Thursday, January 24, 2008

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Do me the honour to visit my other blog at-:

Title of that blog is-: Sir Laurence Gardner: A study.
My blog is controversial and aims to challenge thought in the ancient greek tradition of Socrates and Plato.
So viewers seeking to muzzle and tie-up bloggers with narrow and obstructionist aims, are kindly invited to not view my blogs.
If anyone objects and differs from what I say in my Posts on my blogs, let she/he use her/his democratic right to comment and thus debate and argue in the greek civilised tradition of a Socrates and Plato who invented Democracy.
The main purpose of blogging in the western, Westminster-type, democratic system of freely elected, representative, multi-partied and opinionated government,
is a spin-off of computer technology, and should be carried-out in accordance with the western spirit of free, thought-challenging, debate and discussion.
Let us think for a moment about modern examples such as Gladstone, Lincoln, Churchill, Ghandi, the Bhutto-martyrs, etc.
Anyone wishing to blow me up or to assassinate ,is welcome. What a way to end for a self-elected Templar!
In general, if higher reasons for secrecy and covert action are not in existence,
as the result of a nation's opponents' activities,
transparency and truth is seeked by bloggers who have the ability to express themselves, and to present publicly the general opinions, fears, dreams, thoughts and aspirations of their fellow citizens.
In this way, if good-will is meant to prevail, bloggers are the lay-missionaries preachers, facilitators and guardians of modern democracy which, in virtue of its being dependent on the fundamental constitutional assumption that most citizens shall do the right thing, expressing good-will, most of the time,
requires us and our love of and work for truth, honesty and responsibility.
So help me God ( Jehovah, Allah )!
La', ila illaa, la', Allah!
Thank you!


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