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Post 154a. Severity and Illegal Immigration

Severity and Illegal Immigration.

I am not totally familiar with all the aspects of the "Immigrants"-scenarios in relation to Europe and in particular Italy. However, I intuitively know and my intuition is a formidably educated one, that Italy cannot afford illegal immigration at all. Italy is POOR and this is a REALITY. Even continental-sized Australia, the Lucky Country is groaning under the load of its legal and illegal immigrants sucking-up the always insufficient resources and causing alienation/hatred between the missing- out lower strata of Australian Society and the aggressive New Immigrants lured-in by fantastic promises of unlimited opportunities.......................A LIE. Catholic Priests are priviledged persons no matter how poor their enviroment may be, and have no family to support. They are full of wind! Immigration must be fully controllable, and those who insist with the connivance of the Islamic Nations in North Africa, saboteurs par excellence, to illegally seek entry to Italy, should be sent back to North Africa or to wherever they came from. If in the operations, their leaking boats sink, this is just too bad! I would actually sink them as a matter of POLICY. And don't call me a NAZI you mongrels whoever you may be as I would call you TRAITORS: SELLERS OF OUR BIRTHRIGHT and ask you what is your personal angle or advantage. Yes indeed, rents, the cost of living goes up as the number of Immigrants soar and wages can fall due to oversupply. Do you get my DRIFT oh innocent, naive reader? There is no difference between someone seeking illegal entrance to Italy or to anywhere else and an intruder seeking to get inside one's home by stealth as a robber. I'd shoot anyone coming into my home without permission. Vatican and the multitude of Priests should begin preaching to the Third World Nations and to Islam in particular which is making of demographic escalations one of its de-stabilising strategies, responsible PROCREATION and that this is no HUMAN RIGHT if without the human DUTY to be responsible. This applies in direct proportion to one's lack of resources. So, Don Farinelli stop your maudlings and wafflings and support Berlusconi and your Cardinal that rare time when they have found the ' balls' to act seriously and forcefully. O.K.? What makes you so sure that you and your Democratic faithful behind you with the divided thousands, uninformed, illogical opinions are right? Numbers? Bullshit! God is not Democratic at all, but rather Autochratic! O.K............Berlusconi tends to be orgiastic but I am sure he does it with his own money and between you and I, he is the typical result of the Catholic sexual repression that affects negatively all Italian children. Show me an Italian who has no tendency to sexual excesses! Italians have the top reputation in the world, together with the Germans ( Epoca) as child-abusers and the sexual exploitation, abuse of immigrant-females, legal or otherwise. Let us also not forget the trade in human organs preceded by the murder of the immigrants. The Prostitution in the Italian streets and the distortions of, deviations in the sexual practices performed, is an obscenity, an open, festering wound, an insult to sacred womanhood, the womanhood of our mothers, daughters and sisters. This is the result of Proletarian, Democratic, Revolutionary, Libertarian Historical-Civilisational Developments since the French Revolution, when the Masses decided they also needed to embrace the corruption of the few. If it was good for Louis XIVth it is good for the Masses. Not all Aristocrats were corrupt! Do not give me this bulshit as a plausibility! Unless the Republican, Democratic Masses can be better than the Aristocracies they replaced, the Masses must reform or incurr God's Justice for their Revolutionary Crimes. Perhaps you wish this state of affairs, a reality you must be aware of, to be fuelled by more illegal immigration? So Italians can abuse cheap sex in the streets? Or the landlords to charge higher rents and the shopkeepers higher prices, etc. etc. for greater demands while sex cost less as the result of oversupply, while the resistance and opposition to evil sexual practices gets lowered by the competition? If you do not do it, dear, another shall and you starve?
Is all this whitewashed by
the Holy Sacrament of Communion?
What about Excommunication?
What about effective and serious Preaching?
The Clergy is failing in doing its Mission!

How convenient and cheap! Come on, let us stop the nonsense and take some unpopular, disciplined, sanitising action. Let us use the legislative equivalent of the surgeon's scalpel and knife. Stop the fake complaints, maudlings and endless irrational plausibilities. Good on you Berlusconi oh you leader of the sinners! Redeem yourself with some severity and cleansing. Who knows that you might even reform yourself at the end!. Who else is there in Italy as an alternative to Berlusconi? Beppe Grillo, de Magistris, the Mafiosis?. They are all stained by the Original Sin of their religious beliefs, from childhood. Anyone living in crazy Italy with ALL-FUCKUMAZING, DEMOCRACY-CRAZY Italians would need to be orgiastic to let steam go or at the very least occasionally watch which is free, compliments of Uncle Sam and the Mafia. However, as with all good things, including the Tree of Knowledge, in moderation without becoming dependent on it and for the purpose of learning to discriminate between good and bad, the purpose of the eating out of the Tree of Knowledge. Let us not confuse the MEANS with the ENDS as good old Macchiavelly and il Valentino ( il Borja) used to say.
Italy needs severity and a FRANCO's REGIME,

Beppe er Grillo Article follows.

