Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Post 169. Italians.........stop making the World LAUGH as it hurts.

Beppe Grillo's Article-: Ten questions for Italians.

In Pescara they made a mistake in putting the 10 questions to “Tom Tom Gasparri”, who was invited as a speaker to the Paolo Borsellino Prize together with Clemente Mastella. How could the cross-eyed chameleon respond? Every question starts with the word “think…” What does “Tom Tom” think? You must be joking.
The 10 questions should be put to the Italians. All of them. They are the ones, we are the ones, who are responsible for the massacre of democracy. We don’t want to truly give the responsibility just to “Tom Tom” and the psycho-dwarf, do we? La Repubblica puts questions about the whores, the newspapers of the government about the “transsexuals”. Sex has become the weapon of mass distraction. The whore-monger is right wing, the queer is left wing. Why are the PDL and the PDminusL attacking each other on the futile motives of orifices and not on the death of Borsellino, or on the mafia people in Parliament or on the conflict of interests? Marrazzo against D'Addario, Papi against Boffo.
Shit in the fan is used to hide the reality of an across-the-board-business-committee. If you take away one card, the whole castle collapses. Many Italians know all this. They feel disgusted by politics, but they do not lift a finger. Most of the Italians do not deserve Borsellino and Falcone. Gentlemen (a word whose meaning has been lost) who died for nothing. In a mafia system, the honest ones are the true criminals.

1) Do you think that Borsellino would have agreed with the presence of about 10 parliamentarians who have been definitively convicted among the ranks of the PDL?
2) Do you think that Borsellino would have agreed with the presence of Dell’Utri in parliament?
3) Do you think that Borsellino would have agreed with Berlusconi’s statement that Mangano was a hero?
4) Do you think that Borsellino would have agreed with the situation of having a candidate like Cosentino in Campania?
5) Do you think that Borsellino would have agreed with the candidacy of Mastella, already under investigation, at the European elections, and his subsequent election?
6) Do you remember in 1994 you said that: “Di Pietro is a living legend” even when the judges of the team entered the Fininvest offices? Have you perhaps changed your opinion?
7) What do you think of the Lodo Alfano? Will you thus be pleased that it’s been overturned? If Berlusconi has time to go with the “escorts”, he’ll also find time to defend himself, don’t you think?
8) Why has Italy been given 4 negative verdicts by the courts (European Court of Justice, Constitutional Court, Lazio’s TAR and the Council of State) for the Europa 7/Rete 4 affair even after the law that carries your name? And why, in 2009, has Italy gone down to position 49 for the freedom of information?
9) Do you think that Borsellino would have agreed with the failure to sweep away the local authority of the town of Fondi because of mafia infiltration as requested by the Latina Prefect and by Minister Maroni himself?
10) Do you think that Borsellino would have agreed with the continual attacks on the magistracy by Berlusconi (remember “to be a judge you have to have a mental disturbance” from La Repubblica 2003) and by the top brass of the PDL, including the accusation of madness of the judges investigating the slaughter of via D’Amelio?

Italians, you are making everyone LAUGH! You are Comedians!
(0) Stop waffling, talking, begin acting.
(1) Organise a Body ( like a Royal Commission in Britain, Spain or Australia ) for the Investigation of all Accounts above a certain Level. It would become a self-financing Investigation ( Clean-up Operation ), I am sure. Ask Europe for help if compelled to do so and cannot trust Italians. It appears to me no one can be trusted in an Italy that has become to-day an open moral sewer, una Cloaca Massima.
(2) Abolish secrecy of Financial Accounts.
(3) Demand a history of sources and growth of Financial Accounts.
(4) Make Laws to deal separately with Crimes of a premeditated, planned, organised, collusive, collective type such as the Mafia indulges in. Call it a type of Martial or National-Emergency Laws
(5) These special Laws must be more severe and powerful than normal Civil Law, enough to fight this organised Crime. Any criminal involved with or caught using explosives or weapons more powerful than a pistol, to be dealt with more severely, in proportion to the lethality and power of the weapons.
(6) Re-introduce the death penalty for criminals belonging to organised, premeditated, planned Crime such as Mafiosis are.
(7) Confiscate their wealth and give a small pension to their families. Remove these to the Confine, away from their original birth-places.
(8) Eliminate the INDULTO ( INDULGENCE/MORATORIUM ) for criminals of organised Crime. The death penalty should take care of this and empty your prisons. ALLELUJAH!
ETC. ETC. Stop making the World LAUGH!


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