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Post 35. Of Human Rights and Duties.

Of Human Rights and Duties.
In our western democracies one can hear loud brayings about human rights for ourselves as well for those of people in third world nations or in a nation like China which has just liberated itself from oppression and exploitations by western powers, its own warlords and the conquering hubris of the japanese samurai-class.
China is slowly becoming democratically governed but is understandably proceeding very slowly on this dangerous path that gives, without the properly legislated constitutional controls, the worst elements in every democratic society, the rabble that always shall exist, and must be controlled and supervised if a nation is not slowly but unavoidably to become a chaotic and ungovernable sewer full of large and obese predatory rats.
There are to-day in the world several example of democracies which are actually social and moral sewers full of cheating, obscenities and moral deviations, not to mention, with shame and horror, the XXX-rated pornographic deviations, the main theme of which is the sexual abuses of insulted, hairy-brained, definitely cottonwooled, men and women.
Incidentally, dear reader, on a lighter note, and I owe this to Sir Laurence Gardner himself, who is one of my mates in the secretly located Templar Lodge, there where Luthien abides, do you know were the icon of "X-rated" came from?
Since roman times, when both St Andrew and Peter were crucified upside down, spilling all their jewels in front of the jeering and cuel democratic rabble, and that is why the Romans never crucified women, especially not upside down, in order not to expose their jewels, the exposition of jewels of any sort in derogatory, insulting and vilifying ways is described as being X-rate. The Romans were a very considerate lot, for their times, in spite of the Jewish and United Church's ( It gets yearly donations from the Australian Jewish Council to maintain that Jesus was condemned to death by the Romans only, Gibbon dissenting of course. ) propaganda to the contrary, and this is why Jesus respected them and built His Church in Rome.
Human rights go beyond the minimum essential requirements for life every human being requires to live ( let us call these survival rations ), are the spin off of civilisation and progress and are to be understood as privileges and rewards granted to a person, not to a collective, in recognition of the person's worthy measured on the basis of the person's fulfilment of civil and human duties which are required for a civilisation to be born, to exist, to progress and to survive.
They become rights when the corresponding duties have been satisfied by an individual who is a member of a civilised progressive nation.
The fact that an individual may have been born in the geographical territory of a nation does not give this individual automatically human rights.
Human rights beyond the mentioned minimum must be earned by the fulfilment of duties.
Important human rights are citizenship, voting, sustenance beyond the minimum required for life, etc.
Human Reproduction.
Sexual gratification, human reproduction, marriage are not human rights.
Even when married, an individual does not have any human right to irresponsibly procreate beyond his/her economic capacity to support the children of the marriage and/or the natural capacity to supervise and nurture the children of the marriage.
If/when a miscalculation or the damage resulting from fate ( chance ), circumstances or the right-out bad judgment of the parents concerned, may have occurred in relation to such an important issue as human reproduction, the Governmment has the right to intervene on behalf of and for the welfare and well-being of the children of the marriage and compensate for the errors and damage that have occurred.
Human reproduction and procreation should be treated with the utmost care, respect and sense of responsibility by all.
Fitness for marriage should be assessed as far as it is possible to do so.
For example what is going on in third world nations especially in Africa where overpopulation generally exists, is not acceptable and I do not see why Westerners should be asked to make sacrifices when what is required is to reduce irresponsible fornications.
China for example, has addressed its problem of overpopulation and is at least re-educating its people in this respect.
Our leaders and the Churches should clearly and unequivocally tell those people in those overpopulated countries to become more responsible or to go to Hell!
The ancillary trouble to this never ending human escalating demographic growth is the extinction of many animal species and the increase of virus and deseases.
As I see it, human reproduction and fornication are not human rights at all.
Substances Abuse.
Every individual who is a member of a civilised progressive nation has the human duty to maintain its health in order to not become a burden to the nation.
Some of us shall become ill or affected by some illness as the result of errors, genetics, accidental events or circumstances or just fate ( chance ).
This cannot be avoided and deserves help.
What is not acceptable is culpable failure to maintain health especially by the active, repetitive, long-termed, abuse of dangerous and debilitating substances, which in general destroy the capacity and will of the abuser to make responsible decisions and choices including the fundamental ethical one. Abusers tend to develop diabolical like traits, many hiding these skizophrenically under angelic like appearances, which in a fundamentally edonistic society like the Australian is a lethal scenario. These people can become extremely dangerous and destructive to their own peers and to society in general! It is criminal to let them roam around freely and unsupervised. The hypocritical professionals claiming to supervise them cease existing after hours or during holidays and weekends. I realise they are human and need a break, however they should recognise their solutions are pure crap and do nothing else but perpetute or even magnify the problem. It depresses me that even the so much celebrated Salvation Army is deaf and blind in this respect.
The abuser, under present attitudes by the existing authorities and so called experts ( among which appears even The Salvation Army ), is allowed to make decisions and choices when his will power is warped by the effects of the drugs. He/she is even supported financially while free to continue abusing himself/herself year after year
until he/she either commits suicide or becomes utterly useless to society, irreversibly damaged by the abuses. I know what I am talking about since I and my parents have been the victims over a number for about 15 years of such an abuser ( a youn lady, the daughter of a family-friend )who has waisted the life-savings of her grand-mother, her own mother and my father, even convincing him to disinherit me and my brother, ending by committing suicide one month before a programmed marriage to my father who was 80+ and slightly senile. She had above average acting and self-ingratiating capacities ( with Doctors, Chemists, Social Workers, Centre-Link, her relatives, my father, neighbours, etc.) which were simply diabolical. At the time there was no way that I could have complained to or made any authority understand and act on my behalf or defence as if this young lady was a sacred, privileged and unprosecutable person. Why? Because she was skizophrenic and a substance abuser, therefore having almost sacred status.
