Sunday, April 6, 2008

Post 29. Bimbo the Leader of Gangs.

To the esteemed readers-: This is a sequel to "The Woman of Arabia".
An Ode to Bimbo Leader of Gangs.
Once upon a time, Bimbo, dear Bimbo from Australia Fair,
a hybrid mongrel who could swiftly dish-out
reversals of chores and roles in the arena of sex
many encores eliciting from his obscenely lascivious
and mentally wasted bands,
the Templar approached in a cocky and aroused way
and said
with words which with the Templar’s thoughts
with great difficulty I am compelled betwixt to mix,
since I, a third person
of both Bimbo and the Templar am here speaking
in virtue of the way a "syllogism" is thought and written down
by the human mind, the sequential order of which
great Aristotle warned us,
in separation must be shown if greater clarity is to be won,
to the effect that simultaneously occurring
by various and differing pesonae’s
utterances and/or thoughts
could not without Windows Microsoft
yet only and still in windows separated
and only if on screens shown
which the americans describe as YGWYS
if thou finally get my drift, although,
I must confess
that even I at this stage my wits have lost -::

"Templar, oh you who a miserable fagot
by your restrained christian ways portrayest
You know, had I been you when young you were
of lofty Templar-ways still shy
when in the deserts of Arabia you saw
all those women shrouded in black, their anhorexic cleavages
hiding from the sight of lusty men
warely trodding their godforsaken paths away,
surrounded by camels, dogs and donkeys
in a discordant vigorous cacophony, braying, honking and grunting away
their sadly, cruelly and depleted ways
that unfeeling fate unscrupulous, unscrupulously to humanity belays
I would a ssuredly have stopped, proposed and their consent
to dilly-dallyy a little and have some sport along the way."

( Templar’s thought simultaneously occurring-:)
"Halas poor wasted cleavages and forms
of which aroused Bimbo is braying of
which would defy of any greek geometrician
since Euclides’ days,
the cunning and knowing arts
to further try the yet unsquared circle to square
or the root to extract of its diagonal
or something of the sort that I need to be reminded of
that all have, I have been told,
hidden, ancient sumerian sexual imports
that Freud our latter-days’ guru faithfully reports of
of whom dear Bimbo neither heard
nor would anyway give a damn of
in cleavages his mind being irretrievably lost,
wether anhorexic or not it would neither matter to him a nought
nor the fact that Arabs forsooth invented our nought ".
(End of Templar’s uncharitable and rather grotty thoughts).
To which the rather sombre, dour and sour Templar knight
his vilest mood rising while his temper restraining just
replied to Bimbo, all the way trying to think of his Order’s Spiritual Master
of Jesus Christ’s the gentle, tolerant all forbearing
yet effortless might-:
" Bimbo, dear Bimbo of mine, you irredimable dolt and clot,
for Jesus’ Love’s sake always remember
to over here, near to sweet Jesus remain and stay
and never, never to trod a path there where
verily verily and most assuredly
with your easy and unrestrained ways, my son,
your tiny, lustrous, yet hairy and ugly balls
you would loose to unforgiving,
of ages-past, Sharia's ways and Laws,
which do not give a damn whether
you acted with a consent or not ".


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