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Post 4. Genesis 1-3 for the XXIst Century.

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Genesis 1-3.
( A Revision for the 21st Century )
General Note-: If short of time, patience and fortitude, skip the Notes and go directly to page 1.
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Note 1-: Since God the Father is really a pure spirit having neither male nor female gender, the writer has decided to use for God the neutral form of the predicated and personal pronoun, to appear in capital, bold letters throughout this essay. In my opinion, it is wrong to say that the use of the neutral form is disparaging to the honour of God, since the neutral is, in the English language, also used for animals and inanimate objects, and these are not human persons, because the neutral form in relation to God, in this essay, is intended to just mean: ' neither male nor female '. The same criterion is used for all the spiritual persons in the Holy Trinity, the exception being the Word when expressed in the homeostatic unity with Jesus of Nazareth, the really human and divine man. I wish to avoid the use of ' He/She ' or the traditional male form for God, one which discriminates against feminists for whom I have great respect and love, provided they do not go all the way Fiorenza Schlusser was prepared to go in relation to the Scriptures and the Patriarchs. May God be all that is good to all human beings and creation!
Note 2 -: Some readers may take offence at my boldness in dealing with the writing of the scriptures in what they might think a light hearted way. Let me assure you that as a theologian I am required by my profession to be bold, this being, as in a soldier, a desirable characteristic. This is more so in a christian who is struggling with the mystery of evil and malice-: To such a person, boldness is totally justified. I am also qualified for the task I have attempted in this essay, because as a man I have had a long schooling in the problems of scarcity and necessity. Let me also add that, when writing about scriptural matters, one must be very free from ideological ( this term includes also religious ideologies as understood in the theological circle of the liberationists belonging to the school of Juan Luis Segundo, S.J. ) or congregational fetters and this is, on its own, not easy and painful, as it is always a relatively lonely and unpopular struggle. Moreover, and finally, the approach and choice of perspective is very, very unpalatable and the least plausible possible to our well-to-do fellow human beings, or to the everpresent multitude of individuals aspiring to belong to the ' well-to-do ' bracket and to jump onto the wheel of fortune, without giving a damn about their less endowed or fortunate ( by wordly standards ) fellow human beings,
therefore a rather unpopular and unrewarding task as the world is concerned. One shall never get a Master or a Doctor's Degree by harping on scarcity and oppression-: Too many Dogmas to re-word. However God compensates me in other ways. I am not a radical, a revolutionary, an atheist, advocating that Genesis 1-3 be done away with, in the way feminists of the Fiorenza's school would, if and when it suites them, as I have far too great respect for the Patriarchs who, in their times, were the best humanity could offer to God. The existing version of Genesis 1-3 is to be of course retained, as the patriarchs meant well, in relation to the limitations to their world view, the presence of scarcity and necessity, imperfection, freedom and chance. In fact, the word of God cannot be altered, only interpreted and explained at our own risk and at that of our listeners. But risk is anyway a corollary of natural freedom and boldness and I am always prepared to pay for it, if I err, knowing God loves me as one of God's beloved poor and oppressed. ' Natural freedom' is another name for chance, contingency, probability, fate. With fate on the other hand, one generally associates a degree of finality and stability. However this last interpretation is not a truly christian one, as a christian always believes in a person's worth as an individual, and in a person's value---- no matter how apparently insignificant such a person's prayers and actions may appear to the world----- as a participant in God's Plan. Just think that even experiments on sub-atomic particles' behaviour point to the fact that both the experimenter and the experiment condition these. Is it so difficult to believe then that in an analogical and very distant way, the believer's participation can influence history, always of course under the a priori presence of God's final Divine Freedom and Will? Even writing an essay such as this must therefore affect history even if it went unread and unnoticed to the world, just through its spiritual charge and power participating at the ultimate hyerarchical level of reality where everything and everyone is pure spirit and thought.
I, Ludovicus, am also aware that this revision may need further revisions, as the bounty of God's knowledge keeps revealing itself through our veiled eyes. I am also certain that it can be carried out much better than I have done, by more skilled, sophisticated, learned and pious theologians than I am. But it certainly requires someone who is poor and oppressed, and who has not been spared God's rod and discipline, the signs of which I carry in my spirit and flesh; this may narrow down the number of applicants for the task.
