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Post66. List of All posts in Bigblog.

Index of Posts on Telstra/BigPond/BigBlog
Page 1.
List of Posts on this Blog. Post 116
Number of Patrons. Post 115
Interpretation of Khalil Gibran's Poem. Post 114
An accusation of spam at Stumble Upon.
Post 113
An attack on "Of Bodies and Souls "
by an Australian virago at Stumble Upon. Post 112
Page 2.
A rambling, rapping Poem " Of Bodies and Souls"
reflecting christian/catholic ethical sensibilities.
( With a contribution by Miss Lyss ). Post 111
Russia and Georgia. Post 110
Mr Thornhill, CgBank & ClickBank. Post 109
Famous and immortal Templar's Comments. Post 108.
A Prayer and a Sermon. Post 107.
Page 3.
A Question to Fellow Australians. Post 106
About Crudities. Post 105
"To Lyss", a Poem. Post 104
Waste needs not be a Barrier to
Nuclear-Energy Production. Post 103
Page 4.
To Elena My She Cousin. Post 102.
Food Resources are equal to Bio-Fuels and Weapon Systems
( Through Alliances ) Post 101.
Deleted and replaced with Post 115. Post 100
Homosexuals need not be Sarcophiles. Part 2. Post 99
Homosexuals need not be Sarcophiles. Part 1. Post 98
( Homosexuals and heterosexual of the world, if you chose to ignore the above Essay you have begun your slide into that insensibilty of which Romans 11:7 warns sarcophiles about.
Dissociate yourselves from the diabolical ones.
Convert and Live. Good Luck! ).
Deleted and replaced with Post 116. Post 97
Of Poetic Gaseousness and Rain. Post 96
Page 5.
Criteria for Victory in War. Post 95.
Deleted. Post 94
Of Faded Bleu Jeans. Post93.
The Origins of Life and Death. Post 92.
I Is Rich. Post 91.
Enlighten the Morons for they have Little Brains. Post 90.
Page 6.
Happy Birthday Mohammed. Post 89.
What a Crappy Tale of Clap. Post 88.
To an Aussie Chrysalis. Post 87.
Explanations. Post 86.
How to win the Anti-Terroristic Operations
in Iraq and Afghanistan. Post 85
Page 7.
The Criteria for Total Victory in War.
See Post 95, page 1. Post 84A.
A Theological Question. Post 84.
Between Good and Evil. Post 83.
Catholicism Needs More Discipline, Not Freedom. Post 82
A CD for Sale
About My Best 70 Articles. Post 81.
Ahhhhh……….Have a Dream! Post 79.
Page 8.
Listen to Paul of Tarsus and Live. Post 78.
Islamic Lies. Post 77.
Of Gaseous Clouds, and Little and Large “o”s. Post 76.
Deleted. Post75
A Chat with G.Y. Post 74.
Of Lies, Forgetfulness, the Coming End of Cheap Alcoholism,the Murray River, Mortgages, AWB,
Defence and Macchiavelli’s Theory of the Quid pro Quod for Australia and the Wheat Farmers.
Post 73.
Page 9.
More on Anglicanism. Post 72.
Are the Scriptures Inferior to Mr.X’s Opinions.
Post 70.
Anglicanism. Post 69.
Further Apologies Expected. Post 68.
Stop the Maudling! (Deleted) Post 67.
The Beginnings.
( still under revision and production ).
Post 66.
Page 10.
What Are You Up To, Mr. Rudd ? Post 65.
Gospels-Islam. Post 64.
Focusing on Islam. Post 63.
On Idolatry. Post 62.
Council Refuses Permit to Islamic School. Post 61.
Page 11.
Manipulations of the Qu’ran by Extremists and Fundamentalists Confirmed.
Post 60.
Of Passion and Action.
( not complete, as second part censored )
Post 59.
Of Jews, Islamists and the Bloody Whole Middle East.
Post 58
Of Barak Obama and the U.S.A. Post 57.

