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Post 11. The Stolen Generation 3.

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I'd like to recommend to visitors of this blog, the reading-on-line, free,
of the History of Monotheism-:
It is a short, wide coverage of the history of the Middle East, fairly reliable, provided one accepts a cynical hebraic view of humanity and christianity.
But no one can be perfect.
Please Note-:
( I have two Posts on this Issue at on BigBlog/BigPond/Telstra, criticising the recent Australian Government's Apology, unsupported as it is by substantial material measures and action, as intended by Mr. Howard, the outgoing liberal Prime Minister ).
Part 1. The Stolen Generation 3.
I am writing for the third time on this isse because it is a magnificent example of dubious modern morality and the inability of the Australian people to find a solution except a palliative remedy, by saying-: Sorry.
I wish to quote a lady-blogger of the BigBlog/BigPond/Telstra Community making it clear that the spelling and grammar mistakes are due to the speed at which supervisors at BigPond compels bloggers to write. After all we get the use of the blog for free.
I quote-:
""1 comment
Monday 4 February, 2008 - 06:58PM
i read the beging of your stolen generation post. i disagree. i think that oodles of money is the key. billions even, trillions!
because, if an alien landed and said that nothing you had is now allowd, how would you feel. take your history for example. all removedand never to be mentioned again.
that is why they need to have the word sorry said a billion times in crisp notes.
we can onloy hope that the aliens are rich too.
9Hubby made me a cup of tea. he handed it to me and as he walked away he said,
‘the milk is off’.
Love hu.
Apologies are nonsensical because I am sure the Australians involved in the operation related to the removal, separation, distribution, education, emancipation, civilisation of the children referred to, were meaning well. Of course, in such a large operation there are statistically bound to be cases of individuals who failed or did not respond according to expectations. It is unfair to hunt for these cases and bring them forward as representatives of the lot. Moreover, I am sure that at the time this solution was contemplated it must have appeared to have been the best available. Mr. Howard did attempt with Operation Intervention to find a realistic, honest, field-solution to the problem, before being voted-out of his place as a leader for his only unfortunate blunder of judging the Australian workers as having more awareness of the difficult times ahead with Asian and Indian workers taking all our jobs away from us and having to face some sacrifices before things become irreversibly hopeless.What does one see? Mobs of all those benefiting from the status quo in some way incrompehensible to mormal decent minds, demonstrating in the streets of Canberra and labelling Intervention racist.
It appears that Australians including our Aborigenes are not any longer of the moral fibre of those mythical australian warriors of WI and WWII and cannot or are unwilling to make sacrifices and to discipline themselves.
What we have to-day is a mass of Pinocchios and Baby-boomers.
The lady-blogger above quoted, appears to suffer, like most of us, from guilt resulting from the belief that the british-landing in Australia and their taking-over of the whole continent was illegal and evil. I strongly disagree with this view. Let all those who suffer from this misconception make their luggages, depart and leave Australia to the Aborigines. If they believe their anscestors were wrong, in saying sorry without a material solution is hypocrisy.
The solutions are-:
(1) All those who are not of an aborigenes descent to leave Australia ( hypothetical?).
(2) Stop all progress and development and make everyone go back to the Stone-Age so as to not make the Aborigenes feel twarted or depressed ( very hypothetical?)
(3) Compromise between the two solutions above handing-out wasted money to placate the Aborigenes, without ever solving the problem, as my lady-blogger-friend above suggests.
(4) Make sure every aborigine child becomes educated in a system equal to or even better than the one available in the australian metropolis with equal opportunities, ( since aboriginal education is more demanding because of the Civilisation-Gap. However we have not got enough people of adequate standards as teachers even for white children.).
This solution can be achieved either through-;
( 4 a) Intervention in the Howard way which is extremely costly if truly honestly and conscientiously carried out.
(4 b) Sending ( a type of Priviledged Generation scenario ) all aboriginal children to centralised Federal Education Institutions. Of course some of these shall fail. Better than the depressing 75% failure and misery occurring to-day that is mentally conditioning all Australians. It makes me personally feel unclean!.
