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Post 73. Religious Wars past and present, an insult to God.', ila la', ilaa 'Allaaa!..........

( Let us all pray for the unity of the

three glorious people of the "Books").

Religious Wars.
( An Article by Umberto Eco,
from la "Bustina di Minerva",
L’Espresso , dated 12 July 2007,
translated by Ferrerix Australix/the Templar,
who has expanded freely on the original text,
for the purpose of clarification to non-european readers,

adding between square brackets his own comments to Eco's sophistry).

In the aftermaths after WWarII I became aware through a virulent, anti-clerical, weekly-magazine, "Don Basilio ", that had become popular in Italy, and my father’s accounts, of the deep-seated feelings of an italian nation still unachronistically possessed of a lagging post-french revolutionary cast-of-mind, popular prior to the fascist revolution, when every italian patriot had come to see in every catholic priest a sinister black crow necessitating exhorcising.
This state of the general, national state-of-mind was followed by a period of calm perhaps as the result of the italian communists’ acceptance of Article 7, almost as if a Concordat with the Church, when these were aiming at catholic votes.
This meant that only a few, politically ineffectual liberals and historically-motivated republicans remained in anti-clerical circles.
Likewise, during the time in which the above mentioned events took their course, I did not hear any proclamation of the atheism that the post-french revolution’s free-thinkers fiercely made, sporting their large, round-rimmed hats and ties flaunted by Lavalliere. This was partly the result of the fact that, the unbelievers, unable to prove God’s non-existence, also realised the impossibility of proving His existence, thus preferring to call themselves agnostics, on the basis of their judging atheism as just a denial of Belief; partly as the unbeliever, in the same way as he/she thought a public declaration as a lack of good manners towards those who believed, especially if his/her partner in marriage happened to be a believer; partly also, since in a democratic scenario atheists preferred silence, as there was no need to be reactive.
To-day it appears as if the scenario has changed again and that not only is atheism loudly and publicly proclaimed but also that books are being published about the damages perpetrated by religious belief. I shall mention here " Traite d‘atheology" by Michel Onfray, appeared in France two years ago, the italian translation " Rompere l’incantesimo " [ tr. "To breack the illusion"] of a book written by Daniel Dennett, a philosopher who studies religion as a natural phenomenon [i.e., not from the point of view of revelation or ethics], the very polemical/contentious "Perche’ non possiamo essere cristiani ( e meno che mai cattolici) "[ tr.’ "Why we cannot be christians and even less so catholics" ], by Piergiorgio Odifreddi, the sarcastic " Babbo Natale, Gesu’ adulto" [tr. Father Christmass, Jesus grown-up"], by Maurizio Ferraris, the " Corso accelerato d’ateismo" [ tr. " Accelerated course of atheism"], by Antonio Lopez Campillo and Juan Ignacio Ferreras, the " Un’etica senza Dio" [ tr. " Ethics without God"], by Eugenio Lecaldano, who says-: " puo’ avere veramente una vita morale senza Dio....." [tr.’ is posible to live a moral life without God...." [ translator’s comment-: One should read Paul of Tarsus and consider the impossibility of self-reform and conversion in the face of real bestial temptations, including substance-addictions and sexual deviations, without supernatural Grace that only a Supreme Being from above can grant The claims of Lecaldano are pure arrogance and irresponsibility to be tested over a whole long life of the author and his cronies. ] , finally, "Dio non e’ grande. Come la religione avvelena ogni cosa" [ tr. "God is not great. How religion poisons everything"], by Christopher Hitchens.
Perhaps other similar books have been published of which I am not aware of, may their writers forgive me for God’s love’s sake.
[The Jesuits, the monastic Order of 'contemplation in action', founded by Ignatius Loyola, in the days of the Reformation, would have seen in these events a diabolical plan by the jewish-masonic conclave to which they also attributed the occurrence of the western civilisation’s de-stabilising events of the French Revolution, the rise of anarchy, of the italian "carbonari" [patriots], the liberals, the " mazziniani " [ repubblican followers of Mazzini, an italian patriot of the Risorgimento], the "garibaldini " [ followers of Giuseppe Garibaldi, a Mazzini's follower, a socialist/repubblican, finally opting for the Savoja-Monarchy, following his experience and insights vis-a-vis the southern population of Italy, of the un-preparedness of the italian people in general to form a repubblican state that requires the highest standards of civic unselfishness for success.] and the socialists, including their extreme brand, the fascists.
