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Post 31. Petreus, Crocker and the disgraceful Senatorial Enquiry.

In this Article I shall try to use a schematic form of presentation to reduce required words and space for the sake of readers

The Senatorial Enquiry about Iraq
General Petreus and Ambassador Crocker
( That should make any
decent, respectable and responsible
feel like vomiting).
(A). Premise-:
No one concerned with Islam shall ever achieve success totally or finally in any operation or activity directed to stop Islam from its obsession with conquest and conversion of neighbouring nations, cultures, religious groups, etc. unless one succeeds through persuasion or alternative means to obtain that Islam-:
Nominates a centralised, identifiable, responsible religious hyerarchy representative of all Islam.
Publicly and world-widely declares a renunciation to Islam’s Theocratic Obsession which is the result of never reformed interpretations of the Quran and of Islamic Laws which are the reflection of attitudes, mentalities and world-views the mohammedan warriors from Arabia held as the result of and the reactions to historical world scenarios which have now become totally superseded.
In short Islam, which is more like a religious Ideology rather than the religion that a reformed Mohammedanism is in fact, must be either persuaded by reason or compelled by the force of events to reform itself, and become a true religion, like Emperor Hirohito anf the Japanese people have been succesfully reformed at the end of WWII (i.e., in relation to the pre-war beliefs held about Japan as the chosen nation in the world destined by the Sun-Goddess Amaratsu, who created Japan and the japanese people, and who fathered the first japanese Emperor, and destined it to dominate all Asia and eventually the World, etc.),
Similarly reform Islam in relation to numerous beliefs which are dangerous to anyone becoming a neighbour of an islamic family, to a nation to which islamic people migrate, including, as an example, religious practices such as the menorisation of non-selected verses of the Quran to impressionable small children, the insistence on the use of arabic as the language to preach, teach the Quran, etc. etc.
The opinion is generally held by educated and well informed majorites in the western world that the War in Iraq represents a failure.
I strongly disagree with this view-:
The lands comprised within the borders of present Iraq have been, until the times of the arabic conquets ( ca. 680 AD), mainly populated by people of indo-european-speaking languages predominantly of iranian or persian origins practicing zoroastrianism, with minorities consisting of middle-eastern-people speaking semitic languages such as syrian or aramaean, practicing judaean or christian variations
( heresies such as the Coptic, Nestorian, Arian etc. etc. which hated Byzantium so greatly that they preferred to be enslaved by Mohammedans! ) of the orthodox religion, greek-speaking macedobnian/greek descendents of the veterans from Alexandrian legions and of his generals, a very tiny minority of arabic speaking nomadic people from the deserts of Arabia speaking various dialects of arabic origins ( Quranic Arabic was manufactured in 750AD and so were its Alphabet, Lexicon, and Grammar for the purpose of writing the Quran). Following the islamic conquests, most of these people have become severely depleted and almost estinguished, their descendents swearing by the Quran, barely remembering if at all where they ever came from, their written records of ownership, etc. etc., monuments and memories erased in the name of Allah and iconoclasticism( How conveniently so). To-day people of arabic descent, not pure though and obviously so, predominate.
Where did all those previous ancient inhabitants end? Dead. Almost extinct!
The Nestorians who, for example, were about eight millions souls in the days of Mohammed, and even sent missionaries to far away Ghengis Khan and China, to-day are only a few thousands, mostly living abroad.
It serves them right for betraying the Byzantines.
A general word of warning-: Like the ancient Romans Mohammedans do not like traitors who abjure or compromise their religion or culture for material gains, heretical leanings or just survival, and they are able to tell. Sure they'll use you but then swish...........................! This is why I am respected by them as a Templar and would never be Fatwahed. My only request from Islam is reformation otherwise I value their Faith ( the reformed version ) as much as the one in which Allah placed me.
La', ilaa la', ilaa Allah!
Modern Iraq is one of the nations in Mesopotamia or the Middle East, the borders of which have been artificially determined ( hence the presence of the various competing ethnic groups and of the present scenario ) and assigned by the Allies at the end of WWI, under the naive pressures by, at that time, Europe’s slighting, usually blunderous and blundering and historically incompetent North-Americans, against the better advice and suggestions of the French and the English whom the Americans despised as Colonialists ( We are witnessing to-day the horrible mess and the abuses caused by African leaders of and on that wretched Continent ). The French and the English knew the beast unreformed Islam represents, made even more dangerous after the liberation of islamic, ethnic and arabic people from the corruption, exploitation, degradation of the Ottoman Rule which fostered and encouraged the ancient , obsoleted, world-incompatible islamic beliefs and interpretations of the Quran and of islamic laws in order to maintain the incompatibility between Islam and the West. Had Turkey and the Ottomans achieved control of the middle-estern oil resources while enjoying the support of Imperial Germany and Austria, we would to-day have a world speaking either Arabic or German.
What the arrogant and vastly incompetent Americans and their English lackeys should have done at the end of WWII is the Reformation of Islam on the lead supplied by Ataturk. Being mainly imbecillic Protestants waffling about freedoms without corresponding duties they decided that no one has the right to interfere with religious views. However, the idiots could not see then in their general quasi-genetic lack of subtility and their lack of the capacity to abstract from the material level of understanding realities, that Islamism is not a religion but a camouflaged religious ideology. And they still cannot see it and are not seing it as evidenced in the victimisation carried out by their Senators of their good soldiers and diplomats. Let us also remember that western soldiers are being hampered by unrealistic laws and conventions enforced by professional people and leaders from various academic backgrounds, who have never fought in a front line. Among these are Senators, etc. Has Obama or Mrs. Clinton ever been in a war? No and they are exonerated from this duty by modern cowardish laws. Have they ever fought against fanatics who hide behind women, chidren and old people? Let us become realistic and adopt Confrontation Ethics, please, for God's sake, for the sake of our pooer soldiers , and for our own and that of our descendents' future survival.
Saddam Hussein was a cruel, unscrupoulous leader belonging to and indoctrinated as a child by the islamic world and culture, who achieved power by discriminating between ethnic and even mohammedan religious groups, holding this power through continuous, continuing, unrelenting terror intimidation and harassment.
Yet there are Senators who, ignoring american responsibility at the end of WWI in the partitioning of the Middle East, dare to say and maintain that Iraq is an iraqi problem not an american or a world shared one.
I agree on the other hand on the fact that the western world, especially cowardly Europe, which is now governed by peasants, goat-herders and mafiosi- sympathisers is not fully and determinedly supporting the USA.
I can understand and accept the fact that the USA may feel the terribly heavy weight of war expenditure, losses of lives, and of the fear that a heavyhanded application of the required and normal ways of war which must inevitably be adopted in order to induce fear if not even terror and respect on the opponents, may further reduce their popularity in the world. One cannot however normally maintain national status, achieve national goals, induce respect on opponents and allies, maintain credibility, if unduly worrying about world-popularity.
For example, Italians may be the most popular people in the world, but no one would trust to fight at their side in a war. Italians are only an isolated example and there are many other such people no one trusts or believes in.
Genetically speaking I have great respect of trust and loyalty, but again I am a De Ferrarii.

( to be continued )


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