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Post 42. Barack Obama & African-Americans.

The African-Black versus White -Americans Candidates
To the Position of President of America
the Idiosyncratic Black-North-American Scenario.
I have been thinking very hard and concernedly about the present scenario in the U.S.A.’s General Elections, where and when to-day one sees for the first time the claim by Barak Obama, an African American to the Presidency of the U.S.A.
I belong to a family of western-european christian ( Roman Apostolic Catholic ) culture and tradition which has spent three generations from ca. 1750 to ca. 1960 in North Africa, i.e., Egypt and Libya.My father was always very careful about not getting himself and his family trapped there within an islamic society that gave and still gives people of a non-islamic, non-arabic culture a second- rate citizen status and my family left Egypt in 1948 for Libya, and then Libya in 1960, a little time before Gheddafi's Revolution, in his illegittimate and non-Quranic usurpation of power from the legally established Senoussi Monarchy established by the British as promised the Lybian people during the WWII as the reward for Lybian aid to the Allied-War-Effort, I spearheading our landing in Victoria in 1959. The Senoussi were, are ( if anyone of them was left alive after the coup) the true descendents of Mohammed, therefore Quranically acceptable, whereas Gheddafi should not be so. This shows how the Islamic Ideology of the treacherous priests of Islam which is not the true Mohammedan Religion, suits itself in relation to Quranic interpretations which it claims to be unchangeable only in relation to relations with the christian West, in order to cause trouble and strife. Does Allah approve of this? Emphatically, NO!. Therefore PURE UNADULTERATED BULLSHIT!
Yes I hear continuously their accusations that the deposed governments were all corrupt as if Islam and the Governments of Saudi Arabia, Lybia, Pakistan, Amin, Mugabe and Mubutu, etc. are angelic, idillic, paradisiacal ones. Prove me wrong!. .........................................................................................
Historical Distortions
of Coptic and Nestorian ( Assyrian ) Christians.
Do not listen please to the compromising mongrels belonging to the Coptic and Assyrian ( Nestorian ) Churches who have always compromised with Islam, mainly since they are basically semitic people, although having been massacred by them in thanks. The Nestorians who used to number about 8 millions people in the first centuries of the Christian Era, and had ben able to send missionaries even to Genghis Khan and to China, can only count to-day a few thousands individuals.
This is because they always waited until when it became impossible to leave, and also because they generally benefited from the resources wiser, less greedy pople than themselves were compelled to leave behind.
They are a part of the compromising Levantine rabble of the Middle East the Arabs use without ever trusting. Sorry and I am not here justifying Islam at all for its massacres!
But Truth is Truth and I live for the Truth.
It therefore serves them right as Divine Justice visited them through History.
They have been theologically twisted since the days of ancient Byzanthium which they have repeatedly and shamefully betrayed to Islam, as the result of their insincere fanatical attachment to theological differences in relation to the divinity and/or humanity of Jesus of Nazareth, which Jesus himself never made totally clear since these are finally not worthy of the betrayals, blood-shedding and weakening of Christianity these have inspired ad caused, having deleterious effects among Christians even to-day.
I suspect mainly since this gives them an excuse for betrayal, which has become selectively ingrained in their midst through the systematic massacre of all those among them worth anything morally. This has also happened to the Hebrews and to all minorities in the Middle East when these have willingly or forcibly choosen compromise and submission. This is the price a nation may pay when enslaved. Better death to slavery and foreign domination.
Anyone disagreeing with what I am saying, let him/her come and talk openly to me with Books about History accepted by the major Universities of the Free World or make comments to the same effects at the end of this Post, courtesy of Google, or shut-up and redeem oneself.
I have reached now an age when it has beconme possible, through this fantastic tool such as a blog, as well as necessary to speak for the sake of my own integrity as a Qualified Theologian, the Truth, as I love the Civilisation I belong to, unlike these opportunists and compromisers who have proved with their behaviour through History, the falseness and lack of urgency of their twisted Creeds.