Why? Because it is cheaper to let these poor unfortunate individuals roam free and extract their tithes from those around them and waste their resources, in addition to the dole, than to force them into rehabilitate-or-die programs in suitably designed, organised and supervised camps, say like an israeli kibbutz.
In these camps, gender/sexual-deviations-dedicated, as all prisons should be so organised, not be run like schools of further criminal education and deviation propagation and proselitasation ( what gets at me as a Roman Catholic is my Church's acceptance of all these, pharisiacal, evil-doings, but then again I think "Roman" should be taken out and " Irish " used, i.e., the Irish Catholic Church of Australia ) and human duties would become the main part of re-education, in relation to the fact of life and nature that human rights are privileges to be earned.
For example, initiallty, after some time to rebuild a minimum of physical fitness, latrines should be dug in the ground by the reformee and the use of normal conveniences should become the reward and privilege for improvement and progress in the ways of rehabilitation.
Likewise with food in relation to variety, taste, etc.
Non-co-operation or relapses ( someone may smuggle substances in ) should mean going back to lower stages of the course of rehabilitation, with lower degrees of human rights-enjoyment, above the minimum of survival rations.
A hard program indeed but character forming and better than the long- term, obscene, miserable exposure of these poor individuals to the exploitations of predators in our societies as well as the encouragement and letting-loose of their own predatory ways and instincts on those who, still loving them, like poor Jenny's grand-mother, her mother, my father, etc. become their victims in their turns, I only miraculously escaping through God's intervention I am sure and a great deal of self-control ( I was actually already studying for the Bachelor of Theology and battling a crazy Party of fanatical feminists at the United Faculty of Theology at the time, led and encouraged by United Church Lady Ministers and between Jenny and these maniacs who even exploited my deafness against me, I really had a very hard time, the hardest in my life. God really tested me then and I really earned my Degree the hard way. But it added to the strength of my character and to the ability to see realities and to interpret and talk about these. Unfortunately, it also developed in me a tendency to use very sarcastic, abrasive and biting if not right-out foul language, in the great australian tradition, but God does not allow anyone to be perfect, lest one becomes too proud. Between a financial exhile to the fastnesses of the australian bush that lasted five years, without conveniences ( yes I had to dig for a toilet and shower with a bucket), water-reticulation, electricity, dancing girls [ even King David had them but I could not afford them and believe me they are not charitable at all, recognising only hard cash in american dollars]), caused by Bob Hawke, Keating and to escape Jenny, and Jenny's oppressions, I became then australianised, whether this is a good or bad thing, I do not know.
I became more Australian, if such an animal really exists, than most locals.
Now don't you start slobbering all over me you hopeless, half-sun-baked cottowooled, tiny-brained upside downers, feeling sentimental about myths and words that do not mean a thing. I do not need your molley-coddlings, mate hear, mate there bits. Now, the city-slickers are trying to escape a surfeit of " australiana ", peanut-butter and vegemite, by becoming global jet-setters, via Internet. Have you heard that Yamarka?
( Yamarka is a famous bushman on BigPonds, BigBlogs, who does not believe in such a thing as Agape' or purely Platonic Love, which he considers as pure greek hypocrisy. He reckons one must get all his chops as soon as these come in sight and within boomerang-range.
What I was able to observe was that Jenny, whichever suburb she went to live-in ( three of these ), immediately became the cathalist point of other substance-abusers like her, and this would be, I should imagine, a reciprocated and mutually occurring thing with all these type of people. Of course when all this is shown on TV,
it is all white-washed and mythologised, scripturalised, no one mentioning all the poor defenceless victims left behind on the streets of suburbia, on both sides.
What they show you is a handfull of bimbe and bimbi with their angelic faces who are the superstars of this make believe world.
In fact, no good came out of this associating and gathering together except the evil derogatory discussion of the "suckers " who loving them, tolerated them, suggesting to one another the various ways of how to sabotage, exploit, destroy and hurt them.
Many professional people are aware of the scenario I have described, but the unfortunates they, there are always exceptions like Mother Theresa of Calcutta and less extraordinary cases, claim they help are a source of income, status, material-advantages, promotions along the rungs of they hyerarchy structures, the perpetuation of their institutions to them and do not tell the truth preferring the status quo to go on as is.
Prove me wrong if you dare!
Military or Social Service to be Made Compulsory.
Compulsory national training should be re-introduced again as part of a national educational, vocational and training program for all Australians, run in parallel with existing, normal, educational systems. It should aim at character formation and strengthening. This should be a bi-partisan agreement not subject to political negotiations and interferences.
No Australian who has not participated and performed satisfactorily in this program should be allowed to enter the national political arena, to become a citizen and to vote.
The reader can label me by any epithet ending in "ist" he/she may choose to use. I do not care as I have carried out my human duty and right to criticise the present, HYPOCRITICAL, PHARISIACAL system, so dear to our present australian leadership.
I w0uld like to know how China deals with substance abusers.
Any comment?
Thank you.


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