With regard to the matter of a writer's literary sophistication,I would like here to quote a statement Georges Bernanos made through the young, poor, and oppressed parish priest of Saint Vaast who is the central character of his novel, Diary of a Country Curate -: " I probably have a rather unsophisticated, rather oppressed personality; but I must confess that the priest who feels he has to belong to the literati in order to be full of grace, has always horrified me. To give great value to one's belonging or not to a circle of elegant intellects, is like wishing to have lunch in the best restaurants, in the City-: One does not live lavishly, whilst being conscious, as a priest should, that many are dying of hunger in this world. ", [ My translation from an Italian translation-from-the-original in French ]. I would also like to mention the great Origen, of Church Fathers' fame, who speaks about the non-essentiality of a polished or stylish language or writing in connection with revealed matters, as, if these are true, the spirit shall suffice to those who rightly interpret and understand. See, for example Anti-Nicene Fathers, vol. X, Book I; vol X, Book IV,Section 2, and I quote from the latter reference-: '......and they [ 2 Cor. 10:16 ] confess themselves accordingly to be rude in speech but not in knowledge; for we must consider that the other Apostles would have said this too as well as Paul. As for the text of 2 Cor 4:7, ''........ But we have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the excellency of the power may be of God and not of us,.............''.The reference to Origen is from ' Origen's Commentaries on John and Matthew ' ( partial ) , Book I, IV, vol. X , Anti-Nicene Fathers, Early Church Fathers ( Special Protestant Edition ), LOGOS Library System's CD-ROM, http://www:
Please also note that I am heavily indebted to Origen's interpretations regarding the understanding of the scriptural, theological associations: i.e., ' in the beginning ', ' in Wisdom ', ' at the beginning ', ' the flow of the Spirit as a work of the Word in Wisdom ( i.e., In the beginning ), at the beginning ' etc.
Regarding my understanding of God's ontological freedom and its assumption of the human nature, this is grounded at second hand, on my readings of Juan Luis Segundo's work--: Jesus of Nazareth Yesterday and Today; to give an example, see chapter I --: Jesus and God: Approach to
the Council of Chalcedon. Brutally perhaps, and in a nutshell, any belief and speculation about God ends up in idolatry, narcisism and self pampering, if/when in separation of or consciously ignoring the Plan that is from the beginning, in Wisdom, and that includes the carpenter from Nazareth, the man called Jesus and what he really stood for. The Father and the Son are One, and christology is meant to be ' from below ', that is-: Starting with the man Jesus of Nazareth.
Note 3 -: In the part of the essay where God is speaking, there is an inevitable chronological telescoping of this revision of Genesis 1-3, that is going on in the present, but is however trying to appear as if going on, simultaneously, in the past -----as if it were a new or even an original revelation, although we know the existing version is not to and cannot be replaced----- with the references to the already existing Old and New Covenants into which it is trying to fit, as if written before their times and existence. However, since in God there is no subservience to time, all this should be accepted as natural, if inspired of God, as it very well may be. It is nice to write, believing oneself to be doing so under God's express mandate, believing in such an overpowerful and overpowering Master as God undoubtedly and incredibly is! Alleluiah! Alleluiah!
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1 revision. These are the words written in MMI, of Ludovicus, a Lombard from Milan, now in terra australis since MXCLIX, during the reign of God's beloved and gracious Elizabeth II, by the Grace of Jehovah, Queen of Great Britain. Australia and of the Commonwealth Nations, therefore, by Her Grace and Benevolence also an unworthy australian theologian, a son of Josephine, a strong and fairly just woman from Brianza, Italy.And he proceeded to say, in his human wretchetdness, notwithstanding his total unworthiness, driven by the mystery of Jehovah's Grace and Providence, through the proddings of the Spirit that does not know rest and does not suffer resistance or refusal-:
" Jehovah has been mightily concerned, through the reports from ITS only begotten Son, the now glorified Jesus of Nazareth, the Word in the beginning/Wisdom, the Christ of the Old Testament about the anachronisms in the Book of Genesis 1-3 which was sent down to the Priests of the Temple, in the days of the Kings of Judah and Samaria, through the word of mouth, and through human ears, from time immemorial, since the times of the generation of Adam. Jehovah has decreed that a revision is now needed!.
First of all, let us all remember Jehovah created the world because of ITS Love ( concern ) for the other than self, and created human beings in the image of ITS Son, committed to love one another, in freedom.Since the world qua inanimated or not-human and human beings qua created and unlike the Son who has been generated of the same substance as the Father's, from the Father, the whole of creation would not be made totally divine, but required to be made subjected to imperfection, that is, with regard to human beings, with the need to learn how to love with God's Love, in order to become divine and actually God's own.Indeed, although human beings, in virtue of the fact that they have been made in the image of the Son, have an openness to the supernatural and to divinization, ' at the last day ', matters that have been written about by God's beloved children in the New Covenant established by God's dear Son Jesus of Nazareth, and sealed in his blood by his death on the Cross, human beings, with the exception of God's Son, are born imperfect, not-divine, i.e., In need to learn how to love one another, like the Father and the Son, through the Spirit. This means that they have been made subject not only to the Law of Love and Freedom, but also to that of scarcity and necessity, in which chance ( fate ), which also rules together with natural law, order, and intelligence, is a type of random natural freedom that is required in creation to avoid, by foiling and thwarting attempts made by misguided human beings for the establishment of permanent human controls on nature and Spirit. Only the Law of Love and of the Freedom of God , by the Grace and Providence of God, can supply the means to maintain humankind on the path of divinization, established by God's Son by his ( he became then truly a man in the human flesh, although now being the glorified human being) Incarnation, stimulated as human beings naturally are,

