Friday, July 11, 2008

Post 50. The Trend to Apologies.

Apologies by the Queen to the Australian People.
Following the glorious example given by our glorious leader Mr. Rudd, in the offer of apologies on behalf of the australian people to our poor victimised Aborigenes, regarding the issue of the separation of aboriginal children from their families for the purpose of civilising them, I would like to suggest that an apology be tendered by our glorious Queen to the people of Australia, regarding the deportation of so many British citizens in the eighteenth century to the australian exhile for the purpose of their reformation.
It is in fact believed that many descendents from Fisrt Fleet-deportees still feel traumatised by their anscestors’ sufferings and deprivations and that these apologies would have a beneficial reconciling effect on the relations between the great Australian people and the English.
This would then open up a series of world-wide apologies which may facilitate peace and good-will among the nations of the World.
Rudd you is the greatest!


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