Friday, March 13, 2009

Post 96, On Purity.

Sisters and brethren, greetings!
It is night and I had a surfeit of sleep, woke up and am driven by the Spirit that never rests, to let you know that flashes of purity, of the desire for purity are better than no purity at all or than, the worst condition in life on earth, one's having given up even on a desire for flashes, instants of purity.
For without purity, even if just a desire of it, there cannot be God.
Constant, enduring purity is a difficult achievement, an ideal goal, however, without a desire for purity, there cannot be a desire of God and without God, life is Hell.
" God is a Being of spirit and purity and when encountering God, God does not tolerate anything, anyone standing in between the I and God. God wants exclusive devotion and worship. Desire is better than realisation itself since without desire there is nothing at all ".
It is through desire that one may be brought to realise the ideal.
So, do not cease from desiring God so that God may be there for you.
Desire has its own reward...........................


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