Thursday, August 6, 2009

Post 125. Young Australians being cheated out of their Job-Opprtunities..

Young Australians being cheated out of their Job-Opportunities.
It is easy to be labelled a racist today when one may only be a   lover  of one's own  culture ( everyone's human right ) or someone defending his right to find a job and work in one's own Country.
Australian Office Jobs have ben exported to India, for example, where English is taught as a second language, and I personally consider this a betrayal perpetrated by Australians against Australians with the connivance and complaisance of our well-to-do, patrician looking, ex-sheep shearers, pseudo-humanitarian, insensitive Australian Politicians with their idiotic smiles.
Most of the times the English spoken by these Indian communicators cannot just be understood.
People from Islam, India, China, Asia in general, Africa, of different cultures from ours, who wish to live among us without reciprocating, as we have no future in their countries, as they are really the ultimate absolute fanatical   lovers  of  their  culture ( this includes religion in their case which makes them worse than racists ), label us in the West as racist as soon as we raise any complaint, opposition or difficulty with their invasion of our countries.
In fact, Mr. Waleed Ali, a young islamic/australian lecturing in Politics at Monash University, when marrying an Australian- born indo-european woman, required her to embrace Islam and wear the veil/scarf.
Yet, although we as well as he, all know how culturally limited, sectarian and discriminating his people are, he feels the right to judge us in the West, speaking of racism when we are just trying to defend our birth-rights.
Integration for these liers and hipocrits is one in reverse as it appears as if we, in our own Country must adopt their culture and religion when they condescend to mix with us, and not vice-versa.
Australians, wake up before it is too late!
How biased and hypocritical can these
sophistical reasoners be? As much as the stupidity, ignorance and sense of inferiority of our Australian, well-to-do, so called elites allows them to be.
I, a migrant, of the italian/european culture am finding all this disturbing.
Australia is bringing in migrants in accordance with very liberal policies, yet there are illegal ones coming by the boatload.
Recently, Indians/Asians have been coming in by the thousands, by the trick of enrolling in private Schools or Colleges ( local Australians may be at fault here ), teaching various Trades and Activities for fees of say 10,000 dollars also promising Residence/Citizenship at graduation. They employ dedicated Lawyers to pressurise the Immigration Department.
Bribing and Corruption should not be ruled out.
When jobs are scarce this is  adversely felt by the local young Australians who find themselves disadvantaged and discriminated against in their own territory.
So, some Indian students have been seriously punched up. I am not excusing/condoning violence, however, we are talking about cheating, survival and deaf and blind, uncaring, Government Officials and Politicians here.
Yet, the talk by local ethnic people is about
No, no, no, no.This is not true.
It is really and truly a matter of survival of the local youth and of cheating by illegal infiltrators masquerading as students, bribing their way into their territory and job-markets, robbing them of their birth-rights, something that these dishonest immigrants are not prepared to and cannot reciprocate with, in their own cultures, in their own countries.
Who is the real Criminal then?
What I suggest to all these outsiders in Africa, Islamic nations, Asia, etc. is that they stop their excessive, unbridled, irresponsible fucky-fucky that is causing them to have to spill out of their countries robbing others of their birth-rights.The trouble is that these people expect to continue their demographic expansions in the countries they migrate to, which means trouble in the near future when they grow in number. Historically, Islamists have actually adopted demographic expansion as the means to take over their host nations in the name of Islam.
It is happening today in Indonesia under our own eyes and the Uighurs are trying it in China.
I respect China which has already recognised the need for population control.
India is really overpopulated and Indians have been criminally destroying their flora and fauna for centuries.
Vegetation and animals have also rights and St.Paul in Romans speaks about all Creation desiring salvation together with humankind.
I agree with St.Paul and I advise Islamists Indians, Africans and sundries to begin a vast policy of demographic control.
How they do it is not my problem.
They can continue their unbridled fucky fucky to their heart content, however, they should reduce procreation as this causes wars and mass destruction.
Migrations in the name of irresponsible population growth must end as these are, NOW and in the long run
Incidentally, a policy I would recommend Australians to implement is that Australian Citizenship/Voting be granted only after, say, five-ten years, during which time potential immigrants would be screened and appraised for their suitability. This would not however bar migrants from all the material benefits enjoyed by an Australian Citizen.
Dual-Nationality should be strictly ruled out once a migrant opted for the Australian Nationality.
This would also discourage our Politicians to crawl up migrants' asses in order to acquire their votes, which is the source of errors and biases of judgment and policy-making in relation to how a migrant should integrate into Australian Society.


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