Friday, August 8, 2008

Post 63. Of Thornhill, CgBank & ClickBank.

Keywords are-:
Mr Thornhill, CgBank, ClickBank,
Plenty, tons of rewards and easy, passively acquired Money, Everything absolutely free, Your Own Website freely hosted, I repeat, words of ferrerix the guru of many blogs, the adorer of American and Australian Ladies, and young women too, please believe me as it is absolutely true, telling the truth being in my case a genetic defect, the man without malice as I even help women I know to get married. I have to go to bed as I should have been there one hour ago, reporting to my Guardian Angel Dear Watson who is still interested in ladies, but he prefers them from Palestine, only to be Platonically-abused(??????), when Thornhill the persistent Pommy man ambushed me with this offer I could not resist, my own Free Website absolutely for nothing. Just check it out oh Thou Infidels and Unbelievers. E-mail me please on
expressing your commercial interests.
Look at my 5 minutes old WEBSITE
and consider that as my affiliates
you also can get one
FREE, FREE, FREE, FREE......................

U.R.L. of Attilio Louis Ferreri's Website selling everything
under the Sun and the Moon and the Stars-:

Morale boosting Poem
to admonish spam-generating idiots
on Internet-:

Ladies, young ladies, little girls
& even you oh gentlemen,
here is ferrerix, known as the wise in Gaul
sending this message to you,
so that you all the spams may conquer
and crucify the bastards!
Else, changing the problem around,
think Thee about spam
with a Kung-Fu
practitioner's cunning, who
changes the problem around,
as Jesus Himself would,
who even Kung-Fu
through humble
to the Chinese inspired;
yes indeed,
that spams are like as
Internet-virtual cookies, that
the Mighty Internet sweep and smoothen up
like castor oil your own innards would.
So, Eureka! Then now you may see
the Wisdom of Old that says
that not every Evil comes to sway our Ways
necessarily with Doom and Dysmay.
Allelujah!, I could go on and on
to your very heart content,
but the time halas has come to go to bed
as I had even told my lady in Kansas City away
even one hour ago, when Mr. Thornhill
who is a thorn in one's ass,
as well as in his own that is
compulsive, constipated, anorexic and mortified
like even de Laurents' models' ones are bound to be,
by greed and diet that is green indeed,
the poor devil of a Man, I'd like to say,
better things of him,halas,
he came around and made me get
this new Deal that he calls
CgBank & ClickBank,
guaranteed by him to make you
become like King Croesus from Turkey rocky and fair,
rich indeed, and this I could simply not resist
since he has been pestering me for a light year's duration,
and I have had my fill of him.
I knew that you oh unbelievers and infidels alike
resist shall this tale of mine and say to my face I lie.
Look up the U.R.L. you bloody fools,
and to me in assent bow down
bending to me your woobbly unbecoming knees,
that only in the female branch
perfection and radiance reflect to my gaze old and spent
for too much gazing at females-knees,
hoping to see further up there
where the real cookies God hid.


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