Friday, May 23, 2008

Post 43. Manipulations of the Qu'ran EXPOSED.

Mohammedans and Islamists of the world, Attention, please, for the love of God, Truth and Peace!
The Qu'ran's version you are reading may be a falsified, manipulated one ( in 750AD) by badouin imperialist redactors.
Here is the truth revealed at last by honest Mohammedans in then Era of Freedom and of Human Rights' vindication.
It is your duty to investigate and judge by yourselves.
Islam should be based on the Qu'ran
Today based instead upon Sectarian Beliefs That have caused Discords, Enmity and Bloodshed.
Read the Qu'ran on Internet....
To copy, read and hear the Arabic Text from any passage of the Qur'an and its multiple recitations plus its English/French/Urdu Translations on the Internet, please click:
Does not need your ID or Password...
( It is totally anonymous)
Absolutely free,
for the love of truth and peace.
( Guaranteed to have been compiled and researched by true Mohammedans, totally outside the play of politics, for the perfect love of truth which the greatest reformer Mohammed
[ whom God holds in his very compassionate and merciful heart]
loved above all, since Allah is Truth.
May I who is writing and publishing this be crucified if I were not believing to be saying the truth. )
(Note-: The only edition of the Qu'ran that gives the un-adulterated as well as the manipulated versions for comparison
( how more honest can one be?),
a choice of two arabic scripts,
also providing audio recitation by half a dozen different imams to choose by
plus a choice of languages)
La', ila la', ilaa Allah!


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