Monday, July 20, 2009

118. Afghanistan, China and India.

Afghanistan, China and India.
( With a mention of
the Uighur, the Palestinians and the sodomites in Canberra)

Let us face it: The War in Afghanistan has been going on ineffectively for a few years now. The Rules of Engagement are a laughing stock among the Moslems who believe that Allah is blinding us and making us fools, reinforcing their distorted beliefs rather than generating good-will! Islam interprets all our demonstrations of good-will, charities and diplomacy as signs of either foolishness or weackness, giving nothing back in return.
Yes Pakistan has made a belated military effort in our aid and what a magnificent one in contrast to our military games, but only because the Talibans were threatening the big bags of manure among and the Bank Accounts of their glorious Nation’s leaders and aiming at the nuclear artillery there.
And what a magnificent effort that was from single-handed Pakistan who did not fight with Rules of Engagrement like our sodomitic cliques in high places in the Democratic leadership of the West insist in doing in a distorted interpretation of human issues. The only other advantage of Pakistan, in addition to the freedom to engage in and deliver serious war, was that, as the Talibans seeked refuge across the border, they were PERHAPS/SOMETIMES/POSSIBLY open to attacks from the Coalition, an advantage we do not enjoy since Pakistan normally plays an unnecessary, suspicious game of equilibrium with its islamic brethrens.
Which brings us to the question as to why we insist in talking about TERRORISTS rather than to give these fighters their correct appellation-: ISLAM.
It may perhaps be true that there are moderates among ISLAM, who are seeking to worship Allah, the Spiritual, hidden, imageless God near to our Judaeo-Christian Holy Spirit, religiously, moderating all ancient, anachronistic hebraic distortions by the Hebraic Priesthood of the post-exhilic restoration of Israel in ca. 538 BC. , when the Bible was written, manipulating various ancient sources, which created an eternally cruel, punishing Yahweh, a revengeful God, an image of Arabs and Hebrews alike, etc. There is no doubt whatsoever the Q’uran drew vastly from the manipulated Scriptures and from Nestorian contributions and distorted interpretations, especially in relation to the Gospels, and is not a complete and exhaustive theological work, having stopped at the Spirit, i.e., Allah. There is much, much more to it, Mohammed, you simpleton. These moderates, a majority we should call Mohammedans could, if allowed to do so, live in harmony within a democratic society in which religion is separated from Politics/State. However they are brain-washed or made into robot-like-beings since childhood by their accursed Priests and programmed to respond robot-like-fashion to key-words which send them into a frenzy of religious fanaticism. Although potentially moderates these creatures shall never raise a hand against their fanatic leading minorities, the terrorists, or leaders, passively enduring all types of oppression and punishments in the belief all is in accordance with Allah’s Will, which is part of their childhood’s indoctrination.
A similar indoctrination has been carried out by the ancient Christian-Church-rulers and is even now being carried on in some circles, about the Crucified Christ in every human being.
Christianity must struggle to uncrucify the Christ in us not to crucify IT over and over eternally.
It is blasphemus.
Moslem shall fight Moslem but only as the result of some sectarian dispute like in Iraq, or as a part of a wider horison or strategy of deception.
ISLAM does not yet wish us to see ISLAM as united, lulling us into a delusion that Moslem Nations are separate and divided.
They are waiting for a time when our fossil-fuel supplies are totally exhausted or insufficient for a WW escalation while ISLAM has both nuclear and enough fossil fuel left to get the upperhand and destroy us piece-meal-wise while our strong ( ? ) men lackadisiachally, play Cricket, Aussie-Rules and Tennis, damaging their brains with alcohol abuse.
Our leaders in the West refuse to use the word ISLAM as they are afraid this might unite Moslems, but the fact is you stupid imbeciles ( including Mr. Smith the great waffler as he can talk for an hour without saying anything. It's Mazing!), they are already united.
We are afraid of islamic suicide bombers, but all we have to do is to issue Special Laws for such blackmailing tactics that establish suitable Retaliation anywhere in the islamic world or society.
If they choose to consider this an act of war, so let it be it.
I would tell them to first stop their attacks to our civilians and then we shall stop ours to their targets.
We could require all funds from all Mohammedans in our Countries to be located in a special treasury in each bank and exact compensation for each and every explosion and the damage caused. Each Bank Account would proportionally be reduced every time an attack is carried out.
I would hit them in their Pockets.
I would even make Australian Moslems pay a special tax for the costs of our increased security and policing.
If they threaten cutting petrol supplies, then destroy their oil supplies, never occupy their territory, just devastate their economic or military powers until they accept to co-operate in earnest and to act in a civilised way.
We can still do this now, but in a few years from now we may not be able to do so.

