Sunday, March 9, 2008

Post 22. The Pampered Royals.

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Monday Mar 10 11:44 AEDT

New Idea 'sorry' for running Harry story
Monday Mar 10 09:09 AEDT
An Australian women's magazine has apologised for breaking a global media blackout on Prince Harry's frontline deployment in Afghanistan.
In its latest issue published on Monday, New Idea magazine says it is sorry it was not "alert to the possible ramifications" of running the story about Harry's secret tour of duty, which appeared in the magazine and on its website in January.
Few people noticed the initial report, but a scandal erupted after US website the Drudge Report picked up the story and broadcast it around the world, breaching an agreed global media blackout.
"We did not knowingly breach any embargo and were not party to any agreement for a media blackout on the story," New Idea says.
"However, and more importantly, we do acknowledge that our actions in publishing the story can be reasonably viewed as insensitive and irresponsible."
The magazine says it acknowledges and regrets "the distress and anxiety felt by readers" over the revelations.
"We regret this serious lapse of judgment," it says.
"We sincerely apologise to all our readers, to the servicemen whose lives are at constant risk while serving at home and abroad and to their families and loved ones."
Defence chiefs in the UK had tried to keep the young prince's deployment secret under a news blackout agreed by British media to prevent details reaching insurgents and endangering the prince and his comrades.
The 23-year-old, who is third in the line to the throne, was forced to cut his three-month tour of duty short and returned to the UK on March 1 after serving 10 weeks in Helmand province.
©AAP 2008
Bloger's Comments-:
What a difference between our times of general western decadence with our heroic guitar strummers, our pathetic singers, our pathetic dancers, our pathetic athletes ( footballers, rugby, gridiron, cricket players, etc.), the multitude of pathetic and anhorexic models and throllops, our pathetic media, etc. etc.
and, as an example,
the historical times in which the British ( I enphatically wish to make a distinction here between British and Anglo-Saxon attitudes ) Plantagenet and european monarchs ( i.e., Henry VI, Richard III, etc. ) went to war in the front line, personally looking at the enemy in the eyes, taking the same chances as the common knights ( i.e., battles of Crecy, Agincourt, Poitiers, Bosworth, etc. )!
I agree about the necessity of common war-sense of which our bird-brained technically skilled media are sadly depleted, in so far as the desirability of restraint and deprivation of intelligence to our opponents is concerned.
However, I believe royal princes and all those who aspire to public government positions, like MPs, etc. who have the necessary prerequisites, should take risks and demonstrate their military prowess and general character-attributes, in the field of battle, even onto death.
Else how can the above mentioned classes of social parasites be driven through the right example from above, to become more useful and beneficial by the employment of their gifts for the defence of the civilisation that is feeding them?
They are corrupting and emasculating generations of westerners.
Where is our belief in God or at least ethical behaviour and in the righteousness
of our democratic cause and civilisation?
Has anyone thought how badly Harris may have felt at being molley-coddled?
Why do we praise the Princes only when they misbehave in overdrinking or womanising?
What sort of a latter-days christianity or pagan world has the West become?
Who is really leading us to our own destruction and fall as a civilisation?
Perhaps the West needs Islam, and God may be just willing to allow it, to take us over and to put us all under the whip of correction and reformation!
In this case the Royals have failed their mission as christian Monarchs and become useless!
I speak with the authority of a De Ferrarii.

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