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Post 10. Sharia Law.

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Quranic Islam
in so far as it honestly shows how controversial the answer to the question of what Islam is can be, even for believers born into the mohammedan faith. My heart goes out to them and prays that some Reformation, Standardisation, Centralisation and Stabilisation of that Faith may soon occur, for theirs and our own sake.
The Acceptance of Sharia
Law's Jurisdiction
in the United Kingdom
other western nations.
Has anyone among the leading groups of our western nations
( with particular emphasis on the U.K.)
considered, that once western islamic citizens are allowed to be judged in our own countries, by their religious-ideologically biased primitive laws which have their parallel in the Pentateuch,
any islamic terrorist shall be removed from the arms of our laws and probably rewarded as having performed a duty in accordance to the distorted interpretation of the Qu'ran by the theological school of Wahabi???????????
Wahabi's theology, the presently adopted theology in Saudi Arabia,
which is covertly leading Islam,
is one of the most virulent and violent islamic theologies
developed in the Middle Ages,
a return to the "eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth " law of vengeance and retributiion
which goes back to the days of the Pentateuch.
Do we westerners wish to accept a retrograding mentality in our midst, after 2007 years of painful historical, social and political evolution??????
The 65% plus or minus of moronic members of western society have better wake up and stop contemplating cleavages and their lower parts,
vote and agitate and lobby if they wish to retain their freedoms,
as well of course as the possibility of a free and voluntary choice toward self-reformation. Under Sharia Law that applies only to the poor and oppressed in Islam ( their leaders are free to discreetely drink alcohol, abuse substances, fornicate etc. ) the West shall become increasingly infiltrated and de-stabilised until the time shall come when we shall all have to become Moslems.
The West shall then become a dim memory of a civilisation destroyed by its own stupidity.
May Jehovah forbid it!
Sharia Law never reformed, prescribes the stoning to death or hanging by the neck of adulterous individuals, the mutilation of thiefs whose left hand and right foot should be removed by the axe, the surgical removal of pleasure-sensitive cells on women reproductive parts, etc. etc.
Have we gone mad or become total cowards ???????
History is clear with the Ottomans' Serraglio being dismantled only after Turkey lost WWI.
Wake up westerners, you fools!
Any Moslem wishing to enjoy Sharia Law is invited to go back to some Islamic nation.
I, a humble average westerner, welcome dialogue with Mohammedans. After all, my family has shared bread with them for three generations( I have not said " their bread", rather , "bread") and I grew up in Cairo in a building opposite King Faruk's Palace ( Abdin Palace?) within the sight of a meuzzin daily singing the Qu'ran from the minaret next door. I love arabic culture language and people when acting rationally and sensibly.
All I ask Islam is to repudiate the theocratic obsession and to reform Sharia Law
as we have done in the West since the birth of Jesus ( 570 years before the birth of Mohammed !) with the Old Testament and the various christian Creeds.
Simple " Dear Watson ".
Any dialog prior to this essential reformation has been since the end of WW I, when Moslems were liberated by the free western powers from Ottoman's corruption and graft, is and shall be
a waste of time for all concerned
and hypocritical on Islam's side.
The theocratic obsession was written in the Qu'ran 150+ years after the death of Mohammed, it is not a Mohammedan injunction, but rose from the violent people of the desert, whose leaders redacted the Qu'ran and began a war of conquest on all neighbouring nations, from Saudi Arabia.
It appears that the origins of the ideal of a separation of Church from State which is strictly linked to theocratic issues are hebraic and go back to the times of the Babylonian Captivity of Israel, according to C. Strakosch, ( see The Eternal Booklet advertised in this blog.).
The Hebrews of the Pentateuch and the Roman Catholics of Constantinian Catholicism have had the same theocratic obsession Islam even to-day insists in hiding within its religious ideology which may in some cases camouflage imperialistic aims, however, Christianity has evolved, gone back to its sources in the Gospels and reformed.
Islam should do the same for the sake of peace!
Islamic good-will, if any, should be shown in the palestinian-Jewish issue in the Middle East!
Jews and Mohammedans should intermarry and reform their violent religious obsessions and differences.
Mutual violence between Shi'ites and Sunnites should cease.
While Islam embraces almost a quarter of the world,
Israel only claims less than the ancestral ancient lands of David and Salomon.
These are the issues to resolve in order to achieve peace;
enough of manipulated historical propaganda that leads only to violence and divisions among human beings.
Shelve all theological beliefs and creeds and concentrate on ethics and humanly correct behaviour.
Begin in Palestine!
The International Community should declare a state of Martial Law and outlaw all fighting, weapons, associations, organisatons which are not the legally elected government in each of the nations in the Middle East.
Eradication and annihilation of all illegal and unlawful elements should follow once and for all.
Their families to be removed from their areas and transported to other parts of the world ( i.e., some island in the Pacific, for reeducation ).
So help us God.
I'd like to quote the end of page 34, from C. Strakosch The Eternal Booklet,
advertised and freely available for reading in this blog-:
" History repeats itself with the Islamists. Again the rapidity
of change in their society leads to a great fear that the holy society
will be lost, and again, it is felt that the answer is to recreate
a mythical past, when the society was pure and untainted.
Again a superior spirit of martyrdom will
compensate for the great relative weakness of military strength.
Once more there is enough truth in their fears to allow
a small minority to take over the society and suppress dissent
The great danger for Islamic society
is that the end result of this struggle will be
the strengthening
of the West and the destruction of that which they are
desperate to preserve. "
The choice is with Islam!
Good-willing Moslems wishing to discuss the above can do so here.
Why should I sign in at as suggested in an advertisemnt on this blog?
Why should I trust the people at that address?
I am a free debater and have no master to satisfy or biased view to uphold.
Comment here please.
The following is one example and proof of the fanaticism that only a people intellectually still in the Middle Ages can display on an advertisement on this blog-:
I am quoting from an advertisement from within " "-:

"" Learn Arabic Understand Islam
Classes Starting Soon
Arabic is the Key to Understand the Qur'an. As a result of a lack of understanding, many people neither study the Qur'an nor ponder over its verses. It is most certainly a blessing to be able to read the Qur'an in Arabic, but understanding it holds equal weight as both are considered by the vast majority of scholars as fard al-ayn (incumbent upon all individuals).What better language than the one with which Allah spoke to mankind, and what better speech is there than the speech of Allah?
Click for registration. " "
Note the fact that parrot-like-reading or recitation ( i.e., Dumb-like-memorisation even without understanding is considererd to be the pinnacle of sanctity! ) of the Qu'ran has an equal merit as understanding it.
In short understanding the Qu'ran is irrelevant and not essential.
In other words again, any interpretation shall do ( Wahabi's own included)!
How can anyone reason with minds such as these?
Unless one knows arabic one cannot acquire salvation.
I'd love to know arabic, as much as I would love to learn hebrew, not because I believe in this sort of statements but because I love these semitic and ancient languages and both the arabic and the jewish people, if and when they act sensibly and reasonably.
Else I kick them in the ass! ]
help me Jehovah!
I am waiting all the time for some enlightened comments.
I'd like to mention another advertisement that has appeared on my blog, written by enlightened and good-willing Mohammedans, one which,
( I differentiate between Mohammedans, may Allah preserve and protect them, and Islamists, although I am not opposed in principle to the charitable ideal of a global HUMMA ( provided it is not esclusivist or discriminating in relation to religous creeds)
supports many of my insights and caveats in relation to Islam-:
Quranic Islam.


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