissioning of a nuclear power station far exceed the value of the power that it generates. Nuclear power is always paid for by the country’s citizens, either in the form of an extra levy on their utility bills or via their taxes. Nuclear power is generated using Uranium, a limited resource that will be exhausted within the next 50 years. Only 4/5 countries in the world have Uranium deposits, and Italy is not one of them. France, the Country that wants to export its nuclear industry (funded by the Government) to Italy, has already failed in Finland and continues to have nuclear accidents occurring in their own Country. Have you heard enough yet? No? Well then I will carry on. Italians voted against nuclear power in a referendum and it is impossible to go against the will of the people. If someone wanted to build any new power stations, another referendum would have to be held first. A non-Parliament, consisting of non-parliamentarians not elected by the citizens has made a law regarding nuclear power. The only ones that this Government has bothered to consult are Confidustria and Enel. Power from renewable resources has overtaken nuclear power around the world. The United States has decided not to build any more nuclear power stations and is now investing in solar power and wind power. Should any nuclear power station in Italy, let’s say at Trino Vercellese, explode like the Chernobyl plant did, and no one can guarantee that this would never happen, life as we know it would disappear in our Country for tens of thousands of years.
Together with Greenpeace, I am currently going around to the public libraries and schools to explain just how senseless nuclear power really is. Again together with Greenpeace, I have produced a documentary entitled "Terra reloaded", which includes the opinions of renowned global experts, such as Lester Brown and Jeremy Rifkin, with regard to the future of this planet. Any schools that request a copy of this video from the Blog will receive one free of charge.

Interview with Giuseppe Onufrio, Director of Greenpeace Italia.

Giuseppe Onufrio: "In Finland and in France they are busy building these new power stations known as Epr, which are a French design. In this regard, a few months ago we discovered that these power stations have never been approved due to the fact that their emergency systems do not meet the minimum nuclear safety requirements, which are? The emergency system may not be physically located in the same area as the normal operating systems because, in the event of an accident occurring, if one of the systems should fail, then the backup system would also fail.
The first indication came in a letter dated December last year: the Finnish safety authority wrote to the French manufacturer, Areva, complaining about the fact that the people attending the meetings were incompetent with regard to nuclear safety and stating that: “notwithstanding the fact that we ordered you to re-design the emergency system, this has never been done”.
In April, this letter was leaked and Greenpeace lodged a complaint in this regard. In June 2009, the British Nuclear Safety Agency drafted a document, which, in addition to stating that this type of power station, both the French and the American Ap 1000 design manufactured by Westinghouse, would not survive a direct hit in the event of an aircraft crash, also reiterated the Finnish claims, namely that the emergency system does not meet the minimum nuclear safety requirements regarding the independence of the two systems.
On the 15th October, the French Nuclear Safety Agency wrote to the manufacturer, saying the same thing. On the 22nd October, no less than three Nuclear Safety Agencies issued a joint communiqué stating that it would be impossible to approve the current plans for the Epr reactor. Yet the power station is already under construction and our politicians are trying to fool you into believing that we will have a plant that is the epitome of safety while, in reality, both in the country in which the power plant is being built, and in England, which is itself interested in replacing its own ageing power plants with these new ones, they are saying that “The project cannot be approved and it is going to take at least two or three years to get back on track”. Meanwhile, back in Finland, the Finnish Safety Authority has discovered no less than 2,100 non-compliances at the Olkiluoto construction site, where one of the two reactors in question is currently under construction. Furthermore, in October it was discovered that the welds on the power station’s cooling circuit, which constitutes an extremely important safety system, are not up to the required standard and all further work within the plant was halted. This alone should be enough to convince you that the people we are dealing with are trying to sell us something that doesn’t exist! There is another alternative, however, namely to cut our power consumption in Italy by 20%, thereby saving money. Energy saving really is our first option. Generating power from renewable resources and energy savings could provide three times the amount of power supplied by the four nuclear reactors that Enel wants to build. In this way, we could still achieve the European objectives, which would also result in the creation of numerous jobs. In closing, what I would like to say to anyone who is prepared to listen, is that the German renewable energy sector employs more people than their automotive industry, and the German automotive industry is by no means smaller that the Italian one."

Blog: "Why is there so much insensitivity in our Country when it comes to environmental issues?"

Giuseppe Onufrio: "Apparently not! Just today, Eurisko released a ...(off-mike discussion) in any case, the problem lies with the elite of this Country, the financial and political elites, that prefer to not get involved. I would like to remind you that the issue of global warming is a topic that no longer divides the left and the right wing in the major European Countries, but has also become an industrial objective. In Italy, instead, we have an elite that, in the interests of little lobby groups or little private interests, want to put this Country back on the nuclear energy path while, in certain other Countries, the problem is what to do to keep it going. In Italy, someone who is perhaps currently selling steel or cement would like to get into this business. In reality, this elite has no future vision for our Country and, unfortunately, when a Country has no real vision of its own future, then it also has no real vision of a possible future. We believe that the battle is still ongoing and that we can win it, but there is a hard battle ahead of us, so I believe that in Copenhagen, that is unless Copenhagen fails dismally, Italy could play a leading role because there is no shortage of intelligence and ability in this Country. What is lacking is only a vision of a possible future, albeit an industrial one."

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COMMENT by blogger-:

I wonder why and how, in the present climate and scale of global energetic failure, no one declares excessive procreation illegal and criminal to-day, together with a suggestion and recommendation that no aid of whatsoever type, with the exception of anti-conceptional drugs or devices, be given to anyone not controlling demographic expansion?
With all the available anti-conceptional drugs, devices, know-how, why does not anyone has the guts to tell Moslems, Asians and Africans to stop their criminal fornications without control?
Babies may be beautiful and innocent but, in the long run, excessive, irredsponsible procreation causes wars, famines, treacherous, merciless competitions, water-scarcities, etc.
With regard to energy, including the Nuclear, may I remind the global multitude and majority of Democratic, politically spoiled western Pinocchios, worshippers of rights and freedoms without duties, risks and sacrifices, that the Masters of our New Era, i.e, of Global Warming shall be those who, like China shall hold energetic resources, plenty of water, while others shall have become the new paupers, slaves, peasants, the citizens of Third World Nations, for the fear of keeping pace with and the risks involved with the energetic race?

I have  checked  the   50   years   availability  of  uranium   with  an  Australian   Organisation   and   found  this    may   be   incorrect.   Here is the  answer-:

Thanks for asking !

We get this 50 year question a lot, and based on the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s 4th assessment report, the answer is “centuries” !

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