(4 c) Making sure all Aborigenes are given standard civilised living conditions, but here again one hears of new comfortable houses reduced to rubble by aborigines dwellers. Supervision, coercion and education may be required. The Aborigines have human rights, however both they and the Government have a duty to make sure resources are not wasted.
Let us end once for all the rule of the stupid happy-go-lucky australian cliche’ of larrikinism. It may be good for a jest but the real world demands seriousness.
Nothing under (4) is going to happen without some measure of strict supervision, discipline and even coercion. Moreover, the greatest hurdle to this solution is in the enormous cost in providing the required resources, with very little assurance that these are actually appropriately used, when aboriginal communities are all over the place.
This perhaps explains, better than any other consideration the motivation behind the Operation Stolen Generation.
Supervision and coercion need not be considered racist measures since these are already in force in relation to unfortunate, down-on-their-luck, or just moronic white parents. I am not sayng that aborigenes parents are necessarily morons, but that there are forces acting against them and progress tha are crippling and require the taking of special action.
Mr. Howard had understood this perfectly.
Part 2. Ethics of Exploration and Colonialism.
In my readings of history and theology I have struggled with the morality of western occupation, colonisation, development and exploitation of lands outside the sphere of some western nations' ancestral influence.
My anscestors as well as those of people of celtic and gothic (teutonic, germanic) ancestry, for example, moved from the Caspian sea about 4000 B.C. when the noticeable melting of the Ice that started with the beginning of Global Warming in ca. 10000 B.C. rendered those areas soggy and water-logged. They eventually colonised lands in Europe displacing aborigenes there who had not benefited from adequate life-experiences. The latin word colonus, coloni means land-worker or developer and there is nothing sinister or oppressive about it
This is a sad fact of life and reality ! To avoid being taken-over ( it happens in businesses- enterprises evey day ) one has to keep on advancing, staying at the cutting-edge of progress
and develop one's resources efficiently, equally to or better than one's neighbour. There is no other alternative and to pretend it is not so and to relax and sit down waffling platitudes through accomodating and compromising, I am sure idealistic and well-meaning politicians of the left creeds, opens one up for redundancy, displacement/ replacement. A part of the strategy of survival is also to remain physically fit and competitive and to be able to work hard, perhaps harder than the next fellow, within limits imposed by common sense and the medical profession.
Of course, within modern-labour achievements, also with a security net
such as Social Security, which should encourage serious workers, if not a bunch of decadent Pinocchios and Baby-Boomers, as it was meant to do,
to work better and harder.
This is not happening to-day with the new generations of generally obese Australians,
including our Aborigenes.
It is enough to look at the japanese and chinese workers who even do callisthenics before beginning their working day.
In fact we have been observing that, since the beginning of the Level Carpet Theory ( another utopia )inaugurated in the days of Mr Whitlam in relation to the reduction of custom duties and tariffs, australian small-manufactured-goods-producers have totally disappeared and we are wearing chinese-made clothes and driving Japanese cars.
A plethora of jobs are continuously going to Asia and India.
This is to-day the other, the new face of colonialism, and cannot be avoided, in the same way the old type could not.
It can only be offset by working well and efficiently in competition with the World. When once a physical landing and taking over of resources was made, to-day the taking- over is more subtle but still occurring in the Stock Exchange.
Why don't we stupidly begin aplogising to all the decsendants of all those loosers in the past ( who they themselves would have done the same had they had the upper hand, and some, like Islam and Genghi Khan tried very hard but failed. They are still game enough to try again to-day in more subtle ways, if we let them ), who were colonised or failed to beat us at colonising in the old fashioned ways?
Let us whisper this great morale-boosting idea in the ears of our glorious Mr.Rudd and begin another flood of national tears and righteousness-induced happiness. Allelujah!!
Foreign owners shall always find in the future, some accomodating local group of politicians to keep things smooth, handing out placating packages to the predominant scabs who have no civilisation to cherish or defend.
