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post 107. Mafia's Latest.

((((((((((((((( Beppe Grillo’s Blog Update: Mafia Pty Ltd )))))))))))))))

2009.07.05 17:58:29
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One of the Republic's Ministers, Minister Lunardi, once said that we have to learn to live with the Mafia. But in order to live with something you first have to establish exactly what it is. What is today’s Mafia all about? How many parliamentarians, mayors and town councillors do they have in their pockets? The various Mafia groups arrange to have their own people democratically elected to Parliament. They are sitting on the Board of Directors of the banks, the major industrial companies and the real estate firms. Wherever there is an opportunity for laundering hundreds of billions of Euro, they are there. In a single year, the Italian Mafia groups generate a combined turnover of 130 billion Euro (2003 estimate). 70% of this figure is straight profit and they are in a position to re-invest almost 100 billion Euro per year. They can buy whatever and whomever they wish. The life and death of a man. Convert their money into outwardly respectable business enterprises. The Italian Mafia’s GDP is greater than that of many of the medium size Countries around the world. It is greater than that of Croatia or Rumania. The Mafia is one of the largest and most secure employers in Southern Italy (they always pay). Thanks directly or indirectly to the Mafia, some 27% of the residents of Calabria, 12% of the residents of Campania and 10% of the residents of Sicily (*) manage to make a living. When you have no other option, the one that provides your daily bread automatically becomes your boss. The Mafia is not only the most important business, but also the largest employer in the South of Italy. The turnover generated by the Mafia groups must be added to the turnover generated by their investments via their money laundering activities. In the past decade, the Mafia’s total profits have been in the region of 1,000 billion Euro. What kind of yield does 1,000 billion Euro of laundered money provide in political terms, financial terms and in terms of Government influence? What we need to find out is whether or not there is any longer any distinction whatsoever between the Mafia and the Sate and between the “clean” economy and the Mafia economy. To establish whether there is still such a thing as a “clean” economy and whether or not a Country’s economy is still able to survive without the influx of Mafia capital. Whether it is the State that has to live with the Mafia or the Mafia that must live with the State. Whether the State has become a Mafia entity, whether the Mafia groups have become parastatal and protectors of the system that has been set up. The truncheon hailed as a hero on a par with Borsellino in the Panthoen of the Homeland. Andreotti, convicted criminal and senator for life for Mafia association and Government activities. Money is completely undemocratic. Those who have it control the capitalist democracies and now the Mafia groups have the money. We have to ask ourselves whether there isanything left that can still be classified as non-Mafia and whether living with the Mafia has become a process of slow integration that dilutes and eventually swallows up absolutely everything and everyone.

(*) Data drawn from the book entitled "Mafia Pulita" (The Clean Mafia), published by Longanesi

Ps: the buoys are red. I repeat: the buoys are red.

My pathetic, vicious, yet sneaky/snaky comment to the Article by Beppe Grillo-:

Yes Beppe Grillo, there is someone who has not yet joined the Mafia and this is the HOLY SPIRIT, the WORD, GOD.................................................................. spite of Rome.
Then there is-: I, I, I, I.:):):):):)
If things have reached such a stage, then we can only hope, from God's intervention, either pro or contra the Mafiosis, preferably, that God might
somehow intervene to convert Mafia's leaders to become the Paladins of a Reformation of Italy, Europe ( including its arsehole, the Balkans) and the West.
But are Mafiosis capable of this task with their little cunning peasant-minds? Are these goat-herders not going regularly to Mass and taking the Holy Sacraments? Has the Roman Catholic Church in Italy and elsewhere ( Ireland and South America) too, become a COSA NOSTRA? Are these goat-herders so impervious to even these powerful Catholic Instruments mediating for Grace? I mean, even the most resolute, coriaceous characters in the History of European Civilisation------- like for example Charlemagne, the corrector and convincer of the Saxons, or the Spanish Conquistadors, such as the Cortez, Pizzarros and Orellanas, all from the ancient Estremaduran Mafias, the correctors and convincers of Aztechs, Mayas, Incas etc.-------became influenced by the practice of Religion while these "mezze calzette" operate in their imbecillic aloofness through centuries of blasphemy, starting with the making of "Pizzas". The trouble is that Mafiosi and their passive dependents are really anonymous, barbaric, oriental imports in our european midst, brought into Europe by the gullible Romans, as slaves. The same is applicable, in a different context, with a different result ( not necessarily objectionable if one comsiders our gracefull Obama), to the USA where everyone is going to be chocolate-couloured and able to dance/twist/puppet like Michael Jackson, within one hundred years, else become a freak. But who could resist the formidable graces/attractions of coloured women and of LOVE? After all nobody compelled the Romans or the Yanquees to import these people as slaves hoping that they would remain passive with regard to taking control. But unlike the Coloured People of America, who can be decent citizens ( aahh... love their ladies), why does the Italian Mafia or any Mafiia to be so polluting of everything good? If on the one hand one could complain about the importation of all these slaves against their will, on the other hand one must also agree that their enslavement and emancipation, in spite of their sufferings, has given them a chance to become westerners, members of a civilisation that, if not sabotaged, can be GOOD, bloody good indeed. Same reasonings could be made, albeit in vastly different scenarios, with regards to the Aborigenes of Australia who, instead of clinging to their Stone Age recent past, should show more enthusiasm in adopting and joining the progress introduced to their empty Continent ( kept so for a couple hundred thousand years by their anscestors) by the mighty, glorious Anglo-Saxons, now joined by various potential Mafiosi people from Italy, Ireland and the Middle-East/Asia, bent and dedicated to acquire everything, if allowed to do so, even biased governmental control.
Let us keep an eye on these buggers, please. The gullible, for some unknown genetic fault, Anglo-Saxons in Australia appear in fact to be bent in selling their birth rights to anyone trying to steal these, contented with playing endless boring ball-games and pathetic comic comedies! However, bad news are coming for the Mafia as the global problems now confronting their esecutives/operatives, infiltrated in high places are going to require them to cope or perish like the sewer-rats they are, with the finding of solutions that their DNAs do not fit them to elaborate, as it takes thousand years of accumulated experience to fit a leading class/people/race with suitable DNAs. They'll also have to find in their midst the military men capable to defend the glorious Republic of Italy ( They are probably expecting the Germans and the English to do it for them ) which they are unfit to do since they have been conditioned for centuries to fight, hitting people in the back, or anonymously, treacherously blowing them up like the Islamic or IRA terrorists love to do, from behind bushes, by using treachery and surprise. In a real war, confronted with enemies of their own kind they shall be helpless, pathetically inadequate. Just read the accounts of Italy during the last WWII. Their kind ( mostly Sicilians and Calabrians. The Folgore and crack regiments as the Xma Mass, some Northern Armoured Regiments, the Alpini { Monte Cervino] were all mostly northerners or from Tuscany) surrendered in North Africa by the 100,000s and one bunch of allied soldiers with a bayonet sufficed to herd them to prison camps, by keeping a 'salami ' hanging before them. I expect more from Italians! I am not a traitor! You, the Republican Italian Nation with its passivity and these goat-herders leading it are the traitors!
I am glad that, being an old man, near death, I shall not have to beg a job from these abominable, dishonourable, obscene, ruffians, who are polluting and destroying our Western Civilisation through the abuse of Democratic Rule.
But God's Punishment shall be commensurate to their Crimes and the Hipocrisy and Discriminations of their Fake Charities.
God sees everything.


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