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Post 134. Poverty and Donations to the Third World.

Poverty and Donations to the Third World
( through the "Grameen Foundation" .
An e-mail sent to this Organisation ).
The prerequisite for help is self-help and in my opinion birth-/demographic control is the essential prerequisite to giving any aid to anyone claiming to be poor to-day, particularly in relation to the Third World. In fact, Poverty can be a historically self-inflicted evil in many parts of the World, to-day. One hundred of years ago before WWII this was a world-wide recognised issue that now does not appear to have supporters. I am not advocating a ceasing from sexual intercourse as lust is uncontrollable for many of these genetically lusty people, all I am asking is birth-control to two children per couple, procreation outside marriage being made illegal and prosecutable by Law.
Unpopular, un-Godly? Who says?
Tutu of South Africa? My mate, Benedictus XVI? Cardinal Pell and his cute, macho-looking, cricket and aussie-rule-playing paedophiles and sarcophiles?
I have only had one daughter and I remember my mother in law, a cruel, nasty English woman from Manchester-England and her Irish brainwashed husband from County Cork, sabotaging my marriage with the connivance and blessing of North-Balwin/Monee-Ponds' Irish/Aussie Prelates, because I, a migrant of the North-Italian culture, could not afford buying a house across the River Yarrah, where the well-to-do lived in Melbourne at the time. I was then a Public Servant with a secure if lowly paid job, studying Part-Time for a Diploma in Engineering I eventually achieved in spite of all the sabotage and social deprivations I had to endure. i experienced a strange version of Christian Love from all these barbaric mongrels with a rather thin, extremely thin indeed, veneer of civilisation, that has greatly improved my undserstanding and interpretation of Theology. Paradoxically enough it may be called Grace and I paradoxicxally enough am supposed to be gratefull to these mongrels, which I paradoxically enough am, but without being able to forget my pain. That one cannot ever forget. Forgive but do not forget. My daughter does not know the truth I am writing about here before I kick the bucket. Ah, yes, I was also guilty then of inquiring into the beliefs of the Jehovah Witnesses, something considered criminal by an Irish/Aussie Catholic, some of those fanatical Priests who need a kick up their priestly asses, where they hold their Irish IRA brains, the mongrels. Catholicism is to the Irish IRA, I am sorry to say, an excuse in the same way Islam is to pan-arabic nationalists, I stress, not true Islamists but just arab nationalists/imperialists. Well, I am a European Apostolic, Roman Catholic, not an Irish/Aussie IRA sympathiser, O.K. ? And I have had a bellyfull of Aussie Protestant Christians also. I proved my interest in Theology later on in life when I studied for a Bachelor Degree in Theology for nine years and earned it the hard way, without favoritisms, or through my crawling up anyone's ars. I am 70 now, and am grateful my mother-in-law did sabotage me, as
I can now achieve better things intellectually, thanks to the sufferings which made me stronger, theoretivally damning though the Irish bastards and their Mafia colleagues in the Irish-Australian Catholic Church of Paedophiles and Sarcophiliacs ! As I said, I consider myself a European Catholic now and when I get into one of the local Churches I feel like puking at the memories. I can still smile but I cannot forget. She was wrong though as I should have been allowed to have a second child, God-willing, to replace myself and my wife, her daughter. But I married my wife when she had had a daughter by a Calabrian bastard ( potentially a third-world goat-herder as Calabrians and Sicilians are Arabs-Saracens-Curds anyway imported into Italy as slaves by the stupid Romans. His marriage also broke down, the shitsky goat-herder, the ruffian. I am glad about it and salivate at the thought of his bruised stupid Sicilian/Arab ego. Ha, ha, ha.) who refused to marry her and give his name to his daughter Anna. How callous and cruel, with rare exceptions, can these Italian/'Arabs be, who call themselves Italians, insulting the great, noble Nation they have been polluting since WWI !!!! I was sabotaged for thanks. IRA's ethics? Yet my son-in-law, with an Irish surname, although unemployed ( he has been retrenched twice) has been allowed to father four children, my daughter being a gifted earner and supporter, a real Princess, although having been alienated by her virago mother. What can one expect from an Anglo/Irish? These are the vagaries and inconsistencies of our stupid democratic Anglo-Saxon world that includes Organisations such as yours, i.e., "The Grameen Foundation ". If you have some /imperialistic guilt motivating your need to donate money to the irresponsible fornicators of the Third or even of the Firsrt World, this is not my own. No, tell the Third World to fucky-fucky by all means, to their heart content and untill the organ becomes blue, I am not jealous, but, for God's sake, to control PROCREATION and be RESPONSIBLE. O.K.? Grongos! Give them CONDOMS AND CONTRACEPTIVES, NOT MONEY! Let us stop manufacturing terrorists. And do not call me a RACIST.
In Australia, if anyone needs procreation and donations, it is our poor, neglected Aborigenes. No donations should technically be allowed Australians except if/when directed to fellow Australian Aborigenes. What is this gross hypocrisis that makes an Australian donate from Australian resources, abroad when his fellow Aborigenes have so great a need for an increase in their depleted numbers?
Africans, South Americans, Asians have been ruining their rich lands which were Paradises on Earth centuries ago, also extinguishing their animal and vegetable life-forms, a sure crime implicitly condemned by St. Paul in Romans, ( when he says the whole of Creation is groaning and crying out for salvation with humankind ), with their irresponsible demographic escalations.
So Benedictus XVI and Tutu, old boys, begin talking sense, please. Stop the Medieval bullshit.
In Afghanistan, as an example, there are rocky places with absolutely nothing, where even goats cannot survive, and one sees one of these Talibans with four wives and twenty children with no other future than becoming a suicide bomber or a terrorist for Islam and the War-Lords.
Short Historical Digression.
The Islamic War-Lords, may Allah crucify the bastards the Roman way, and upside down, like Peter and Andrew, all stuffed-up with their Poppy Buds even up their rear ends, have had things organised this way since 1,000 AD when Afghanistan became an Islamic Base for the conquest of the fuckumised, all-fuckumising Politheistic and Animistic Hindus, to whom they sold their Opium, in the name of Allah, after the conquest of the Zoroastrian Persian Iran, an indo-European Civilisation now totally brainwashed to believe they are Arabs, all records having been erased and surnames arabicised and islamised, the beautiful Farsi language being now written in the embroidery of the arab-alphabet created in 750 AD in order to not have to use the solid, efficient, beautiful, square, hebrew one, just in truly arabic spite. The Hindus were then too busy writing the "Kamasutra ", exploring all the possible fuckumising positions by which babies could be produced, smoking Afghani's Opium, sold to them in the name of Allah, to aid their fantasies. Islam almost conquered then the whole of India when it created the vast MOGUL EMPIRE, and had it not been for the Portuguese, French and British interventions, amply and historically justified by the fact Islam was aiming at totally and permanenty cutting off Europe from the essential trade with the Orient, Islam would have conquered even China with Indian resources.
Indians should be eternally grateful to us Europeans, but people have short historical memories. So far Islam has been succesful in Malaysia and is slowly fuckumising the Indonesians and the Philippinos. The main strategy has been so far and is still being "Demographic Escalation", with Poverty releaved for the Moslem reproducing studs by donations from Saudi Arabia and probably from the West, through organisations such as Grameen Foundation and stupid churches seeking converts, like Pastor Costello's Baptists, an ongoing demographic race to who procreates the largest number of voters faster and earlier and win the next elections :):):) ja,ja, ja,ja,ja,ja. ( sounding like the spanish ga,ga,ga,......etc.) No, no, no, no, I suggest to criminalise sexual planned irresponsibility, since Islam, for example does not give a shit about, natural selection, fitness and intelligence, just being concerned about stud-capacity for maximum impregnation/fertilisation. Same for the Catholics and all contenders. A sexual Paradise/Nirvana indeed if one is so inclined.
Do not look at I please. By all means..............fucky-fucky until you drop dead you bastards!
The cure should be-: Donations and poverty-relief only if/when/where control and responsibility in procreation has been demonstrated, ideally through permanent sterilisation.

