Thursday, April 10, 2008

Post 34. The World's Stock Markets..

World's Stock Markets.
I am not an economist and have poor digital-type capacity for abstraction.
I therefore ask my readers' indulgence and/or correction in what I am going to say next.
It appears to me that the emergence of China as a world-power which is also being reflected in the world of economics and finance, should be a good thing in so far as it may provide a balancing force in relation to the colossus the U.S.A. have been up to to-day, the failures of which used to drag down all the world's economies with it through world-wide financial recessions and depressions.
If my intuition is correct then I would urge China to not let the U.S.A. become too weak as the improvement China may be bringing to the world of finance would be reversed and nothing would then have been achieved.]
I therefore gratefully thank the chinese people for their determination to improve themselves, while urging them to keep walking along the path of wisdom and justice their great leader Mao Tse Tung placed them, refusing to indulge in the self delusions of self-sufficiency and isolation.
China should be supportive of the U.S.A. and Europe in the eradication of injustice, historical distortions and deviations, religious distortions and deviations due to a lack of reformation, poverty, oppressions, exploitations, racial and ethnic discriminations, evil practices and ethics, production of narcotic substances, their distribution to the world, gangs, criminals, anti-social organised criminal-associations as mafiosi and triads in general, sub-cultural retrogressive trends, illegal armies and groups aiming at the destabilisation of legally and democratically elected governments reasonably governing their people, etc. etc.


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