Saturday, March 1, 2008

Post 19. Was Mohammed a Religious Reformer?

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Was Mohammed a Prophet or a Religious Reformer?
It appears to me that Mohammed was a great Reformer rather than a great Prophet. In fact I believe that not only did Mohammed convert the whole of the population of the arabian peninsula and possibly of Mesopotamia to Monotheism, but also compelled the christian West to Reform, through his followers in time and history, by threatening the West. So, I can see in this the hands of God,
acting in History.
And I am grateful!
Having said this though, I also believe that the times and world scenarios are to-day different and that more could be gained in mutual reformation between the people of the three religions of the Book, if Islam had to cease from violence and political take-overs in the name of religious ideology and approach both Judaism and Christianity in friendship, to allow an integration of the three religions as discussed in Post 20.
This would certainly not be an easy task but it is necessary and, in my views what God wills.

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