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Post 16. Ave, Salve et Vale oh Anonymous commentator on Post 14!.

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Ave, Salve et Vale
oh Anonymous Commentator
on Post 14!.
Welcome my sister/brother! May the whole Cosmos rejoice! I welcome your bold insights on the Trinity. You are worthy of Sir Laurence Gardner's lot-in-hiding.
No offence ment. After all I have a few years to live and nothing to lose or protect.
I speak therefore in the open.
I am after all an unworthy theologian.
The main purpose of Post 14 is to offer Islam and Israel a christian approach to a theological solution to the diversity in unity existing between the three people of the Book ( an expression and insight favoured by the great Prophet Mohammed, may God bless his memory! ) no one in her/his right mind should be able to refuse, to-day.
I am certain both Jesus and Mohammed would wholeheartedly agree and break bread and share salt in common over this.
As far as I am personally concerned, it is an offer straight-out of my heart, may God/Allah/Jehovah be my witness.
I am tired of seeing decent, valuable western men' lives and resources wasted for the never ending feud between Arabs ( Amalekites, Hyksos, etc ) and Hebrews, one that has been going on since the days of Sumer, even before the Pentateuch or the New Testament or the Quran were ever compiled, even orally.
Violent, corrupt, ignorant, unscrupulous, mafia-type minorities ( from among which continuously arise all-infiltrating false priests, ministers, imams, meuzzins, sheiks, khalifs, mahdis, etc. etc. ) have been abusing religion and religious speculation to justify their exclusivist and eliticist solutions to the problems resulting from Creation's subjection to the Laws of Scarcitry and Necessity ( See Juan Luis Segundo, S.J. " Jesus of Nazareth, Yesterday and To-Day"). These minorities which occasionally have become themselves uneducated , desperate, crazied masses as in the raids of the people from the steppe, in the French Revolution, in the Bolshevik Revolution, etc. have assumed various appellatives witewashing their hidden primordial motivations, i.e., oligarchy, monarchy, aristocracy, patricians, mafia, etc. This is not to say though that there have not been remarkable exceptions among these leading minorities, due to God's occasional interventions in the history of humankind, the most important and Highest-Point-Setting-One having been, Jesus'-First-Coming. However, even in the latter cases, infiltration, corruption and abuse have ended in their degradation. The conclusion is that religious and social reformation is a permanent top priority issue and concern always and everywhere. Please remember that, practically, the path to salvation and divinisation is not in cheating Scarcity and Necessity, but through the adaptation and submission to the Laws of Scarcity and Necessity, in the mutual, universal, sharing, distribution, and use of global resources, together with common-sense, self-control and disciplined reproduction.
( I am sure Buddha would agree with me ).
The diseducation, degradation, decadence of most masses in third world nations, has been the result of their leaders' neglect, in the days of their national glory in their history, to expose their masses to the mixture of dangers and advantages of free and universal education, as in the recent example in Pakistan, in relation to Google's You-Tube's crappy jokes about sacred mohammedan's beliefs. While I agree there may be a lot of crap in Google's activities, there are also occasional pearls such as my blog and a few others'. One cannot have one and reject the other type, as this even applies to the Sacred Books where one finds the divine and the earthly, the angelic and the diabolical interwined to protect the messages from human malice and interferences. Take for example the Baghavad Gita which is mainly angelic. How many readers can really understand and apply it? Look at the mess that has resulted from its elaborations in the Hindu's religion and its never ending plethora of deities, etc. etc.!
It is also a matter of economics, dear Watson, since it is thanks to Google's initiative, freely offered to me that I can afford to go public!
May God bless the Internet and initiatives like Google.
This raises the question however, if and when can I expect a Moslem from an islamic nation to dare to freely comment on my Posts? This is the measure of what Islam is at present in a few words. The rest is all islamic waffling and plausibilities. Comment, prove me wrong oh imams, meuzzins, sheriffs, whatever you choose to call yourselves. I reject claims of sealed unchangeable messages, the authority of a person or prophet as being unquestionable or debatable in terms of changed historical scenarios. For example, Aristotle's authority has been wrongly unchallenged for centuries, in relation to the natural sciences, due to islamic attitudes passed on to the West. His ethical contribution remains on the other hand still valuable. I am a qualified theologians, labelled as an Ebionite by my examiners ( I consider this as an honour ), self elected as a barbuto Templar since my Clan has been closely and deeply linked to and involved in the foundation of the the Order of Knights-Templars, honoured and respected even by the great curdish leader Saladin. I consider myself therefore as your equal.
