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Post 180. "The Law is Equal for All ", is pure unadultered Italian Republican Mafia's crap.

Post 180. "The Law is Equal for All ", is pure unadultered Italian Republican Mafia's crap.
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Posted by Beppe Grillo at 04:20 PM in Wailing Wall.

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This is now the umpteenth youngster who has died in jail. The umpteenth Stefano Cucchi. This time around, in the case of Giuseppe Uva of Varese, they didn't even offer the usual excuses like "He was an addict, a drug dealer, he got what was coming to him". Giuseppe was neither of the two. He was simply drunk and landed up dying because he was showing off. This massacre must stop now. 1531 deaths in ten years in our jails alone, not to mention all the other cases. Federico Aldrovandi died in the street, Riccardo Rasman instead in his own home. The ones that are dying are poor devils, with clean records, the youngsters, the invisible ones. By the end of this year, the "Vittime di Stato" association will be up and running, to help the families affected.

Interview with Giuseppe Uva’s sister and his friend Alberto Bigiogero

Lucia Uva: "I am here with my sister Carmela Uva and one of Giuseppe Uva’s friends, Alberto Bigiogero and I’m here to tell this story, a terrible story that ended very badly: at 3 o’clock in the morning on 14 June 2008, my brother was stopped in the street, together with his friend Bigiogero..."

Alberto Bigiogero: "I was out with Giuseppe Uva on the night between the 14th and the 15th June 2008 when, being somewhat under the influence, we barricaded off a road in Varese, thereby essentially obstructing the traffic in the centre of Varese. When we were stopped by a “Carabinieri” vehicle, Mr. Uva was thrown to the ground and then chucked into the car and punched. I was thrown into a Police vehicle, a squad car and we were taken to the police station in Via Saffi in Varese, where these two policemen, one of whom was a Carabiniere, and his colleagues began to beat the living daylights out of him, right there in the police station, and saying: “your turn is coming”. At which point, the moment I was left alone, I phoned 118, begging them to come and help us because a friend of mine was being beaten, but they said that there was nothing they could do because we were in the police station. Then a man with Asian features arrived, I think he may have been Chinese, carrying what looked like a medical bag, at which point my friend Beppe stopped screaming. I felt extremely relieved because I thought that they had stopped beating him."

Carmela Uva: "I am Giuseppe Uva’s other sister and I received a telephone call regarding him at 7,20 on the morning of 14 June 2008. The first thing I did was to ask “what has happened?”. The person on the other side said “nothing lady. I just wanted to let you know that your brother was found lying in the street and he is in a terrible state”. Except for the fact that this doctor was very insistent and wanted to know whether my brother took any drugs, in other words, was he a drug user. Now, I’m well aware that my brother could have passed for a tramp, in fact they call him “the Tramp” and, out on the streets he could well have done many things, but as far as we are aware, he never did any drugs. So I told this man “look, I will come down there just as soon as I can get ready”. He answered saying “Yes, okay, but you can take your time because he is quiet right now, at the moment he is sedated, there’s no problem”. At that point, this doctor arrived and showed us into his office. I asked him “Excuse me, but where is my brother precisely?”. He said “Well lady, stay calm, he is next door, all…”. “No, no, we want to see him”, “yes, okay”. He led us next door and when we walked into the room, well, all I can tell you is that it was something... He didn’t even look like our brother any more. He was lying there with four pillows under his head and covered by a sheet, a drip in his arm and he was snoring loudly, but it did not sound like any normal snore. Something was clearly wrong…he was close to death. I tried to move closer to him but this doctor stopped me, saying “no, madam, look, don’t go any closer because he is asleep”. I said “Doctor, how can he be asleep like this? Is this normal?” He said “yes, yes, he has been sedated. Don’t worry because by this afternoon, in about three or four hours he will wake up and then you can talk to him as much as you like”. “Ok”, so I said to my sister “Listen, it’s almost midday already, stay calm”. At 11h30, or was it 11h00, they came out and said “madam, please sit down”. I said “Doctor, what is the matter?” Then the other doctor said “we did everything we could for him, even the impossible, but unfortunately even that was not enough”. So I said to the Doctor “Excuse me doctor, but who are you talking about?” He answered “your brother has died”.
My heart sank and I reacted really badly because, after all, one minute they tell you that he is sedated and that he is sleeping, and the next minute they come out and tell you that he died, because his heart gave in. At that moment I was screaming like a mad person. I said to this doctor “that’s impossible, there is no way that he could have died of cardiac arrest, so I demand that an autopsy be done”. They let us see him and when we looked at him, we could see that he had been beaten, he was covered in bruises, I can’t tell you the state he was in ... so my other sister said “excuse me, but what is this swollen bruise? Why is his knee so swollen? Why does he have ...?” The doctor stated that he had got the swollen bruise when the four people jumped on him in an attempt to resuscitate him.

