Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Post 157. Italian Confessions go on for EVER.

Comments by Attilio Louis Ferreri to the following Article by Travaglio on behalf of Beppe er Grillo with my thanks for not censoring ( this time), a loud-mouthed Italo/Australian larrikin!



It is rather obvious to me from body- language on what I see on the News that Berlusconi finds Gheddafi adorable! A vitellone like Berlusconi can be espected to become attracted by goatish looking individuals and the South of Italy and Parliament must be full of these trogloditic, goatish characters.
Now, these Laws aimed at allowing the facilitation of money-laundering of Arms, technology (nuclear/strategic), drug and prostitution-related,traffikings, all dangerous, obscene and treacherous to the West, should be the last straw in the fornication-haystack of corrupt and treacherous European politicians, when Europe should intervene for the sake and in the name of the European ( and western) identity/image, security and safety.

Posted by: Attilio Louis Ferreri | September 30, 2009 03:59 AM

Every comment that is going to be cowardly censored is going to go on my globally reaching BLOGS, you mongrels!

Posted by: Attilio Louis Ferreri | September 30, 2009 01:38 AM

Italians are revealing everyday the truth that they ARE NOT, even to-day, in 2009, and WERE NOT so in 1848, ready and mature for independence, self-rule, and Democracy! The Savojas wasted their resources on Italy! Given an equaniminous reliable honourable leader(s) which Mafiosa Italy cannot produce, the only Regime Italy is worth of, should be one according to the Spanish Franco's one ( Spanish Civil War in 1938 ). Wake up Italians! Stop living off the glories of the Past. Ask Europe to give you some decent Government.

Posted by: Attilio Louis Ferreri | September 30, 2009 01:35 AM

by Marco Tavaglio, for Beppe er Grillo.
see beppegrillo.com

”Good day to you all! There’s so much hot news that it’s difficult to choose a topic for today’s “Passaparola”, because there’s something to say about a bit of everything: about the incredible attack on the freedom of information, to the attack on the rule of law that is to be perpetrated with the so-called “fiscal shield”, that in reality is a gigantic tax amnesty and as we will see, an amnesty not just in relation to taxes.

Annozero under attack
I don’t think that I am the best person to talk about the government’s latest attack on the Annozero programme because even though I was just a guest not welcome to the RAI top brass, I am a litigant .
I just wanted to point out one thing: when the Minister Scajola and the Undersecretary Romani announce that they will call the RAI Board of Directors and the top directors of the company to verify that the service contract has been respected, they are saying something that goes well beyond everything that has happened in the last 15 years: censorship, cleansing, the “Bulgarian edicts”, the edicts that came before the “Bulgarian edicts”, the edicts that came after the “Bulgarian edicts” (Grillo knows something about those!), because here it’s not a top politician of the Majority or of the Government that is hoping never again to see in TV, personalities or programmes that are not welcome; that was the “Bulgarian edict”, Berlusconi said “I never again want to see, if they change their register, Biagi, Luttazzi and Santoro” and then there were those in the RAI who were obedient and subservient who executed his orders. Here we are faced with something different: here they want to have it in writing, as a contract that the Government is the one controlling the TV. You will say: “but that’s the case already today”. Careful! It’s not like that! Today it’s an abomination! and it is Parliament that is controlling the TV and in parliament at least all the represented parties have seats, there is even this custom of “bon ton”, by which the President of the Overseeing Committee who on behalf of parliament, has to oversee that the rules are respected in the RAI programmes, that is the President of the Overseeing Committee, is a leading figure in the Opposition: in our case it is Zavoli, after they prevented Leoluca Orlando from having that position.

The amnesty favours organised crime

”It is true that the new law has the possibility, for the banks and the other intermediaries, not to have to respect the anti-money-laundering indications only in relation to tax crimes and false accounting” for the others it should give the indication, “but, signor Presidente, who is going to explain to the banks that the capital that is re-entering from abroad is the fruit of arms trafficking, rather than of tax evasion or of false accounting? How can they tell the difference? How can they tell the difference between the fruit of tax evasion from savage and violent crimes? They cannot, Presidente! This law will guarantee the worst delinquents a prosperous and safe virginity. Signor Presidente” writes Tinti in ‘Il Fatto Quotidiano’, “ this law is a banner of illegality: where it has no concrete effects on a personal level, it will send a message of opportunism, it will make it obvious to everyone that to fulfil your duty in relation to taxes, to respect the ethical principles that cannot be renounced in the management of the companies, is uneconomic, it is a crime-inducing law, because it favours future tax dodging, by convincing everyone that it is stupid to pay taxes. And where, however, it will unfortunately have solid consequences, it will be a matter of a formidable aiding and abetting in relation to the most serious of organised crime. The Police, the Carabinieri, the Finance Police and the magistracy will not even be able to find the evidence for these crimes, even if they have discovered them by other means, given that the evidence of the crime will have disappeared by law. Signor President, do not sign this law and thus make sure our country is not pushed even further down the steep cliff of illegality: worse, of immorality, that is separating us from the rest of the civilised countries”. For anyone who wants to sign this appeal, we have already collected 30,000 signatures in two days; you can do so on the website antefatto.it. The day before yesterday, the Milan Procurator, Francesco Greco defined Italy as an off-shore country: he says that by now we are like the Cayman Islands in Central America, all after a year and a half of financial crises, during which we have heard it said that we must wage war on the tax havens and we have to wage war on ourselves, just for a start! Read ‘Il Fatto Quotidiano’ and spread the word!”


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