A Christian is measured and weighed in relation to Truth and Orthodoxy by his/her willing and doings, not his/her wafflings and brayings or mnemonical memorisations of the Scriptures.
Can PCs which contain whole libraries in their vast memories give anyone an assuredly valid interpretation that is not itself the opinion of someone outside the PC itself?
Emphatically not.
These memorisers of either the Quran or of the Greek and Aramaic Scriptures are just like human Computers most of the time incapable of true and correctect interpretations or the capacity and wisdom to apply these to our present time. They love to waffle about prophecies they have not got a clue about. Focuse rather on correct behaviour, peace and love among the people you scoundrels, instead of encouraging divisions, trivial differences of a cosmetic nature, massacres and continuous feuds and revenge activities.
A scriptural interpretation must be a reasoned-out essay, discourse consisting of integrations, derivations, historical interpolations and considerations, presentations of interpretations given by other scholars etc.
It requires Grace, geniality, creativity, passion, understanding, willing and a praxis or doing that supports and validates it.
Elese it is theoretical waffling, perhaps even an impressive one, a la "Jehovah Witnesses".
A Short Digression about My Family and the White People
kikked-out of Africa by the Africans.
My strong dislike and loathing of the RSL's attitudes in relation to ex-servicemen from Commonwealth Countries other than the mythical Australian Mighty and Legendary Warriors.
That is why my father Walter, in spite of his failings in his old-age shall always have a place of honour and respect in the memories of our anscestors.Likewise for the families of two cousins of ours who left Egypt in the years between 1950-1960, after the Suez debacle when Nasser was in power. My father left Libya, where he worked for the Libyan Government as an Accountant, to which he had been compelled to go for work aided by the British Army, owing to the loss of his job in Cairo, which was lost to an Egyptian neutral bastard who would have been overjoyed if the Allies had lost WWII to the Nazis, when called-up for duty by the British Navy operating in the Eastern-Mediterranean war-theatre, aboard Ships Resupplying Submarines, Destroyers etc. ( perhaps a Coptic or an Assyrian non-belligerant with egyptian citizenship. The same occurred in the last days of Byzanthium when these people either refuised to fight on spurious religious grounds or opened the christian-cities' doors or betrayed key christian positions to the invading Moslems. History repeats itself, N'et pas mon chere amies and ignoramus grongoes?).
Let me add here something that has been on my chest for years now in relatiion to Australian ex-servicemen ( RSL).
(1) The Australian RSL has always treated veterans of the Commonwealth Forces of non-Australian origins with disregard and maliciou neglect, and I shall never forgive them this affront made to my father Walter and people like him ( Maltese and other British subjects in the Mediterranean countries) who shared the same dangers and risks in the desert as anybody else. How petty and arrogant of the RSL to ask for legislation discriminating against us!. Australians can be very, extremely arrogant and think they are the only warriors in the world. O.K. I know your military history and boy you have suffered ridiculous defeats like everybody else. I do not wish to be too nasty.
The safety required to-day by Australian soldiers on combat-duty in Timor, Ieaq and Afghanistan is becoming the but of jokes. Who ever went to fight in the past demanding the assurance by its officers of practically no losses? How can we espect to win in Iraq and Afghanistan?
We are becoming a big joke dear fellows.
Even if I had the required fitness I would refuse to lead this type of troops. I would rather fight as a single commando or in a pair. Bloody ridiculous!
(2) Migrants of Commonwealth origins, having British Nationality like myself( nobody defended them except I here, belatedly), got exactly the same treatment as anyone who may have been an ex-Nazi, Communist, IRA, Pol Pot, terrorist, Mafioso, islamic sympathiser etc.
This is ridiculouds and damning to the RSL!
Yiou are a shameful lot!
You are crazy and malicious, dear fellows, this is the simple truth, and do not give me your bull-shit which I do not believe any longer, that you love non-discrimination and freedom. Your treatment of non-Australian Veterans has been pure malice, arrogance, bad-will, an explosion for me of the myth of the fair-going Australian of Tobruk and of the Kokoda trail.
The good Australian soldiers must have all remained there.
