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Post 27.Mohammedans, look at the example of Edhi of Pakistan.

Information extracted from an Article "Islam's Fault Line Pakistan"
in the National Geographic dated September 2007.
Islamic unrest, resurgence and escalation to violent action is a relatively recent phenomenon that began after WWI, when people and nations of arabic and mohammedean indoctrination, were liberated from the control and oppression of the Ottoman Empire by western allied nations of mainly christian european traditions. In spite of the dismantling of Colonialism which we are all seeing to-day as the beginning of chaos and disorder in the Middle East, Africa and Asia, with catastrophic results, which are going to become more and more irreversible as Global Warming takes its toll on world-economies, the arabic, mohammedan world has treacherously and ungratefully turned against the West. Instead of seeking convergence, Islamic minorities, called terrorists as they do not even qualify for the definition of partisan, are instigating divergence and war. In spite of the liberation from the Ottoman rule that the christian West achieved for the Arabs, these people and nations which claim to be acting in the name of their sacred religious traditions, i.e., of Allah, paradoxically began to exploit the confrontations the West began to experience with the Communist block, i.e., China and the U.S.S.R.s which are fundamentally atheist regimes. The insane activities of the representatives of active, aggressive and murderous minorities are gradually bringing the world of Islam to a Confrontation with the West in which the latter shall be compelled to suspend its New Testament- inspired policies of humanity and restraint and revert to the never abrogated Laws of "An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth " of the Pentateuch, upon which some parts of the Quran have been based anyway. Since the Quran has been written approx. 600 years after the New Testament when its writers had had the opportunity to consistently adopt the New Testament as a matrix, signifying a clear rejection of the New Testament's Law of Love and Peace,
the West would be immediately at any time be justified to adopt when engaged in war activities against self-professed islamists, the Old Testament's Confrontation Ethics. Until now the West has exercised restraint, however this does not mean this restraint must go on for ever. The West is getting awfully tired of loosing good men and women and of the rising number of severely wounded soldiers and civilians.
The point I am trying to make in this article is that the present attitude and mentality of the islamic minorities is a return to the interpretations of the Quran, Sharia Law, etc. and scenarios of the world as it was in the Middle Ages.
While in Saudi Arabia medieval interpretation of the Quran is called Wahabism, Pakistani call it Deobandism.
At times I cannot believe my ears when I hear in Australia resident Islamists praise, while lying, Sharia Law and the Quran, claiming the violent sectarianism and the incompatible medieval distortions are not really part of Islam.
Even in Pakistan which is a more or less a Democratic nation, judicial rape, mutilation and death penalties in accordance to Sharia Law are widespread.
In fact, the apparent ( I personally do not believe an islamic centralised headquarter does not exist, as this is a typical strategy of islamic cunning, in feigning divisions and decentralisation to confuse an bamboozle the opponent ), lack of a centralised, universally accepted priestly hyerarchy, with a supreme Head of Islamism ( in the days of Turkish leadership there was a Khaliff, abolished by the reformer Ataturk, never openly reelected, as for example Roman Apostolic Catholicism and almost every Protestant Church have, has always encouraged apparent(?) divisions, distortions and abuses throughout Islam in so far as, in practice, every minor warlord can elect priests chosen from within his group and dictate his own interpretation of the Quran and of Sharia Law, all in the name of Allah who, by now mkust be really angry with islam as eveidencded by the continuous natural catastrophes hitting islamic countries.
But Islam never learns, further annoying Allah.
This is a very erratic procedure since, while at some time some improvement and some good may result, the movement having resulted as the correction of social and civil abuses by oppressive landlords or Opium and Cocaine Barons, as in the case of the Talibans in Afghanistan, most of the time there is a degradation and retrogression of the whole religious hyerarchy and structures.
Even in such a modern example as that of the Talibans movement, the initial dysfunctions its rise may have corrected, ends into its reversal as the result of the need to acquire weapons and to carry on useless and fanatical wars, which means the production of Opium and Cocaine is again encouraged. How can Allah be happy of these scenarios oh you imbecillic people? Stop and think for a moment. and stop blaming the west but blame yourselves.
Isolated examples of apparently moderate islamic nations like Dubai and Malesia are not sufficient to demonstrate islamic good-will and intentions, as these may just be hypocritical attempts at fooling moderate westerners. Islam is being and must be judged and weighed in Palestine vis-a-vis its confrontation with the State of Israel, in Iraq with the refusal of its minorities to accept peace terms at the end of a War in a civilised way ( as for example even the formidable Germans did at the end of WWII), in Iran, where defiance and stealth in financing and preparing for confrontation with the West and in instigating defiance and confrontation in Iraq and in the Middle Esat is a continuing process.
How can Allah be happy with these scenarios oh you foolish people?
Yet, Mohammedanism, as the mentioned Article on Pakistan briefly mentions, has also produced peace-loving religious schools of Quranic interpretation and moderation. The Sufi-tradition is one such school. Even to -day there is in Pakistan a holy mohammedan called EDHI who preaches peace and has founded hospitals and an ambulance service that serves all people regardless of their race, and religion, like Christians, especially we Roman Catholics and western natio0ns in general do. Yet this man is being persecuted and oppressed and even threatened by Islamists of the medieval strain who even stole a whole building intended to be an hospital to devote it to the use of a quranic school.
So my dear Mohammedans pay attention to what I say. Although I do not wear white little hats and ghallabias, I am a qualified theologian and have the same status as your islamic priests.
I do not resort to and do not require istrionics and theatrical shows.
In justice and fairness, I always make a concession to Islam and this is that even the West badly needs moral reformation, in this agreeing with Baktar Beshir of Indonesia. However, killing as a punishment or the law of an eye for an eye, a tooth for a toooth, as done in the cases of " judicial raping", is too extreme to-day and more suitable, acceptable modern legislation compatible with modernity should be adopted by a Reformed Mohammedanism. I never get tired of repeating tha I am not against a reformed Mohammedanism and that I dream of the three people of the Book to join together in their diversities, may Allah be my witness and the confounder of my opponents. To Baktar Beshir I say to begin reforming Islam, while justly criticising and attacking western immorality. Europeans or Australians visiting Africa or Asia in order to cheaply satisfy their sexual ( i.e. , child-sexual-abuse especially) or substance-abusing deviations should be caught, exposed, judged and incarcerated according to suitable Laws, compatible with their faulty western upbringing. Moreover he should realise when preaching that not all tourists are guilty and immoral.
To start with, I am certainly not, as I desire wholeheartedly to be good and to do good.
Generally speaking, Christianity still remains, after Judaism, the Senior Religion and has nothing lacking in relation to Mohammedanism.
I agree if you agree.
Confrontation Ethics is otherwise the only alternative and Islam shall have it on its Head.
So speaks a Templar!