So, beware how you vote you mongrels since the number of places for scabs is limited.
My life is at an end and I am saying the truth and handing-out my insights at no gain whatsoever to myself, freely, except that God shall love me for saying the truth.
As a secular-lay-theologian I am a free agent and have no Bishop breathing down my neck. Allelujah!
Going back to Colonialism, one may begin to understand that it has been unavoidable, like a law of nature, like Global Warming, etc., except that our only fault is to have beaten everyone else to it. The Russians ate-up most of the eastern asian continent. Europeans went to Africa and the Americas. The Moslems spreading their religious ideology went over all North Africa, the Middle East, penetrated India, making rocky and non-economically-viable Afghanistan a base of operation for breeding fanatical warriors, infiltrated
all the Far- East, except China and Japan.
To-day Islamists ( there is a difference between Go-fearing Mohammedans and Islamists ) are agitating in Indonesia, New Guinea and Timor, while Australians happily and unconcernedly play their silly ball-games, believing in Work-Relation and other Utopias and waffling about the sacredness of their homeland, victimising essential leaders like Howard, Costello and Downer. There has never, there is not now, there is never going to be any sacredness of territory, only the ability to efficiently and responsibly exploit and produce the resources ( responsibly of course Mr. Green), in a way better than the one your neighbours could or would, together with the willingness, determination and preparedness to defend the territory and the resources at the time when, if, as necessary, by willingly accepting some sacrifices of personal comforts, luxuries. and pleasures in order to be militarily strong.
The Aborigenes of Australia’s history is an example of loosers in the scenario I am describing. It was not their fault perhaps, for not going across the straights and observing what was going on around them. Perhaps the vastness of the resources and the lack of pressure and competition insulated them and made them believe in Utopia for about 40,000 years ! Are we perhaps imitating, becoming like them?
The whole world struggles under the Laws of Scarcity and Necessity, the laws under which the whole of Creation was subjected by the Father,
in so far as made and not generated. Even the Son, although generated and perfect was sent under the yoke of these Laws to suffer and to die for Creation's sake.
Had not the English landed here, or elsewhere, the French or the Russians or even the Moslems would have, had the latter not been twarted by the English in India who aided the Hindus to liberate themselves from an islamic total conquest of the indian continent
( see the Moguls Empire India, Clive of India, etc.).
The English have been morally the best among all colonial powers. Like most european powers, they built-up nations in Asia, Africa, Australia, with considerable infrastructures. With few and small exceptions the local people have been retained, emancipated, educated, brought to modernity, including most of the Aborigenes of Australia with most of their cultural heritage. As a contrast, Islam has erased most traces and records of the civilisatiions that preceded them ( A classical example has been the total brainwashing of the indo-european people of Iran ), claiming justification from a never reformed interpretation of the Quran and of Sharia Law by the warriors from the deserts of Arabia. A travel through those parts of the world they now occupy, proves this adequately. The Talibans, as a classical recent example, dinamited the Buddhist monuments left by the Chinese in Afghanistan. You see, they did not have dinamite until now, else they would have done it earlier.
Another consideration is that history cannot go backward, or remain still.
The myth of the happy and idillic savage is just that-: A myth, that was exploded in the days of the hyppy generations. However many Australians unfortunately still believe in this
and the trouble is they are allowed a vote.
Part3. The Essentiality of New Water and New Energy in Australia.
The only way to ensure that Australians including their aboriginal brethrens and sisters attain and maintain a civilised standard of living, solving all ancillary problems like Work Relations, Aboriginal special needs, in the utopian ways expected by some majorities etc.,
also becoming and remaining able to practically hold and defend these possessions,
is to generate New Energy and New Water.
I have already dealt with this issue in another Post in
One of the problems that has resulted from the recent elections is however that, no politician worth her/his salt is going to feel confident that she/he can, if required, act in a strong way, asking for discipline and sacrifices from the Australian people and this could be a crippling factor for the future of Australia.
Anyone not liking the truth-: Stiff cheddar to you!


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