Friday, November 28, 2008

Post 80. Of Gays Spare Us, oh God, the Ways!

Of Gays Spare Us, oh God, the Ways!
NINEMSM-:28th November 2008
Should a health ambassador be sacked for his anti-gay views?
YES-: 38540
NO-: 42553
Comment-: Gays are insatiable with their demands and I am personally having a bellyful with them.
The Law is allowing them to indulge in their filthy, unnatural, unhealthy sexual practices, in private and without proselitising and popularising these. Yet they demand publicity.
Western Porno has graduated now to Bestiality and this is the end result of a de-sensitisation process that has been going on in western societies since the glorious onset of Enlightenment. Is it really an Enlightenment? From what the world is experiencing, i.e., the unresolved, responsibility-unassigned-scandal of the USA Mortgage Bubble Burst predicted for years by La Rouche ( look up the Internet) the credibility and fitness of western democracies in relation to the general corruption and decadence of our morality and ethics is under question. Morality and Ethics must not be subjected to the whims of voters, generally uneducated and untrained, unfit to be voters in a true democracy.
The ancient greek ideal of a democracy as envisaged by Plato or Aristotle was based on the vote of informed citizens, guided by a College of wise human beings.
Gays are still a minority but are seeking to proselitise and to push their sick views (sodomy) in order to be able to abuse democratic freedom in their favour, which is seeking just self-gratification, of the most selfish type one can think of, since it cannot even procreate, hence a sterile, filthy, obscene, unhealthy, abusive scenario. This is not a politically debatable issue.
Whilst I am not advocating the victimisation of these deviants, as the forces acting on some of them are diabolically strong, and I suggest to let them go to Hell, what I am advocating is an absolute limit to be placed on a continuation of their escalations and demands since unsupervised human nature is such and deviant human nature is even more so, these escalations shall never end until all the nation accepts and practices these filthy, abusive acts.
Once deviants acquire a majority of sympathisers aided by unwise and corrupt laws, no one shall be safe from pressures to join in. The whole Nation shall become a sodomy-practicing one, without any hope for reformation.
And the way shall be open for other types of abominations, even worse than sodomy, resulting from the general desensitisation and the absence of laws designed to maintain a minimum of self-control in those who are able and willing to do so.
History is repeating itself, except that, ancient pre-christian Civilisations who erred in the ways we are travelling, had not yet known the Gospels.
I cannot find the spot in " The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire" by Edward Gibbon where he mentions a barbarian tribe from Asia Minor the Romans settled in the area around Modena in modern Emilia-Romagna, to reward their co-operation. He mentions that the members of this tribe were expected by their culture to practice sodomy by forcing some unwilling male in order to be able to claim adulthood and membership in their community. I am not saying that this would actually occurr but in a modern society there are still hundred of scenarios in which the deviants who are very gregarious and active, would spread their filth to each and everyone around them.
For example, women who were to refuse sodomitic acts, this is already happening in the porno-industry, would be isolated and ostracised. " Babe, if you don't, there is a queue out there waiting, who shall ".
Does everyone realise what happens to the rear end of anyone who gets brutalised for hours on end over a relatively long period of time required to produce a film, by brainless, athletic Adonis, the dudes, with artificially enhanced sexual organs, on hormones and special drugs designed to make them last forever during a sexual act?
What I cannot understand and condone is how professional persons, especially from the medical profession, and members of the clergy from various denominations, supposedly our wise men and women, can possibly keep silent about these matters thus sharing in the filth. What is the use of repeating ad nauseam their wafflings about the goodnes of God if they are unwilling to point the finger to what is angering God?
They are presenting a God who is either a fool or a criminal, a false image, an idolatry.
They are partipating in the filth and actually enjoying it!
Yet some of our most beautiful women, fit to be queens of Creation, raised by fastidious parents at great costs and sacrifices, nurtured by expensive welfare when young, end-up caught by the money in porno and once caught, remain prey to it in order to pay for mortgages and luxuries. Someone shall say that they deserve it, but I say they need protection. In the long run who, knowing about this threat, shall care to procreate a beautiful child knowing he/she shall become meat for these bastards among us?
Common sense tells me the arse hole and the mouth have only specific functions and everyone knows what these are.
Non-western people are fully aware of these obscenities the West is accepting and peddling and do not like it. Some of them subscribe to religious beliefs which accept these filth, Islam, theoretcally at least, does not. Lots of people are making lots of money and hymn-singing ones on Sunday buy the shares in Businesses which are in porno( including Bestiality) but have safe sounding names on the Stock Exchange. I do not blame fundamental Islamists, although I abhor terrorism on principle, and perhaps I am going to sympathise with terrorists against the West.
Terrorists may be one of the scourges God may be using against us.
Where deviations and criminal intent is concerned one must not rely on human fairnness and common sense, the wrongly presupposed props of democracy.
I wonder how much of the islamic terrorists' motivation against the West is related to the obscenities and filth our corrupt and decadent Democracies have been accepting and allowing in the name of a freedeom without duties or sacrifices, yet trying to shove down the throats of Islamic Nations?
It is a known fact a large number of western visitors and travellers to Asia and South America, whereever poverty makes people desperate,go there to cheaply satisfy their filthy and deviant sexual habits.
Germans, Italians and I suspect, white Australians are leaders in this trend. Why does our Foreign Office not carry out some investigation and detection work and deny Passports to offenders?
But how can this be if our Laws are defining the filth as normal?
Before recommending Democracy to others, reform and clean it up, O.K.?
Start doing so with your own minds and souls, oh elected glorious leaders of ours!
Marriage must be and remain a religious-related Institution as it is about Vows taken in front of a power above the human, and it must apply to the bond between a woman and a man for the purpose of the reproduction of the species.
In Catholic Canon Law and theology, a sterile marriage is not valid, as two fundamental conditions are required for its validity, i.e., Consummation with the intention to Procreate.
The Sacrament or Institution of Marriage is not intended for mutual masturbation and fornication.
Gays can use other words for their relationnships without having to demand to be allowed to miscegenate and pollute sacred issues.
What about the rights of those who believe in the above said issues as being sacred?
Enough is enough!
Are the Packers and Murdocks of our media industry aware of all this filth? What are their glorious Reporters and Journalists doing?
Must a humble blogger such as I wake them up?
Note-: Gays have been for some years now, according to the famous italian Magazine L'Espresso infiltrating blogging communities, as meeting places, abandoning their visible haunts, as this is a cheaper, anonymous, and more effective way to join their forces to achieve their sterile ends.
I personally suspect StumbleUpon may in fact have already been taken over by them.


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