Monday, November 16, 2009

Post 181. Australians are pathetic wingers!

Australians are pathetic wingers!

To-day in peasant Australia, a child who has individualistic traits is liable to be labelled as autistic or some other label, by some ex-sheep-shearing grongo with a Degree in Psychology or Psychiatry from Latrobe University...............etc. Last night on TV Rudd and Turnbull were lacrimating for and apologising to the half a million British children brought down toward the end of the WWII when England appeared to be liable to be overwhelmed by Hitler, before the American intervention, an idea in which the great, stoical, historical western giant, yes also sometimes fallible ( as in the debacles of Csetiphont and Gallipoli when he was still in his learning stage), as he was also a great human being, Churchill participated. Both Rudd and Turnbull have not the greatness required to even tie-up Churchills' shoelaces. Why not apologise to Australian soldiers thrown onto impossible targets at Gallipoli without artillery? Being born in Australia is not, I repeat, is not especially to-day, at all a prerequisite or proof of greatness, rather the contrary applying for reasons I cannot get into here. There are plenty of explanations I am afraid. To-day, forgetting the motivation and sacrifice that the British themselves painfully felt at the time, but bore with noble stoicism, a word lackadisiacal Australians do not even know exists, Australia is apologising for and condemning the whole exercise as an act of pure cruelty, the act of a sadistic generation. For what? As for the Australian Aborigenes' so called lost generation, films and records show every good intention and material care extended to these children who were magnificently dressed, housed, fed and educated etc. Yes, in all such large scale exercises involving children, one finds paedophiles, sodomites (sarcophiles ), sadists, abusers of various sorts etc. mixed within those employed to oversee and supervise etc. Even the great Roman Catholic Church has these, owing to its magnitudes of scale and ambition for goodness. So what? If an apology should be made at all, this should be about Australia having transformed these 500,000 British individuals from once stout, stoical, uncompromising "beefeaters' " stock, into pathetic Australian wingers, by their long haired, substance-indulging, morality-bending hippie-like teachers, whose knowlege of history begins at the Eureka Stockade, who ignore the meaning of stoicism and moral duty, always waffling about human rights without duties. It is a matter of statistics. Every statistician knows about the Curve of Population Distribution which invariably, shows that every population of objects and even of a quality such as human beings' intelligence always presents a narrow band of exceptions. In the case of objects in relation to quality control this exception is of the defective objects, in the case of intelligence it is of the geniuses or the supra-normal individuals, if one is looking at useful abnormality ( the genius), referring to the criminals and distorted individuals in the cas e the curve is about defective intelligence. In Australia, in particular one may find a higher concentration of these vermin ( defectives) but this is to be expected as Australia has had, is having, shall have a large number of European rejects, also from other nations as Immigrants. Australia has also got the highest level of tolerance for these vermin-like individuals as well as criminal elements. There is in fact no other Nation in the world where exploitative, abusive, oppressive, corrupting crime and sexual distortions could be more easily controlled due to the absence of overpopulated, ghetto-like, dilapidated, ruinous suburbs as some of the other Metropolis in the world have, in which these vermins take shelter, hide and multiply through the procreation of their own kind. Transparency and knowlege of these individuals is the blessed reality of Australia. Yet one has here the accumulation of a distorted sense of false humanity and compassion that protects and shelters these individuals, ( I suggest that they should be reformed ) these criminals, resulting from a distorted sense of guilt and fellowship that stems from the fact that some anscestors were guilty of these type of crimes and distortions. I wonder, when the Australian Police High Commissioner publicly admits that Australia is unable to defeat crime or reduce or cure sexual distortions, but can only hope to maintain these under a bare minimum of control, wether the same Police, Judiciary and Politicians are not sheltering their own relatives among these groups of anti-Social elements. What I mean is that, we obviously know exactly who and where these people are and live but have so called democratic laws, which require excessive proof of criminal or distorted activity being carried out, so biased in favour of crime as to render our crime-fighting-organisations practically helpless. The danger in this type of scenario is demonstrated by present Repubblican Democratic Italy where Crime is in control, having infiltrated all levels of Government since the end of WWII after the exhile of the Savoja Monarchy. If one adds to the above mentioned crimes, terroristic activities, then the scenario becomes even more frightening and unacceptable. Stoicism for the sake of the Nation and of the Civilisation, for the majority, is required by leaders in so far as these have to be prepared to indite and do something effective about their own ofspring ( if/when criminal or distorted ), relatives, friends, etc. once these are known to be carrying out criminal or distorted activities. Changing moral/ethical definitions is not the solution. Stop the pathetic winging, apologising, and take concerted action you mongrels, else go back to running your waterless farms. And get us Nuclear Energy and unlimited new water so as to maintain and support the increasing population else criminals from desperation shall increase!


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