My father Walter supplied Tobruk where Australians were and even spent time in the desert. Yet the grongoes in he RSL who know bugger all of real history and tradition, and their weak, compromisingh leaders, patrician lookingt sheep shearers, had the affront to discriminate against veterans of non-Australian origin, including my father Walter.
I remember his hurt, damn be you all! He is dead now you buggers! And I love and respect Walter.
I do not know why I am warning you at all of your impending disasters.
But I care about my Civilisation, something you have no clue about.
The Present African Scenario-:
A Sewer of Iniquity and Primeval Barbarity.
My cousins andWalter were not alone in this experiences of disempowerment from our accumulated rights as dwellers in the African Countries in Africa and the same fate has occurred to millions of white and western nationals who had to leave properties, jobs, money, a future for which most had to work very hard and make sacrifices, the whole of which wealth has become the stolen property of people who have either a planned policy rooted in their islamic religious ideology or in other policies which have been derogatively and unjustly grouped under the loose terminology of anti-colonialism, adopted by the African students who studied at our expenses in Europe, returned back to their nations in Africa and kikked all whites out stealing all they produced and built, rather than create societies within which co-operation should have been possible. The onus was on them as we the whites were minorities.These great imbecillic buffoons and babboons, three names being sufficient to produce examples are Mubutu, Amin, and Mugabe. But there are many others, and there shall be many others like them in the future.How many white farmers, miners, entrepreneurs have lost their properties and the rest ......... to these buffoons with University Degrees probably obtained on compassionate grounds owing to their poor, insufficent or just heavily biased knowledge obtained from politically/ideologically biased European or American or Russian or Asian misfits who should ask themselves now if they have not succumbed to drug-addiction, venereal-deseases or self-abuse, alcoholism, etc, what the hell they have achieved through their little pets and should denounce to the world their ex-students’ insufficient preparation, training and knowledge to lead responsibly and efficiently, African nations.Bring me to Court over this if you care whoever you may be and whereever you may be, you scoundrels.Likewise all the U.S.A., the UN, the ONU, etc. politicians who have passively gone along with all this charade that began at the end of WWII and are now witnessing, still passively, irresponsbly, and even, it seems to me, uncomprehendingly so, nay even I dare say, criminally all Africa, with the exception of South -Africa where the whites have remained, probably not for long now, since the African breed irresponsibly and criminally.I should not have to denounce and bring this scenario to the attention of the few who are reading this blog, but the Churches including silent Islam should make the denunciation world-wide with the resources they have accumulated.Africa is a sewer of total iniquity and cries for God’s vengeance and retibution.The African people of whichever Creed or Confesion is not innocent.I am here asking anyone in Africa who has and is responsible for what is going on there what the Hell they have been doing and I wish to genuinely insult them in the name of all the whites injustly dispossessed, such as I am.
As a Lombard saying, a very rude one says-:
" A ma rid anch'al bus del cu" .
It serves you right Africans. you wanted Independence and stole our work,
and kikked us out, well what have you achieved or accomplished?
A big, fat arabic zero or nought.
And it serves Africans right.
"A ma rid anch'al bus del cu" dear Africans!I am asking you to show me what the hell have you achieved in Africa since 1947, when all the white people’s resources began to fall in the hands of the Blacks, stolen and to be wasted and misused by their incompetent leaders.
And the stealing is occurring now between Africans in interminable, uncontrolled, inter-tribal debacles. To all this confusion, one must add the increasing infiltration by Islam which is going to try to destabilise unchecked all Africa.Yet the UN and ONU recently led by Africans for the sake of proving our readiness to co-operate and to reject racism, when racism has nothing to do with anything but cultural issues do, are the most ineffectual bunch of incompetent blunderers the world has ever seen. Get rid of them in the name and for the sake of culture and civilisation, for God's sake.If they had any blood in their face with which to blush, except that blacks cannot show blushing, they should have the common sense and humility to resign and let competent, adequately trained, historically knowing, ethically christian, British Officials lead these fundamental Western Institutions. Somebody we can trust.I am waiting.Show us!............................................................