by desires which keep them prodding on the harsh and narrow track of scarcity and necessity, the corollaries of imperfection and want.Please be also reminded in relation to these matters, that, provided the Law of Love and Freedom is obeyed globally, no one on earth should want for the necessaries of living that are normally required by a fallible and limited human being, even under God's Grace, to truthfully, honestly praise and give thanks to God , who created the world out of Love, so that the consciousnes of humankind would feedback to God the overabundance of the Spirit that was hitherto overflowing into the nothing of nothingness, in excess to the Love enjoyed within the divine relations of Father, Son and Holy Ghost. It is important to note also that ----- this was not understood and not expressed by my mouthpieces in the former revelation of Genesis 1-3----- although human beings consider the postulation of their a priori , original subjection to imperfection as a limitation to the power of an omnipotent God, God's omnipotence cannot be separated from the rationality of a God who is also just, consistent with ITSELF, whose power cannot by the definition of ITS own essence and nature, be created but only outpoured into an eternal act of outpouring, that must flow back finally to ITSELF into forms that are images of ITSELF , grounded into substances that are made out of nothing ( i.e., the non-divine, the non-existent-by-itself ). Verily, wilst the outpouring of God is perfect, the image cannot be so, not without the Incarnation of the Word, who makes this perfectionable on an individual basis ( i.e., the light shines out from the lamp but is neither just the ray of light, as a whole, nor the lamp itself, nor the vital energy represented by the light, nor the ray itself, nor the wave of light, nor the frequency of light, etc. etc. to the inclusion of elementary component elements or particles, themselves images of the divine, unknowable essence ). Nevertheless, God is omnipotent and whatever IT makes, it does so to the limit ( to use imperfect human concepts which are nevertheless dear and important to God, who loves humanity ) of ITS infinity and creativity insofar as making is concerned, and is, in-spite of the imperfection of the made thing, qua made and not generated, still a task commensurate to ITS infinite power of making, involving God to ITS limits ( to use human imperfect language which is nevertheless dear and important to God, who loves humanity ), still a task indeed worthy of God. Finally, scarcity, necessity, natural freedom, random freedom ( chance, contingencies ), divine freedom are not signs of weakness on the part of God, but the instruments of ITS work according to God's Plan ( in Wisdom ) for the divinization of creation, an act of mighty and infinite Love. " Amen.

Ludovicus further proceeded to say-: " Jehovah has commanded me to act as ITS mouthpiece and said "-:
" I, Jehovah, command that a revision be made to The Book of Genesis 1-3, by my slave Ludovicus whom I have long trained in the school of my Love that does not spare the rod, but is suffering and wretchedness, however salved with the balm of my desire for love, that is his own love for God. I am a God requiring love, glory, praise, free and voluntary worship from my people, who although my slaves, are allowed the chance to escape from my house and even oppose and deny me, their sovereign Lord-: At times they are even driven to flee from me by my persecutors themselves. Woe to these exploiters and oppressors!But do not forget in your blasphemous dreams of human world-rule that I am also and always shall be the mighty hunter of old who ITS own and shall have it all, at the end. Many have attempted to escape from my Love, through the countless generations of humankind, seeking their own illusions, and mightily have I had to struggle with humankind for their hearts, in which also and above all, not only in their minds, and in their flesh, the mysteries of my Love and their love can weave the patterns of worship, praise and glory. In fact, do not forget you weavers of rituals, speeches, musics, songs, dances, in fact, of the whole liturgy, which in the absence of divine love, are all so much like onto the burnt offerings of old that I finally got tired of and rejected, that the only sacrifice acceptable to me is the sacrifice of your hearts. Remember that only in your heart your love can meet mine own, only through your love of the other than self-: Preferably the poor and oppressed amongst you, who shall never cease to exist, who also on their part, must recognise and respond to love, which is a two-way exchange.Consider how many have run away and I have hunted and brought back to myself! Consider how in the course of innumerable generations of human beings, my word has been uttered through imperfect mouthpieces, for imperfect listening ears, for imperfect human beings. Oh, how I have greeved and burned in fury and anger at the abyss existing between us and you, oh my children! Verily I must insist, the book of Genesis 1-3 needs revising as it has been compiled by my people when most nations had deserted me, confusing my faithful. Ah, my beloved patriarchs, what a faithful but wretched lot of human beings you shall be! Yet, in your days you still were the best I could muster! In an era in which slavery was the lot of most human beings you alone, although actually also enslaving many, believed in sanctuary for the run-away slave and eventually allowed a former slave