Which brings us to another mystery, not noticed by our glorious leaders-: Why don’t China and India particdipate in this fight against the so called TERRORIST?
India is afraid of Pakistan’s displeasure, they say, but Pakistan
( including their lying cricketer Imran Khan ) says it is not an issue having anything to do with ISLAM, or with them in particular, as the issue relates only to TERRORISTS, saying so, the lyers, while having been antagonising Hindus for decades now and staging the Munby attack: and what an occasion would be for the Indians to eliminate the source of the best islamic fighters: the Talibans for all future generations!
Afgahnistan was specially formed by ISLAM before the Moguls' invasion of India as a training ground of crack mountain warriors to be used in the conquest and domination of India and so on, maybe even of China. its livelihood had to be earned through opium and warriors supplies.
But I am convinced Hindus are basically/genetically/fundamentally flowed, else they would not be Politheists. If I were the West I would ask the Indians to join the coalition in Afghanistan or anywhere else, as required, or else face certain limitations to India’s crazy industralization that is threatening western jobs.
Above all and with the top priority, we should not accept indian migrants as India should begin a program of population-stabilisation, like China has.
Reduce procreation.
China is similarly playing games of dubious intelligence and wisdom, as it has been anti-islamic for millennia, having had to bear the attacks of the Turks from Kamchatka ( the Turks’ original territory beyond Mongolia, facing Japan before they became Islamists ), then the Huns in a struggle that endured until the British occupation of India and Czarist Russia began pushing back Mongolians and Turks occupying the steppes’ lands invaded by Islam since the fall of Byzanthium in ca, 1450 AD.
From my comparative studies of both the European and Chinese Barbaric Invasions, carried out in my writing the history of my Clan of the “gensferreria/ferraria”, it became evident to me that these invasions occurred in a complementary way, as, for eaxample, the attacks of the Huns on Europe in ca. 350 AD. that occurred as the result of their defeats at the hands of the Chinese. Most steppe-tribes were motivated against Europe, in a way similar to the Huns.
So, China should be our ally.
However, perhaps China bribed the Barbarians to attack Europe, but it is most unlikely.
Recent events in Singkhiang, at the chinese borders, have shown us that the Uighurs, a turkish-mongolian mix of ancient nomadic steppe-dwellers, continuously raiding China ( Gibbon clearly mentions them in his “ The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire ”), are seeking to steal Singhkhiang from China on the basis of their occupation, probably allowed by the Chinese by default, when fighting for their lives in their civil wars and against the European occupiers and the Japanese invaders.
It so happens, as one who knows history and is not bamboozled by the excuses of human rights ( both Uighurs and Chinese have the same rights anyway to Singhkhiang provided the Uighurs moderate their Islamic leanings) would expect, that the Uighurs, like the Turks in ca. 1,200 AD. embraced Islam centuries ago for political advantages, i.e., as an excuse to justify their raids agaisnt non-Mohammedans.
The Russians pushed them out of their newly-occupied territories, as their Cossacks did not have Rules of Engagements or Geneva Conventions or sodomitic attitudes either, as we do.
So the Uighurs went to Singhkhiang.
Now, it is to be expected that China, just out of a Civil and Foreign War and preoccupied with an unwise effort, like India to industrialise, that is damaging the West and the World ( hence the equalising American Bubble Burst ), does not have, with the vast population it is carrying, resources to squander among peripheral societies like the Uighurs.
These are the facts of life dear Australian Humanists and Pinocchios of the World, and before Australians begin criticising the Chinese, please fix the obscene problem Australia has with its Aboriginal minority which has been wasting billions without a return.
The Uighurs being an islamic society, like all islamic societies
( as an example, the one in Indonesia ) are not willing to live within chinese parameters and to become integrated, as their religion forbids it ( they can assure me, smile to me, protest with indignation I am wrong, that they love everyone, but this is the bottom-line reality ), and this is exactly the same problem we shall have in Australia as soon as the Moslems ( with Australian double citizenship) shall reach a given demographic level, when they shall begin to throw around their democratic muscle/weight demanding more islamic inputs to our culture, using Democracy like a form of Ju-Jitsu.
I’d say that the Uighurs must learn to place their Chinese nationality first and Islamism second, keeping it strictly a Religion as the Chinese, who are not as gullible as we are, are aware of, by placing Rules and Regulations of religious-conduct-teaching.
The same applied to us Roman Catholics in Australia in the days of fanatical Protestantism, before the sodomites took over in Canberra, democratically equalising and unifying everything, to the stage of inducing in all a moronic state of optimism in our own Australian greatness and infallibility, the down-under-sideways-inverse syndrome or the religion of self-delusion and self-sabotage, a diabolic scenario indeed.
Catholic church bells and processions etc. were forbidden and still are so, lest these provoke a coitus-interruptus early in the morning.
We, the Roman Catholics are at present a majority in Australia, yet we are not agitating to have our religious customs and cultural traits flaunted publicly and imposed on all Australians.
It is basically a matter of human good manners and human rights have absolutely nothing to do.
Since I am always referring rather disparagingly and sarcastically to the sodomites among us, I am going to clarify my attitudes and understanding about these people-: I am not denying their God-given right to exist, as some are born like that, but asking them to spiritualise somehow their sarcophilic cravings, admitting they are freaks of nature requiring self-control.
How can anyone accept as normal a man penetrating the excreting orifice of another man or a woman?
Come on “ grongos “: Give me a fair hearing!