The responsibility of choosing and behaving correctly remains always with the individual. Survival belongs to the fittest ( Darwin ) and to those who are more adaptable and flexible
( Wallace ). Islam tends to erase, freeze, stiffle, oppress anything that is tempting as for example women' grace, thereby stimulating and exploding desire and the slavery it can generate, rather than extinguishing it. Temptation, desire are good insofaras these challenge self-control and discipline ( the corollaries to the Laws of Scarsity and Necessity ), pointing to the necessity to sublimation and renunciation as the way to God. There cannot be sublimation and renunciation without the love of the-other-than-self. This is real education, not the erasure and oppression of natural realities which embitter and develop hipocrisy in all those involved in human relationship.
Some areas of Africa and Asia were earthly paradises before the irresponsible procreation that ruined these. For example, the Matabele warrior-tribes of Rhodesia multiplying so rapidly and overwhelmingly as to overflow into South Africa, wiping out self-controlled pigmy tribes, clashing with the formidable disciplined Boers, who had arrived there before the Matabeles. This is just an example taken at random from memory. As a contrast the number of the members of my Clan has remained, as an average and in proportion to development and progress, the same as it was in 4000B.C.
The Commentator to Post 14 is welcome indeed and I am prepared to continue our correspondence, however, my concern, the top-priority global concern to-day is not one about theological differences and details which are and shall remain theoretical forever until............ The Last Day, but the search for and reduction of belief to a General Common Denominator that may be acceptable to God/Allah/Jehovah in relation to the three people of the Book.
For example, Adam himself may have been the Creator, or one of the Annunaki of whom Gardner speaks, however there still must be a fount of all cosmic energy, a self subsistent, ungenerated source of energy and I call this being ( no anthropomorphic connections necessary in the correct but not necessarily all-else-exclusive-and-rejecting mohammedan way ) God/Allah/Jehovah.
This does not mean that privately, within a Forum of like minded speculators, in my study, I do not speculate on Adam, the Annunaki, etc. I have even written a Prayer that includes the Annunaki, the two brothers and sister and their women.
The aim is peace, co-operation, the integration and concentration of power by which to combat evil in the world. We are getting tired of the hopelessnes and corruption of Africa, of some asiatic nations, of some south american nations, of the production and traffic in cocaine, etc.. We are getting tired of political games with China and Putin' Russia. Let us begin solving problems rather than allowing their festering, endlessly in the name of a false liberty. Let us remember that there are no freedoms without corresponding duties.
So, my noble commentator, can you see the illusion/delusion of detailed theological speculation carried out as a pleasure game? This is what is going on in Theological Colleges, apart from the endless repetition of the biblical stories, while avoiding the interpretation of the nasty and gory bits ( intellectual cowardice and hipocrisy, bordering on sycophancy ), in the minds of our Master and Doctor Degree holders.
A particularly challenging, long story/parable everyone avoids as if never written, especially the amateurish, protestant mountebanks rolling in grateful donations from pausibilities-sated guilty-feeling-listeners who continue in their self-pampering lives thanks to the blessings of these wafflers, is at chapters 19-21, the focus I intend to point out in particular being at 19:24.
A similar story/parable is at 19:8. I can interpret these, but not here not now. It would be interesting to collect, say, at least fourty interpretations from different interpreters.
What we need to-day is Applied Theology, not theoretical, unproveable one.
Let us prove and test Theology by applying it.
I must admit that the R.C. Church has done a lot of proving and applying of Theology with every work of charity, mercy (i.e. taking care of the lepers or the untouchables of India by Mother Theresa of Calcutta, a thing Islam or Judaism has never done ) it has undertaken. I myself am grateful for my early education in kindergarten by the Sisters of St.Vincent de Paul at Zamalik, Cairo, and to-day for the medical care I have been receiving at St. Vincent's Hospital, Melbourne, an australian Catholic organisation with the distinctive Catholic ethos.