End of Historical Digression.
By what human right is this Taliban humangoat shown in the documentary on TV, allowed to irresponsibly procreate from totally subdued and enslaved poor women, in the name of a religious ideology, the result of a wrongly interpreted Q'uran for the benefit of he mafiosi-like War-Lords, the lords of the Opium Fields.
Why not DESTROY WITH SALT THEIR OPIUM FIELDS and remove their Satanic Income for terror, enslavement and religious conquests, planned as far back as 1000 AD? What about this Taliban's duty as the human being he claims to be but is not at all, to not procreate unless the procreated child has a future?
Is his selfish lust and irresponsibility LOVE? Shoot the bastard! Remove him from that Satanic wilderness that has been breeding terrorists for 1000 years and blow all existing structures of evil human habitation and occupation.! Stop financing the nonsense of living among the impossible rocky landscape, glorifying him for doing so, through imbecillic reporters and documentary-makers who pretend or refuse to see the sufferings of those desperate women locked-up like animals encased in their black robes. What about their human rights to express their doubts about their sexual exploitation by the War-Lords using the Q'uran for their filthy and lucrative well-being and unshared wealth? Both the Taliban and the Reporters are plain irresponsible criminals! The War-Lords are war-criminals! And you imbeciles with Degrees, I have one in Theology, so I am not inferior to you, have better return to your Universities, learn LOGIC and the facts of REALITY! How did you get your degrees? By contacts, knowing such and such, etc.? I had to sweat blood for mine. Stop your bullshit and peddling of irresponsibility!
How much percentage do you take from donations you hypocrits?


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