either the freedom to go elsewhere or membership in your own household! To the point that my people shall eventually become a tribe of liberated slaves, whose prayer shall become-: ' I was once a poor and wretched Aramean, oh Jehovah ........................' Many laws, amazing and advanced for your times, for the relief of the poor and oppressed amongst you shall you issue in my name and make to actually apply. My heart melted from the love of you then like the fat of your choice sacrificial meat; how grateful was the odour of your sacrificial smoke and of the burning incense, hyssop and myrrh. On the other hand, your vision of the world and creation was tainted by your ignorance and the customs and belief of profligate neighbours, and had to be so, in a creation subjected also to chance (fate ), scarcity and necessity.Let me then tell you that it shall come to pass that 2000 and more years after my Son shall have come amongst you, to die and resurrect for your salvation, I shall speak again to you through Ludovicus my servant, as I am now doing. Much shall you have learnt about me and creation in this time, certainly aided by the presence of my Son amongst you, by the New Covenant, by the stirrings of the Spirit that flows without rest toward and from every direction it chooses to blow. Much shall have also been learnt through the sciences about nature. Also, I have noted that the development of world communications as well as the trend in the world's multi-national businesses is toward a global distribution and influence, and that it very well might also turn out to be for a global exploitation and oppression of the poor. But I shall, if, whenever and wherever the latter events take place, shatter the dreams of those responsible, with plagues of their spirit and flesh. Much has been said by those who have functioned as my mouthpieces, or by those who have listened with their ears to my words, about sin and the responsibility in regard to it of a personal being who opposes me since the beginning-: Satan. Let me tell you, since it is not relevant whether this being is living, personal, conscious, etc., that, since the beginning there have been human beings who have joined together in their delusions concerning desires, activities directed at grabbing an unreasonable share of resources for the sake of their delusion to permanently ensure their own survival and enjoyment of riches, even through the permanent exploitation and oppression of their fellow human beings-: The well known historical poverty and oppression about which my beloved sons of Ignatius Loyola of indomitable faith, shall so boldly and well write in their books, in the days after the establishment of the New Covenant, from whom my son Ludovicus shall also draw knowledge! The activities of those people, rising and falling as individual persons, through the generations of humankind, but always present as a class at each generation, replaced by others like themselves existing and acting through the ages, in history, through the surviving structures of sin, have ended by giving these structures a life of their own, that can be called satanic ( i.e., At the edge betwen the divine and the demonic ) indeed, an impersonal, pseudo-personal system-of-being

