Thursday, January 24, 2008

Post 1. Energy Crisis: A Modus Operandi.

"Modus Operandi " in relation to the looming energy Crisis.
1.Suspect ( advise to a western nation )the worst energetic global scenario and do not trust anyone in relation to liquid fossil fuels’ availability in the future।
Rely on yourself।
2. Begin the Project of Nuclear Power Production as a Pilot Stage for the production of electrical energy and nuclear fuel for large scale energy plants ( including propulsion of large-scale military transports and weapon-platforms ) . Have the Army to run it under military laws.
3. Begin the Project for the Development and Production of Hydrogen Cells for the storage, distribution and utilisation of electrical energy to small, medium and bus-sized plants such as personal vehicles, trains and buses ( i.e., Where overhead or railed power lines are not available).
4. Develop the production of ethanol by adopting existing Brasilian-developed technology in the field, particularly with regard to computerised mixing of fossil oil and renewable fuels. Consider its military applications and the necessity to maintain strategic reserves.
5. Develop the technology of further small-scale-utilisation of nuclear waste for heating or cooling purposes in domestic, large apartments complexes, public establishments, hospitals, swimming pools, etc. as suggested by British Scientist in recently shown T-V documentary.
6. Existing internal-combustion-run vehicles for civilian use, less than 3 tons capacity, to be run on gas or ethanol, however their production or importation to cease.
Electrically-run vehicles only to be available for civilian personal use in the future.
All Public Transport to become electrically-run.
Exceptions to be made only for the development of approved projects in areas where electricity is non existent and internal-combustion-run machines are essential. Production and importation of internal-combustion-run machine-tools of all description including power generators shall continue since it is envisaged that these may be required at initial work-stages in special cases and in undeveloped areas, etc. to be fueled indefinitely with biological renewable fuels like ethanol.
Exceptions could also be made for farmers who can prove need of internal-combustion-run vehicles, which must then be electrical/combustion-run hybrids.
7. Synchronise the production of hybrid electrical/ combustion-run vehicles under 3 tons capacity for farmers or developers’ use, with the availability of renewable fuels as per activities (4, 5, 6, 7 ).

8. Only military small scale weapon-platforms, aviation and rocket-run machines to be run by internal-combustions engines ( includes jets), in accordance to known existing reserves of fossil and renewable fuels reserves available to potential opponents. Also, as long as potential opponents have access to oil and other fossils’ derivatives, or biologically renewable ones, by which to run similar weapon-platforms. Electrically-run types cannot in fact match their internal combustion-engined counterpart.


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