Paolo Farinella is a Priest that is living “on the brink of the precipice”. He wrote a letter to Cardinal Bertone, Prime Minister of the Vatican and potential future Pope. He informed him that many Catholics are no longer donating their 8/1000 to the Church because of its attitude towards Berlusconi. He explains that many of the Bishops disapprove and that this may signal the birth of a new movement of believers. Perhaps even a split, such as occurred at the time of Martin Luther . The psychodwarf has so far managed to destroy everything that he has laid his hands on. He is the shit that hit the fan. If I were Bertone, I would light a solar powered candle.
"Dear Cardinal Bertone,
I read in the press that on 7 October 2009, the day of commemoration for the Madonna of the Rosary, you intend to inaugurate the exhibition, with the symbolic title of "Power and Grace", alongside Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, whom I can in no way describe as "honourable" because there is absolutely nothing "honourable" about his public or his private life, his politics or his systematic lies. Were this report to be true, you would certainly be viewed as an accomplice by the vast majority of the members of the Church both in Italy and worldwide and you would be responsible for many people “leaving” the Church, believers who have had enough of seeing the politics of diplomacy taking precedence and overshadowing the clear testimony of the Gospel. Surely you, of all people, are aware, as is every parish Priest that is living on the brink of the precipice, that this year there has been an absolute haemorrhage as regards the 8/thousand donations that many, many believers, even practicing ones, have chosen to withhold from the Catholic Church because of its interference and connivance with a government that, while it may be legitimate, has nevertheless continued to display extreme levels of illegality and immorality. I believe that this matter concerns you, both as a representative of the Vatican and as a member of the Italian Episcopal Conference.
After all that has happened, including the testimonies, the reports, the investigations, the public perjury on television sworn on the lives of his children, the immigrants that died at sea and that are now on the Government’s conscience, and after the infamous law that turns an individual’s “personal situation” into a “crime”, in other words changing "immigrant" status to "illegal immigrant" status on the basis of the Bossi/Fini Law; after all of this, surely you cannot make as if nothing has happened and allow yourself to be seen in public with Berlusconi or, for that matter, with one of his cutthroats.
If you wish to talk about public morality and political ethics, then your actions must be consistent with the very principles that you yourself demand of others who don’t have the obscene power of Silvio Berlusconi, who clearly believes that he is the Messiah and "solutus omnibus legibus", given that he views himself as the sultan and Italy as his own personal sultanate. He thinks that he can buy anything and anyone: the Courts, Court decisions, the desire to please of the pimps and panderers that supply him with ladies of easy virtue in return for payment to amuse him with orgies (and even drugs perhaps) about which he continues to boast unashamedly, to the point of claiming that: "the Italian people wish they could be like him". He thinks that he can even buy the Vatican by offering laws and favours on demand. You decide whether the potential benefit is worth the cost to the Church.
One thing you should be aware of is that there is a schism growing within the Church that is no longer simply an undercurrent but is growing day by day and we must beware of watching it become a movement, or worse still a split, also because many Bishops prefer to say nothing while in their heart of hearts they meditate and curse in private. Please don’t make the mistake of taking what I am telling you too lightly. Both you and my Bishop, Cardinal Angelo Bagnasco
For once, as Secretary of State, act like a Priest, nothing more than a Priest and purely as a priest and cancel all your appointments with that unscrupulous and undignified trafficker who is simply using you so as to suggest that his relations with the Vatican and the Pope “are excellent”.
I attach a copy of the "Letter of repudiation" that I have sent to Silvio Berlusconi and that is garnering much support, both from believers and non-believers. If you insist on rehabilitating Berlusconi, as has already been done by Gian Maria Vian, Editor of the “Osservatore Romano” in his interview with the “Corriere della Sera”, then you will no longer have any right to speak about the Gospel, ethics and morals in God's Church.
Even if Berlusconi manages to buy even the Vatican in exchange for some laws, favours and money, he should know that he will never be able to buy our consciences as believers that pray to God every day to save our “poor Italy” and to overthrow the ecclesiastical hierarchies whose behaviour is so often scandalous and who certainly don’t serve as an example to the baptised population.
Concerned and embittered, I send my sincere regards." Paolo Farinella, Priest
who know me well, know that I don’t tell lies and that I don’t spread mere rumours, and also that I always publicly take full responsibility for anything I say.
Complete text of Don Farinella’s letter to Cardinale Bertone

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