having the capacity to relate to and to be related to by humanity in a pseudo-human way, albeit very actually a quasi human being without a divine destiny, devoted to condemnation and death. Consider that a belief in a living, supernatural, personal demon can only serve as a reason to excuse human beings from sin, while perhaps making them despair of their victory over sin, even through the victory of Jesus over the body of sin. Do you remember Adam and Eve and the Serpent? How very convenient and confusing in your freedom and ITS (the serpent's) own! No, neither an advisable, nor safe a belief. The structures of sin are social and quasi-human, quasi personal, very actual and real and these you can certainly fight and conquer. Therefore beware! It is here and now about time that a more specific definition be given of sin, other than the generic one of the rebellion of Adam and Eve against God-: The Dogma of Original Sin needs rewording. Granted, sin is initially and finally against God, but takes its form, actuality and concreteness through the dealings of human beings towards other human beings. Are not the great commandments and sermons that shall be given on the Mountain, about love of God and love of fellow human beings whom should be loved as one loves even oneself? Many a Rabbi of the Old and the New shall agree, and even Jesus has always agreed even when, as the Word he agreed, since the beginning, that the summary of the Law is in those two commandments. So let us be more specific and say that one can only love God through the love of one's fellow human being. Even a lesser poet, an englishman called Leigh Hunt ( 1834 A.D. ), shall write in a short poem, unusual for his times, one titled ' The Dream of Abu Ben Adem ', that one who loves one's fellow man, indeed loves God. Now, many can easily love, and there may be nothing sinful about this, someone who is goodlooking, with great and rare personality, rich, generous, etc., someone who belongs to one's own family, class, clique, party, club, religious congregation, ideology, nation, race, etc. The test of love ----- remember that we have been created so that we may learn how to love with God's own Love for ourselves----- must therefore be a love for someone who is poorer and more oppressed than oneself. Is this not really the meaning of the love for the Cross? Do not be hypocrites like my hard and cold hearted Pharisees! I certainly love you all, always and without exception or partiality -----as Jesus' own brother James shall tersely say----- due to the fact that I have created you out of matter, which in turn I made out of nothingness( i.e., What was not divine, virtually non-existent ), yet in the image of my Son ( i.e., The reflection/image is neither the direct light, nor the ray, nor the lamp, nor the vital energy, etc. etc. ) -----thus naturally imperfect and wretched, since images and in relation to matter, yet blessed in relation to God----- nevertheless normally, infinitely ( in relation to God ) poor and oppressed until ' at the last day ', and yet blessed, therefore infinitely lovable.As to revising the whole of the two Testaments, there is no need to do so, because, there is nothing in these that, in the light of this revision to Genesis 1-3, conflicts with what I, Jehovah have


asked Ludovicus to revise according to my commands, and for the reasons given above. So, my dear Ludovicus, I have commanded, am commanding now and shall command you to boldly speak and put an Amen to it! "
And Ludovicus proceeded to say-:
2r. " In the beginning there was nothing at all but God. Virtually, nothing sensuous existed, and whatever may have been potentially or actually visible, audible, colourful, or spatially drawn out was virtually invisible, not-heard of, and as if un-extended, because there was nothing like living material sight or hearing or smelling, spacially distributed matter ( including air or gas ) or sensuous life of any kind in the void. Neither was there any intellectual or spiritual life other than God.This is not to say however, that the divine could not have knowledge of all that was to come and that was to be stored potentially, actually and kinetically in Wisdom, the first begotten of the Father, even insofar as the sensuous mode of knowing any existent thing or being is concerned. The truth is however that the manner of knowing by the divine is infinitely more direct and immediate than the sensuous mode. Therefore, insofar as the sensuous mode of knowing is concerned, nothing existed and there was only God at the beginning. That is why it is not wrong to humanly say that, at the beginning, there was nothing at all outside God and that God alone existed or that God existed alone with Wisdom and in Wisdom and that Wisdom alone was as God was, at the beginning. Insofar as the mystery of knowing is concerned, God was, is, shall be pure, divinely living and communicating Thought, and it is through thought that human beings know that there is God, although more than thought is required to love and know God; in fact God is not just thought, God is more, infinitely more than thought can be spoken of, in human terms. And all the while, in the beginning, that is, in Wisdom, the Spirit flowed in the divine communications, from Thought and back ontowards Thought, in the analogical way that electrical power oscillates back and forward in a purely inductive circuit without power being used at all ( if a theoretically pure inductive circuit ). God as Thought, as the archee ( prototype ) of all that human thought can think of, in freedom and in a non-ultimate and non-absolute way -----for only what is really ultimate and absolute is God, and God cannot directly, immediately, without mediation, analogy and complementary reasoning, be thought of by the human mind----- means Life pure and eternal. Life, or God's self-communications, is Love, all these in a state of pure, non-historical being, ( even now unbelievable, unfathomable to sensuous/intellectual/self-conscious human beings and to their sensing, feeling, knowing, understanding, judging, willing, acting and being ). There was virtually neither a beginning as the source to an end, nor an end as the goal to a beginning, therefore time was not yet, neither space, nor matter, nor colour existed, life being a centered

