Friday, May 23, 2008

Post 39. Of Jews, Islamists and the Midlle East.

Of Hebrews, Islamists, the Middle Bloody East
and of the Whole Bloody Mess and Catastrophe.
Like Al Capone did when meeting Bandito Giuliano over a bowl of lasagne and a bottle of De Bortoli australian Cabernet-Merlot, when on holidays at Mafia's World-Headquarters in Corleone, Sicily, one of the ancient saracenic prized possessions before the latter were kicked out from southern Italy by my Norman anscestors, I would like to say to the Middle Eastern leaders, ( Hebrews and Islamic alike ) whoever they may be, wherever they hide-:
"Ma che cazzo vai facendo, brutto stronzo,
ma non hai sangue in faccia?"
and I shall only translate the second part since a reader may be a gentle lady and I do not like to stress the opposite gender toward whom I feel most tenderly and passionately, almost devotionally-like, like Captain Corelli and his mandolin do toward the young greek lady on that greek island, called Kefalonia, shown in the film.
Al Capone said, rethorically only of course as mafiosi cannot blush.............
" Have you got any blood in your face?",
referring to the characteristic possessed by some human beings to get all red in the face when ashamed or telling a lie. Of course, that is only applicable to those who do not belong to Cosa Nostra, since the first test to join the Mafia is whether you blush or not, obviously failing if you do.
I am not going to reveal what the test consists of, since it is one of the most guarded secrets else, one could train to not blush and infiltrate Cosa Nostra.
Again Al Capone's question to Giuliano was purely rethorical as it would be if/when directed to "quei figli di puttane" leading the Middle East.
Please consider that Hebrews and Arabs and their various branches have been at one another's throats now for about 4000 years.
(See Emmanuel Velikovsky, Ages in Chaos).
Should it not be the time now they stop, re-consider their motivations and begin to behave reasonably, leaving God and religion aside, inter-marrying and eating salami and lasagne, and drinking good wine together like good and respectable Sicilians do?
( End of sarcastic or comedian mood ).
History has clearly been showing to both of them God is definitely not with them and yet their religious leaders insist God is with them. I am not exactly enthusiastic with what we in the West are coming up to in the way of decadent and crappy modern sub-sub-sub-sub-cultures ( i.e., Sebastian, the Beatles, the Rollinng Stones, etc. one crappier than the next ), but I think I can, without being presumptuous ( this is to keep Tim quiet ), reasonably ask Islam-: " What the hell have you got to blabber about, except violence, sabotage, judicial rapes, plastic surgery for the reconstruction of prematurely deflowered hymens, destruction, poverty, oppression, exploitation, etc. etc.? " and do not give me the usual complaint " Aana meskin, mafish filuss" ( I am poor, I have no money ) since WWI Islamic people have been increasingly receiving petrol revenues, escalating their values since 1972. I remember I was then in the glorious Australian Public Service abd that year was the beginning of the reduction of Public Services' jobs ( by the size of the Gazette) by one half due to the financial pressure on the western world; we even received a letter from the Director of our Department ( Civil Aviation ) warning of tough times ahead. But the compensating and saving features of world economics is that the West produces most foodstuffs in the world and that then the silly Arabs began having to pay more for their shish-kebab. So what is the point of increasing oil prices dear Watson? And what have most of your leaders spent the money in? Weapons, possibly and preferentially of mass-destruction. Instead of educating islamic masses and reforming the interpretation of the Quran and of Islamic Laws, which represents a crime against humanity and God. I should therefore be justified in saying that the Devil ( Shaaitaan) is most likely and preferentially with your leaders, not with our own. Whilst it is now relatively possible for two christians born in differing branches of Christianity to differ and dissent, yet appeasement and co-operation in civil and social life are possible, while dissenting ( as exemplified by noble Douga and myself recently on Internet). Yet among Hebrews and Moslems, religious and theological differences end-up in interminable blood feuds.
Who is therefore your god, I ask?
Is it the God of Peace and Grace and of Hospitality,
or that of hatred, strife and bloodshed?
Kill him! Kill them you say so easily. They are blasphemers!
These words have been heard in the times of Jesus of Nazareth, from the mouth of the Jewish rabble and of the Pharisees and Sadducees and even from the Essenes and their Zealots' lips.
Mohammed's ( 632 AD) followers, the redactors of the Qu'ran came 750 years later and took up their very words. Actually I believe Mohammed the Great Reformer would agree with me to-day, when as a human being, in his good, normal everyday moods.
I am not saying to you-: Convert!
No, I leave you free to worship according to the reformed way pointed out by the sane parts of the Qu'ran ( for the Hebrews the Torah ), similarly to what we Christians have learned to do with the Old Testament.
Stop from your nasty and evil noise and ways because I, we in the West are having a bellyfull of you all.
Beware of Confrontation Ethics!
Answer me if you dare, in this blog.
La', ilaa la', ilaa Allah!


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