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Post 128. Selling our Birthright.

  • Selling our Birthright.

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    Why does not the Government allocate and why don't Australian voters ask for more money to be spent in training young, vulnerable, Australian Citizens who are under-priviledged ( far from training and educational organisations, from disadvantaged family-backgrounds, etc. ) to rise within the rungs of the Australian society, instead of trying to lure more migrants here of vastly different cultural and religious backgrounds, almost impossible to be integrated, where there is not enough water ( water is essential to industrial development and growth), hospital beds, nursing home-facilities, educational facilities and opportunities. etc. , breeding the conditions for future social unrest, malcontent, justifiable hatred, and strife?
    Same reasoning applies to our Aboriginal people.
    I notice with great wonder and sadness the hipocrisy and lack of wisdom of many wealthy Australians using their funds
    accumulated in Australia with Australian resources, for charities abroad when our Aborigines are in a primary need here.
    May God judge you and punish you, oh great AUSTRALIAN HIPOCRITS!.
    Solve the Aboriginals' problems, you European mongrels!
    Apologies are not enough!
    Stop hiding behind your mythical, non-existent Australian identity. Sometime in the recent past, your mother or father or both were of the European ( western culture ).
    What is this betrayal of your origins?
    Ask your shrinks, driving BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Ferrari......... imported cars.
    Something is decidedly wrong or utterly mad here in the never-never-down-under.
    Someone suggested it may be too much sun-light, Vegemite and beer.
    Those who suffer the raising of costs of living produced by the rise in demand for everything, generated by the influx of migrants, are those on the lowest incomes. The first thing that goes up are rents. I live in my own Villa Unit in a block of five and since I do not smoke, drink, go to massage parlours or get the occasional dancing girl to visit me ( the biblical King David had a couple of dozen ) or gamble, my pension goes a long way, praised be ATEN/ALLAH. Being a self-elected Templar, and therefore a dedicated anti-MAFIA, I am complaining on behalf of those who are not as disciplined as myself and who have been unlucky in their lives, like the poor Australian lady at Villa Unit 1, now dead, who had all her savings of a lifetime wasted in a Pyramid bankrupcy. At Unit 3, next to mine, which has been designed and approved for a couple, having only two small bed-rooms, there are three families with two children from Mauritius living there. Yes, poor migrants, probably students of some sort. Very good people, civilised by the French, but what is the future holding for them considering that an extortionate rent of A.$ 350 a week
    does not allow them any financial breathing space? ( i.e., the average Single Pension is 275 dollars a week, cutting out a Pensioner not having additional income, from living in this area and compelling him/her to the isolation and exhile of the Australian, waterless, glorious, frightening, bush as there are no accomodation facilities for such cases, Rent Assistance being useless ). Yet our politicians play games at back-knifing one another with ghost issues and fake e-mails, as if they were school-larrikins playing pranks! At unit 4, also owned by the same landlord, an ethnic migrant of Maltese origins, a wealthy electrician with a calabrian wife, now probably claiming to be a Great Fair Australian, another Con-Man and exploiter from down-under, who should be hung for charging so much rent, two couples from Nepal, same story. I do not blame these people renting under these conditions driven by desperation, but the hypocritical, damned, lying Australians, whatever this definition is supposed to mean in the local mythology, many of whom are recent migrants.
    To me they are plain fucked Anglo-Saxon or mongrels of some sort, carrying on their activities from the days of the British Bloody Empire or since the times when humankind began to sin. The wolf can cover its skin but not change it. There is n0 control, no checking of scenarios, of Agents, Real Estates Organisations etc. Yet we have a three levels-structured Government with Local Government, and these excesses should be discovered and addressed by our " mongrelised " Mayors et all. It is a free for all, to all. Specially now that the Amalgamated Moreland Shires are becoming more "mongrelised" with a mixture of all newcomers from the migrants classes, bent onto transforming Australia into another babilonian version of the morally bankrupted countries from which they escaped but which, in their stupid brains represent some mysterious, mythical ideal. So, to the hypocritical Australians who are migrants of older times, one must add these new devious, somehow self-deluded dreaming-mongrels, bent on accumulating wealth, while praising their satanic delusionary gods. Since most of our Politicians, including those in the pseudo-Labour Party, are investors, owners of property, this pressurisation and inflation of costs are beneficial to them also.
    More revenue through taxes, etc. A vicious circle as taxes have then to be spent in correcting/remedying the social dysfunctions/evils generated by greed. However, some of these evil influences become irreversible. Let us grant this Nation some breathing space and ban immigration for a time of consolidation. Let us stop being greedy, let the Nation breathe, you fuckumites, whoever you may be..