flashing ( in the language of the sensuous sensible being ) of instantaneous, self renewing, loving, body-less, non-materially-related energy, and God's dear son Einstein had not yet been born to relate matter to energy through the speed of light. Thought, willing in eternity, from eternity, to express God's Love in an evermore divine way, to the ever greater glory of God, a task indeed even more commensurate to God's ultimate greatness, ( as distinct from God's absolute greatness in self-sufficiency ) first generated Wisdom ( Sophia ), as the disembodied, living, restless flowing of God's powers and love in the self-communications of God according to a Plan for creation, and Wisdom is the organizer and holder of all the powers of ' Thought the God ' ( o-theos). As God's dear son Origen shall later on say, the ' Thought the Father ' (theos ) then uttered the Word that was in Wisdom, as the executor of all the works that the Father had designed and planned for Wisdom to hold. And the Word was in Wisdom and Wisdom is in the Word, and the Word is Wisdom. Yes, the Father generated the Word by uttering it in Wisdon giving way to the Word as the Son in a body-less birth, and the Word was fully divine, generated but not made, the very same and only substance of the Father. And the Word, uttered by the Father, also drew out the Holy Spirit that also was in Wisdom as a work ( made and not generated ) of the Father at the beginning, and the Spirit was in Wisdom and with the Father. All, Father, Wisdom/Word/Son, Holy Spirit are in God in Wisdom as the beginning, since the beginning, without time.And the Word, as the executor of the works of the Father, was to make all other creatures that already existed in Wisdom as the Wisdom of the Father -: The spiritual ( divine ) and material ( sensuous ), the invisible and the visible, the sensible and insensible, the animated and in-unimated, the organic and inorganic, and others modes of being unknown to human beings, all these according to the powers of God which were in Wisdom, as the Father ( Creator ), Wisdom being the beginning, since the beginning, without time. The learned scholar Origen of the Alexandrine school, well was to write and has written on these matters, under the spell of the Word as the Logos, and is now blisfully witnessing these truths in heaven, at the sight of the beatific vision.
Yes, Thought willed that Being be exalted over and above nothingness ( resulting from the absence of sensuous/intellectual/spiritual life outside the divine ), and that through the generation and creation of other beings ( to the ultimate perfection of the self- conscious human being ), by the resulting separation from and dynamic return to itself, the Power of God to be truly and gloriously manifested and expressed, through use, historically across time.
And time was.

And this is the meaning of Love-: That a unity into oneness existed in the beginning, at the beginning; that a separation by generation and creation occurred and that a return to the Father would follow at the end toward a unity into oneness. Thought, Word and Spirit were one and equal onto one another, one very same and only substance of the Father, except that, in Wisdom, the Spirit is like the differential of the living, spiritual Power of the Father. There was no separation between, no distinction about, no division within, no limitation from one another; they were one unified oneness of three and equal onto themselves, through integrating, theocratic Spirit-: A unified oneness of the same substance-: There was no boundary whatsoever in their mutual relations as all else was virtually nothingness. There was nothing else whatsoever outside and within themselves-: There was no outside, no within, no boundary, no space, no time, no becoming, only one unified oneness of three beings in one being and their mutual relations. There was Love and fulfilment in God through Spirit, in the outward communications between the Father and the Son. There was totally only one unified God, alone with itself in its relations as Father with the Son ( and human beings and Creation still at the Planned-stage), by the Word ( in Wisdom as Wisdom ) through Spirit.
This was indeed perfection and bliss, pure and eternal! Yet, there was more even than perfection owing to the over-abundance of God's over-flowing loving kindness!

3r. But there was also an overubandance of the flow of Spirit. In ITS Love, God felt the overflow of the Spirit into the virtual nothing as if it were a falling off into non-existence ( in human terms which are dear to God, who loves humanity )-: There was in fact a virtually invisible, in-audible, un-measurable ( in relation to an absence of sensuous and material, sensible and even insensible life which is still unfathomable in ITS divine modes of expression, to present human thought ) firework of divine emotions, feelings that through the Spirit overflowed into the void around the Father and the Word ( now the glorified Son ), a superabundance of Love that went off into nothingness, although still feeding back to God, through an eternal return, yet, without a witnessing or praise from any sensuous, material ( sensible, insensible) and even insensible creation. In fact, the virtually sensuous groaned and clamored for God's attention, for seing, hearing, smelling, touching and feeling, knowing, judging, willing, acting, being and finally, for loving, self expressing and growing, for praising, worshipping, glorifying God.
And God said to the Word, that was in Wisdom at the beginning-:
" Let us create a world of beings and things that shall witness this our over-plenitude of Love, each according to its assigned nature, status, siuation, condition of being, and share in my Power, and thereby give us praise, thanks and glory, each in accordance to capacity, in an analogical rational and orderly way. Let us make the invisible and what is virtually nothing ( not-divine ) visible and appraisable through sensuous and sensible, even insensible life. Let us fill the virtual void with conscious love, through being that shall give us back the overflow that is going into the void, pregnant with the praises of creation itself, now all assembled in overflowing, bursting over Wisdom! A not doing so would indeed be un-godly, un-worthy of us, utterly selfish! Let us even astonish ourselves! Let us do even so! " Think ye about the coming marvel and crowning glory of Jesus of Nazareth, the babe of Beth-Lehem!
In fact, the exaltation of God's being resulting from the contrast with what was virtually nothingness, was to be made even ever greater by the contrast with something and someone that imaged God, through the Word.

