Thursday, December 18, 2008

Post 89. The False, Outdated Christ of Christmass!

The False Icon of Christmass!
I am sick and tired of the image of Christ that is being projected every Christmass across the world!
Witness of this is the fact I had to erase the name of the Nazarene from this article and replace it with symbolic semantic attributes associated with him as the "Nazarene" or the "Christ", as Telstra regards it offensive, perhaps for it being abused by some people on the Net. Halas the world must have really have become overpopulated with human-rat mutations !!!!!
I am referring here to the image of a beautiful baby whom we expect to keep on going to be the crucified Christ and to be willing to keep on the Cross for ever!
No, no, no, enough of this bulcrap you fat, pompuous Bishops and Cardinals and self-pampered Ministers or whatever you may choose to call yourselves in the multitude of divided and competing churches!
Jesus must not be seen any longer, to-day after 2000 years from his death, as the servant who gives you one cheek to be slapped, offering the other also for the same treatment!
It is time now for the Christ that is the Slayer of the Dragons of Evil!
I believe that there is to-day enough evidence that what I am saying may be becoming true.
So, act accordingly you moral mongrels of the world!
So speacks a Templar ( barbuto).


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