Friday, March 7, 2008

Post 21. Tiny Rudd "the mean".

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Tiny Rudd "the mean"!
(Bonhoeffer, the christian german martyr of Nazism would disclaim Rudd's claim to be his follower and admirer.)
(Leader of a False Labour!)

$500 senior's bonus may be scrapped
Saturday Mar 8 06:19 AEDT
A $500 senior's bonus payment may be scrapped under the federal government's budget-tightening measures.
Sources within the government have told The Australian newspaper the $500 payment to seniors may be scrapped in the Rudd government's drive to cut expenditure.
The payment was created by the Howard government last year to help over-65s cope with the rising cost of living.
The Labor government is under fire for plans to get rid of the $1600 carer's payment, which is paid to 400,000 Australians.
News of the cuts comes as a Treasury report has found spending by the Howard government was unsustainable and akin to that of the Whitlam years.
"The recent growth in spending stands out, along with the growth in spending under Whitlam in 1974-75 and the increased spending following the recessions in 1982-83 and 1990-91," the Treasury report said.
©AAP 2008

Blogger's Comments-:
Let me just say that I would be overjoyed, if this meannes had to be fully consummated by Labour, in relation to those 65% of the population of this country who voted Labour.
They are scabs.
Many among the elderly pensioners have trouble paying the exhorbitant criminally high rents, many among the hipocritical members of these Latter-Days-Labour-Party are charging as owners of properties additional to the residential one ( generally a mansion disproportionate to their real needs and status in society, which is to them a convenient way to hide money that should be paying higher tax or be invested to generate development and jobs).

I am not criticising here the reasonable and acceptable practice by working people to invest during their working lives in expensive real estate, only the retention of these huge investments by either assigning these to relatives or heirs, or by generating legal-trust deeds or as residential homes while additionally claiming pension-benefits.
These issues can be particularly predicated about ethnic groups in which family and group-cohesiveness, supposedly a christian as well an islamic virtue, is abused to hide, by spreading wealth within the group ( relatives or friends), for the purpose of tax minimisation, "minimisation" being, in such instances, again another form of tax evasion, used by hipocritical people. Many among the menbers of Labour are in fact to-day minor capitalists bent on accumulating wealth, changing and distorting the traditional goals and mission of Labour.
Another move to reduce tax evasion would be to force all citizens to declare their assets and the origin of these, plus the introduction of a national identity card. These would be measures a strong leader would go for, not the oppression and victimisation of the elderly and the pensioner.
Shame on you Labour!
These neo-capitalists belong to Labour to appease their consciences in the same way some Christians go to Church to appease their complexes of guilt without doing anything about its roots-: i.e., A waste of time and an insult to God.
"Thou art witewashed graves full of iniquity and dead men' bones ", said Jesus of Nazareth!
If Labour is really serious about saving money, why does it not begin by addressing the above mentioned abuses, in addition making pension-qualifying-criteria more strict, specifically in relation to who among pensioners should benefit from this small hand-out it is considering cutting out?
Another thing that I cannot understand is why the Churches remain silent about obvious injustices such as the one herein discussed?
Why should a humble fellow such as I am have to come out and speak?
Thank you BigBlog/BigPond for allowing me free use of this blog and freedom of expression.
Buy Telstra, the Australian National Communication Channel for liberty and growth, and participate in what a humble blogger dares to write about. Be thinking and active citizens not scabs!
So speaks a Templar!

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