Friday, July 11, 2008

Post 49. Of Lies.

I cannot stand lies about lies, that is lies compounded. However, I am so naive or stupid as to not know that the governing of a modern nation in a fallen world in which some civilisations have adopted ideologies which make of double morality a virtue when followed in the national interest, some lyoing may be acceptable. of course, once one allows the tiger out of the cage, who is going to control it?
That is a separate issue.
The bulk of australian voters have notoriously short memories, probably as the result of quasi-genetic modifications to their brains due to the abuse of alcohol during centuries of affluence which allowed the cursed substance to be widely availble at the levels of society aping their elites ( i.e., the English Lord or Scottish Laird) in the use of highly volatile spirits.
Now, of course, the rising price of fuels in general might help to cleanse the addled brains of the moronic 70%+ .
Allelujah! Praised be Allah the most compassionate and forgiving One!
So, let me remind you, my dear fellow Australians, that in the days when Howard/Costello/Downer/Nelson et All ruled the sandy wastes of this arid land,
which is getting more and more parched everyday, the above mentioned set of Wizards of Oz had at one stage offered 10 billion dollars to the States in the days when sabotaging Brack ruled Victoria for the purpose of trying to revive the almost totally zotted Murray Basin.
Brack refused, and thanks god removed himself sometime after.
Praised be Allah for his self-removal.
My undestanding of politics, especially the upside down ones, switched sides, reverse-mode type, carried out in Australia is very limited I must confess.
So, I might have my wires crossed here as an australian saying goes. See? Crossing-overs, upside-downings, side-swipings, reversals, etc. are part of the culture and therefore of the politics.
So I might be standing to be corrected.
Be my guest.
I wish Yamarka were more active instead of being walkabouting in the Nullarbour-Never-Never, dreaming about ladies with big..............
I am now getting to the point-:
Rudd and his cronies have recently released or promised to release 4 billion dollars for the Murray Water Resources, stating that the previous Government never attempted anything about this problem.
It appears to me that this is a blatant compounded lie which is extremely objectionable and damning coming from a man who began his escalation to power on the back of Bonhoeffer, the alleged political lies from the Liberals about AWB, his dayly attacks on Howard asking for a solution to the problem of rising petrol prices, etc. etc.
Rudd and his clowns must be capitalising on their masses’ notorious short memory, or their preoccupation with their mortgages, drinking ( forgetting ), football, betting and fornicating etc. etc.
Incidentally, regarding the problem of mortgages, why don’t australain politicians
blame the unrealistic expectations of most home buyers who expect to buy houses far too large uneconomical and expensive to manage in relation to their relaIncidentally again, since we mentioned AWB, do Australians realise that Australia being a small nation, which is self-pamperedly gutsing most of its national product on itself, ( forget about the propaganda about the big country which is all about potentialities not actualities), not being able to build anything really noticeable about Defence Forces, having to rely on some powerful ally to even imagine the possibility of defending itself in the future, Australia has nevertheless the equivalent of weapons and military resources in its potentiall for the production of foodstuffs?
The next war if not determined and ended in the first few days, may still see lots of conventional warfare with armies and surviving populations and armies and populations have to eat.
If ended in the first few days then there shall be no problem to solve.
So, Australia should capitalise on and maintain agricultural productions going at all costs and thgis means simply NEW ENERGY and NEW WATER.
At present, there appears to be a feeling of false security spawned, and peerhaps it is even being fostered by our potential competitors, that mineral resources are the main solution to our economics.
Short-term-wise yes, but we must re-invest most of the revenues accruing from the mineral resources into New Energy and New Water.
And tell the Greens, Don Brown, the Dalai Lama and the Tibetans, the blind fools, to behave.
It is only in so far as Australia is able to have a large yeld of foodstuffs that a powerful Nation, worthy of our high standards of morality ( hopefully ) shall be interseted in an alliance.
My opinion is in fact that, even during the last WWII Australia’s contributions to the war efforts in relation to foodstuffs and essential resources was far more valuable than the one afforded by its small field forces.
Also remember that foodstuffs can be seen as biofuel.
So, Rudd and your cronies, please do not sabotage our agricultural production and do not discourage our wheat farmers on petty issues of internal politics and watch out for ethnic infiltrators wrongly influencing and determining our political choices.
As Fraser said-: Life was not meant to be easy.


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