The problem between China and the Uighurs is the same problem with the Palestinians of the Gaza-strip, under a different historical scenario. The trouble there is magnified by the scarcity of resources especially land and the arabic/islamic, irresponsible crazy urge to procreate beyond sustainability, encouraged by their Priests.
Islam is the only society in the world or history that includes in its Credos the Tenet that any land that has become invaded, occupied through the dispossession of the vanquished no-moslem, eternally remains islamic. In some islamic circles they are still grieving for example, praying for the return of Spain or the vast islamic Indian teritories occupied by the Mogul Empire,
to Islam, that was dissolved by the British.
The Hindus should eternally kiss the feet of the British, in thanks for having been spared Sharia Law and oppression.
Hence ISLAM says that Palestine, that was assigned to the Hebrews by the United Nations after WWII, as a land were these could find sanctuary, and that ISLAM lost in an armed confrontation with the Hehrews, over and over again, should be returned to Islam. But what about the fact that ISLAM itself only occupied Palestine by warfare after ca. 700 AD, dispossessing others who left entire populations, now hopelessly bastardised, behind?
Were are the ancient titles of land-ownership? Gone up in flames? How convenient Mohammed. Do me a favour and PISS OFF and waffle your dialectics and sophistries to the babboons or to the undiscerning Australians in Canberra.
Go and study history in a European University not Cairo.
The difference from today is that in 700 AD there were no Rules of Engagement or United Nations and any protest by the conquered people for adequate representation were drowned in massacres and blood.
Moreover, it is the war-and-blood-given-right of the West ( Csetiphont and Gallipoli) that liberated the then ineffectual, passive Islamic World from the oppressions, humiliations and bastardisations of the Ottoman Turks and created the Islamic Nations at present in the Middle East and even in the Far East, i.e., Pakistan, to determine the setting-up of the Middle East and wether the Isrealis have a right to stay there or not.
In my opinion, it is only a lack of BAD WILL on both the Islamic and Hebrews's parts that deny a solution to the problrem since the democratic West has shown the possibility of co-existence in co-operation and equality between members of various cultures, religions, etc., provided these eventually integrate and do not begin agitating for changes to the hosting culture that accepted them in good faith and not to be displaced, but adopted in synthetis with each of the migranting cultures.
My articles are for example, mighty, inspired works of cultural and historical synthesis and I believe I am earning my old-age Pension.
I wish members of our Foreign Office were to read and learn from this article of mine and begin telling all these people surrounding us where the truth lies, instead of avoiding the real issues, using incorrect definitions and talking a great deal of ineffective inconclusive nonsense.
Are you hearing me Mr. Smith?


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