At March 31, 2008 at 7:16 PM , Blogger luthien said...

Greetings from Norway))

I don't know why, but when I read a little here, I was thinking about Eckhart Tolle's book, A new Earth... Maybe you will find it interesting...

Take care))))))

At March 31, 2008 at 9:32 PM , Blogger Templar said...

Lady Luthien (I am assuming it is a name ),
I am vastly, oceanically grateful to your responding to my cry in the wilderness of boreal nights and misty fjords, listening to the pounding of a warm heart and a caring soul! Perhaps you could make poetry out of this? Look up please, oh ethereal creature of Walkirian and nibelungen nights, Gianni Morandi's song in one of my Posts, translated in english for you alone, I now believe, titled " Vedrai Che Il Mondo Cambiera'". Do you read italian? I have a long poem, halas without rhyme or metrics as I just have not got Dante's time or patience to try to achieve this as he did in the Divine Comedy. If yes, I'll publish it for you. It goes for 5 pages! Perhaps I'll translate it into english just for you. Before parting with a saddened heart, I shall write down the beginning of Homer's Iliad translated by Vincenzo Monti.
You'll love the music in it.

" Cantami o Diva del Pelide Achille l'ira funesta che agli Achei infiniti lutti addusse ed anzitempo all'Orco generose travolse alme d'Eroi ".................................
I know you would like it.

At March 31, 2008 at 9:53 PM , Blogger Templar said...

Ah, I'm terribly sorry! I have been overcome by the delight at your communication.
I have not red Eckart Tolle's book, however, assuming your comparison is something positive ( even if negative I would still worship you), you flatter me by somehow, however infinitely and remotedly, undeservedly, comparing my modest article with that of a recognised author. I thank you. You said you are involved in ART. Would you care to expand on that? How did your visit to England go? I was there in 2004 as some of my Posts show. I hope I am not putting you off with my courtly way of trying to ingratiate myself to you. But it is the fault of the image you have projected in your grecian corner. I am a rough man from the Middle Ages, molded by the Australian bush but I have a classical upbringing from Italy. Can you here the violin music of Sarasate in the distance? The "Recuerdo de'Alhambra"? Vivaldi? I can actually sing 'Vedrai che il Mondo Cambiera'. "Amico mio che stai/guardando intorno a te/non credi agli occhi tuoi/ tu piangi e so' il perche'......................."
" Oh friend of mine/looking all around you/your eyes unbelieving/you are crying and I know why.................."
Ciao, oh ethereal bimba!


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