Saturday, July 11, 2009

post 111. Letter to Timotheus and the Mormons in Utah USA..

Letter to Timotheus and the Mormons in Utah, USA.

I have in the meanwhile reworked the Trinitarian Credo, placing the Holy Spirit at the beginning and realized the Word has become after all associated to or otherwise somehow incarnated in the Judaic Yahweh, as an elohim as well as similarly in Jesus of Nazareth ( in this case an incarnation) as an elohim also. That is why both Yahweh and Jesus can be said to be Sons of the Spirit, all being God in a Trinitarian Association with the Spirit which is the origin of all Life and Power in the Universe. Nothing changes really, but there is more understanding and rationality about it all, modestly/humbly speaking of course.:):):)
At present, we begin with the Father Yahweh when the original father/anscestor is the Spirit. Genesis 1:2 states ruah elohim..............the breath ( life ) of the gods went-back-and-forth over the watery expanse, after the initial Creation of the Heavens and the Earth. That was the Holy Spirit, or better the Word which is The-Spirit-after-time-began or The-Spirit-at-Work, as the originating power of all Creation, to be continued in various, future associations with the elohim, at various levels of power and tenure of the shared privileges. I am afraid that, from a human perspective one cannot avoid subordinating the elohim to the Spirit, but at the divine level their association is so perfect that subordination disappears or simply becomes sin as in Satan when becoming conscious and a temptation for rebellion or disobeyance. There is no need to change our trinitarian prayers as Yahweh ( the Word in IT ) is still Father and Creator, particularly as maker ( no generation here ) of human-kind.
The Word is the only being generated by the Spirit as Working-Spirit ( i.e., time).
The only change is that Jesus is both the Son of the Spirit ( the Scriptures say-: Conceived by the Holy Spirit ) as the Word, and the son of Joseph as a human being.
We always forget in fact that Creation has not ended but is ongoing, as we are waiting for a New Earth. It might have ended with the Sabbath for the Jews of the Old Testament but, maybe Yahweh began creating again with the New Testament. One must admit the World changed at a rapid increasing speed after the coming of Jesus. Therefore, in the case of Jesus, as an elohim, being conceived and born became the joint generation/work of both the Word and Joseph as a human agent. We are all agents of God somehow, that we like it or not even when sinning.:):):):)


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