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Post 13. A Fruit Tree is Judged by its Fruits. So Islam is Judged by its Fruits.

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I am writing this Post to answer the author(s) of an advertisement that appeared on my blog, c/o Google's AdSense.
I quote it here-:
Revealing the Bible Perversion and the True Foundation of Islam.
I am glad and gratefull I am attracting the attention of my Moslem brethrens and sisters!
I am a christian and not against Mohammedanism as a Religion. What I am against is the historical reality that Islam ( Islamism is a religious ideology not a religion) arrogantly aims at a world humma which excludes all other people and religions from an equal standing with Mohammedanism. Even good Mohammed is sometimes said in the Quran to have concluded ( please keep in mind the fact the Quran was written at least 150 years after Mohammed's death by the orders and directives of some warriors out of the deserts of the Arabian Peninsula. By the way, the Amalekites, Hycksos or Arabs were raiders into Palestine in the biblical times, not local residents as you appear to delude yourself), after declaring the equality of the three people of the Judaean/Christian/Mohammedan Old and New Scriptures, that the Quran is supreme and the seal of truth, just because it was written last. This is however not enough justification for a quranic supremacy, as what came first may be the conclusive and predominant truth that needed, perhaps, some temporary adaptations in view of changed world scenarios ( with the New Testament and the Quran ). God/Allah/Jehovah is my witness I am not rejecting the Quran, only suggesting it may need researching and synchronising with modern times and the evolution of the religions of the other people of the Book. Mohammed himself, blessed be his memory, would agree with me. In a way, this claim to supremacy in equality was a contradiction, resulting from the times in history when Mohammed lived. Times have changed and the knowledge of God keeps increasing for those who study and love God. Anyway, these are not matters to be dealt by amateurs like you appear to be. What are your credentials? I am a qualified Bachelor of Theology ( 9 years of theological studies ). If there should be such a world humma then why should it not be Roman Catholic? What have Islamists or Mohammedanists got that we RCs have not? However we Roman Catholic have learnt that God/Allah/Jehovah does not consider human beings fit to make the Kingdom of God on earth.
And this definitely includes Islamists and Mohammedanists.
So forget supremacy and the theocratic obsession dear islamic and mahommmmedan brethrens and sisters.
The Theocratic Obsession is nothing else than a delusion and a form of Imperialism, the same that the great Roman Catholic Constantine and the spanish monarchs had. Now Constantine and the spanish monarchs were not worse than any of the hebrew monarchs of both the Judaean and the Samaritan branches ( including David and Salomon ), nor of the thousand islamic leaders in the history of Islam with their harems full of women.
The Serraglio ( harem ) of the Ottoman rulers in Turkey was in fact closed only at the end of WWI when the Mohammedans were liberated by the christian Western powers from the corruption and obscenities of Ottoman rule.
This is recent, documented history my dear brethrens and sisters!
Western sects of Christianity have also renounced the theocratic obsession and since the Declaration of the USA's independence, Religion and State have been separated in the West.( In France, this has occurred in 1905 ). No human being is worthy of or to be trusted in creating a world humma as the Apostle St.John, known as the beloved Apostle, clearly states in his Gospel that only God/Allah/Jehovah is worthy of making a New World and that this shall occur only AT THE LAST DAY! Now St.John was born and wrote approximately 600 years before Mohammed was born and 700 years before the Quran was written.
I have already explained in previous posts how the Quran was written at least 150 years after the death of Mohammed and how the non-religious additions to it
( which include the exhortations to the islamisation of the whole world by the sword ) were made by the representatives of the crazy arabic warriors from the deserts of Saudi Arabia.
So please, stop claiming the whole of the Quran is the word of God and do not insult God!
I have also shown how the religious parts of the Quran were inspired by Christianity and by the Old Testament of the Hebrews.
So what are you talking about?
In a way you are agreeing with what I say, in this respect. Thank you.
The only trouble is you forget the Hebrews and the Christians. In the back of your brainwashed minds there have been and there are only Arabs and Islamists!
If Islam is the Bible why don't you give Israel its right to Israel to-day and stop violence and murdering in the world? Are the Hebrews and Gentiles not your brethrens and sisters? Is Abraham not the father of both Mohammedans( Ishmaelites) and Hebrews? As St.Paul said ( 600 years before Mohammed ), Abraham is also the gentiles' (christian westerners') father, yes our spiritual father and the Spirit is stronger than the flesh and circumcision. What counts is the circumcision of the heart not of the flesh ( as even Isaiah began to say in his days. Why don't we all keep on sacrificing animals and give burnt offerings any longer, as our common fore-fathers did? Because rituals and beliefs evolve as God wills it ).How can Arabic be the only language of God, when you agree Islam comes from the Bible which, everyone agrees, was written in Hebrew?
Actually arabic did not exist yet as a written language in the days of Mohammed and it could very well said that arabic was, then, a branch of the Jewish language which has been written approximately since the times of David, such a long time before the arabic alphabet and grammar ever existed.
So God/Allah/Jehovah spoke a form of Hebrew similar to arabic or vice-versa. What about the story of The Tower of Babel?
So, I ask, what is this obsession with Arabic?
As I have said, arabic grammar and alphabet were developed on order from the arabic leaders from the desert, 150 years after the death of Mohammed,in view of their imperialistic desire for world conquest and booty. Had they been humble and truly religious as Mohammed had been, they would have used the ready made, structurally perfect hebrew alphabet ( not a light and embroidering alphabet like arabic is ) God/Allah/Jehovah had already chosen more than a thousand years earlier to write the 10 Commandments ( Have you heard about these ?) on Moses' Stones on Mt. Sinai.
The Old Scriptures speak mythologically of the confusion of languages willed by God/Allah/Jehovah in the story of The Tower of Babel. There you are then, oh you amateur theologians withot qualifications, who believe everything literally and learn everything like a parrot, by memory. Memory is not necessarily a sign of intelligence or the ability to draw conclusions or to exercise judgment or to understand deeply and gracefully God's messages. There is no supremacy of either Hebrew or Arabic, but the love, good manners and humility of translating into other people's languages God's messages.
The lack of the latter mentioned virtues and signs of ones being of God, is why instead of converging into a peaceful co-existence and co-operation God/Allah/Jehovah desires and wills, to-day we still have islamists and israelis cutting one-another's throats and we western peope are going to loose our patience and tolerance!
Beware of Contingency Ethics!
Jihad is not an islamic monopoly!
So speaks the Templar theologian.
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