Of course, one can expect a mighty rejection of my offer of a General Common Denominator from false preachers from the leading-minorities of the three people, and by the Putin's Russian neo-Orthodox Church.
Imagine a world in which the three people of the Book keep on believing in their own perspective and manner of worshipping God, however all co-operating together, sharing resources, not maliciously outdoing one another in trying to get the upper political hand and dominate and rule over the others as a secondary class citizen as Islam did in the times of its glory taxying Christians and Jews out of their livelyhood, thus signing its own decay and decadence.
To elaborate about the perspective and manner referred to above-: i.e., Whether God is worshipped in the hebrew manner as Father/Creator/Master, or as God the Mediator/SelfGiver/Communicator between ITSELF and humankind, reacheable only through the love of the-other-than-self, or as a purely spiritual Judge/Rewarder, communicating through an unchangeable, unprogressive, inflexible rule by human theocratic rulers, a law from the steppe of Arabia ( Sharia Law ), a Holy Book which may have been manipulated by secular men preaching the conquest and indoctrination of the whole world by the sword.
Question-: Moslems of Australia, are you being treated equally as all other members of the australian nation are? The answer is-: Yes, insofaras the Laws of this nation are concerned, which we do not wish changed, meddled with or sabotaged. Democracy and religious liberty, and this means the rejection of theocratic rule and any outside, foreign Law the adoption of which in its entiry body, were it to be requested or even suggested by any religious collective in this nation, are definitely not politically negotiable and ( Democracy and liberty ) must remain enbedded, unchallenged in the Constitution, no matter how numerous any church were to become in Australia. At present we Roman Catholic are the most numerous but are not suggesting any theocratic rule. Moslems and Hebrews and anyone else must honour this attitude, else Civil War. We do not want this Middle-Eastern-scenario here. These issues cannot, must not be subjected to be voted upon. The same applies to the sacred, viable, traditional, fundamental monarchic ties with H.R.H. Elizabeth, the Queen of the Commonwealth of Australia which ties link Australia, including its valuable and honourable Aborigenes and their Dream Time, whom British attitudes and laws have proteted ( much better than what has been the case with american republicans in relation to their Indians ) to the Sumerian beginnings of the three religions of the Book, through the Desposinii race, in spite or perhaps in virtue of the Book's subtle manipulations willed and permitted by God/Allah/Jehovah, protected at the same time from total distortion by the mixture of divine and diabolical present in it, requiring God's Grace for interpretation not just scholarship or waffling ability or memory.
Sir Laurence Gardner, with whose conclusions I do not always agree ( as focusing too narrowly on the scottish contribution and solution ) better describes these manipulations than I can or ever shall be able to do. Please read all his Books with an open mind.
Paradoxically enough, and I believe God loves paradoxical scenarios and set-ups, the manipulations have actually been protecting the message, the historical trend, from total distortion and are not for amateurs, sycophants or mafiosi to interpret. These people can only do so at their own peril. Memory ( i.e., PCs have great moronic like memories and are now becoming even more powerful than the average human beings in terms of watts-: The average human power is of 200 watts, a Horse Power being 746 watts ), great acrobatics of learning displayed by many of our Doctorate-holders ( with particular enphasis in the R.C. Church, i.e., Pope Benedict and Monsignor Ravasi { from Brianza, Lombardy like myself } ) are simply useless.
I believe I have more than adequately answered my noble commentator's contribution which I found very comforting and rewarding as being in good-will and sympathy with my aims.
I would be more than happy to continue a correspondence on anonymous grounds. Whatever, or by email. My email address is-: gensferreria@bigpond.com.
Finally, I would also like to comment shortly on her/his approach to the Trinity saying that the person studying God must be deply aware of the infinite gap existing between God and humanity and observe all the time three Criteria-:
(1) The criterion of Analogical Thinking to maintain a separation between what belongs to the realm of the Divine anf that of Creaturness.
(2) The criterion of Virtuality in so far as whenever something is predicated of both God and human beings God's attribute is real and the one assigned the human person is virtual ( qua created in God's image ). This also applies when studying the homeostatic presence of both the human and the divine natures in the one person of Jesus Christ.
(3) Most importantly, the criterion to never fall in the trap of considering God the Father, in anthropomorphic terms. This is aided by the two critera listed above.
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