4r. God therefore, through the Word, that was in Wisdom at the beginning, decided to create matter, and ordained the formation of the microcosm of all elemental particles and gave these, motions too innumerable and wondrous to account for, that made sensible ( in human terms which are dear to God, who loves humanity ) to the human beings that were to rise through the evolution of the biological cell, the fireworks of feelings and emotions that God experiences in uttering its love unto the Word through the Spirit. These particles and matter are not God, but the sensible symbols of the love of God. Matter and energy, in their mutual exchanges, became the carriers of God's ordinances devoted to the process of creation. These motions generated, generate and shall eternally re-generate forces that assemble matter in the numerous ways that build up the structures of the universe and are powered by the Spirit of God through material structures of power, in an analogical hyerarchy of being that can only be apprehended by the unglorified human mind through the contemplation of symbols. Symbols are not just cyphers, but receive their own power from the will of God, within the infinite horizon of God's creation and knowledge, which generously and mercifully includes the human horizon of knowledge.Indeed symbols take on life from God in ourselves and occur in a hyerarchic ladder of being that spans the inanimate and the spiritual rungs, between the lifeless and the living forms, between the visible and the invisible realms
5r. Thus it came to be that God's ordinances carried by the currents, driven by the forces, powered by the Spirit, supervised by Wisdom that presided as Word, order and intelligence in creation, assembled the structures of the sensible universe grounded on matter and loving energy. Order, intelligence and plan were since the beginning, not entirely unmixed with chance ( fate ), in order to permit whatever degree of freedom could be allowed by the overpowerful but loving God to an imperfect creation subjected to scarcity and necessity in which some human beings are free to become oppressors and exploiters of both nature and their fellow human beings, themselves remaining however open to the random retribution of fate or to that directly coming down from God onto their head. In truth, God is the God of love, intelligence and order-: God is above all an ethical, personal ( in relation to human beings ) God who aimed at the creation of rational, ethical, aesthetic consciousness.

6r. So the earth was also formed, with its expanses of water and land, and the canopy of air above the surface. However, a great number of changes had to occur before the formation of the first biological cell, that was to herald the beginninng of material life, through the evolution of which, under the continuing supervision of the Word, the giver of plan, order and intelligence, human kind would rise. Humankind was the last to arise because, in God's plan, all creation was to belong to the same hyerarchic ladder of beings and things spanning the distance between the inanimate and the animated, between the visible and the invisible, up to the spiritual rung, linked as if by a chain, by the same love/energy that is God's Love-: Humankind is thus linked to all creation; in fact it is the most comprehensive form of creation, a recapitulation of creation. In fact, humankind was to provide the mediation between world and the supra-world in the process of that conscious witnessing of the super-abundance of God's Love flowing into virtual nothingness before creation came into being, that God had desired in the beginning, that is, in Wisdom. Let us in fact note that consciousness also gradually evolved in the human being, in whom it is destined to reach a divine level, at ' the last day '. As the biological cell evolved into more complex biological beings, matter met life, spirit and consciousness in a forming of complex structures and relationships in which and through which matter became conscious of spirit and spirit became responsible for matter in such a way that matter would lash back at spirit when abused by it through human beings' activities through the structures of sin. In fact consciousness eventually provided the link between matter, spirit and sin, in the structures of sin, that made these into a quasi personal, quasi human, quasi rational, quasi ethical, certainly real and actual demonic powers for sin in human beings.
In a way, a making of Satan by human beings, that was to be blasphemously ascribed to God's doing !