    Wait until we become a ' banana' Republic like Italy or Syria or Lebanon, etc. as the free for all licentiousness shall increase, since no Royal Commission shall be available then any longer. The old hypocritical Australians do a bit of charity abroad in Asia, support a couple of Bantus' villages, have a couple of water-wells dug, protect some endangered species of rare monkeys or budgerigar, in Africa, instead of focusing on their Aborigenes here, the damned hypocrits, and their consciences become relaxed enough to allow them singing their worn-out hymns, on Sundays' mornings, at the sound of which God is feeling sick, a repetition of the way God did feel with meat/smoke sacrifices/offerings in the days of Isaiah, in front of their paedophiliac, sarcophiliac ( a much better, more appropriate word than the wishy-washy harmless homosexual, greatly disliked by the followers of these group of deviates, another appropriate word for their lot being fucckumites ) Pastors, Ministers, Priests etc., bringing moisture to their eyes while considering how saintly they all are. Then they wonder why............ how comes some migrant gets punched up by the enraged, desperate youth, the offspring of unlucky or weak migrants who have lost their identity, being told by their virago-like, sexually-distorted/confused, long-haired hippy teachers, they are the Great Mythical Aussies, whatever that is supposed to mean. These poor youngsters are driven to desperation with ball-games and crappy TV programs, with three out of five odd stations playing cricket and footy and football, the exploits of three different Police Forces, the mysteries of Forensic/Coroners lore, how to commit murder and get awy with it, fornicating Doctors and Nurses, the occasional, distorted, morale-sapping, Yiddish/Hebrew version/interpretation of Western-History, etc. ( better than the english ones though ). Telstra who owns Foxtel, seems unable to offer Foxtel at an affordable price to these poor people, including myself as Internet is being my limit of affordability and I give thanks for being subsidised by the Government of Australia which is not totally bad. I feel though they should subsidise the occasional dancing girl to visit my place and promote a greater spiritual integration:):):):):):)). What said to benefit every Bachelor migrant whose integration should be so subsidiesed by taxes. Let us call it " The Integration-Inducement-Facilitating Subsidy. Only for first generation migrants though. It appears to me as if Telstra, being an Australian Company anyway, is being sabotaged/victimised, compelled to be expensive and that Australian customers are being discouraged in favour of Telstra's competitors ( i.e., Optus ). This is another example of down-under, reversed, paradoxical, Australian psychology, a type of non-Aristotelian, oriental, sophistical-rhetoric, some sort of yet obscure islamic logic, being taught at Terrorists' Colleges in the world of Islam, only fair dimkum Aussies can understand, after generations of local residence. I'll probably die without understanding it. I began becoming aware of its existence when an Engineer for 5 years( Assistant Supervisor of all Aeronautical Plastics, Weldings and Bondings, working under a Superintendent ) at the now dismantled/sabotaged Government Aircraft Factories at Fishersmen- Bend in South Melbourne. We had Aircraft/Manufacturing Mechanics then of ethnic/balcanic and south italian origins, faithful Labour worshippers, who could not even read a ruler, never saw a Vernier Caliper in their life and could not read the manufacturing instructions in english let alone the bleu prints. How can we ever expect to be able to build our own war-ships, tanks, howitzers, fighters, even small Nations like Israel, Sweden and Norway are able to build? We must be a joke. The question to ask the Trade Unions, the Mafias, is-: How did these buggers ever get into the Factory? Some fair dimkum Australian must have been involved in the charade together with their greek, balcanic, lebanese, fuchumise favour-granting secretaries. Stupid Bob Hawke and his apprenticer Paul Keating, decided to erase the factory rather than to reform it, unlike the Liberals who had the guts, under Howard, to reforma and clean-up the mafia-like Waterfront. Come on Labour, don't give me the Bohenoeffer-bullshit. We are sitting on the resources of a whole Continent, contented with scratching/digging and selling dirt to more enterprising, heroic, courageous people like the Chinese and the Japanese. When desalinating sea-water, we have to even ask the French to do it for us, at a price! MA CHE CAZZO FATE? We should be at the avant-guarde in refining uranium, and in Nuclear Technology, you cowards. We should be producing the water required for our Steel, Paper industry, etc. The poor sods, I mean the poor Australian disadvantaged youth, that we wish to crucify and replace with new unknowing/totally unaware migrants, who are expecting everyone to love them, are suffering from the fact that the only available culture, is one that begins with the Eureka Stockade and the arrival of the mighty, bibulous ( No, no, no,.............. nothing to do with the Bible, you, uncouth, colonial readers [ aaah.....luve the colonial girls though]) Irish Catholics.
    ETC. ETC. ETC.



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