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Post163. Some more Logic to educate modern Pinocchios.

Beppe Grillo's Article from
followed by various comments, including
( Attilio Louis Ferreri ).

According to tradition, it was in Villa Madama where in 2009, on the occasion of the discussion on the sites of the airports of Malpensa (closed in 2012) and Fiumicino (now called "Nicolas Sakozy") in a reserved room, the historical meeting between the then President Silvio Berlusconi (who was later a fugitive in Tobruk, Libya) and Massimo D'Alema who was at the time a simple deputy, the occasion that went down in history as: “mess-up of the Madames”. The precise location where the meeting took place is anyway still the subject of debate: certain historians in fact base their ideas on documents that report the position as the nearby Palazzo Grazioli in company of escorts from Apulia, while according to other evidence, the meeting between the leaders was celebrated in Putin’s big bed that was moved for the occasion into a suite in Villa Madama.
Dialogue of the meeting that changed Italy:

MD: «I am here, because on matters that are important relating to the future of the country, I am present.»
SB: «There should be more occasions to meet up in the interests of the country. I am always saying that.»
MD: «President, however, I feel offended. Because Palenzona who is here present, while looking at me, said that there is a part of the Minority that is “responsible”, implying that the rest is not. However, it’s not like that. We are all responsible.»
SB: «I am the one who is happiest. I hope that there are other occasions like this. »
MD: «I am always ready … »

Shortly before that, Palenzona had praised Gianni Letta comparing him to water, “that you are aware of its worth only when it’s not there”.

MD: «If I’m not mistaken, it was Baudelaire that said the same thing of “love”, however, in Letta’s case, even though he is good, it seems slightly exaggerated.»
SB: «But do you know, president D'Alema, the reason why I have never learned to use the internet? Because I don’t need to, given that anything that comes to mind, I ask Letta. Who, anyway, is much faster. »
MD: «OK, if you will excuse me … I’m going to get a glass of this famous Letta’s water »

(in relation to the previous, disturbing comment by Robert Morrison )-:
It is easy to criticise soldiers who are afraid of death or wounds, perhaps capture by the Talibans! Owing to my physical unfitness I have never been a soldier. But I descend from military ancestry since the Middle Ages, actually since times immemorial, and War is in my DNA, unlike the goat-herders, the shepperds, the merchants/Lawyers ( Obama) and drug-store keepers ( Berlusconi ) modern Democratic Republics insist in their egalitarian bulshit, in training as soldiers, a waste of money, believing they can fight and die honourably on a field of battle just because they are big dudes and have big Cro-Magnon 'cazzo ' ( dicks) and the girls scream for them! But I would be ready to go there anytime as a Fighting-Morale-Building-Officer if there were any such Office. Let me say something though. Italians are too intelligent, sensitive and imaginative to be good soldiers. Especially so when the Rules of Engagement written by Lawyers who have never been in actual combat are simply unrealistic and favouring the Opponents, our ideals of humanity are misplaced and a waste in relation to the barbarity of the anachronistic islamic world-vision, and the leaders are Politicians who have also never been in combat ( by combat I mean on the ground, in the line of fire, at Platoon-level ), like Obama, Berlusconi have not, etc. I would actually make it as a necessary prerequisite/qualification, as it was for the Romans, that the rise to any Govenment or Public Office be only allowed to those who have actually seen and commanded in battle or been members of the Defence Forces. But please leave out the Corporals like Hitler and Mussolini and the Sergeants! The West is asking soldiers to fight with their hands tied behind their backs, when War is all about achieving superiority and ruthlessly exerting it on the battlefield, denying the Opponents retreat, resources, quarters etc. The Talibans are illegal, irregular fighters, partisans, terrorists, hiding among the civilian population, even using this, against every civilised convention against our soldiers. They are war-criminals worse than the Nazis and the Fascists and the Samurais, who at least fought with a uniform on. The Talibans'
( terrorists/partisans) next of kin, their people are actually military resources and should be targeted, their women and children removed from the villages they use for resupply. Warnings should be given and ultimatums with time to evacuate and the mountain villages blown up when compliance is not made. Western soldiers are reacting to the stupidity and wastefulness of their plebeian, unmilitary leaders. Give the Generals total control, a blanque cheque and immunity, for God's sake before it is too late! Keep the treacherous, shortsighted ( historically and politically-wise), sensation-loving and seeking, fake-emotion stirring, Reporters and Journalists out of it. Once a war has been declared the only decision for its termination is a reaching of its objectives. In Iraq the sufficient objective was hanging Saddam Hussein. Reconstruction should be the Opponents/Resistors' responsibility not ours at all. We should not even occupy the Country. This, repeated as often as necessary, would finally teach good manners and a love of peace. An embargo should be placed on habitual trouble-makers, to obtain heavy strategic armament or in the manufacturing or assembling of the same, wasting
scarce natural resources.
Look as an example, to how educated and wise
Japan has become after the lessons of WWII!!!!!!!!

Allow our soldiers to fight, not to waste time and resources, including our precious soldiers' lives. Punish yellow-bellies by depriving these from civil rights and good jobs when they return.

It has been suggested that paying the Taliban to forego attacking NATO troops is not a novel technique. In fact, the de-escalation of the war in Iraq may have more to do with Sunni fighters being placed on the American payroll than the surge. If that's the case, the news that Italians paid the Taliban to spare them from their attacks, is not as serious as the headline in the British paper makes it out to be. What is serious, however, is the fact that when Italians were redeployed and the French took over the patrol duties of an area thought to be calm, they were never told of the monetary agreement between Italians and the Taliban. And of course, with the Italians gone, the Taliban found themselves no longer bound to any agreement and that made the French fair game for ambushes. The deadly bungle - costing the lives of ten French soldiers - however, seems more like a "failure to communicate" than "willfull neglect." Sure, I understand Italians angrily denying bribing the enemy but, again, the tactic may have been inaugurated by the Americans in Iraq. Now, pundits are speculating on the timing of the leak. Many are saying that the news may have been leaked to the media to further embarass ( as if it's needed) the Italian government, make Berlusconi's hold on power much more tenuous as his foreign policy (too cozy with Putin and Ghadaffi) is not aligned with American and British interests. Possible. However, right from the get go, the Italian Prime Minister did not exactly endear himself with the international community at large. His antics and free-wheeling mouth even grated right-wing politicians and conservative newspapers all over the world. He made himself persona-non-grata (Michelle stayed well back when she met him) and the tragedy is that he surrounded himself with fanatical loyal aides who worship him like a saint, boosting his narcistic mindset. I think Berlusconi has no idea to what degree democracy is important to the leaders of Western nations: he may have been elected democratically, but they cannot forget the huge conflict of interest he is in and that's a big no-no in Western democracies. Also, the fact that Berlusconi is embroiled (and in trouble) with the justice system to the high degree that he is and refuses to do the right thing by stepping down like a Western democratic leader might do is certainly winning him no friends and is alienating Italy from the big European democracies.
Posted by: louis pacella | October 16, 2009 05:18 PM

What a crappy English translator. Must be Italian.
Posted by: Robert Morrison | October 16, 2009 02:28 PM

What a crappy English translator. Must be Italian.
Posted by: Robert Morrison | October 16, 2009 02:28 PM

Che grandi cazzate! Poor Italy!


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