Of Reciprocity and Mutuality.
Now let us consider two words-: Reciprocity and Mutuality.The Black Africans in the U.S.A have been transported to the Americas by slavers in order to satisfy the then critical need for manpower, in the total absence of self-driven machinery, either using steam or fossil fuels, which was required in order to produce resources which made World-Wide Historical Development and Progress possible, in the times prior to the beginning of the Industrial Revolution which made slavery redundant in the West ( therefore unavoidable and the result of fate, regardless of who had been in the dominant position then. Had Islam been dominant, Black Africans and Whites alike would still all be slaves with no machinery and Development or Progress, owing to the attitude of Islam toward change and progress, which is of Quranic sourcing. the competition that is going on now being simply the result of rising islamic confrontation and the fruit of islamic propaganda trying to fool moronic westerners whithout knowledge of history, the RSL included. Of course many Westerners are too slow to see it and this is why so many morons [65%] seek illusionary changes through Obama who is just a waffling, patrician looking, inexperienced, militarily untested kid.I am not going to say that the methods used by the slavers were proper or just or equitable. Let me also add that African Rulers , Kings and Tribal Chiefs were participating in the Slave Trade including a majority of Islamic Arabic Merchants and their Black African Converts. In fact my dear objectors, Slavery would not have been at all possible, had it not been for the existence of these traitors to the African people, probable anscestors of fellows such as
Mugabe, Amin and Mubutu.Whites only collected and transported the slaves in sailing ships with severely limiting parameters of distance and sailing times. I am convinced that had the Arabic Merchants and their Black Converts had suitable ships they would also have carried-out the slaves' transportation. Therefore American Blacks should distribute their complaints in relation to slavery widely and away from the Americas. They should realise that Islam has had most of the responsibility in relation to slavery. North Africa in fact was still carrying on slavery even when as the result of the Industrial Revolution the British Navy was commisioned to attack and confiscate Moroccans, Algerians, Tunisian and Lybian slavers in the Mediterranean sea. Those who wish to judge and condemn Slavers in the present comforts of their democratically permissive scenarios, end-up becoming unjust themselves when not considering all historical factors and scenarios. In order to be able to criticise in the present or in the past, you must not only be prepared to judge and condemn but also to present and demonstrate how any alternative plan would have been possible and workable.I am sure that the living conditions of most Black American slaves were relatively better than their relatives left in Africa under the oppressions and abuses of their African Leaders. This is becoming more and more true to-day as Africa increasingly sinks under the incompetence and corruption of its leaders.
And Americans wish to elect an African-American as President of the U.S.A! Democracy has gone totally mad.
What is happening to-day to many Africans desperately seeking to leave Africa is worse than Slavery. Who is causing them to leave Africa and face the tremendous odds abroad? Their own leaders. Actually, most of those who try crossing the Sahara to Lybia become enslaved by Gheddafi who uses them in the irrigated Oasis. The scenario is repeating itself. This is amply proven by the number of Black Africans prepared to illegally migrate and go to Europe were they risk all sort of abuses, since even Europe has a limited capacity to absorb these, the worst fate is being murdered by mafiosi for their body parts such as kidneys ( 15,000 Euros=30,000 dollars A. each, etc.).
So what were you saying about the horrors of slavery?And history is proving me right now, to-day, NOW.Just consider Zimbabwe.Like in the case of the Aboriginals of Australia I am prepared to argue that these transported human beings, although exposed to great sufferings and humiliations, have nevertheless been gradually brought to their present enjoyment of democratic freedoms, as soon as Historical Development and Progress allowed it.
Australian Aborigenes enjoy the same Social Benefits of any other Australian, no questions asked in their case.
Any wingings by Pastors and Ministers is just religious istrionics and rethorics in order to elicit church-offerings and convert voters for Black Supremacy.
If Blacks wish to go for supremacy, the White have a greater right to it since they discovered and acted as entrepreneutrs in the Americas, while taking the Blacks in their midst and gradually improving relations, however it appears from what is going on in Africa, that Africa has not RECIPROCATED or responded in MUTUALITY.