Shimba My Cat. Post 56.
Page 12.
Of Arabic Zeroes and the Idea of Nought
and Its Various Philosophical and Theological,
Scatological, Eschatological and Teleological
In Western Culture.
Post 55.
Of Luthien, a Norwegian Nymph. Post 54.
Of Bloggers’ Divinisation. Post 53.
Rushing to Armageddon by Val Waldeck. Post 55.
Answering David, the Bloggers’ Gaseous Bard.
Or, of Metrics and Rhymes.
Post 52.
To All the Women in My Life.
( Dedicated to G.Y. and to David, the Bloggers’ Gaseous Bard ).
Post 51.
Page 13.
To Timothy Young, “the knight in shining armour”.
Post 50.
To Douga the Anarchist Preacher-: Of Tradition and Church.
Post 49.
Ode to David, a Blogging Troubadour.
Post 48.
Deleted.........A Coat of Arms.
Marquis Ferreri of Varallo in Pombia
( Piedmont/Lombardy-Italy).
Post 47.
A Call to Marry and Free Moslem Ladies in Distress!
( The most visited of all my Posts showing the gallantry and vigour of Aussy males.
May Allah sustain and reward their holy ardors. Good on thee oh gallant Aussies ).
Post 46.
New Water, When? Post 45.
Deleted..............To Shirel Friedman murdered by Palestinian Rockets of the Huzbullah.
Post 44.
Page 14.
Advertising on the Blogger’s Planned Website.
Post 43.
Arms of Knight Templars.
( Transferred to Post at )
Post 3.

Description of Arms at Post 3.
Go to URL mentioned at Post 3.
Post 5.
Data on visitors to blog since its beginnings.
Post 42.
Senator Faulkner and Palestine. Post 41.
Rejoice oh Roman Apostolic Catholics! Post 40.
Deleted.....................The Pampered Royals.
Post 39.
Page 15.

Of Tiny Rudd, “ the Mean “. Post 38.
The Visit of an Islamic Scholar to Australia.
Post 37.
The Inflexibility of the Qu’ran. Post 36.
Musharraf and Pakistan. Post 35.
Serbia, Kosovo and Australia. Post 34.
Page 16.
The Stolen Generation 3
( the second most visited Post ).
Post 33.
Sharia Law. Post 32.
( still working on this as a part of a short History of Democracy).
Post 31.
The Pendragon, the Symbol of Celtic Wales.
This has been moved to the Google blog and
tied up with its connections, discovered by the blogger,
to the Bayeux Tapestry..
Post 30.
The Stolen Generation #. Post 29.

The Stolen Generation. Post 28.
Page 17.
The Establishing of a Google Blog.
The reason being the greater flexibility and acceptance of Images with unlimited bytes, by Google.
Post 27.
Gate House at Merevale, Staffordshire, U.K.
Moved to Google.
Post 26.
Arms of Dugdale.
Moved to Google.
Post 25.
Expose Their ( the Dugdale ) Malice! Post 24.

The Kingdom of God ( A film ). Post 23.
The Baghavad-Gita. Index.
Moved to Google.
Post 22.
Constantin and Licinio’s Edict on Religious Freedom. Milan, ca. 313 AD.
Post 21A.
Moved to
Effigy of Knight-Templar at Merevale, Staffordshire, U.K. ( See also Posts 6 & 6c)
Post 21.
Page 18.
Of Carbon Emissions. ( An Earnest Comedy in the Rabelaisian Spirit ).
Post 20.

Is Mohammedanism a Branch of Christianity ? ( Moved to Google ) Post 19.
New Water for Australia?
Post 18
Columbus. Post 17.

Hanuman the Monkey and the Cricket Comedy. Post 16.
Anglicanism at Risk in the U.K. Post 15.
Gardner’s Opponents. Post 14.
Page 19.
Armorica ( This is a section from the Appendix of my Book about the Ferrarii Clan ).
Post 13.
Arms of William Lord Ferrers, Lord Tutbury, the 5th Earl of Derby.
( died in ca. 1179 during the operations about the siege of Acre by King Richard I, the Lion Heart )
Post 6cb.
Genesis 1-3, for the XXIst Century.
Moved to
the Google blog.
Post 12.
Confrontation Ethics.
(An extremely accurate and staged analysis
of the relevance of both the Old and the New Testament Ethics
to modern conflict scenarios ).
Post 11.
The Syon Cope. Post 9a.
Page 20.
The Syon Cope. A photo.
Moved to the Google blog.
Post 9.
The Drama at Merevale Monastery and Abbey.
About Post 6c.
The Effigy of Wiilliam Ferrers.
Post 6ca.
Democracy in Crisis. Post 2.
About Democracy. A Preamble. Post 7.
Post 6e-:
A Fresco Probably Portraying the Two Marys in Jesus Christ’s Life,
Photographed by the blogger with great difficulties, owing to the total darkness,
in the Church of st. Fedele in Como, Italy.
Article and additional frescoes from the same dark location in the church,
moved to
the Google blog,
Post 28


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