7r. And so it happened to be that humankind arose after the great host of the microscopic biological world took form and life, after most of the animal and the vegetable world evolved to a stage when human life could exist. In fact, life first developed in the waters, then spread to the land, so that, for example, enough oxygen would be accumulated in the air to allow the breathing processes of all those beings including mammals and human beings themselves. With consciousness, gradually, a dialogue began between human beings and God, through spirit. The structures of evil also began to form under the clashing of the forces of scarcity, necessity, and natural freedom. Human beings began to kill, enslave and oppress others for the sake of their own exclusive survival and aggrandisement. These silly creatures began to think about themselves as gods, equal to Jehovah, deserving priviledged consideration over the others. They began to worship idols as the projections of their own illusions and delusions, imagining the independent eternality, self-existence and subsistence of matter, and its independence from and even superiority to spirit.
Matter then lashed, is lashing back at and shall destroy them through the structures of evil they made for themselves and their kin.
8r. God saw that everything was good insofar as there was, in the beginning, that is the same as to say, in Wisdom, some sort of equilibrium in all things and relationships that it had created, but God was also dwelling together with the Word in the Spirit, pondering on a stage of its plan that, in a way commensurate to its greatness and divinity, promised to be even distracting, insofar as God had taken a calculated gamble ( in human language ) regarding the allowance of a mixture of freedom and chance (contingency ) in the ordered plan of the creation events.
'Let us make human beings in our own image' God had said to the Word, ' With the freedom to deny and go against us. We shall always win in the end. In a way that is part of our being divine, for the sake of the divine fundamental law of rationality and consistency, that is to avoid contradiction, outside of the hypostatic unity of Jesus Christ, who had both an originally, fully divine as well as a fully human nature, originally divine beings should not be made; originally divine beings should only be generated by a direct generation from the Father, by God, as is the case with the Wisdom/ Word, or by an indirect generation from God in Wisdom, by the Word, as is the case with the Holy Spirit, or made to become divine through the glorification of the human body of death by the Word, in the being of humanity. However, the

limit of directly generated, originally divine perfection has been encompassed by my will in the generation of the Word in Wisdom, a unique event even in my own eternal and divine life. In fact, there can only be one Word in Wisdom, at the beginning, a being who is God itself, in the flow of the Spirit, from Wisdom and back into Wisdom. So human beings and the world must be non-divine, physically subjected to becoming and change, to the cycles of nature, to birth and death. Because of the freedom and chance they enjoy, many shall happen to deny us, because a world subjected to some degree of chance and freedom, driven by desire in order to provide a stimulus to walk all the way between birth, desease, illness, old-age betrayall and death, must be, a world subjected to poverty and necessity, of course and without any doubt, ad majorem Dei gloriam, as good old Ignatius Loyola, S.J. shall say, and good Luis Segundo, S.J. also agree with later on. In fact, in this type of scenario, it shall occur that some human beings shall be rich and others poor. It shall also happen to be that some human beings shall take matters in their own hand and actually ' load their dices ' and grab at riches and power by actually oppressing and exploiting their fellow human beings, in contravention to the spirit of love that made me desire to create -----to share my overabundance with a nothingness that became something and someone, in an analogically rational imaging of God----- by the Word in Wisdom, that is the same as to say, in the beginning, at the beginning, without time.' So the Father and the Son were putting their heads together ( in a human way of speaking ) to work out a solution to the problem of a non-divine world, made out of nothing ( nihilo, that is, non-divine), in which human beings would be able to choose to become oppressors and abusers of nature as well as of their own people in contravention to the law of love that requires them to choose a path of equilibrium in unselfishness ----through the impartial sharing of resources---- in which all human beings and somehow, in a difficult way to explain, even all creation, would be able to enjoy the blessing that God certainly gave, in Wisdom, in the beginning, at the beginning, that is the blessing of survival, to have a normal life, or even, such a mere existence, which would even suffice to naturally and truthfully praise and worship God the creator, thus glorifying God,in the case of creation, through the mediation of human beings. Moreover, this possibility, this potential for good, honoured by all creation, would have to itself evolve through a history in which a multitude of generations of human beings would take part. Indeed an immense plan, with tremendous calculated odds, halas heavily biased towards God, commensurate to the greatness of God! And to see how and what has been pre-ordained for the solution of the problem, plenty has been written, rightly understood and interpreted, of course, in the Books of the Old and the New Covenants. Amen for ever and ever!Have an inspired, revised reading from Genesis 4 onward my children! "


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gaseous poet

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Dear commenter, there is a Bigpond's blogger I know as a gaseous poet, and his nom de plume is David. I take it you have attempted to read Genesis. Good on you!


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