Ignorance cannot be an excuse since Africans have all known when and how to rob and kick-out the Whites.
Let anyone prove me wrong including Barack Obama.
The Constitution can and should be modified to take my views in consideration.It is time American Blacks stop agitating and listening to de-stabilising voices from opponents of the West who have been and still are carrying out slavery in Africa and Saudi Arabia where there is even a trade of white women who disappear forever in Harems. I certainly advocate the West’s preparedness to re-write Western Constitutions in order to take care of these de-stabilising currents and in order to ensure that we in the West are led, without any shade of doubts by white poeople who have an unassailable christian and traditional background, our christian Desposynii Monarchies ( See Sir Laurence Gardner. Whether these are mythical or historival-real does not matter, as what is required is their Assurance and Guaranteing potential ) are the most qualified to give an assurance of belonging to this ancient, legally and imtrinsically implicitly safe, trustworthy, reliable, western tradition .I would like therefore to quickly conclude that although Barack Obama or even the murdered Dr. Martin Luther King may represent theoretically worthy american candidates, to be accepted at no greater rank than Senators, until the world-situation and scenarios clarify, in relation to Terrorism and de-stabilisation attempts within the U.S.A., and elsewhere, it should be declared as being unacceptable to the majority of a people belonging to the historical western american tradition to have to contemplate selecting Black Leaders for the highest possible Presidential Position, which also requires military and historically determined judgments, especially if these candidates, apart from being Blacks holding an African Cultural Tradition in parallel with an admittedly American One, their African Tradition and Culture not having proved itself reliable as the present African Scenario is abundantly proving to-day, NOW, have not got the necessary experience, have not done any military service for their country, have not distinguished themselves in any way except as orators, lack the essential historical background and understanding of Western History, are therefore not exemplarily suitable when measured against gigantic personalities like George Washington, B.Franklin, Truman, Roosevelt, Eisenhoser, J.F.Kennedy, etc.Let us drop the farce of Barack Obama who can only waffle about change. and of Senator Clinton who should first prove heir mettle in Iraq or Afghanistan in Combat-Situations before aspiring to such a high office as the Presidential Position is.
America needs a man with a vast military judgment, a decision maker not a waffler or an actor..................................................................................
Black-Americans Should Look
for High-Mission and High-Service
to Africa where their People Live
and not to the Americas.
Africa is in a total mess and needs educated sophisticated leaders, not gorillas and babboons. American Blacks should try to help Africa by going there either as Missionaries or emigrants bringing to Africa the benefits of their education, zeal, expertise, capitals etc., etc.Likewise for the educated, sophisticared aborigines of Australia. Go to your people and live among them rather than hide in the large cities for the comforts and luxuries they can supply, while criticising everything and demanding action from the Government and from us, that requires people in the field that are of the same culture, for it to become effective.Stop hiding and pampering yourselves, go there were the need is or stop waffling and antagonising those who have not got a clue anyway. If you cannot serve, shut up.
We do not need your theories. What we need is your zeal and desire to serve your own people. Show us what you can achieve for them and then we may consider whether we may trust you with our lives and futures, with our traditions and History.Else get eventually kicked in the ass.Likewise for the Black Americans. Do something for your own people in Africa with the benefits your forced migrations have accrued to you, which migrations , forced or not were anyway, in the ultimate analysis, migrations from Africa to the Americas.And stop winging please because we are getting a bellyful.
Capisce?Concluding-: Obama and Clinton and anyone without previous military experience please piss off.We need pepole of the caliber of G. Washington, B. Franklin, J.F.Kennedy, Patton, Eisenhower, Truman, Rooselvelt, etc. not young children or soft ladies with their attributes being those of Orators.
Is America unable to generate any longer high caliber politicians or is the problem that those who may have the capabilities lack the money to sustain obscenely expensive election campaigns?
There are millions of Orators in the U.S.A.
All its waffling Ministers and Pastors and Priests are Orators.
We need Willers and Doers, not Wafflers.


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