Lucia Uva: "It is now a year and a half that I have been seeking justice. We have been unable to get justice simply because some or other magistrate was not even notified that my brother had died! I have to ask myself how these doctors, good doctors according to all accounts, could have administered Tavor, En and Solfaren to someone who was drunk, four medicines that led to cardiac arrest. This is what they said, we have the report from the doctors, who were placed under investigation. We are appealing to a magistrate to ask that some light be shed on all why Giuseppe had all those bruises, why Giuseppe had so many marks on his body, body blows, a broken nose, his eyes ... blows to his legs, cracked ribs, all the things that have been hushed up. It is said that Giuseppe was high on drugs, a drug dealer, all sorts of things are being said. I had some toxicology tests conducted, which showed that my brother was neither a drug user nor a drug peddler. Doctor Kelly’s findings arrived too late, so my attorney failed to submit them to the Court in time. I arranged for another forensic pathologist from Bologna to check the autopsy findings by looking at all of the photographs of my brother, because even my pathologists feel that another autopsy should be carried out on the body and because every bone in my brother’s body was broken! What makes me angry is that a doctor was prepared to do an autopsy and then report that my brother’s body only displayed some minor abrasions and slight bruising. This attorney messed me around for a year and a half. He must have been in league with the people who told him that the matter should be hushed up, because the police never bothered to question the youngster that was with my son, nor have they ever bothered to call me, nor have we ever received any honest answers. The fist case ended with the doctors being blamed, all okay. Now they’ve opened another criminal case, but the prosecutor has not yet given us permission to come in to examine the case docket, which mentions certain other unknown persons who were involved. They have the names of those who picked him up and those who took him to the police station, they have witness statements, they have everything they need, yet no one knows precisely what happened to Giuseppe! They say that “Giuseppe was shouting, he was possessed, he was beating himself”, but if he had indeed hit himself, even if he had used a stick, I don’t see how he could have massacred his own hand, massacred his own nose and his entire body like that. I don’t believe it because I know my own brother and he was no masochist! What I want to know, from the magistrate that handled the case from the very beginning, is precisely what happened that night. I want the truth and you, Mr. Public Prosecutor, must tell me what that truth is! And the same goes for those family men in uniform who should be protecting us and not beating us to death, because I am certain that, on that fateful night, Giuseppe was beaten to death! And I want to see justice done, justice!! Pino and all the others like him must be allowed to rest, because they need to rest, but not to die in this manner! We also have children, just like you gentlemen in uniform, so tell me, what would you do if one day the same thing should happen to you as what happened to us, that some of your colleagues come across your sons and don’t happen to recognise who they are! I will continue the battle to find out what happened to Giuseppe and all those like him, every last one of them, starting with Stefano and then Federico, Marcello, all these people who are apparently dying of cardiac arrest, I wonder why! I keep asking myself why! I no longer believe in fairy tales. I am 50 years old and I stopped believing in fairy tales when I was 6 years old: I want to know why Giuseppe died!"



Italy and perhaps all the West, badly, urgently needs a Judiciary System and a Police that distinguishes between the average independent individual, who is perhaps stupid, childish, naive, loves to play pranks and to act as a strong person in an unpremeditated way, unarmed, harmless to the State and to Society, and the recruit of organised crime ( of the Mafia-type or the Brigate Rosse-type ), dedicated to carry out orders in a terroristic way, using explosives, sabotage, powerful weapons, powerful systems of communications, electronic communications systems and controls provided and allowed by the extreme wealth of the organised crime that uses him ( her ). For what little we know these powers could eventually, treasonably serve our enemies.
The treatment suffered onto death by these individuals who, although braking the peace and the Law in ways relatively innocuous to the State and to Society, if perhaps insulting and frustrating to our hard-pressed and Law-Rules of Engagement-frustrated-maddened Carabinieri ( let us try to understand these poor bastards too ), when contrasted to those of our Mafiosis ( i.e., the murderers of Falcone Borsellino, Della Chiesa’s etc.), should be reserved by special Laws, defined as Martial or Unti-Terroristic, aimed against those who act on behalf of organised, planned, premeditated Crime. The only choice given them should be information about their Organisation and their accomplices, or death by hanging and the evaluation of their extended families’ complicity, with reulting confiscations of wealth, deprivation from civil rights like voting, etc..
During their apprehension and capture, no Rules of Engagement should apply, execution in the street being allowable at the discretion of the Police ( as the Brazilians do ), when captured with explosives or powerful weapons in their possession or when reacting with unreasonable resistance and having caused the death of a member(s) of the capturing team. We are now at a stage of infiltration by Mafias, when emergency measures ( Martial Law/Unti-Terroristic Law) must be adopted. Normal Civil law to be continued for unpremeditated crime of a non-terroristic nature.
In short the Italian, Democratic, Republican dictum that “ THE LEGGE E’ UGUALE PER TUTTI ” ( “ THE LAW IS THE SAME FOR ALL ” should not be allowed to mean that a uniform legislation should cover all types of crimes ( I understand there is already a difference recognised between a premeditation and a crime of passion, but this should be expanded ) and be allowed to SOPHISTICALLY protect those, like the Mafiosis who have the means to compete with the State, because, in addition to money, they have infiltrated it, or have the power to fill our Police with that fear, desperation and frustration that paranoically drives it to lash out unreasonably against poor bastards, as an illusion and self-delusion that something is being done afterall. These poor bastards become in short the scapegoats or sacrificial victims to a State and its Judiciary that is fellonious, false, irresponsible and criminal.
May God begin punishing the saracenic traitors for generations! Amen!
It also follows that, paradoxically so, unless the system begins distinguishing between the quality of Crimes, by the use of Martial or Unti-Terroristic legislation with Capital Punishment, including Summary Executions, the relatives of these relatively innocuous victims should concentrate in demanding that the Law be indeed equal for all and that Mafiosis be dealt with at least the same severity and fatality ( starting with Sicilian, Calabrian, Pugliesi Police Stations ) these pooor bastards have experienced. We want to see lists of Mafiosis apprehended and beaten to death else I’ll say our Carabinieri, especially the southern ones sent to Northern Italy, are a band of COWARDS who victimise those who cannot retaliate and that these Carabinieri are perhaps they themselves Mafiosis in uniform. So help us God!


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