A few days ago, while looking for something else on Internet I stumbled upon the sites dealing with the military invasion of Sicily by Garibaldi called the
"La Spedizione dei Mille, o Le Camicie Rosse." [ The Espedition of the One Thousand Red Shirts].
Two main historical traditions having an almost scriptural aura have cristallised on the subject,
that of the " Risorgimento " according to which all participants on the insurgents’ side were the most pure and disinterested heroes,
that of the reactionary " Sanfedisti " ( the clerical view )
that they were for the most part, at least the leaders, a band of criminals who destroyed the most civilised " Kingdom of the Two Sicilies", committing all sorts of robberies, abuses and massacres, winning only by corrupting the Bourbons’ generals with the gold supplied by the english Masons.
[ [ The only people benefiting from these events in Sicily and Calabria were the Mafiosi as well written by Giuseppe di Lampedusa in his outstanding and /perfect writings, i.e., " The Leopard " and in an incomplete Biography, plus a saddly unfinished work that whould have further shed light on Mafia's take-overs in sicilian aristocratic society, via oculate economic transactions and terror.]
The personal view of the translator is that, Europe, the Western Civilisation and the people inhabiting Italy and the Balkans, would have been better served, had Italy remained under foreign rule, considering the un-redeemable open-moral-sewer which Repubblican Italy has to-day become, almost ungovernable and unreformable, the soft-belly of european defence, the Balkans being Europe's bung-hole, the sad betrayal of the ideals of the Revolutions and the Risorgimento, the damage from Fascism’s wrong wars and alliance with the Nazists and finally the presently abused democracy "a la Washington", having only allowed the vast mass of irresponsible, uneducated, selfish, materiaslistic, self-pampering, corrupt, un-homogeneous inhabitants of Italy I would not honour by the title of Italians except for a few exceptions [probably the descendants of the slaves from Asia and the Middle Esat, the Romans had the arrogance, stupidity and naivite’ to import in Italy and in the Empire ]. At least I know were I originate from, my family having landed in Sicily in about 1300 from Cataluna, probably to help achieve Law and Order in that Mafia’s "Mother of all Sewers", Sicily, and as a De Ferrarii never having become a slave of either Rome or anyone else. We probably have Roman or even better blood in our veins and I am therefore fully qualified to express myself in the strong and insulting terms I am using, as " Noblesse obliges ". I expect much much more, more than from anyone else in Europe or in the whole world, from someone who wishes to call oneself an Italian and share in the glory of the italian noble and glorious past and cultural heritage. ]].
End of Digression.
In between the two above mentioned main historical positions, there are those of professional historians trying to shed light on the events of the Risorgimento.
[Umberto Eco appears to implicitly admit that there may be a need for a re-evaluation of those shady political events. Again, Eco is a careful sophist never committing himself.]
However, I have now discovered that the absolute majority of sites on the Internet dealing with the " Expedition of the One Thousand ", are of " sanfedisti "-brand, and
either represent rigthist-catholic groups or ( hear-hear) sources belonging to the "Padana" and the "Lega Lombarda", supported by sicilian separatists claiming Bourbon loyalties, all bent on sabotaging italian unity [ sicilian separatists are out since they are certainly Mafiosi. Hang the bastardased vermin.].
