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Post 14. The christian insight of the Trinity.

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The writer, a qualified RC theologian, is preparing a short article about the christian insight on the Trinity, at present a stumbling block for Hebrews and Moslems, which aims at the unity of the three people of the Book-: Hebrews, Christians and Moslems
( The expression used by the great Prophet Mohammed ).
The difficulty everyone, including christians, has with the dogma of the Holy Trinity is everyone's naivety in trying to understand and see it in anthropomorphic concepts,
i.e., Three persons having human bodies cannot make one human person having one body. There is no such a monster or oddity. If each of three persons is then said to be god, then one is saying there are three gods, which is blasphemy.
However, to take an example from physics, three energy waves can be added together and make one single wave. In an analogical and distant way, God can be thought of as pure primordial, subsistent, ungenerated energy ( thought ) having its own waveform, however complex.
Likewise, the Word and the Spirit can analogically be seen as having their own wave signature. Is it so impossible to accept that, analogically, the three can be added into one single wave form that is the one and unique God/Allah/Jehovah? There is no incompatibility as the three consist of the same energy or thought that can be predicated, analogically speaking, of God/Allah/Jehovah. Actually it would sound better to say that the Word and the Spirit having been from the beginning with God, have energetic wave-signatures belonging to God.
In a similar way, however analogically and hyerarchically to a lesser degree insofaras quality and time are concerned, one can also say a human being may be of God, i.e., The perfect human being Jesus of Nazareth who as human is of God( but who, as the Word-incarnated is to the highest degree of God like the Spirit is ), the great Prophet Mohammed who is of God and all the great human beings ( including the great women of old ) of the Holy Scriptures who are of God, etc. etc..
This can be an acceptable explanation of the Trinity-: Of the three Persons in One.
Of course, the theologians who first began to insight about the Trinity did not have any understanding of modern Physics and could not therefore word it in the way I am. I have been an Electrical Engineer before studying Theology and am therefore conversant with high quality energy forms and their analogical and mathematical representations, things which most theologians are ignorant about or let us say, in the case of those who have studied Physics, as most european students are compelled to do during their pre-University training, not sufficiently framiliarised with it to have made Physics a part of their mental set-up.
Just imagine a world in which Hebrews, Christians and Moslems live and work together in perfect friendship and co-operation, as the-one-people of the United-from-within
( The One ) and Unique Allah/God/Jehovah!
Yet, each believer doing so, following her/his individual theological insights, in accordance to her/his individual understanding and need, insofaras an individual human person
(( i.e., Some of us need to focus on God as the Mother/Father and Creator of the Cosmos ( through the Pentateuch ); others need an approach from below through Creation/the material and the mediation of the Word ( Jesus & the Gospels ); others need to focus on the purely spiritual, formless, unmaterial Allah, through the teachings of the religious part of the Quran )).
This is the insight of the Trinity at the human level.
To deny this is to be arrogant and to wish to limit God's Omnipotence.
However we, the people of the Book must renounce the theocratic obsession to conquer, dominate and convert one another and all the rest of the world, by the sword. This might have been acceptable in the days of David and Solomon when the Israelis were the only believers, something they failed to do and for which they were punished, but it is not allowed to-day any longer among the people of the Book.
Times have changed also since the days of Mohammed.
In the days before the european Renaissance, Science, Philosophy and Theology were frozen and static, everyone quoting Aristotle as the ultimate seal of Knowledge. Actually, Europe had received the works of Aristotle from the Arabs, togethre with this attitufde to Science as sealed, who had collected these where the original existed. It was only when the northern european scholars began to question and speculate from below, through experimentation and the practical arts, that Science began to proceed further. Modern knowledge about the structure of matter and of the unseen world of elemental particles, has magnified and diversified human knowledge. The gap ( korysmos ) between God and humanity shall never be crossed except in an analogical and negative ( we can say what God is not better then what God is ) way, but the ability to express the mystery has definitely increased. Allelujah!
Let us seek peace, love, good-will, etc. and avoid the necessity to recur to Contingency-Ethics ( An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth ).
So speaks the Templar theologian, not out of fear or weakness,
but from love, certainty and boldness.
May God be my witness.
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At February 26, 2008 at 7:49 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Everything GOD does is patterned elsewhere in his creation. To study the Trinity Doctrine, then study biological asexual reproduction.

JC is the actual "Son of God" resulting from the way that the Heavenly Father would have a child, or in other words, reproduce Himself.

As such, JC is BOTH a separate entity, but also part of the "whole" GOD, no doubt still linked in some way that is not disclosed to us.

Thus, JC is co-equal, co-eternal, etc. IN A SENSE, but also NOT SO, in a sense.

JC is both new and old, and was begotten in such a way that he could exist in the form of ANY of his Father's creation.

JC currently exists in heaven in the form of humanity. In all probability, JC's pre-human existence as the LOGOS was in the same form as the angels.

Understanding why the Father would NEED to separate off a part of Himself (have a child, or son), which probably still functions as part of the whole, is simple.

Again, simply consult earthly biology. Assume that Adam, father of the human race, created the simple organisms that live in the soil, rather than his being the recipient of such from GOD's creation.

Adam, or the creator, has very, very little in commmon with that simple soil organism. Further assume, however, that Adam wanted to have an ongoing relationship with the whole race of those organisms. The only way Adam could accomplish such, as someone with creative powers, would be to separate off a part of himself that would both be able to remain a part of the whole, but still be able to exist as one of those organisms, in the "world" of those organisms.

Understand the above, and you understand the Trinity, even though there are specifics yet to be revealed to mankind.

At March 16, 2008 at 3:29 AM , Anonymous Templar Ferrerix said...

Anonymous cannot think about God in purely spiritual non-anthropomorphic or natural-world terms, and forgets the biblical( both Old and New)/quranic God is a pure spirit, a pure primordial self-subsistent Power, fount of all energies. God has no parts and no separation/division can be predicated of God, since God is infinite. God is also thought, and creates by thinling and uttering, self communicating to what or whom God creates. Creation is not God since it is created in the analogical sense of being made, not generated. Analogy, virtuality, immateriality are necessary criteria in order to avoid Pantheism which Anonymous falls prey to. Etc., etc.


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