Thursday, April 10, 2008

Post 33. China.


Can anyone tell me why is China, which is responsible for much of the unrest, confusion, scenario of general bankruptcy, human poverty and wretchedness to-day present in Africa, is not measuring-up to its responsibilities as a new emerging world-power, in fighting terrorism and islamic expansion dreams and claims, by supporting the North Americans and the free world in Iraq?

Is this not racism applied in reverse?

Yet China is known to have numerous mohammedan ethnic groups, like for example the Uighurs, within its borders and to maintain a policy that correctly and rightly denies these people their traditional islamic educational programming of children at an early stage of their lives in which Islam irreversibly teaches violence against religious groups differing from Islamism, the exclusion of all other non-mohammedan people from the islamic theocratic governments, as an example in Saudi Arabia, the seat and headquarter of Islamism, opposition to any attempt to reform Mohammedanism and make it compatible with other reformed religions so as to minimise or eliminate inter-religious friction, competition and struggles, the renunciation to the islamic obsession with theocratic world governments etc.

So, while doing the right thing whithin its own borders in relation to the education of its ethnic groups, an example the West find impossible to follow because of its corrupt notions of freedom in which human rights are stressed without the essential enforcement of the corresponding human duties, China unwisely fail to charismatically educate the West by showing transparency, a sense of justice and good-will in co-operating the est with issues which are affecting thye whole world's well-being.

By showing its good-eill and a consistency in her policies China would also be able to refute western masses accusations in relation to China's neglecting to support and extend human rights to its population.

As the global scenario runs at present, China is acting wantonly and irresponsibly toward the world, if not towaed itself.

At the bottom line the4re is no doubt whatsoever that the West needs to reform itself if it has to inspire any trust and good-will in the world.

This perticularly applies to western democratic, consumeristic, materialistic, soulless, sub-cultured , culturally retrogressive, edonistic, self-pampering



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