[ I, the translator support a return to an Italian Constitutional Monarchy of the Westminster type, not necessarily a Savojan monarch as there are other scions of aristocratic descent in Italy. However it must be of either Celtic or Germanic origins, possibly with Desposinii ( see Sir Laurence Gardner) ties and connections. Even the proven and tested British Royal House would do [ a mix of saxon and celtic traditions]. Or perhaps, the presently existing and available claimant to the Scottish Crown, iadvocated by Sir Laurence Gardner. The Monarchy would probably be able to provide unbiased, neutral motivation, inspiration, stability, accountability and exact responsibility from ministers, presidents and parlamentarians as the present re-introduced Spanish Bourbon have succesfully been doing, Spain having become again, even more than ever before, a reliable, respectable nation in Europe. Perhaps a reformation of the whole society would then be possible, including a final and terminal eradication of all Mafiosi. buy acting also on their extended families. In addition to the adoption of the Monarchy I would suggest the Federation of Italy into three States, thus facilitating accountability, enhancing responsibility, generating more competition and pride in achievement. At present any south italian wishing to do any good must emigrate to the North, there being no reciprocal movement from the North to the South due to Mafia's controls and usurpations. Italy would then programme a massive shift of some members of the populations, whenever suspected to source criminal activities, from their original locations to other locations in Italy or even Europe, in order to extirpate the criminal roots many have generated in their places of origin, in the course of centuries. I would like to see an emigration of people and capital from the North of Italy to the South, something that is not possible now owing to the lack of reciprocity, selfishness and control of local resources by Mafiosi-type families and individuals, a typically semitic type of behaviour of people who descend from Saracens, Jews, Greeks, barbarians etc., who typically claim a human right to share in other people's welfare refusing to reciprocate in turn. These are not racist statements but actual cultural realities and scenarios nobody dares to speack about. As Bob Hawke the ex Prime Minister of Australia once said " Let us stop using words and labels ending in "ist" and " ism", etc. Similar scenarios are evident in the Middle East pejorated by religious fanaticism on both the islamic and israeli sides. In some cases I would bar the members of these families from entrepreneurial activities public offices and politics ( including voting rights) for the course of one or more generations. This would graduaLLY extirpate Mafia's influence on the Government and State's Services. Whatever my objectors would like to retort, I cannot see the viability and improvement of the present Italian Republic, which I label insultingly "An Open Sewer of all Iniquities governed by virtually un-redeemable ex-shepperds and goat-herders" ].
End of Digression.
Many of these sites are just copying others ( I have in fact observed a wrong date which appears to have been copied by one another ‘s site), however this is perhaps the reason why all these sites appear to have a common guiding hand organising a planned invasion of the Web, that would have appeared excessive even to papal historians of the nineteenth century [ then more interested on social-fabric-health than politics].
We are facing to-day a process of action-reaction, but it is not clear [at least in Italy] whether the "sanfedisti" have stirred the anti-clerical atheists, or vice-versa.
One thing is certain and this is that the italian scenario is not unique, in so far as we are witnessing the ideological use of religion for political purposes, made by fundamentalists of opposite beliefs, from as far as Washington and Teheran, which includes even, incredibly so, anti-darwinianism, the frontal attack on the relativity of the taken-for-granted scientific progress, and among us, the complaints of the rightist-catholic- divorcees objecting to Divorce Laws.
Or, perhaps, we are just witnessing a psychological recoil and withdrawal from the painful, disquieting instabilities, insecurities, precariousness, degenerate, corrupt, deviated morality and ethics of the present times of the Era of Garbage and Manure
[ Eco calls these the ideals of the XXth centuries, as he never fully commits himself one way or the other as the pure sophist he really is. This why we need ' bloggers ' such as I am, totally and willing to risk a bullet in my head], and a return to the relatively more secure and comfortable times of the Vandean Resistance [The resistance of Brittany inspired by the Sacred Heart of Jesus against the excesses of the French Revolution] with a

new challenge to the hypocritical revolutionary slogans of

" liberte’, egalite’, fraternite’ ".


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